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Martial Peak – Chapter 3853, Great General’s Deep Affection

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Yang Kai did not pay them any attention. The others may see it as a joke, but he knew that he was wearing the God of Fortune on top of his head.


He looked up and saw a few familiar figures. They were the newcomers who came in together with Yang Kai. They were about to greet him but were hurriedly led away by Fang Tai. Ah Sun was the only one who looked back as she walked away, a worried look on her face.


Yang Kai scratched his head, why were these people acting like he was a plague? He turned to look at Old Fang, who sighed heavily. Shaking his head slowly, he left looking distressed.


Yang Kai sneered, ignoring the strange gazes of others, and headed towards the Worker’s Room with a flicker.


Soon after, he landed in front of his own residence, and Ruler of the Dawn Great General, who had been perched on his head, spread his wings, plopped down on the ground, and slowly walked off with his head held high and chest puffed up like a true lord of his territory.


Yang Kai immediately felt a lot more relaxed. Although the Ruler of the Dawn Great General had given him a lot of Open Heaven Pills the past month, it was quite exhausting to carry a rooster on his head this whole time. Even his hair was completely dishevelled, but now the chicken was finally gone.


He turned around and entered the house to quickly straighten his hair, and just after he was done, he heard a knock at the door.


Yang Kai walked over to open the door, and a graceful figure flashed in, followed by a waft of fragrance.


“Xiao Dié?” Yang Kai looked at the guest, “You came just in time! I was about to look for you.”


“Were you looking for me?” Dié You asked, “Let’s leave that aside for now, what happened to you?”


“What do you mean what happened?” Yang Kai was stunned.


“There were rumours in the village that you offended the Great General and were punished. Many people saw Great General sitting on your head and using your head as a chicken coop. Is that true?”


Yang Kai burst out laughing, “There indeed is such a thing, but unlike the rumours were saying, I didn’t offend that stupid chicken.”


“Really?” Dié You looked at him suspiciously. They had not known each other for a long time, and the time they spent together was even shorter. She did not know what kind of nature Yang Kai had, but he did not seem like one to bow his head, so she was really worried that he might have fearlessly provoked Great General.


Yang Kai looked at her with a smile, “Xiao Dié, you seem to care about me very much.”


Dié You snorted, “I was once a newcomer too, and I know how difficult it could be. If someone helped me at the beginning, my situation would definitely be much better. Later, I swore to myself that if there was a chance in the future and if it was within my abilities, I would help the newcomers. Besides, if any of the newcomers get promoted, I will be able to gain some benefits.”


“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai gently nodded.


Dié You suddenly punched Yang Kai on the shoulder, “Also, don’t be so arrogant you newcomer! Who gave you permission to call me Xiao Dié!”


“It doesn’t matter what I call you,” Yang Kai smiled, extended his hand, and flipped it over, “Look at this!”


Dié You looked down before her hand flew up to cover her mouth, “Where… Where did you get so many Open Heaven Pills?” It was the same sentence blurted from Old Fang’s mouth, but it sounded completely different.


“I’m paying you back!” Yang Kai pushed his hand forward.


Dié You looked at him suspiciously, “How did you get so many Open Heaven Pills?”


Yang Kai grinned, “Would you believe it if I said that I was rewarded by Great General? En, even I wouldn’t believe it, let alone you, but the fact is, these were indeed given to me by Great General.”


“What happened?” Dié You was shocked.


Yang Kai briefly reiterated the incident of how the Great General was surrounded by others and fell into his plot, and then how he brought him around to look for worms. Of course, Yang Kai omitted the part about his battle with Great General. It was simply too embarrassing to mention it. Dié You’s small little mouth grew into a beautiful circle at the news that Yang Kai received a one-to-one ratio of worms fed to Open Heaven Pills…


He decided to disclose this information not just because he needed to explain the source of these Open Heaven Pills clearly upon paying Dié You back, but also because she had helped him a lot. She answered a lot of questions he had without demanding any payment, then later took him to the shopping district and even loaned him money to buy a set of worm-catching tools. She even showed genuine concern when she heard something happened to him today. Since she was so sincere and kind-hearted, it was not right for Yang Kai to deceive her.


More importantly, it was impossible to keep this matter a secret for long. Quite a few people witnessed Great General bestowing Open Heaven Pills to Yang Kai when he took Great General around worm hunting, so Yang Kai had nothing to hide.


“And that’s the whole story,” Yang Kai shrugged.


“Really?” Dié You still found it hard to believe. She had never seen the Great General treat anyone so well in all the years she had been here.


“You don’t believe me? Then see for yourself… Do you have Jade Fire Silkworms?”


Dié You nodded absent-mindedly, “I caught two this month.”


“Pass them to me!” Yang Kai extended his hand.


Dié You handed Yang Kai her Cyan Wood Box, and Yang Kai immediately walked out the door, whistled loudly, and then returned to the house, “Wait a moment.”


Not too long after, a golden light shone through the door, and Ruler of the Dawn Great General, restored to his half-Human height, stood in front of the door, looking around curiously.


“Stupid chicken, come in, I’ll give you something delicious.” After one month of getting along with each other, Yang Kai and Great General had become close friends and there was no more need for formalities between them.


Dié You jumped, in fear that Great General might be infuriated, but instead, she watched the Ruler of the Dawn Great General walk in, taking absolutely no offence in how Yang Kai addressed him. 


She was completely amazed.


Yang Kai opened the Cyan Wood Box and took out the two Jade Fire Silkworms. Great General did not refuse and gulped down both in an instant, then turned his head to eye Dié You who was standing at the side…


His stare left Dié You feeling anxious.


“Xiao Dié is alright, there’s no need to avoid her,” Yang Kai extended his hand.


Great General opened his beak and spat out a bundle of golden light. When the golden light dissipated, two Open Heaven Pills appeared in Yang Kai’s hand, which he waved triumphantly at Dié You.


Dié You was baffled by what she saw. Yang Kai actually got two Open Heaven Pills from Great General with just two Jade Fire Silkworms!


“No more. You can go play now,” Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively.


Great General turned, wiggling his fat butt, and strutted out the door.


“You… how did you do it?” After a long time, Dié You finally came back to her senses and looked at Yang Kai in disbelief.


“I don’t know.” Yang Kai answered truthfully as he only knew that it had become like this since their fight. He touched his chin and speculated, “Maybe that stupid chicken just likes me more…”


Even he did not quite believe what he just said.


“Anyway, I have the pills to pay you back now,” Yang Kai took out the 30 Spirit Pills again, together with the two he just received, and put them into Dié You’s hand.


Dié You took them in a daze, and was still unable to recover from the great shock for some time.


It was not until Yang Kai waved his hand right in front of her face that she came back to her senses.


“Do you want to go to the shopping district with me?”


“What are you going to do there?”


“I’m going to buy some Well-Refined Incense.”


“Didn’t I just buy two boxes last…” Dié You realized before she finished speaking, “Have you used up all of it?”


Yang Kai guffawed, “How do you think I got so many Open Heaven Pills? I took Great General around to all the nearby plots, so those two boxes of Well-Refined Incense are long gone.” In fact, if it was not for the extra box from Old Fang, he would not have been able to last until the end of the month.


Dié You immediately knew what he was up to, “Do you plan on taking Great General around again to look for worms like before?”


Yang Kai rolled up his sleeves, “It’s a great way to make money, there’s no reason not to use it.”


Dié You pondered for a while before asking, “But have you ever thought that you might offend a lot of people by doing that?”


Even without her warning, Yang Kai already knew that he had offended a bunch of people.


With a sneer, however, he replied defiantly, “Let them be offended. As long as I get Open Heaven Pills, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”


Dié You shook her head slowly, “No, no, no, if you really offend too many people, you won’t be able to survive in this Worker’s Room. Even though those people won’t dare deal with Great General, they can definitely come to trouble you.”


Yang Kai snorted arrogantly, “So what? I’m even afraid that they won’t come for me.”


Dié You glared at him, “If you trust me, why not listen to my suggestion?”


“Tell me.” Yang Kai turned to her. After all, she has been living here for a thousand years and was definitely more knowledgeable than him.


Dié You beckoned him to come closer.


Yang Kai leaned over, and was immediately immersed in the pleasant scent of orchids… 


He listened closely, and his eyes slowly brightened.


After a while, Dié You leaned back and continued normally, “Of course, I’m just giving a suggestion, the decision is yours. But no matter where you go, not sharing your profit will attract a lot of jealousy.”


Yang Kai touched his chin and nodded, “This is a good idea, it will also save me a lot of trouble.”


“Then do you agree?”


“Of course, I agree, why wouldn’t I?” Yang Kai nodded sternly, “I get to eat the meat, so it doesn’t matter if they have the soup.”


“Also, they will happily drink what they get as it will be even more than what they would get if they fed Great General themselves, which may make many people grateful to you.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Their gratitude doesn’t matter to me. En, let’s just do it your way. In this case, we still need to go to the shopping district, but there won’t be a need to buy so much incense now. By the way, Xiao Dié, if there are Jade Fire Silkworms here in Fire Spirit Land, what about the other Spirit Lands?”


Dié You answered, “You’re quite the quick one. I was about to tell you this. The fruit trees in the other Spirit Lands will also produce different Exotic Insects, but I don’t know if Great General will like them. We can go to the shopping district and buy some to test it out first.”


“This will be quite a big investment…” Yang Kai looked at Dié You with sparkly eyes, “Xiao Dié, you must help me.”


Dié You covered her mouth and giggled, “Since I’m the one who came up with the proposal, of course I will help you, but…” She leaned closer to Yang Kai, and rubbed her shoulders against him, “Little Brother, you can’t forget to support Elder Sister when you succeed in the future!”



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  1. first, i don’t like this childish character. they have live for hundreds or thousands of years. yeah it sound fun to blockhead, but ridiculous

    2ndly, how fast yangkai used up those sticks? he got 10 right for 30 pills. that 10 years worth of pay. at least 1 stick should last few years or a dozen use. if this fast depleted ,no 1 can afford. when no 1 can afford, this orchard already full of worm plague and those tree never survive

  2. Wonder what the general might think of those Soul Devouring Insects? I guess the Insect Enslavement Bracelet is another artifact lost in past, but it sure would come in handy about now.

      1. Well, logically thinking about it, what is listed on the Insect Emperor’s List of Ancient Exotic Insects are ones that were recorded in the Star Boundary. As of now, Yang Kai has no knowledge about the new stuffs. Perhaps, he is also forgetting them because any distraction from his Dao may affect his future cultivation so he focuses on his dao’s abilities.

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