Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3854, Source of Income


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Yang Kai guffawed and put his arm around her shoulder, “After making the money, we will share the profits equally.”


Dié You turned her head and stared at his arm, “Move your dirty claws away!”


After plotting carefully in the house and distributing their work, Yang Kai borrowed a thousand Open Heaven Pills from Dié You, soared into the sky, and went straight to the shopping district.


Not long after Yang Kai’s departure, a particular piece of news spread like wildfire in the Worker’s Room. Dié You was exchanging an Open Heaven Pill for every two Jade Fire Silkworms! The whole Worker’s Room went into an uproar, and countless people rushed to Dié You’s residence.


Normally, they would have to exchange at least 3 or 4 worms for a Spirit Pill from Great General, and this situation was considered quite lucky. If they were unfortunate, even if they fed more, Great General would just ignore them.


However, since now they were guaranteed to get an Open Heaven Pill for 2 Jade Fire Silkworms from Dié You, how could this not be a great deal? They would definitely come in flocks. Moreover, the Workers would stay in the orchard for a month each time, so they definitely would have caught a few worms.


Although they had no idea what Dié You was doing at first, after confirming the authenticity of the information and seeing others exchange 2 Jade Fire Silkworms for an Open Heaven Pill, everyone formed a line as long as a dragon at the door of Dié You’s residence. Since everyone had just returned from the orchard, they certainly had some worms on hand.


Dié You had always kept a good relationship with the others in the Worker’s Room. At the moment, some of her so-called ‘Sisters’ spared no effort to inquire about the reason for her doing so, but since this matter was related to the interests of her and Yang Kai, how could she disclose it? She just smiled and kept her mouth shut.


Only a few people looked at the lively scene with reservations… 


On the other hand, after Yang Kai arrived at the Worker’s shopping district, he went straight to the store that sold Cyan Wood Boxes and Well-Refined Incense where he bought two boxes of Well-Refined Incense for 10 Open Heaven Pills.


He originally planned to use the few hundred Open Heaven Pills he earned before to buy as much Well-Refined Incense as possible, because he would still need to take the Ruler of the Dawn Great General to catch worms in the future, and the consumption of incense would definitely be tremendously high.


But after listening to Dié You’s suggestion, he agreed that her proposal was better. If he had done as he originally planned, not to mention offending a large number of people, the efficiency would be too low. With Dié You buying Jade Fire Silkworms from those Workers in Fire Spirit Land, it would save them time and effort, and also avoid offending others. Even if some came to know the truth in the future, they could only think that Yang Kai was the lucky one who was valued by Great General, rather than hate him.


As Dié You mentioned before, no matter where one went, hoarding all the profits for oneself would attract a lot of jealousy. Furthermore, his income through Dié You’s proposal would be higher than his previous plan.


However, although Yang Kai had no need to stock up on incense in bulk, he still had to keep two boxes on standby.


After leaving the shop, Yang Kai went on a tour of the shopping district, looking for a place to set up a stall, but he soon found that all the good spots were occupied by others.


After observing for a while, Yang Kai went straight to a stall, extended his hand and thrust 3 Open Heaven Pills at the stall owner.


The stall owner was a young man and looked up at Yang Kai in amazement and asked, “What do you want to buy, Senior Brother?”


“Your stall!” Yang Kai shook the Open Heaven Pills in his hand, “Store your things and give me this spot, and these 3 pills are yours.”


The young man pondered a little, then quickly put away all the things in his stall.


“Leave the signboard too!”


“It’s all yours!” The young man took the 3 Open Heaven Pills delightedly and soon disappeared into the crowd.


The stall owners on the left and right sides looked sideways at him with strange looks. They had never seen anyone buying a stall spot like he did. No one actually managed the stalls here, so they always went on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


Yang Kai sat down where the young man previously sat, picked up the signboard, and erased the words on it. He then took a piece of charcoal from the ground, pondered for a moment, and then scribbled a line of big characters across the signboard before sticking the signboard next to the stall. He was now open for business.


The stall owner on the left side was an elderly man and stole a glance at Yang Kai before he broke out laughing. He thought Yang Kai was going to do a big business seeing that he bought the stall spot so generously, but according to the signboard he was just buying worms that grew on the fruit trees of the various orchards.


The old man also knew that there were worms in every orchard, but he did not find them to be important. Generally, they would crush the worms directly when they caught them, so he had no idea why the young man beside him wanted to collect them.


However, he was too lazy to pay attention to other people’s affairs. He shook his head, stopped paying attention to Yang Kai, and concentrated on his own business.


Yang Kai spent half a day sitting there. He rolled up his sleeves and was ready for a big showtime, but after half a day, although many people stopped to observe for a while, no one actually went forward to inquire, which made him feel a little irritated. On second thought, however, Yang Kai realized that not every Spirit Land had a ‘Ruler of the Dawn Great General.’ The stupid chicken in Fire Spirit Land was a pet tamed by their Venerable Protector, and it just so happened to love eating Jade Fire Silkworm; therefore, the Workers of Fire Spirit Land had the habit of catching and collecting worms, though the workers in other Spirit Lands would also catch worms, they certainly would not keep them.


After realizing this, Yang Kai frowned secretly. If so, his plan would not work.


Just then, a shy voice came to his ear, “Excuse me, Senior Brother, what worms do you want to collect?”


Yang Kai looked up and saw a petite young girl standing in front of his stall. The girl was beautiful, with little freckles on the tip of her nose, and when their eyes met, the girl’s face slightly flushed.


Yang Kai had long waited for someone to patronize his stall, so he was greatly refreshed and disclosed, “The worms that live on the fruit trees. Do you have any?”


The young girl shook her head, “I don’t…”


[Then why did you ask!?] Yang Kai almost cursed her, but seeing her timid appearance, he could not bear being mean and forced out a smile, “Girl, you can leave.”


The young girl did not leave, however, but stood on the same spot for a while before she asked, “How much are you buying?”


Since he had nothing to do and it was rare for someone to ask, Yang Kai replied casually, “4 worms in exchange for 1 Open Heaven Pill here!” He had agreed with Dié You to exchange with a ratio of 2:1 in the Worker’s Room of Fire Spirit Land, but the price of other Spirit Lands would not be the same.


As soon as Yang Kai made his offer, before the young girl in front of his stall could speak, the elderly man who set up the stall next to him suddenly widened his eyes and turned to Yang Kai to ask, “Young man, what did you just say? 4 worms for 1 Open Heaven Pill?”


“One hand gives the worms, the other hand gets the pill, but I need them alive.”


The elderly man could not believe what he was hearing and only stared at Yang Kai suspiciously, for he had never seen anyone use precious Open Heaven Pills to exchange for useless worms in all the years he had been here.


“In that case, please wait a moment. A friend of mine has worms. I’ll ask her to come over.” While the freckled girl said before she took out a bell and shook it gently.


The elderly man to the side was not interested in doing his own business anymore and instead stared at the situation at Yang Kai’s stall with great interest, as if to determine whether things were really true to what Yang Kai offered, four worms for an Open Heaven Pill.


Soon, a woman who appeared to be in her early twenties squeezed through the crowd, and looked at the freckled girl, “Xiao Mo, is someone really collecting worms?”


The girl who was called Xiao Mo pointed at Yang Kai as she answered, “Elder Sister Xue Ping, it’s him. He wanted the worms. Ask him yourself.”


Yu Xue Ping frowned at Yang Kai before looking at the signboard next to him to make sure she did not get it wrongly. Then she asked, “How many are you buying and for how much?”


“4 worms for 1 Open Heaven Pill!” Yang Kai illustrated the numbers with his fingers.


Although she had learned about it from Xiao Mo’s message, Yu Xue Ping still could not believe it when she heard it with her own ears. She really did not know what was wrong with this guy in front of her. Who would use Open Heaven Pills to buy worms? Did he have too many Open Heaven Pills?


However, since he was doing this, he must have a reason.


After pondering for a while, she took out a Cyan Wood Box and handed it to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai took it over, scanned it with his Divine Sense, and nodded gently, “En, 11 worms. Are these Blue Water Silkworms?”




“The number is not enough, but I’ll consider it as 12 since you’re my first customer. 3 Open Heaven Pills!” As Yang Kai spoke, he moved the Blue Water Silkworms into his own Cyan Wood Box. When returning the box, he handed over 3 Open Heaven Pills. This was his first sale, so he did not mind being a little generous.


Yu Xue Ping and Xiao Mo were completely flabbergasted as they confirmed that this young man was doing exactly what was written on his signboard.


This was an unexpected fortune. Yu Xue Ping only caught some Blue Water Silkworms for fun because she was bored; after all, there was not much entertainment for a Worker. Who knew that these worms actually benefited her at the moment?


Suddenly, Yu Xue Ping sensed a business opportunity from this transaction and asked hurriedly, “Senior Brother, how many Blue Water Silkworms do you want to collect?”


“No limit. I’ll take as many as you have.” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


“Will you come again next month?”




“I see.” Yu Xue Ping nodded heavily, “Then when the shopping district opens next month, I’ll come here to find you!”


A sudden realization dawned on Yang Kai, for he finally understood what she was going to do and secretly scolded himself for being stupid. He could have just hired an agent to help him to get what he wanted instead of sitting here waiting for customers.


The Workers in the other Spirit Lands did not have the habit of catching and keeping worms at all. If they were not given some incentive, how could he get those worms? Since this woman in front of him was smart enough to come up with this idea, however, he could cooperate with her.


“Fine!” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.


“May I know Senior Brother’s name? This Junior Sister is Yu Xue Ping.”


Yang Kai introduced himself too.


Yu Xue Ping carried on, “So it is Senior Brother Yang. I believe Senior Brother Yang isn’t from Water Spirit Land, and since this is our first meeting, we don’t know each other very well. What if I can’t find Senior Brother when I come back next month?”


Yang Kai assured, “I will definitely be here.”


Yu Xue Ping shook her head, “Words cannot be trusted!”


Yang Kai looked at her with great interest, “What do you suggest then?”




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  1. Since these worms are literally worthless for the other spirit islands and they don’t even know yet if the Chicken will like them, this seems like a way too high price to offer for them. 1 pill for 10 surely would have been just as much motivation for the other workers if they could earn a third of their yearly wage just by selling something useless.

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