Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3852, God of Fortune


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Three easy Open Heaven Pills, Yang Kai felt like he was in a dream. He knew that the newcomers would only be rewarded when they honoured Great General for the first time, but the reward was only one Spirit Pill.


A few days ago, Yang Kai fed five Jade Fire Silkworms and only got one Open Heaven Pill.


But today, he obtained 3 pills with only 3 Jade Fire Silkworms! That was an entire year of a Worker’s salary. Perhaps, no one would believe it even if he told anyone about it.


Dié You mentioned that if Great General was in a good mood, he would reward Open Heaven Pills.


[In other words, the Great General in a good mood now?] Yang Kai looked up while thinking. He was unsure, but the resentment that he gained earlier had dissipated significantly.


If this silly chicken continued giving him Open Heaven Pills, not to mention letting it use his head as a chicken coop, Yang Kai would invite Great General to live with him permanently.


“Great General, do you want to eat more?” Yang Kai’s mood was lifted, and his tone was very cordial.


Great General did not respond, but did not say no.


Yang Kai took this as a sign and nodded happily, “In that case, let’s go and look for more, heh heh heh…” He grinned while walking towards another plot.


Previously, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General was chased and intercepted by a large group of people, all of whom ran away at once when he fell into Yang Kai’s territory. In a sense, all those people were responsible for this incident. If any misfortune happened to the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, Yang Kai would have been the innocent sacrificial lamb; therefore, Yang Kai would not let any of them escape trouble by hiding themselves. Even if the Ruler of the Dawn Great General chose to forgive them, Yang Kai would not.


Soon, Yang Kai came to another plot. Seeing Yang Kai approaching with the Great General from a distance, the Worker responsible for this plot immediately hid, afraid that Great General would bring him trouble.


[Hide, hide! Hide if you want!] Yang Kai did not even pay any attention to this Worker and instead took the Ruler of the Dawn Great General around to look for worms.


After extracting 3 worms, Yang Kai and Great General strode off. During the whole time, the Worker did not dare to show himself.


To Yang Kai’s great surprise, after eating the 3 Jade Fire Silkworms, Great General rewarded him with 3 Open Heaven Pills again! Yang Kai could not understand why the Ruler of the Dawn Great General was acting like this so suddenly.


When he fought with Yang Kai before, he seemed eager to kill him, but now, Great General was being incredibly generous to him.


Despite not understanding why, Yang Kai had no reason to reject this generosity.


One Human and one chicken moved from plot to plot in the orchard. Some owners were bitter like Hong Yu, but they could only grit their teeth and let Yang Kai take the worms from their trees while some Workers were like the one who dared not reveal himself. Either way, they could not escape from the fate of being ripped off 3 Jade Fire Silkworms while Yang Kai did not care if their fruit trees were negatively affected at all.


However, after visiting four plots, Great General seemed to be satiated. He gave a cock-a-doodle-doo, clenching its claws slightly to navigate Yang Kai in another direction.


Yang Kai was far from done, but since the Ruler of the Dawn Great General was already full, he could not force him. In any case, since Yang Kai had started this matter, he would naturally see it through to the end.


Taking Ruler of the Dawn Great General back to his plot, Yang Kai sat down under a fruit tree, took out the twelve Open Heaven Pills, and played with them carefully, all while cackling like a crazy man.


A few days ago, his one and only Open Heaven Pill was instantly snatched by Old Fang. Now that he suddenly obtained 12 pills at once, Yang Kai no longer considered the chicken that sat on top of his head an annoying enemy, but rather a God of Fortune!


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General was not so terrible after all. Yang Kai suddenly changed his impression of the Great General. He obtained 12 pills in a day, which meant that he would be getting 360 pills in a month, and more than 4,000 pills in a year… 


However, when he thought more about it, he knew that was impossible. Yang Kai had no idea how many Open Heaven Pills Great General had, but there must be a limit as they were given to him by the Venerable.


In any case, in this way, Yang Kai’s situation suddenly became much better than that of other Workers. The salary of 3 Open Heaven Pills per year was simply a bonus to him now.


After earning enough Open Heaven Pills, Yang Kai could return what he owed Dié You, and even invite her to the shopping district to have a pot of good tea as a thank-you gift! Having made up his mind, Yang Kai began studying the medicinal properties of an Open Heaven Pill carefully while storing the rest away.


He was an Alchemist coveting for the Open Heaven Pill recipe of Seven Wonders Land, but although he had not seen the pill recipe yet, Yang Kai still could carry out his own research.


His research consumed the whole day, but he did not come up with anything useful. Yang Kai only knew that the refining of this Open Heaven Pill required seven main ingredients, including the Fire Spirit Fruit and the Spirit Fruits of other Elements. However, in addition to these seven main herbs, there must be other auxiliary ingredients. He was still new in the Outer Universe and was unfamiliar with the pharmacology here, so aturally he could not distinguish the other raw materials in the Open Heaven Pill.


Yang Kai noted down what he had learned silently so that if he ever encountered those herbs in the future, he would be able to recognize them.


Ruler of the Dawn Great General did not move for more than a day, seemingly sleeping after filling his stomach. It was not until a day later that he suddenly shook its wings, and blinded Yang Kai’s eyes with a familiar golden light.


Seeing him wake up, Yang Kai was excited at once and asked, “Is Great General hungry? Shall I take you to look for food?”


Ruler of the Dawn Great General crowed twice approvingly.


“Good, let’s go!” Yang Kai got up and strode forward. There had been thirty to forty people crowding Ruler of the Dawn Great General yesterday, and Yang Kai only visited four yesterday. There were still many plots he had not patronized yet. He had to finish visiting all of them no matter what!


The pair visited 5 plots that day, and by evening, Yang Kai had more than 10 additional Open Heaven Pills in his pockets.


Under the fruit tree, Yang Kai played with the Spirit Pills in his hand happily as he spoke, “Great General, I want to discuss something with you. If there is a reward again next time, can you give it to me when there is no one around? Did you see the eyes of those people before? They clearly couldn’t wait to rush over to snatch these from me. If we continue acting openly like this, I’m afraid I’ll become the public enemy of the entire Worker’s Room.”


Yang Kai couldn’t tell whether Great General had fallen asleep or not, but the latter gave no response.


Yang Kai sighed for a while, feeling pain and happiness at the same time.


“You… Where did you get so many Open Heaven Pills?” A cry of surprise called out from the side.


Yang Kai quickly put away his Open Heaven Pills and looked up to see Old Fang gaping at him.


“What do you mean, Open Heaven Pills? You must have seen it wrongly.” Yang Kai blinked, “Are you done with your work?”


“I’m done…” Old Fang answered casually, and then quickly responded, “Don’t try to change the subject, smelly brat. Tell me the truth, where did you get so many… Er, is the Great General still here?” Suddenly, his face changed drastically, and he retreated a few steps to keep a distance from Yang Kai, asking suspiciously, “Did you rob Great General?”


“How is that possible?” Yang Kai sneered, “Do I look like such a worthless man? No one would rob a chicken.”


“Then tell me, where did your Open Heaven Pills come from?” Old Fang obviously did not believe it.


“None of your damn business!”


Old Fang looked up and down at him, then turned around and left.


“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Yang Kai was unhappy, and with a flicker, blocked his path.


Old Fang explained with a dark face, “Boy, I’m afraid you’re going to face a tremendous disaster, yet you’re still relaxing here. Don’t tell anyone that you know me in the future. I don’t want to get into trouble because of you.”


“Old Fang!” Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder, “Are you thinking too much?”


“I hope so too. Anyway, you should take care of yourself.” Old Fang waved his hand to shoo him away.


“Look how afraid you are.” Yang Kai laughed, “By the way, do you have any extra Well-Refined Incense on hand? Share some with me.”


“Didn’t Sister Dié You just buy you two boxes?” Old Fang looked at him suspiciously.


“Yes or no?” Yang Kai stretched out his hand. Normally, two boxes of Well-Refined Incense were enough for one or two years. However, with the speed of his consumption, Yang Kai was afraid that it would not take long to run out, so he wanted some to spare from Old Fang.


Old Fang answered, “Good, this Old Master can give you a box, but under a condition.”


“Say it!”


“Don’t look for this Old Master again in the future. This Old Master never knew you.”


“You said it yourself, don’t regret it later!”


Without saying a word, Old Fang took out a box of Well-Refined Incense and slammed it into Yang Kai’s palm before quickly leaving, muttering under his breath, “A great disaster is coming… a great disaster indeed, young man…”


Yang Kai did not bother to pay him any attention. With a box of free Well-Refined Incense, Yang Kai estimated that it would be enough for this month, so he turned around and continued to rest.


In the following days, Yang Kai kept himself busy. After taking care of his fruit trees, Yang Kai would lead the Ruler of the Dawn Great General around in the orchard, catching several worms every time they reached a site.


The Workers were infuriated, but they all held their tongues. They had no choice, for the Ruler of the Dawn Great General sat proudly atop Yang Kai’s head. No one dared to refuse. They felt like their hearts had been ripped out as they watched Yang Kai bait the worms and feed them to the Ruler of the Dawn Great General.


These worms could be their Open Heaven Pills!


Fortunately, Yang Kai did not act ruthlessly and take all of their worms, so the Workers did not make a big fuss out of it.


Since Yang Kai’s request that day, Great General did not reward him with the Open Heaven Pills in public again. Every time, he would spit out the bundle of golden light after they returned to Yang Kai’s own plot which contained more or less ten Open Heaven Pills, the same number of worms he ate.


Yang Kai did not understand. As Dié You mentioned before, Ruler of the Dawn Great General would give Open Heaven Pills to the feeders only when he was in a good mood, and most of the time he did not. But when it came to Yang Kai, it was basically a ratio of one-to-one.


Yang Kai was flabbergasted. If others experienced the same thing as he did, the Workers would not need to worry about Open Heaven Pills at all. Yang Kai even began to wonder how many Jade Fire Silkworms they had fed the Ruler of the Dawn Great General over the years.


Moreover, no Worker had ever been treated like this by Ruler of the Dawn Great General. For a whole month, he took Yang Kai’s head as a chicken coop, not leaving even once.


A month later, the barrier of the orchard was activated, and all the Workers were moved outside.


In an instant, countless eyes focused on Yang Kai, but he could not blame them as the golden rooster on his head was simply too eye-catching. Many of them found it funny, wondering how Yang Kai had provoked the Ruler of the Dawn Great General to receive such treatment.




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    1. Hey, if you were an existence of PGE level with the backing of local overlord but only lacked speech – how would you deal with a powerful but arrogant upstart? YK pulled similar shit all the time, especially in Demon Realm, except it was much easier for him to communicate his demands and as a result – get more intricate rewards.
      All that said – I suspect the chicken detected YK’s experiment with wood element and decided to tame him for the Venerable or for some other reason.

  1. I wonder how many of the people here will be saved by Yang Kai and/or end up in his new High Heaven something.
    Die You, Old Fang and some of the people he arrived with seem likely so far, but I also hope for the chicken, their relationship is amusing

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