Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3856, Share The Profits


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The three people in the room were dazzled by a table full of Open Heaven Pills. When the business was finished, the next step was naturally to share the profits. This was an exciting moment.


Yang Kai looked left and right. With a swipe, he divided the Spirit Pills on the table into two and pushed one half to Dié You, “Xiao Die, this is your capital.”


Dié You smiled and stored them. The Spirit Pills that she spent on purchasing Fire Spirit Silkworm today was all her own asset. Without her, the plan would not work because Yang Kai did not have Open Heaven Pills, so it was fine for her to take back her initial investment.


Yang Kai swiped again, divided the remaining half into two, and then pushed half of them to Dié You, “This is yours.”


Dié You looked at him with beautiful eyes.


“What we have agreed is sharing the profit equally,” Yang Kai explained.


Then he separated out 50 pills from his half and pushed them to Old Fang, “Old Fang, these are yours. Don’t feel bitter about it. Xiao Dié came up with the plan and funded it, so she deserves more.”


Old Fang’s face flushed with excitement, “It’s enough, enough. I only ran some errands with Sister Dié You.” It was true that it was quite a lot to him. The Worker’s salary was only three Spirit Pills a year, and would only get more  pills as occasional rewards from Great General or when he made some contribution in the orchard. But in general, the number of Spirit Pills a Worker could earn in a year was about 10 to 20 pieces, with the unlucky ones getting only 5 or 6. It was difficult for the Workers to achieve more than that.


However, Old Fang easily obtained 50 Open Heaven Pills just from assisting Dié You, which was equal to the income of several years of hard work. How could Old Fang not be satisfied? How would he dare to say so?


He had this opportunity all thanks to Yang Kai, so Old Fang was sincerely satisfied with his share. Excited, he wanted to put away the Spirit Pills, but when he saw that Dié You did not do it, he was afraid that he would be too rude if he acted too hastily, so he calmed down and waited.


Dié You smiled and divided the half share in front of her into two shares again, pushing the bigger share back to Yang Kai.


Both Yang Kai and Old Fang looked at her dumbfounded.


Dié You explained, “Since Little Brother is so kind, how can this Elder Sister take advantage of you? This time I’ve paid the capital, so I’ll take a bit more, but you keep the rest. You’re new here, and it’s exactly now that you need Open Heaven Pills.”


Yang Kai looked at the part that she separated, and estimated that there were about 100 pills before saying, “We agreed to share the profits equally. This Yang would be breaking his word if he received this.”


Dié You pursed her lips, “I know you’re a man of your word and Elder Sister is proud of you, but we should share the profit according to our own contributions. If you insist on giving it to me, I won’t feel comfortable receiving it… Moreover, since the path has been opened, this will not be the only time we will do business together. This Elder Sister is not afraid of not earning enough Open Heaven Pills with you in the future. I believe as long as I follow you, I will earn more Open Heaven Pills. Take this as my long-term investment!”


Noticing her sincerity, Yang Kai knew that she would not accept it even if he insisted, so he nodded, “Good, let’s cooperate and make a fortune together in the future.”


To the side, Old Fang became anxious. He made the least contributions and took the smallest share, but comparatively, the 50 Open Heaven Pills he got were actually more than he deserved. After struggling for a long time, he took out five Open Heaven Pills and pushed them back, “I’ll take less too. I hope that Little Brother will not forget me when there are more good opportunities in the future.”


Yang Kai looked at him and could not hold his laughter, “Forget it. Just keep it.”


Old Fang did not object and put the 50 Open Heaven Pills into his Space Ring with lightning speed, his face was full of satisfaction.


Yang Kai and Dié You, too, put away their Open Heaven Pills. The three people in the room exchanged looks, and could not help laughing together.


Who would not be happy about making a fortune?


“There’s something else I should tell you two. The business has already expanded to the other Spirit Lands. When the shopping district opens next month, we can go and collect a number of worms. By then, the profit will not be just like this, but seven times this!”


“Have you made an agreement with others?” Dié You questioned curiously.


Yang Kai disclosed his meeting with Yu Xue Ping and explained how he had found an agent in each Spirit Land and asked them to collect the worms at a price ratio of 1:4!


Dié You sighed after hearing this, “That Yu Xue Ping is a smart one. She saw the key of the matter at once.”


Yang Kai played with an Open Heaven Pill in his hand as he grinned, “It’s good for us. We can’t buy worms in other places without their help anyway.”


“That’s good… En, I have a proposal!”


“Enlighten me!” Yang Kai looked at her.


“Old Fang and I will follow up on this matter, and contribute in both effort and money. You don’t have to worry about anything, your only responsibility is to feed Great General and ask for rewards. After that, Old Fang and I will get ten percent each of the rewards, while the rest belongs to you.”


Old Fang chuckled, “I’m fine with just five percent.”


Dié You looked at him with a smile, “Old Fang, do you know how much ten percent is? Are you sure you won’t regret giving it out so generously?”


“How many is it?” Old Fang questioned.


Dié You beamed, “Our income this time, which is based only on our Fire Spirit Land worms, was almost 700 Open Heaven Pills. Ten percent of that is 70 pieces, and this is the number earned by acquiring worms in the price ratio of 1:2. The price ratio of the worms of the other six Spirit Lands is higher, so we will earn more from there. I believe that the ten percent will be worth six to seven hundred Open Heaven Pills…”


*Gudong…* Old Fang gulped and looked eagerly at Yang Kai, “Little Brother, I’m afraid I’ve been drinking too much just now and was not clear-minded when I said those things. Don’t take it to heart.”


Yang Kai guffawed, “How can I treat both of you badly after all your help? Ten percent it is!”


Old Fang was extremely grateful, but could not help calculating silently. If he and Dié You each took ten percent, which was six to seven hundred Open Heaven Pills each, there would be five to six thousand remaining. He could not help but be taken aback. This number was terrifying! He had never saved so many Open Heaven Pills even after living here for hundreds of years, but Yang Kai could earn such a huge income in a month!


With a solemn look, he continued, “Little Brother, this matter must not be known to others; otherwise, we won’t remain safe. This Big Brother swears that if I, Fang Bi Qi, leak this matter, I will be struck by lightning and my Soul will be shattered to pieces.”


Dié You shook her head slowly, “The things in Fire Spirit Land can’t be concealed for long, but the purchase of worms from other Spirit Land should be kept strictly confidential. When I meet those agents later, it should not be difficult for me to keep their mouths shut; after all, they stand to benefit as well, and no one would sabotage their own business.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Then I’ll leave that to you.”


“One more thing.” Dié You looked at Yang Kai, “You have to improve your relationship with Manager Zhou. If this matter in Fire Spirit Land is leaked, he will undoubtedly become jealous. If you don’t establish a good relationship with him, we will certainly be targeted in the future.”


Yang Kai became a little annoyed, but after giving it some thought, he realized she was right and immediately nodded, “I’ll find a chance to cosy up to him.” It would be best if he could take this opportunity to pull himself out of the problematic plot as well.


Thinking about it, if this business worked, the income from Fire Spirit Land would only represent a small portion, and it did not matter much even if it was exposed. At most, he just had to share some benefits with Zhou Zheng, which was not a big deal.


After chatting for a while, they were dismissed. Given that they had finished discussing everything, they had to wait to carry out the plan only when the shopping district opened next month.


However, the acquisition of Jade Fire Silkworm in Fire Spirit Land could be carried out in advance. Dié You and Old Fang were in charge of it, so Yang Kai did not need to worry about it.


Sitting cross-legged in his room, Yang Kai casually tossed an Open Heaven Pill into his mouth. He had not eaten one before because he could not bear to consume the few he had, but now, he naturally wanted to have a taste.


In the end, Yang Kai found it was nothing special. Zhang Ruo Xi mentioned that Open Heaven Pills had two functions. One was to improve the Order of an Open Heaven Realm Master, though with a limit of two additional Orders. The other was to help the cultivators to purify and condense their Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. Therefore, the Open Heaven Pill was the hard currency throughout the entire Outer Universe. Basically, the improvement and growth of each cultivator’s strength were related to this Spirit Pill.


However, the medicinal efficacy of a single Spirit Pill was limited. Only the Open Heaven Pills spontaneously generated from Universe Furnace could help one reach the pinnacle.


Yang Kai was not an Open Heaven Realm Master, and the Wood Element he condensed was the essence of the Immortal Tree, so other than making him feel warm in his stomach, the Open Heaven Pill had no other effect on him. As such, he learnt that it would be a waste if he ate more, so he did not care about it anymore.


Three days passed by in a flash.


Early in the morning, the golden rooster announced the coming of dawn. The Workers of the Worker’s Room came out in herds, turned into streams of light and rushed towards the orchard.


In front of everyone’s eyes, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General’s body shone with golden light and shrank to the size of a small rooster. With a thump, he sat on Yang Kai’s head, his buttock wiggling to part away Yang Kai’s hair so he could find the most comfortable position.


Yang Kai’s face twitched, but thinking of the huge benefits this stupid chicken brought to him, he endured the shame.


When he arrived at his plot in the orchard, he took care of the fruit trees as usual. He fertilized, watered, nourished, caught worms, and surged his Wood Element to energize the fruit trees.


Nevertheless, he did not need to go around snatching worms with Great General like last month, for that would gain too much hatred from the others. Moreover, the final income would undoubtedly be worse doing things his way than Xiao Dié’s.


In his spare time, Yang Kai drank wine and played chess with Old Fang, living a carefree life. From time to time, someone would come to Old Fang to sell him Jade Fire Silkworms.


According to Old Fang, he and Dié You had spread the word to everyone. As long as the Workers in Fire Spirit Land caught 2 worms, they could exchange them for an Open Heaven Pill; therefore, people came to Old Fang’s plot every so often. He had no idea about the situation in Dié You’s plot, but it should be similar to here. When their rest time arrived, Yang Kai could feed the Jade Fire Silkworms that were collected to Great General all in one go.




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