Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3860, It’s A Blessing, Not A Curse


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The two immediately got busy with the fruit tree. Old Fang did not hesitate to perform a Secret Technique over it. As his power fluctuated, a bundle of white lights permeated from his fingertip, swimming through every corner of the fruit tree bit by bit.


Unfortunately, after a four-hour examination, he still found nothing.


Old Fang was sweating anxiously and kept muttering, “How can it be? Why can’t I spot any problem? Little Brother, is there something different with your nurturing routine?”


Yang Kai stood aside with his arms crossed, and shook his head, on which the Ruler of the Dawn Great General was still sitting, “It’s impossible. If there’s really any problem with the routine, it should not be only this fruit tree that has a problem, but all thirty of my fruit trees.”


“That’s true.” Old Fang also felt that his speculation was nonsense. Although Yang Kai had been here for a short time, he had already learned everything regarding taking care of the fruit trees. Moreover, even if Yang Kai made a mistake, did the previous three owners make a mistake too?


“Since there is no problem with the fruit tree, the problem should be with this piece of land.” Old Fang frowned, “Don’t give up. Keep looking. We’ll find it.”


They busied themselves again, almost turning the entire plot over. In fact, if it were not for the fear of damaging the fruit trees planted above, they might really have done just that.


But in any case, they failed to find the root cause. Old Fang was becoming stressed out again and kept muttering as if he was the one who was in danger instead of Yang Kai.


Old Fang was not even in the mood to receive them when someone came to Old Fang to sell Jade Fire Silkworms.


Yang Kai was about to face a tremendous disaster, and without Yang Kai, even if he collected more Jade Fire Silkworms, they could not be turned into Open Heaven Pills.


“Old Fang, you should go back to your site first. Let me think about it alone for a bit.” Yang Kai could not stand his nagging anymore and took the opportunity to send him off.


Old Fang nodded and comforted Yang Kai before leaving, “Don’t worry, there is always a way out. I’ll ask Sister Dié You to come over later. I don’t believe we can’t find the root of the problem together.”


Then, he led the visitor towards his orchard.


As soon as Old Fang left, Yang Kai felt his ears relax. Yang Kai stared at the problem fruit tree, carefully recalling every single detail in the past two months when he had taken care of the trees, and confirmed that he did not neglect or miss anything.


Turning around and making sure that there was no one nearby, Yang Kai put his palm on the trunk of the fruit tree and quietly stimulated the Wood Element in his Dao Seal.


Ever since Dié You told him last time, he had used his Wood Element to nourish his fruit trees from time to time. Of course, the three seedlings were not included mainly because Yang Kai was afraid that they would grow too fast and arouse suspicion. With the nourishment of his Wood Element, the rest of the fruit trees were growing quite well.


But as there was one tree in trouble now, Yang Kai wanted to try to solve it with his Wood Element. After all, the Wood Element was condensed from the essence of the Immortal Tree. Although it could no longer resurrect him, Yang Kai believed this potent Wood Element could still produce some beneficial effects. It could at least delay the death of the tree and give him more time to find the root cause.


Or at least, that was his initial plan.


When Yang Kai poured his Wood Element into the fruit tree in front of him, the fruit tree did get better. The colour of its leaves and Spirit Fruits seemed to be fading a little, but at the same time, Yang Kai noticed another phenomenon.


From underground, a scorching power surged out uncontrollably and rushed into the fruit tree in front of him. The scorching power dispersed to the surrounding area, and the fruit tree that had just improved went back to its altered state again.


“Em?” Yang Kai frowned, looking dumbfounded.


He already knew that potent Fire Element leaked from the ground, for the whole orchard was located on a vast Fire Spirit Land. When taking care of the fruit trees, he had even used his command token to draw out some Fire Element Energy from the ground to nourish the Fire Spirit Fruit Trees, but that flower of Energy had always been well controlled.


Without using the token to trigger the Grand Array, it should be impossible for Fire Element Energy to flow out on its own.


However, the scorching power just now was not drawn by him intentionally.


A sudden realization dawned on Yang Kai and he felt like he had found the root cause of his troubles, but he could not figure out what it was exactly.


He tried his experiment again carefully several times, and he realized that every time he surged his Wood Element and poured it into the fruit tree, Fire Element Energy that was hotter and stronger than normal would gush out of the ground.


Although the Fire Spirit Fruit Trees needed this Energy to survive and thrive, it had to be in an appropriate amount. If the fruit tree absorbed too much Energy, it would obviously put a huge load on it.


Yang Kai had not noticed until now because he had not touched the fruit trees each time he surged his Wood Element. This time though, in order to focus his efforts and perform an exam, he touched this fruit tree directly.


“Did you find anything?” Old Fang finished his work and returned anxiously. Seeing Yang Kai frowning and pondering, he hurriedly asked.


Yang Kai touched his chin and answered, “I don’t really know how to put it in words. En, have you condensed your Wood Element?”


Old Fang nodded, “As long as it’s possible, the Workers in Fire Spirit Land will give priority to condensing their Wood Element.” Because Wood sustained Fire, it was of great benefit to the Workers to condense their Wood Element to better care for the fruit trees.


“Try to nourish this fruit tree with your Wood Element.” Yang Kai pointed.


Without further asking, Old Fang immediately did as he was told.


But a moment later, he frowned, “What’s the matter? Is there anything special?”


“Don’t you feel it?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


“What do you feel?” Old Fang stared at him.


It seemed that he truly felt nothing, so Yang Kai asked him to try again. This time, however, Yang Kai also put his palm on the fruit tree and after Old Fang surged his Wood Element again, indeed nothing really happened.




Yang Kai told Old Fang to stop and pushed his own Wood Element Energy.


Old Fang’s brow immediately jumped as he muttered, “This power…”


He finally felt it and suddenly, his face was scrunched up with mixed expressions, making him look extremely strange. His voice trembled as he shouted, “Little Brother, try a few more times!”


Yang Kai had no idea why Old Fang seemed so eager, but it was obvious that he had found something. As such, he tried several more times as requested.


After a long time, Old Fang raised his hand, indicating that Yang Kai could stop, and after pondering for some time, he suddenly slapped himself.


“What are you doing?” Yang Kai was taken aback.


Old Fang looked at him with scorching eyes, “Why didn’t I remember? I should have thought of it long ago! It’s a blessing, not a curse. A blessing!” His two eyes, which used to be cloudy, suddenly lit up brightly.


Yang Kai frowned, “What do you mean by it’s a blessing, not a curse? Speak clearly.”


With an envious look, Old Fang stated, “Little Brother, you are really so damn lucky.”


Yang Kai clicked his tongue, “Fang Tai is the one who is lucky. He has already made two contributions since he came here two months ago.”


“How can his luck compare to yours? Although this Old Master doesn’t know what contribution that Fang Tai made, it’s nothing compared to what you’re about to do!” Old Fang rubbed his hands, exhilarated.


“What do you want to say?” Yang Kai was confused by him.


Old Fang explained, “The whole orchard is built above a vast Fire Spirit Land. You should know that the Fire Element Energy contained in this Fire Spirit Land is a nutrient needed by the fruit trees. If we categorize the Open Heaven Realm into Nine Orders, the ambient Fire Element here is categorized as First Order. In other words, we can utilize the Element in the air here to condense our own Fire Element for free. However, the Order of this power is too low, and not many people choose to do so. It was exactly because Manager Zhou accidentally absorbed the Fire Element Energy here at that time that he was forced to achieve the First Order of the Open Heaven Realm. However, there are exceptions to everything and it is also possible to produce higher Order materials in this place.”


Yang Kai nodded. Zhang Ruo Xi had told him about this before. It was said that among the Seventy-Two Paradises, Golden Antelope Paradise possessed a treasure land filled with Golden Blade Yuan Spirit. This Golden Blade Yuan Spirit was a Fifth-Order material. As long as a sufficient price was paid, anyone could enter that treasure land to condense their Metal Element. However, sometimes a Seventh-Order Spirit Essence could be born from that Golden Blade Yuan Spirit!


In the same way, the First-Order Fire Element Energy here could naturally produce higher Order materials. Back then, it was indeed unfortunate that Zhou Zheng was forced to achieve the First-Order Open Heaven Realm because he accidentally absorbed the Fire Element here.


“I remember that three hundred years ago, a Scarlet Clouds True Flame appeared on the site managed by a guy in this orchard. At that time, many people from Seven Wonders Land came and spent a lot of effort to collect that Scarlet Clouds True Flame, which was a Third-Order material!”


Yang Kai was flabbergasted, “Do you mean… there is a Scarlet Clouds True Flame here?”


“Exactly!” Old Fang exclaimed excitedly, “Back then, when those Seven Wonders Land disciples collected the Scarlet Clouds True Flame, many Workers including this Old Master were there to watch. Although we were blocked by a barrier and we could not see the situation clearly, when the barrier was lifted, I felt a slight difference in the ambient Fire Element in that area, just like what I felt just now.”


“Are you sure?” Yang Kai looked sideways at him, “Don’t lie to me. How can there be such a good thing?”


“Why would I lie to you?” Old Fang grinned from ear to ear, “Little Brother has such great luck! A random piece of land that was assigned to you turns out to have a Scarlet Clouds True Flame buried beneath it! You don’t have to worry now and can instead celebrate! How lucky are you? This Old Master is so envious of you!”


“Even if there is any Scarlet Clouds True Flame, it belongs to the people of Seven Wonders Land. What does it have to do with me?”


Old Fang continued, “How can you say so? If you hadn’t found the Scarlet Clouds True Flame, they wouldn’t have found it either. Besides, a Third-Order material is worth at least 15,000 Open Heaven Pills. Even in Seven Wonders Land, it’s considered a good material that those Seven Wonders Land disciples covet. When they collect it, you will definitely be rewarded something too! Of course, it probably won’t mean much to you with your current wealth.”


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, “Since it’s a Third-Order material, what do you think would happen if I collected it for myself…”




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