Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3861, Falling Short


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Third-Order materials were incredibly valuable, and Yang Kai naturally did not want to miss out on this opportunity.


“Absolutely not!” Old Fang was shocked, realizing that Yang Kai was really ignorant and dauntless. He dared to say anything and dared to come up with the most outrageous ideas. Turning his head around to make sure that there was no one around, Old Fang lowered his voice and scolded, “Don’t even think about it, Little Brother. You have a great way to make money now, don’t ruin your future for this petty profit; after all, this is something that belongs to Seven Wonders Land. Once exposed…” He drew a line across his neck with his hand.


It made sense. Now that they were in Seven Wonders Land, even if they really obtained the Scarlet Clouds True Flame, there was no place to sell it, and Yang Kai was not interested in refining Third-Order materials.


After weighing the potential gains and the risks, Yang Kai dismissed the ideas in his heart and nodded, “Should I report this matter then?”


“Yes, what are you waiting for? I believe Manager Zhou will come to investigate immediately if he knows about this.” Old Fang urged, finally letting out a big breath of relief after finding out the root cause.


Yang Kai followed his advice and immediately set off to find Zhou Zheng in the very centre of the orchards.


If it was possible, he did not want Zhou Zheng to benefit from any of this as the latter had just received more than a hundred Open Heaven Pills from him and Old Fang but abandoned them right after. Zhou Zheng was nothing but an opportunistic wolf. Unfortunately, there was no way to leave the orchard without permission, let alone to report this to someone else; Zhou Zheng was his only option.


After Yang Kai had left, Old Fang suddenly had a doubt, [Why did Yang Kai discover the problem immediately when the previous owners here could not? Also, why did the Scarlet Clouds True Flame not respond when I used my Wood Element but responded to Yang Kai’s instead?]


He was suddenly confused.


It did not take long before two figures flew towards him; Zhou Zheng and Yang Kai.


Old Fang stepped forward and saluted as Zhou Zheng questioned suspiciously, “Yang Kai reported that there are traces of the Scarlet Clouds True Flame’s aura here, is it true?”


“It’s true, this Old Master can’t be wrong. It’s definitely the aura of a Scarlet Clouds True Flame, Yang Kai can show it to you if you don’t believe it, Sir Manager.”


Zhou Zheng turned his head to look at Yang Kai, who walked to the fruit tree without a word, placed his hand on it, and injected his Wood Element Energy.


In the next moment, Zhou Zheng’s face lit up in glee, “It really is a Scarlet Clouds True Flame!”


He was not even close to the fruit tree, but he had already felt it. It seemed that an Open Heaven Realm Master was indeed different, even if they were only First-Order.


After pondering for a while, Zhou Zheng’s face changed abruptly, “So, that’s the case…” He raised his head and commanded them, “You two stay here, this King will be back soon.”


When the words fell, he rose into the sky.


Old Fang watched him leave, then beamed at Yang Kai, “Little Brother, congratulations!”


Yang Kai was much less excited, “What is there to congratulate? This Scarlet Clouds True Flame doesn’t belong to us.”


“You can’t say that. Although this Third-Order material is indeed not ours, since Manager Zhou has confirmed it, it is a solution to a major concern, and naturally, it should be something worth being happy for.” He then lowered his voice, “It’s a Third-Order material, isn’t it? It’s just a little more than 15,000 Open Heaven Pills. With Little Brother’s current ability, are you afraid that you won’t be able to earn that much?”


Yang Kai knew he made sense, but he still felt a little disgruntled. He had already acted very humble. After coming out of the Star Boundary, he adjusted his mentality very well. There were plenty of others who jumped out of their Universe Worlds and were not able to adapt. If he still had the same ‘I am supreme beneath the Heavens’ attitude here, he probably would have already died multiple times.


In less than half an hour, Zhou Zheng led a large number of Seven Wonders Land disciples over. It could be seen that this Scarlet Clouds True Flame was also important to Seven Wonders Land; otherwise, they would not have been so efficient.


Yang Kai recognized the leader, Du Ru Feng, as the disciple in charge of Fire Spirit Land. Zhou Zheng, who usually stood proudly in front of the Workers, was nodding and bowing to him with every move he made now.


Du Ru Feng led the way, not bothering to lay eyes on Zhou Zheng. Many Seven Wonders Land disciples behind him did the same.


Landing in the orchard, Zhou Zheng dismissed Yang Kai and Old Fang, “Leave, you have nothing to do here.”


When the two heard this, how could they still stay? Although Yang Kai was a little curious about how they would extract the Scarlet Clouds True Flame, there was nothing he could do if they did not want to show him.


He returned to Old Fang’s plot and sat on the stone bench in front of the hut, while Old Fang took out some wine and filled their cups.


While drinking and chatting, Yang Kai occasionally looked over at his plot.


Old Fang smiled, “Don’t bother, Little Brother. They will set up a barrier and we won’t be able to see anything. There’s nothing to worry about over there. Come and have a drink with me.”


Yang Kai nodded absent-mindedly.


He soon discovered that, as Old Fang said, many restrictions were quickly placed in his plot, and everything beyond the barrier was obscured. As expected, nothing could be seen.


Confirming that he did not need to observe anything, Yang Kai gave up and started drinking with Old Fang.


After only a few drinks, however, he suddenly felt something and turned to look, only to see a figure hurrying toward them. It was Zhou Zheng.


At this moment, his face did not look very good and sweat was beading profusely on his forehead. For some reason, he called from a distance, “Yang Kai, come here.”


Yang Kai and Old Fang looked at each other, both of them as confused as each other, and got up to greet Zhou Zheng. Yang Kai cupped his fists, “What is your order, Manager Zhou?”


Zhou Zheng lowered his voice, asking, “How did you get that Scarlet Clouds True Flame to react?”


The question was rather baffling, but Yang Kai answered, “I simply injected my Wood Element Energy into that tree.”


“Bullshit!” Zhou Zheng gritted his teeth and scolded, “If it was so simple, would this King still need to come to you?”


Yang Kai was astonished, “Can’t Sir Manager trigger the Scarlet Clouds True Flame?” He suddenly recalled that there was no response when Old Fang surged his Wood Element either, but there was an immediate response from the Scarlet Clouds True Flame when he tried it.


Zhou Zheng retorted, “Not only this King, even Senior Brother Du and the others couldn’t do it either!”


“Could you have used the wrong method?”


“What method is needed to circulate Wood Element Energy?” Zhou Zheng scowled at Yang Kai, “Come with me and perform well when you get there. If you can help Senior Brother Du to collect the Scarlet Clouds True Flame, they will definitely reward you.”


After taking a few steps forward, he stopped again, and turned to Yang Kai, “If Senior Brother Du and the others ask, tell them that the Scarlet Clouds True Flame was discovered by this King, understand?”


[You want to take my credit for yourself?] Yang Kai was speechless, but he remembered what Old Fang said; receiving credit would mean receiving rewards. Zhou Zheng would definitely fight for it. If it was not because they could not extract the Scarlet Clouds True Flame, they would not even have summoned Yang Kai.


Yang Kai sneered silently as he thought Zhou Zheng was truly really insatiable.


After getting Yang Kai’s definite answer from his careful instructions, Zhou Zheng patted him on the shoulder, “Rest assured, if there is a reward from Venerable, you will definitely get a share of it, and this King will also arrange another place in the orchard for you, lest your talents be wasted.”


“Many thanks in advance, Manager Zhou.” Yang Kai responded casually.


Yang Kai returned to his plot with Zhou Zheng and entered the restriction. At a glance, the Seven Wonders Land’s disciples had set up an array around the fruit tree while each of their hands formed specific seals. Du Ru Feng had his hands folded behind his back, seemingly doing nothing but looking dashing.


Zhou Zheng stepped forward and reported, “Senior Brother Du, I’ve brought him.”


Du Ru Feng glanced at Yang Kai and ask casually, “Are you new here?”


Yang Kai cupped his fists and answered, “Greetings, Sir Du, this Yang has been in Fire Spirit Land for less than three months.”


Du Ru Feng nodded lightly, “Zhou Zheng said you can trigger the Scarlet Clouds True Flame?”




“Go ahead!” Du Ru Feng gestured at the fruit tree without saying another word.


Yang Kai did not hesitate, and stepped forward to the fruit tree, placed his palm on the trunk, and poured his Wood Element into it. In the next instant, a scorching power gushed out from the ground.


Du Ru Feng raised his brows, while Zhou Zheng was overjoyed and exclaimed at him, “Senior Brother Du!”


Du Ru Feng nodded and urged Yang Kai, “Continue!”


Hearing this, Yang Kai had no choice but to continue pouring more Wood Element Energy into the fruit tree. At the same time, Du Ru Feng signalled around him.


The hands of the Seven Wonders Land disciples who were in the array immediately switched their hand seals, and a light flickered under their feet. At the same time, a gentle Water Element Energy was poured into the ground.


Yang Kai was stunned. Water subdued Fire, so were they trying to use a Water Element to extract the Scarlet Clouds True Flame? That seemed feasible. It seemed that the Seven Wonders Land disciples brought here by Du Ru Feng were all carefully selected for the extraction of the Scarlet Clouds True Flame; otherwise, how could they be so well prepared?


One could say the entire process was quite uneventful, and there was no Earth-shattering phenomenon, only a fluctuation of a particular power in this little plot.


However, as time passed, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the Scarlet Clouds True Flame was being forced out little by little, but the condition of the fruit tree in front of him was getting progressively worse, its leaves and fruits gradually releasing a burnt smell.


Du Ru Feng did not speak, so Yang Kai did not dare to stop and continued to surge his Wood Element.


After half a day, the fruit tree in front of Yang Kai suddenly burst into flames, turning into a huge ball of fire and releasing scorching heat towards Yang Kai, who swiftly retreated.


“Do it!” Du Ru Feng, who had been observing, yelled in a low voice.


The Array activated and Water Element Energy gathered from all around, slowly turning it into a cage, closing in on the ball of flame with perfect timing.


Zhou Zheng looked excited, “It’s done.”


As soon as he finished speaking though, there was a loud bang and the cage formed from Water Element Energy shattered while the ball of flame escaped from the trap, trying to bury itself back into the ground. The group of Seven Wonders Land disciples exclaimed in surprise at the destruction of their Secret Technique and fell out of formation.




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