Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3855, You’ve Made It


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“What if Senior Brother offered 30 Open Heaven Pills in advance as a deposit?” Yu Xue Ping persuaded, obviously having planned this beforehand, “Of course, I will also use something as collateral, so Senior Brother won’t need to worry that I won’t come back after taking the Spirit Pills.”


Yang Kai laughed, “Good, but I wonder what Junior Sister is willing to use as collateral?”


Yu Xue Ping stretched out her hand and summoned a gleaming long sword, which she handed to Yang Kai, saying, “I’ll use this as collateral.”


Yang Kai reached out to take it and flicked the blade with his fingers. A crisp and light tinkle resounded, which continued to hum for quite some time, “Good sword, I’ll take it!” He nodded approvingly, sliding it into his Space Ring.


Yang Kai had no idea of the value of this long sword, but it was definitely worth at least 30 Open Heaven Pills, so when the shopping district opened next month, he and Yu Xue Ping would undoubtedly meet and thus secure their transaction.


He took out 30 Open Heaven Pills and handed them to her, causing Yu Xue Ping’s beautiful eyes to light up, “Many thanks, Senior Brother! We’ll see you next month.” She then beckoned her companion, “Xiao Mo, let’s go.”


The two hurriedly left the shopping district and headed straight towards Water Spirit Land.


They did not avoid any audience during their conversation, so the surrounding stall owners managed to eavesdrop, and they were not fools. After Yu Xue Ping left, the elderly man on the left immediately jumped in, “Little Brother, that girl came from Water Spirit Land, and this Old Master is from Earth Spirit Land, The orchard in Earth Spirit Land has worms too, so I wonder if we can work together?”


“I’m from Metal Spirit Land!” The stall owner on the right, too, came over, the expression on his face became much more enthusiastic, “I also know a friend from Wood Spirit Land. Would you like me to call him over?”




After two hours, Yang Kai closed his stall and left. Although he did not collect many worms during his stay, only the first 11 were sold to him by Yu Xue Ping, a path had been opened up, and now he just had to wait for various meetings next month.


Yang Kai could foresee swarms of Open Heaven Pills rolling his way.


Returning to the village where the Worker’s Room was located, Yang Kai could already see a long queue in front of Dié You’s house from a distance. Knowing that the plan was going well, Yang Kai cackled happily.


A figure slithered up next to him at that moment and Yang Kai turned to see Old Fang rubbing his hands together with a flattering smile, “Little Brother, you’re back.”


“En!” Yang Kai responded casually, “Is something wrong?”


“Not at all!” Old Fang laughed aloud, “If Little Brother is free, why don’t you come to my place, the fine wine I have kept for many years can be unsealed today. Rather than enjoying it alone, it would be an honour for Little Brother to enjoy it together with this old man.”


Yang Kai crossed his arms and looked at him with a smirk, “Fine wine? I’m not interested, and I distinctly remember someone asking this Yang to just pretend that we had never met.”


Old Fang lifted his hand and slapped himself bitterly, “This Big Brother was foolish, so please don’t take it to heart. Little Brother, we’re all away from home, and it’s not easy to get acquainted in this vast world. Give this Big Brother some face, and let me make amends to you.”


Yang Kai was still hesitating, but Old Fang had already grabbed Yang Kai by the arm and pulled him towards his house, “Little Brother, you’re a generous man, don’t be calculative with me.”


Yang Kai growled in a low voice, “If you want to drink then drink, stop dragging me around, it’s highly improper.”


“Good, good, good, I won’t insist!” Old Fang nodded his head repeatedly, immediately humbling himself yet still insisting.


Yang Kai entered the house with Old Fang, who closed the door behind him and took out a wine urn. He also took out two plates of Spirit Fruit, and then sat down opposite Yang Kai.


The strong aroma of the wine filled the room immediately after opening the seal, and Old Fang politely filled Yang Kai’s cup first, then poured one for himself before raising his glass and making a toast, “It’s really this Fang’s blessing to be able to meet Little Brother Yang in this Fire Spirit Land. This cup is Big Brother’s respect for you.”


He raised his head and downed the cup.


Yang Kai glanced at him and downed his cup too. A look of surprise involuntarily surfaced on his face. The wine was truly good; it was mellow and thick to the taste, and a warm, fuzzy feeling crept up from his abdomen, which made him feel warm and light all over.


Old Fang refilled Yang Kai’s cup and continued with a smile, “This Old Master has been saving this urn of wine for 800 years. Back then, I collected the most precious materials from my Universe World, which cost a huge amount of money and time, and only brewed three urns in total. One urn was drunk right before this Old Master set off to the Outer Universe, the other was given to Manager Zhou, and this is the very last urn in the world.”


“Good wine!” Yang Kai praised.


“If it’s good, drink more.” Old Fang’s face was radiant, “and this Spirit Fruit too was brought from this Old Master’s homeland, I’ve always treasured it and was never willing to eat it. Although the Outer Universe is wonderful, it is absolutely impossible to find these.”


Yang Kai nodded, picked up a bunch of grape-like berries and ate them.


As he ate and drank, Old Fang rambled on and on, reminiscing about how powerful he was in the past, and about how desolate his current situation was. Tears suddenly filled his eyes and he was unable to speak for a while…


Yang Kai finally couldn’t stand it anymore and snorted, “Just get to the point. Don’t talk nonsense and irritate others.”


Old Fang wiped the corners of his eyes, “This Big Brother doesn’t really have anything to say, I’m just wondering if Little Brother is willing to help Big Brother if he can.”


“How can I help you?” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile, “You know, I’ve only been here for two months while you’ve been here for hundreds of years. If anyone needs help, it should be me.”


Old Fang waved his hands frantically, “One’s achievements are not dependent on age. I haven’t made a name for myself here even after hundreds of years. It’s you, Little Brother, who has made an Earth-shattering move.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Yang Kai threw a Spirit Fruit into his mouth and munched happily.


The corners of Old Fang’s brow twitched. Gritting his teeth, he decided to stop beating around the bush as he knew if he continued to do so, he would always be the passive one, so he went straight to the point, “Sister Dié You is currently exchanging 2 Jade Fire Silkworms for one Open Heaven Pill.”


“Really?” Yang Kai blinked, “Then you better hurry up and sell to her, it’s a good deal.”


Old Fang lowered his voice, “I saw her enter your house earlier, and she took a long time to come out.”


“This Young Master is both handsome and talented, and it is not surprising that women come flocking.”


Old Fang growled through his teeth, “You said before that Great General gave you a lot of Open Heaven Pills!”


“I’m lucky that Great General favours me.”


Old Fang was about to cry, “Little Brother, when you first entered the orchard, this Big Brother was the one who taught you how to take care of the fruit trees, and let you practice in my own orchard, and when you didn’t have a Cyan Wood Box and Well-Refined Incense, I was the one who lent you them for free…”


“Didn’t I give you an Open Heaven Pill when I was rewarded by the Great General?” Yang Kai looked sideways at him.


Old Fang opened his mouth but was unable to give a reply.


After a long time, he sighed, “Forget it, it’s this Old Master who has no luck, and I’m afraid there is no hope left for me in this life.” In an instant, he seemed to become much older.


Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder with a smile, “Anyway, many thanks for your teachings in that one month. You are a bit stingy, but overall you’re not too bad.”


Old Fang looked at him in amazement.


“Go help Xiao Dié later, I think she’s getting a little too busy over there.”


Old Fang’s face lit up, and he grabbed Yang Kai’s hand with a look of extreme gratitude, “Many thanks, Little Brother, this Big Brother will never forget this! If there’s anything you need in the future, you can come to me anytime! This Big Brother will not ask for too much, and when Little Brother has made his fortune, you just need to give me a touch of it. I’ll go first, enjoy the wine!”


After saying so, he ran out the door with astonishing agility.


Yang Kai wiped his hands on his clothes with a disgusted face and continued drinking and eating until he finished the urn of wine and the Spirit Fruits before heading home.


Night fell, but Yang Kai’s house was brightly lit by a golden radiance. The Ruler of the Dawn Great General was present with his head raised high, looking straight ahead proudly.


Yang Kai stood in front of him, feeding him one Jade Fire Silkworm after another, while Old Fang and Dié You held their breath as they watched closely from the side.


Every time about 10 worms were fed, Yang Kai would stretch out his hand, into which the Great General would spit out a ball of golden light from his mouth… 


After repeating the cycle countless times, Yang Kai finally finished feeding the worms. Great General burped heartily and walked out of the house slowly.


It was only then that Yang Kai realized that this stupid chicken had an unexpectedly huge appetite. It was a false impression that he could be full from just ten worms from the orchard before. 


Great General’s stomach seemed to be a bottomless pit, and he could probably gobble down as many worms presented to it.


After closing the door shut and reactivating the barrier, Old Fang gulped and could not help asking, “How… how many?”


He had never seen so many Open Heaven Pills in his life. Today would be an eye-opener. He would never have believed that the Ruler of the Dawn Great General could be so generous if he had not seen it with his own eyes.


He fed Great General a few worms just now and did not even get a single Open Heaven Pill.


Dié You’s situation was better as she got 1 Open Heaven Pill for 5 worms, which was about average.


Only Yang Kai had a ratio of 1:1 for worms fed to Open Heaven Pills!


Under their scorching gazes, Yang Kai swept his Divine Sense over the Space Ring in his hand to check, then looked up and grinned, “More than 1,400 pieces!”


At the same time, Yang Kai could not help pondering, [How many Open Heaven Pills does that stupid chicken have?] 


Great General casually gave him more than 1,400 pills, so he clearly had many more! But the pills were all given by the Venerable, and unless Great General was willing to share, no one would dare snatch them from him.


Despite expecting such a number already, Dié You’s hand could not help flying to her red lips as her beautiful eyes flashed fiercely. Old Fang, completely flushed with excitement, looked at Yang Kai and exclaimed, “Little Brother, you’re rich, you’re rich!”


He and Dié You had been living in the Worker’s Room for a long, long time, and had seen many Workers come and go, but none of them were like Yang Kai, who had gotten so many Open Heaven Pills in just two months. They would not be able to acquire so many even if they saved up for hundreds of years.


This was nothing short of a miracle, but it all came down to Great General’s peculiar bias towards Yang Kai. No Worker had ever been treated so favourably by him before.




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    1. That doesn’t make any sense. The natural ones are way higher in value than the ones made by alchemists. There is now way the people who run this place would let this chicken hand out natural ones to these workers with low status. Besides when the natural ones are formed there is a huge phenomenon caused because a huge amount of energy from all 7 elements is needed to make the pills. I don’t think anything like that has happened with this chicken, at best he has a lot fire energy because he eats alot of fire worms. And the chicken is only pseudo great emperor realm. They haven’t said what level an alchemist has to be to make the pills, but I would assume they would have to be an open heaven level alchemist, of course that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be an open heaven realm master, but the cultivation of alchemists is also important, and I would think an alchemist would have to be at least great emperor level before they can make open heaven level pills. Of course this all just my speculations, but it really doesn’t make much sense to me for the chicken to be able to make pills.

      Personally I think he is up to something, I have a feeling he is trying to get Yang kai in trouble somehow. Back when he fought against Yang kai, he was relentlessly trying to steal a fruit from him because that would cause problems for Yang kai, and he didn’t stop trying for a long time. This sudden change in attitude by the chicken honestly scares me.

  1. My thoughts, exactly. How many pills does that stupid chicken have? I was skeptical about Yang Kai trying to make a big business or of this since the chicken has to have a limited supply. But I guess I was wrong

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