Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3862, Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame


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The situation was beyond everyone’s expectations, and not even Du Ru Feng could react to it. They had experience from three hundred years ago collecting a Scarlet Clouds True Flame as Du Ru Feng had been in charge at that time as well, so this should have been a simple matter for him. No one expected things to end up this way.


Everyone watched the bundle of scorching power about to escape deep into the ground when a soft shout was heard, “You can’t run!”


When the words fell, a layer of light swept across the area of a thousand meters of land, and the ground surface suddenly became extremely hard.


Zhou Zheng lifted his head and saw Yang Kai holding a token, activating the power of the orchard’s Grand Array to stop the Scarlet Clouds True Flame from escaping.


The Scarlet Clouds True Flame plunged to the ground, but it was hindered by the surface, unable to dive into it.


“Well done!” Du Ru Feng roared and with a lift of his hand, a large blue net plummeted from the sky, covering the Scarlet Clouds True Flame. It was unknown what kind of artifact the large net was, but it permeated a bone-chilling cold aura.


In the blink of an eye, the large net enveloped the Scarlet Clouds True Flame. The Scarlet Clouds True Flame bounced left and right within the net, but it could not break free of it. Du Ru Feng changed his hand seal and stretched out his palm, causing the large net to contract tightly, seizing the Scarlet Clouds True Flame tightly in his grip.


After examining carefully for a while, Du Ru Feng revealed a look of pleasant surprise, and could not help bursting out into laughter.


Only then did Zhou Zheng come back to his senses and hurriedly went forward with his fists cupped, “Congratulations for collecting the Scarlet Clouds True Flame successfully, Senior Brother Du.”


Du Ru Feng’s laughter abruptly ceased as he turned to Zhou Zheng and snorted coldly, “How dare you speak now!? Luckily this King had his Sky Seizing Net, otherwise, this Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame would have escaped!”


“Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame?” Zhou Zheng was dumbstruck.


Du Ru Feng put away the large net along with the thing inside, and continued with a cold voice, “You thought this was a Third-Order Scarlet Clouds True Flame?”


“Isn’t it?” Zhou Zheng was puzzled.


“This is the Fourth-Order Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame!” Du Ru Feng bellowed with his teeth gritted, “Waste!”


“Fourth-Order?” Zhou Zheng exclaimed.


Yang Kai was amazed too. How could a Third-Order material suddenly become Fourth-Order? But given the change of events and Du Ru Feng’s previous actions, he readily believed him. Furthermore, Du Ru Feng had no reason to lie to them about this.


No wonder the Seven Wonders Land disciples almost failed the task despite all the preparations they made, it was because a Fourth-Order material was buried under the ground. Therefore, it was natural for them to fail by using Third-Order methods to deal with it.


A Four-Order material… 


[First-Order materials are worth 150 Open Heaven Pills, Second-Order materials 1,500, Third-Order, 15,000, Fourth-Order…. 150,000?!]


The dispirited Seven Wonders Land disciples became excited when they realized what was happening. They followed Du Ru Feng here today to collect the Open Heaven material, and since they completed the task, the Venerable would definitely reward them, and the reward for a Fourth-Order material was definitely greater than that of a Third-Order.


Moreover, looking at the whole Seven Wonders Land, there were only a few Open Heaven Realm Masters who were Fourth-Order and above. In other words, the materials of the Fourth Order were also extremely precious to Seven Wonders Land, to the point where they could no longer be measured simply in Open Heaven Pills. They definitely would prosper from this achievement this time!


The group of people came forward, all smiling, gathering around Du Ru Feng and begging to have a look at it. Even these Seven Wonders Land disciples had never seen Fourth-Order materials before.


But how would Du Ru Feng agree? The Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame in the Sky Seizing Net was incredibly important and he considered himself quite lucky to be able to collect it now. If anything happened to it, he could not bear the consequences. As such, he reprimanded the group of disciples with a stern face, which dispelled their stray thoughts.


Looking up at Yang Kai again, Du Ru Feng’s face turned more pleasant, “What’s your name?” 


In fact, Yang Kai had just reported his name to him, but he probably did not take it to heart earlier.


Yang Kai reported his name once more.


Du Ru Feng nodded, “You did a good job this time. I will report today’s affairs to Sir Venerable. You will be rewarded when I return.” 


If it were not for Yang Kai’s quick reaction earlier, using the orchard token to focus the Grand Array here, delaying the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame for a moment, Du Ru Feng would not have had the opportunity to summon his Sky Seizing Net. Du Ru Feng then turned to Zhou Zheng, who was in charge of the whole orchard and frowned. Zhou Zheng’s performance was mediocre at best today. What’s more, he had reported inaccurate information, which almost cost them a great opportunity for Fire Spirit Land.


“Many thanks, Sir!” Yang Kai thanked, secretly wondering, [How much reward would I get? Given this thing is worth 150,000 Open Heaven Pills, I should be able to get at least a few thousand of them, right?] This was a huge income even for him, and he suddenly had a little expectation. Besides, he was still wondering how to make a contribution as a Worker in this orchard, but who knew he had made one in the blink of an eye.


Du Ru Feng waved his hand to the others, “All of you leave first. I still have something to ask.”


After receiving the order, the group of Seven Wonders Land disciples soared to the sky without any hesitation.


Du Ru Feng turned to look at Zhou Zheng again coldly, and Zhou Zheng immediately understood and hurriedly stated, “Junior Brother will take his leave first.”


After everyone left, Du Ru Feng waved his hand, placed a barrier around them, and stared at Yang Kai for a moment.


Yang Kai frowned slightly. He knew why Du Ru Feng kept him here. It was natural for him to be suspicious about what happened today, but Yang Kai was not sure if he discovered anything. Swiftly, Yang Kai cupped his fists and asked, “May I know what Sir wants to ask?”


Du Ru Feng stood with his hands behind his back and proceeded seriously, “You must have known that there was something wrong with this land. For the past ten years, this King has brought people to investigate here many times, but we could not find any clues. This time, through your blessing, I learned that it was the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame that was causing the trouble.”


“Many thanks for saying so, Sir, but it was just luck.”


“I don’t believe in luck. Since you found out about this, you must be capable.” Du Ru Feng continued, “Previously, this King also tried to use his Wood Element to stimulate the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame, but couldn’t. None of the others could do so either. Why could only you do it? What’s the Order of the Wood Element you have condensed?”


[As I thought…]


Yang Kai already knew that he wanted to ask him about this; after all, none of the others’ Wood Elements could trigger the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame except his. This undoubtedly showed that his Wood Element was a little special, and the most obvious reason for that would be a difference in Order.


“What Order Element has Sir condensed?” Yang Kai questioned instead of answering.


Du Ru Feng replied proudly, “Fourth Order!” He was the most outstanding disciple of Fire Spirit Land and the person who the Venerable Protector placed high hopes on. Naturally, he would not be careless in the path of achieving the Open Heaven Realm. The reason why he has not been promoted yet was to collect other appropriate Fourth-Order materials.


Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t know the Order of the Element that I have condensed. I haven’t been in the Outer Universe for long, and am clueless about many things here. Before I met Venerable, I happened to encounter a Sealed Space in the Void and after inadvertently refined my Wood Element from an object I found there.”


Du Ru Feng nodded, “Let me see your Dao Seal.”


This request was somewhat rude as his Dao Seal was the crystallization of Yang Kai’s cultivation and his own Dao, which contained many of his secrets. Normally, who would make such a request? Moreover, releasing one’s Dao Seal was equivalent to a Monster Beast spitting out its Monster Core, which was an extremely dangerous thing.


Back then, if Yang Kai had a choice in the Star Boundary, he would not have released his Dao Seal to deal with the Can Ye.


However, given that he was in other people’s territory, Yang Kai was afraid that it would not be easy to refuse this request. Judging from Du Ru Feng’s look, if Yang Kai did not release his Dao Seal now, he definitely would not let him go, and it would only bring him more trouble later.


Therefore, after a short hesitation, Yang Kai surged his own Dao Seal.


An amorphous mark appeared on his forehead, which contained the Void Grand Dao that Yang Kai comprehended. In the Dao Seal, a rich Wood Element Energy was rotating. Yang Kai was secretly vigilant and paid close attention to Du Ru Feng, preparing to rebel if something untoward happened.


Staring at Yang Kai’s Dao Seal, Du Ru Feng made no secret of releasing his Divine Sense to examine it and soon his face changed, “Your Wood Element is above Fourth Order!”


Yang Kai was half-relieved from his anxiety. It seemed that Du Ru Feng could only judge that his Wood Element was higher Order than his, but he was not capable of distinguishing the exact Order. After all, Du Ru Feng’s insight was still limited. Yang Kai hastily pretended to be surprised, “Is Sir serious?”


“No mistake.” Du Ru Feng answered in amazement, “You’re really lucky to be able to obtain such an opportunity. Looks like luck does work sometimes.”


Yang Kai grinned, “I don’t know what Order my Wood Element is, but since Sir stated it’s above the Fourth Order, it can’t be wrong.”


Du Ru Feng pressed on, “What is it that you found in the Void?”


Yang Kai quickly came up with a story, “A crystal-clear, small tree like white jade, with several shoot buds and leaves. The tree was about this tall, and it had a strange scent!” He casually elaborated with his hand gestures, and looked at Du Ru Feng, “Does Sir know what it was?”


Du Ru Feng shook his head slowly, “I haven’t heard of it.” He had no way to study deep into it, so he allowed Yang Kai to put away his Dao Seal, lest he become jealous of him. After that, he asked again casually, “Are you the one who found the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame here?”


Yang Kai answered, “Yes!” Although Zhou Zheng warned him in advance, since the ungrateful wolf did not try to save him from trouble previously, Yang Kai did not bother to give away his own credit. In any case, it was only him and Du Ru Feng here, and Zhou Zheng would not know what he said.


Du Ru Feng sneered, “Zhou Zheng, that waste. I knew he was not the one who found the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame here.”


Soon, Du Ru Feng departed. He actually had to report to the Venerable as soon as he collected the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame, for a Fourth-Order material was truly rare. Nevertheless, he stayed for a while to inquire about Yang Kai’s Wood Element. Since he had a clear picture of it now, he had no reason to stay longer.


After the departure of Du Ru Feng, Zhou Zheng came over hurriedly, “What did Senior Brother Du ask you?”


“He didn’t ask anything, but just offer a few words of praise.”


“Seriously?” Zhou Zheng looked at him suspiciously.


Yang Kai replied, “You may ask Sir Du yourself if you don’t believe me.”


Zhou Zheng snorted coldly, “It’d better be so!” After a pause, he continued, “You have made a great contribution today. There will be rewards from Venerable and Senior Brother Du. Wait for the good news.”


He flew away after stating it, with displeasure clearly etched on his face.




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