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Martial Peak – Chapter 3857, First-Order Open Heaven Realm

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The taste of making a fortune effortlessly was intoxicating. Yang Kai treated Great General like the God of Fortune, while Old Fang treated Yang Kai as the God of Fortune, complimenting and buttering up to Yang Kai every day, taking out any treasured food and drinks from his Space Ring without hesitation to share without reserve.


In the blink of an eye, another month flew by.


On their first day off, the group of three went straight to the shopping district.


They arrived at the previous stall, where two women were already waiting. It was Yu Xue Ping and the girl named Xiao Mo. Seeing that Yang Kai had fulfilled his promise, Yu Xue Ping’s beautiful eyes lit up.


Yang Kai beckoned at her, but instead of stepping forward, he turned around and left, leaving Old Fang and Dié You behind.


Yu Xue Ping and Xiao Mo looked at each other and quickly followed.


Following him all the way to a remote place, Yang Kai stopped and smiled at the two of them.


“Senior Brother!” Yu Xue Ping greeted.


Yang Kai nodded, sweeping their surroundings with his Divine Sense to make sure they were alone before lowering his voice, “What are the results, Junior Sister?”


“Senior Brother can see for himself.” Saying this, Yu Xue Ping handed over 3 Cyan Wood Boxes.


Yang Kai received the boxes and scanned them with his Divine Sense, then reported the exact number, “1138 Blue Water Silkworms, which comes to a total worth of 285 Open Heaven Pills. Discounting the previous 30 pills deposit, here are 255 Spirit Pills. Junior Sister can confirm it herself.”


“There’s no need to count, I trust Senior Brother.” Yu Xue Ping suppressed her excitement. She took the Spirit Pills handed over by Yang Kai and looked at Xiao Mo, who was equally excited.


To be honest, she was only able to breathe easy after this transaction was completed. Although Yang Kai had paid a deposit before, he was also holding on to her collateral, and in order to acquire these Blue Water Silkworms, she had invested a lot of Spirit Pills. If Yang Kai did not show up today, she would be at a big loss.


Now that the Spirit Pills were in her hands, there was nothing to worry about. Even counting her previous investment, she had made a solid profit.


Yang Kai returned the longsword given to him as collateral, and Yu Xue Ping asked, “Is Senior Brother still interested in more of these Blue Water Silkworms?”


“Indeed. You can come here every month in the future, and as I said before, I will take as many as you have!”


“Good, then I’ll continue collecting more from Water Spirit Land for Senior Brother.”


Xiao Mo asked curiously, “Senior Brother, what are you doing with these Blue Water Silkworms?”


As soon as she asked, Yu Xue Ping elbowed her and immediately apologized, “Xiao Mo is a naïve girl, don’t blame her, Senior Brother.” She also knew that Yang Kai would definitely not collect these seemingly useless worms for no reason. What was useless to them might not be useless to others. Yang Kai’s covert actions in bringing them to such a remote place to trade obviously meant that he did not want anyone to know about his activities. Xiao Mo’s question was too direct.


“It’s not an issue.” Yang Kai chuckled.


Yu Xue Ping was obviously in a good mood after completing their very first transaction, so they chatted for a while and also agreed on the time for their next transaction before they suddenly heard someone approaching. She turned around to look, only to see that the newcomers were the companions who arrived together with Yang Kai. She smartly excused herself, “We have a deal, Senior Brother. I will come to you again next month.”


“Good, I’ll wait for you right here.” Yang Kai nodded.


Yu Xue Ping and Xiao Mo left right before Old Fang arrived, together with the old man from Earth Spirit Land. The old man watched Yu Xue Ping leave, knowing that the deal negotiated last month had been reached. With much anticipation, he greeted Yang Kai enthusiastically.


The price had long been negotiated, so there was nothing much to say and the transaction was completed smoothly. However, the number of worms brought by the old man from Earth Spirit Land was not as many, only slightly more than 300.


He was probably doubtful about Yang Kai’s trustworthiness and dared not collect too many worms; because it was impossible to have collected only so few from the entire Spirit Land after a whole month. In this regard, he was not as bold as Yu Xue Ping.


When the deal with Earth Spirit Land was over, Dié You led another dealer over.


Within two hours, Yang Kai ushered in and received six groups of people, but except for Yu Xue Ping, the five from the other Spirit Lands brought only at most 600 worms. Most only had 300 – 400, just like the old man from Earth Spirit Land.


It was understandable as they were all not familiar with each other, and it was their first time working together. It was only correct to be cautious; after all, not everyone had the boldness of Yu Xue Ping.


The number of worms from all six Spirit Lands added up to a very impressive total.


After completing their deals, there was no reason to remain in the shopping district, so the trio immediately headed home, summoned the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, and hid in Yang Kai’s house to share the spoils!


The earnings for this month were in excess of 3,000 Open Heaven Pills. According to the previous agreement, Old Fang and Dié You each took ten percent, and the remaining 2,000 or so Spirit Pills entered Yang Kai’s pocket.


Old Fang cheered for their incredible profits. If they made more than 2,000 a month, they would earn at least 30,000 in a year, which was enough to buy two Third-Order materials.


As long as they had enough materials, there was no need to worry that one would not be able to advance to the Open Heaven Realm in the future! Once they were promoted to the Open Heaven Realm, they could immediately rid themselves of their Worker status and truly become a part of Seven Wonders Land.


In a good mood, Old Fang took Yang Kai and Dié You to the shopping district for a drink.


There was nothing else to do, and since Old Fang warmly invited him, there was no reason for Yang Kai to refuse, though Dié You did not join them due to having other commitments. Without Dié You, Yang Kai and Old Fang flew to the shopping district together.


There was a restaurant in the shopping district, which was also operated by Seven Wonders Land, but the servers inside were all Workers, and they were only open for three days a month. The expensive food and drinks served in the restaurant could barely be afforded by ordinary Workers, but since it was the one and only upscale restaurant in the entire shopping district, which was the shopping hub of Workers from all seven Spirit Lands, despite its prices, it was bustling with people every day, and the business of the restaurant was actually not as sluggish as one would imagine.


Following Old Fang into the restaurant, a Worker dressed as a shopboy immediately greeted them warmly.


Yang Kai looked around and found four out of eight tables on the main floor were occupied.


Old Fang was clearly a repeat customer because he fondly waved his hand and declared, “Give us a private room!”


There were not many people who could afford to eat and drink in this restaurant, and the rooms on the second floor were certainly not full, so the shopboy nodded and smiled, “Two Senior Brothers, this way please!”


They followed the shopboy up to the second floor and entered the room, where they took their seats.


Old Fang quickly ordered a series of dishes, and then waved his hands, “And ten urns of good wine.”


Yang Kai turned his head to look at him and chuckled, “Can we finish it?”


“We can take it away if we can’t finish.” Old Fang instructed the shopboy again, “Pack another ten urns to take away. That’s all for now, I’ll summon you if it’s not enough.”


The shopboy responded quickly, turned around, and went to work.


Yang Kai looked around and grinned, “Do you come here often?”


Old Fang forced a smile, “How could that be? At most, I will just buy a few urns to take back and enjoy slowly. I have been in Seven Wonders Land for hundreds of years, but I have come here no more than ten times. I am only willing to come here today all because of Little Brother.” 


After a while, he followed up, “The food here is a bit more expensive, but it’s quite tasty and many of them are dishes we can’t get where we came from. Little Brother should eat more later.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Since Old Fang is treating me, I won’t refuse.”


Old Fang laughed, “It’s what I should do.”


In no time, the wine and food were served.


Old Fang took the initiative to pour the wine, warmly served the dishes, and sincerely treated Yang Kai as a God of Fortune. He chatted animatedly as they ate and drank; after all, Old Fang arrived here hundreds of years earlier and knew more about Seven Wonders Land than Yang Kai. Although he was just as clueless as to what was going on outside of Seven Wonders Land, he knew as much about Fire Spirit Land as anyone else, if not more.


Yang Kai listened eagerly.


According to what he disclosed, Zhou Zheng, Manager Zhou, was also a Worker in Fire Spirit Land before, but he was fortunate and was appreciated by his superiors at the time. He also made a few contributions in the orchard and saved enough Open Heaven Pills to buy all the needed materials to reach the Open Heaven Realm, allowing him to be promoted to Manager of Fire Spirit Land.


Yang Kai was surprised and the cup of wine he was holding stopped right in front of his mouth, “Manager Zhou is an Open Heaven Realm Master?”


He had no clue and always thought that Manager Zhou was simply working on breaking through just like him, having probably gathered several more Elements than him.


“His Open Heaven Realm is nothing!” Old Fang sneered, probably too excited and having consumed too much alcohol, seemingly a little tipsy, “He’s just a First-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. This Old Master could have broken through a long time ago if he wanted to.”


Yang Kai silently made some calculations. The value of a First-Order material was 150 Open Heaven Pills, so one would need at least 1,000 Spirit Pills to condense all seven Elements. Since Old Fang had been here for hundreds of years, he was not bragging when he stated that he had saved enough.


Emptying his cup, Old Fang sneered again, “First-Order Open Heaven Realm Master is the most unpromising Open Heaven Order. Doing this is akin to cutting off his own future. No matter how many Open Heaven Pills he takes in the future, he at most will only reach the Third Order. This Old Master is more ambitious than that and wants to promote straight to the Third Order.”


He had the same goal as Dié You, whose plan was also to achieve Third-Order Open Heaven Realm. In that case, there would be hope for them to promote to Fourth-Order or even Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, entering the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realms, a completely different class from the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realms.


Yang Kai nodded, “Even so, a First-Order Open Heaven is also an Open Heaven.” He was actually a little curious as to how much strength a First-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could display, but unfortunately, he could not compete with Zhou Zheng, so there was no way to verify it carefully.


Old Fang continued, “You don’t know, Little Brother, although that guy is also an Open Heaven Realm Master, he is only able to show his prestige in front of us Workers. The true Seven Wonders Land disciples, or anyone who condensed Third-Order materials, won’t even spare him a glance.”


Yang Kai suddenly recalled Du Ru Feng, the disciple he met when he first came to Seven Wonders Land. That guy was definitely a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm, but Zhou Zheng’s status was definitely not comparable to his; even the woman surnamed Yao who brought them to Fire Spirit Land was also not an Open Heaven Realm Master, but Zhou Zheng was very respectful to her. It could be seen that in the Outer Universe, reaching the Open Heaven Realm did not mean that one achieved a high status. It was better not to break through if it meant a bright future would be cut off.



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  1. Huh, the chicken actually ate the worms from the other orchards, I thought he wouldn’t and this was where this entire business operation would fall apart. Speaking of which, they are treating this entire operation like a cartel, when all they are doing is buying worms, which is hilarious.

    On the topic of open heaven realm, I hope Yang kai becomes at least a 7th order open heaven realm when he breaks through. Sure its possible to raise your order even if your initial order is low as long as you have alot of natural open heaven pills, but i still feel like breaking through to a higher order is just better. For instance Yang kai refined the immortal tree which gave him very strong regenerative abilities. Now I don’t know if that’s a special property of the immortal tree, or if that’s how it is for all wood element, like the higher the order of wood element you refine the higher your regenerative abilities become. But if it is a special property of the immortal tree, then refining high order materials for the other materials is a must, since they may give him special properties too. I think its possible that an open heaven realm who was 7th order immediately after they broke through would be stronger than a 7th order who became 7th order after eating alot of pills. The order of the materials you refine will probably affect your strength. In that case I want him to refine the highest orders for everything.

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