Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3858, Failing To Agree


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It was easy to say such things, but everyone had their own difficulties. Furthermore, higher-Order materials were not so easy to come by, so there were always some people who had no choice but to just break through to the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realms.


While the two were talking, the door was kicked open with a loud bang.


Like the cat whose tail was stepped on, Old Fang immediately slammed the table, stood up and shouted angrily, “Who!?”


He turned to look, but he did not recognize the person, though the person did look familiar. Nevertheless, Yang Kai recognized the person at once and was surprised, “Brother Shi?”


The visitor was one of several newcomers who came along with him. Shi Hao Cang, the Male Monster, had appeared and kicked the door impolitely for no apparent reason.


After hearing Yang Kai, Old Fang vaguely recognized him from the Worker’s Room in Fire Spirit Land and asked, “Do you know him?”


Yang Kai nodded, secretly thinking that he did not just know him, but also formed an alliance with him and several other newcomers to watch out for each other.


Since he was a person Yang Kai knew, it was inappropriate for Old Fang to show bad manners to him, so he relaxed a little and proceeded, “Since you’re Brother Yang’s friend, why don’t you sit down and have a drink together?”


Shi Hao Cang glanced at Yang Kai with a light frown, then fixed his eyes on Old Fang again and shook his head slowly, “I don’t dare to.” Then, he turned aside and invited, “Manager Zhou wants to see you two.”


“Manager… Manager Zhou?” The shiver running up his spine, sent Old Fang half-sober, “Which… Which Manager Zhou?”


Shi Hao Cang sneered, “How many Manager Zhous do you know?”


“Where is Manager Zhou?” Old Fang gulped hard.


Shi Hao Cang just stared at him quietly. Cold sweat started to bead on Old Fang’s forehead, and a sudden feeling of imminent disaster struck him.


At this time, he realized. He must have been too excited earlier from the wine, and lost control of his mouth, speaking so loudly that the people sitting next door had heard him. Perhaps, Manager Zhou was the one who was sitting next door.


He turned to Yang Kai for help, but Yang Kai was also smiling wryly. After pondering for a while, he got up, “Let’s go.”


What would happen would happen. Since he mentioned that the two of them were invited, Yang Kai must have been included.


Shi Hao Cang led the way, followed by Yang Kai and Old Fang. Old Fang’s legs were shaking. Although he belittled Zhou Zheng as a waste in his previous conversation with Yang Kai, he was still an Open Heaven Realm Master. Moreover, Zhou Zheng was an orchard Manager. Old Fang was unable to stand against him in any way. If Zhou Zheng was about to make him suffer, he could only bear it.


He could not wait to slap himself. How could he speak so casually just because of some wine?


Manager Zhou was indeed next door, and he was not alone.


As Shi Hao Cang entered the room next door, Yang Kai raised his eyes to see a table full of exquisite dishes, with five people seated around it.


Manager Zhou was in the main seat while on his left was Fang Tai of Black River World, and on his right hand was the woman Su Nian Yi. The young boy, Qian Yu and Ah Sun were also present. All the newcomers who had just come to Fire Spirit Land recently were there.


Yang Kai immediately revealed a surprised expression. It was obvious that Fang Tai and the group of people were hosting this banquet to treat Manager Zhou, but what surprised him more was that he did not know anything about it. No one informed him. Although he came to the shopping district as soon as he came back from the orchard, everyone left contact information with each other after they formed an alliance the last time. As such, it would have been simple for them if they wanted to find or contact each other.


Since he did not receive a message, it could only mean that they did not intend to inform him.


Sifting through the information in his head, Yang Kai quickly understood. He beamed from ear to ear, unaffected by the situation and went forward with Old Fang, cupping his fists, “Greetings, Manager Zhou.”


Zhou Zheng’s face was as cold as ice. He sat in the main seat steadily and did not even look at them, simply picking up a cup of wine and taking a sip.


Since he was silent, Yang Kai and Old Fang had no choice but to be silent as well. The atmosphere of the whole room was heavy to the extreme. The several newcomers also dared not to look at them, except for Ah Sun, who kept signalling Yang Kai with her eyes, but he did not understand what she meant.


After a long time, Fang Tai laughed softly, picked up the wine urn and poured Zhou Zheng another round, “Manager Zhou, don’t be angry. Why should you care about the words of these idiots?”


“Heh, heh…” Manager Zhou sneered softly and picked up the wine cup in front of him. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and splashed the wine directly on Old Fang’s face.


Although it was just wine, his Open Heaven Realm strength was condensed into the liquid, and the impact was just as strong as a beating with a stick. When Old Fang was splashed, his head was thrown back and he stumbled a few steps back to stabilize himself. When he stood up again, his nose and mouth were full of blood.


Zhou Zheng got up, walked to Old Fang, looked at him and asked in a cold voice, “How is the Open Heaven Realm of this Manager? Is it good enough for you?”


Old Fang could not care to wipe the blood off his face, but just lowered his head. Like a quail without a nest in the cold winter, he trembled and kept muttering apologies.


Zhou Zheng snorted coldly, swung his big sleeve and slapped Old Fang’s face, then turned around and left.


Fang Tai was so anxious that he chased after Zhou Zheng while shouting, leaving the rest in the room looking at each other.


“Are you okay?” Yang Kai looked at Old Fang with concern. To be honest, he felt a little responsible for this. If he did not drink with Old Fang and start a sensitive conversation, they would not have fallen into such a disaster. However, no one would have thought that the one who Old Fang talked about would coincidentally be sitting next door, and all those words had tragically reached his ears.


[The soundproofing of these rooms is terrible… ] Yang Kai cursed secretly in his heart, but he knew this was due to their carelessness. They drank too much and did not notice someone was sitting next door.


Old Fang was obviously wholly sober now, and when he heard Yang Kai, he looked up at him bitterly and cried, “Little Brother, save me!”


Yang Kai was speechless and comforted, “Don’t panic, don’t panic. It’s not a big deal.” He looked away. Although it was rude, Old Fang’s bruised and swollen face was actually really funny so he had to try hard not to laugh.


“You two… I’m speechless.” Su Nian Yi looked at them with a frown, “Don’t you know that walls have ears? Today, even if we were not sitting here, there would be others sitting here and reporting to Manager Zhou about what you said. Can you bear the consequences?”


Yang Kai replied with a wry smile, “It’s too late to say this now.” He turned around and looked at them, “Why are all of you here?”


Before Su Nian Yi could answer, Fang Tai came back from the door with a dark face, “Of course to hold a banquet for Manager Zhou. Do you even need to ask?”


Ah Sun explained, “Yang Kai, you have no idea. Senior Brother Fang has made another contribution, so today he specially held a banquet to thank Manager Zhou.”


“Another contribution?” Yang Kai turned to look at Fang Tai, wondering, [Isn’t this guy too damn lucky? Didn’t he just make a contribution last month and get rewarded 30 Open Heaven Pills? Now this month he made another contribution? Is making a contribution a routine to him? Since he dares to treat Manager Zhou at this place, it seems he obtained quite some reward.]


Yang Kai suspected there was something off about Fang Tai’s contribution and wondered if it was even real, or if it was the result of building a good relationship with Zhou Zheng. He did not see any signs of him making a contribution, and he had no idea what he did to achieve it.


Fang Tai ignored him and was obviously upset. It made sense because he purposely invited Zhou Zheng today. By the looks of the wine and dishes on the table, it seemed that they had not been on the table too long and no one had started to eat yet. In other words, they probably just sat down and Zhou Zheng had already stormed out before the banquet began. How could the one paying be happy about this?


Sitting down again, Fang Tai, whose face was as dark as coal, ate the food and drank the wine without saying a word.


Old Fang grabbed Yang Kai’s arm with a pleading expression, as if he was grasping at straws.


Yang Kai had no way to save him though, but seeing that he could not calm Old Fang down, he simply pulled him to sit down. Although Zhou Zheng only vented his anger on Old Fang today, Yang Kai guessed that he was also marked by him too.


This was truly bad luck. Before this, he considered sending some gifts to Zhou Zheng after making money this time; after all, Yang Kai was working under Zhou Zheng currently. Even if he did not benefit from it, it would not be bad for him. But now, everything was ruined, for he had offended Zhou Zheng before he could carry out his plan. Including the previous incident, Yang Kai was afraid that he had thoroughly offended Zhou Zheng now.


“How are you two still in the mood to sit here!?” Fang Tai glared at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai asked, “What should I do then?”


Seeing Yang Kai fail to understand his place, Fang Tai felt resentful and snorted, “Tell me, there are so many people outside, why must you make friends with him? This old guy got you into trouble now. Let’s see how you will get a foothold in Fire Spirit Land in the future!”


Yang Kai was extremely stunned by Fang Tai’s manner, like an Elder scolding his Junior.


“And…” Fang Tai looked at Yang Kai with a cold face, “What’s the matter with you and the Ruler of the Dawn Great General?”




“How did you offend him? It’s been rumoured that you offended the Ruler of the Dawn Great General. Isn’t he using your head as a chicken coop now? Don’t deny this. This Fang saw it with his own eyes before so it can’t be fake. Do you know who the Ruler of the Dawn Great General is? He’s the pet kept by our Fire Spirit Land Venerable Protector. To be honest, if you only offended Manager Zhou, you may still be able to live in Fire Spirit Land, but after offending the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, how could you have a good future? This Fang wouldn’t be surprised to see your dead body one day soon.”


Yang Kai was speechless.


Many people had seen the stupid chicken using his head as a chicken coop, so it was not surprising to have such rumours had started outside. Yang Kai did not bother to argue with them though and even thought that it was good for them to misunderstand. In this way, his secret would not be revealed so soon.




Yang Kai frowned and was slightly displeased as he snapped, “Isn’t Brother Fang being too nosy?”


Fang Tai sneered coldly, “Do you think this Fang wants to be worried about you? This Fang just doesn’t want you to draw trouble to us. We are in the same batch of newcomers who came with Venerable. How you act has more or less some influence on us!”


“Isn’t Brother Fang overthinking things?”


“I hope so too, but if you’re still so stubborn, I don’t think we need to continue associating after today. From now on, we should go our separate ways.”




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