Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3865, Murder With a Borrowed Knife


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Yang Kai took a closer look, and found that the visitor was actually someone he knew.


Given that he had only been in the Worker’s Room for less than three months, he did not get acquainted with many people, but the one in front of him was actually one of the few he recognized. It was Xiang Yong, the bear who chased after Dié You in the shopping district and blocked him outside of it.


He only met Xiang Yong twice and only talked to him once, but Yang Kai had the impression that he was a simple-minded and domineering person. By the look of it, this plot was probably Xiang Yong’s territory.


[Why did Zhou Zheng bring me here?] Yang Kai was puzzled.


On the other side, Xiang Yong also saw Yang Kai. He suddenly widened his bronze bell-like eyes and pointed at Yang Kai while scratching his head, “You… You… I seem to have seen you somewhere!”


Yang Kai smiled, “At the shopping district!”


“Oh, yes, it’s you. I remember.” Xiang Yong was immediately enlightened by Yang Kai’s reminder.


“You two know each other?” Zhou Zheng observed from the side coldly. Listening to them, he looked at Yang Kai, then looked at Xiang Yong, the corner of his mouth slightly curving.


“No!” Xiang Yong shook his head and turned to Zhou Zheng, “Does Manager Zhou have any orders?”


Zhou Zheng put one hand behind his back and proceeded faintly, “This Manager is here to inform you that from now on, your plot will be taken over by Yang Kai.”


As soon as he declared this, Xiang Yong’s jaw instantly dropped so low that it could fit a giant fist inside of it. He was dumbstruck, and could not return to his senses for a long time.


Yang Kai too, was stunned for a moment, wondering if there could be such a good thing for him.


This was good news to any Worker. The plot that Yang Kai managed before was too small and there were very few fruit trees. It would be of great benefit for him to change to any other place, and this was also the reason why he requested Old Fang to send gifts to Manager Zhou on his behalf before.


But how was it possible that Zhou Zheng would treat him well after he offended him like that? Even if he could not do anything to him publicly, Zhou Zheng could still do some things discretely.


[Is there any problem with Xiang Yong’s land?] With a single thought, Yang Kai dismissed this idea and instead understood something. There was probably no problem with Xiang Yong’s land, but Zhou Zheng’s move had another hidden intention!


On the other side, Xiang Yong hesitated for a while and scratched his head, “Heh heh, Manager Zhou, what did you say just now? This Xiang didn’t hear it clearly.”


Zhou Zheng repeated word by word, “From now on, your plot will be taken over by Yang Kai. Did you hear me clearly now?”


Xiang Yong immediately jumped like a cat whose tail was stepped on, the veins on his forehead bulging as he pointed at Yang Kai with a stubby finger, “Him? Why?”


Zhou Zheng explained coldly, “Because this Manager has ordered it so, is that not enough of a reason? What now? Are you not putting this Manager in your eyes?” While speaking, his Open Heaven Realm aura gradually permeated.


Feeling the aura, Xiang Yong woke up from his rage and put on a fawning face, “I didn’t mean that, Manager Zhou. This Xiang dares not disrespect you. Is there any misunderstanding in this? What did this Xiang do wrong? Why is my territory being taken over by someone else all of a sudden?”


“It has nothing to do with you.”


Yang Kai also cupped his fists and started, “Manager Zhou, since Brother Xiang is so reluctant, let’s forget it. My land is still good and doesn’t need to be changed.”


Zhou Zheng sneered, “You’re in no position to speak. Let this Manager tell you, this is the order of Senior Brother Du, so you have to change plots no matter what!”


Yang Kai was speechless as he thought to himself, [Why is Du Ru Feng suddenly involving himself in such a small matter in the orchard? Isn’t he a Core Disciple of Fire Spirit Land? However, since Zhou Zheng said so, he must not be wrong. Is it because I helped him to collect the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame a few days ago?]


Xiang Yong kept blinking, “Did Sir Du purposely order him to take over my territory?” If so, there was nothing he could say. He could only blame himself for being looked down upon by Du Ru Feng.


Zhou Zheng answered, “Not really.”


“Then why does it have to be my place?” Xiang Yong was visibly upset. After that, he pulled Zhou Zheng over and leaned in to whisper something.


Yang Kai did not bother to eavesdrop, because they would find out if he tried; therefore, he had no idea what they were talking about, only that Xiang Yong was muttering endlessly while Zhou Zheng shook his head from time to time. Intermittently, Xiang Yong would turn to look at Yang Kai with his eyes full of vicious light.


For Xiang Yong, this was apparently a great disaster. He could not do anything to Manager Zhou for Zhou Zheng was stronger and had a higher status than him, so he could only turn his anger on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai folded his hands behind his back and turned his gaze away, avoiding eye contact with Xiang Yong, which made the latter even more furious.


Since Zhou Zheng brought Yang Kai here today, it meant that he had planned this long ago. Perhaps, Xiang Yong had no way to turn the situation around.


Sure enough, the two talked for a stick’s worth of incense as Xiang Yong’s face became increasingly ugly. Suddenly, he left Zhou Zheng, and charged towards Yang Kai directly while putting his fist in front of his face, and threatening fiercely, “Little brat, if you’re smart, hurry up and tell Manager Zhou that you don’t want this land, otherwise, this Xiang will not let you end well!”


Following a sigh, Yang Kai looked over at Xiang Yong and gazed at Zhou Zheng. Seeing the grin on his face, he knew that he was right. Zhou Zheng was trying to commit murder with a borrowed knife!


Since Zhou Zheng wanted to manipulate others to harm him, Yang Kai definitely could not let him succeed so he immediately explained, “Brother Xiang, I can’t help it. I’m innocent too. I was dragged here by Manager Zhou, and I don’t know what happened to cause all this. But since Manager Zhou has made a decision, there’s no way to change his mind. How about this? Even if I take care of this land for you, if any benefits or credits appear from this place, I will give them to you. Deal?”


“No deal!” Xiang Yong’s spit flew everywhere, “This is my Heavenly Paradise. I won’t give it away no matter how many benefits you give me!”


Yang Kai almost choked to death. How could this plot of land be a Heavenly Paradise? All the plots in the orchard were the same other than being bigger or smaller.


“The income of this land will belong to you as well!” Yang Kai added.


Xiang Yong waved his big hand like a cattail leaf fan and almost slapped Yang Kai’s face, “I already said I won’t give this place away for any price! You must quickly settle this issue for me!”


Yang Kai was becoming annoyed. He felt that he had made enough concessions and was even willing to give up the benefits of two pieces of land to settle things with Xiang Yong, but this bear indeed had a bear’s brain, making him near fanatical about his territory.


Given his attitude, Yang Kai knew that he could not talk sense to him, so he did not bother to waste further energy.


“When will you stop grumbling? If you’re finished, leave with me!” Zhou Zheng urged from not far away.


Xiang Yong turned to Zhou Zheng and wanted to say something; however, seeing the look on Zhou Zheng’s cold face, Xiang Yong knew that it was probably useless to say anything so he could only accept his fate. Still, he glared at Yang Kai hatefully and declared, “Just wait. I’ll be back.”


While leaving with Zhou Zheng, Xiang Yong would turn back every few steps to glare at Yang Kai with threatening eyes. Only after disappearing out of sight did Yang Kai click his tongue.


Zhou Zheng’s move was brilliant. By using the name of Du Ru Feng, he made it impossible for either side to object, and on top of that, Xiang Yong was clearly difficult to deal with. Zhou Zheng was able to justify himself, and no one would complain about him even if this matter was spread, because his move was considered as good news for Yang Kai.


But in fact, Yang Kai did not want to change his territory at all. Since the hidden danger of his original plot had been resolved and with the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, the God of Fortune, he was not expecting any harvest from the orchard like the other Workers did. Comparatively, Yang Kai preferred his small plot as he didn’t need to spend much time or energy to care for it. Furthermore, the main advantage of it was to be close to Old Fang. When they were free, they could drink and play chess together. Those days were so carefree. 


But now that things have come to this point, Yang Kai could only take things one step at a time.


This plot was much larger than his previous one, and there was an exquisitely built thatched house on it. Yang Kai knew at a glance that it was not built by the bear Xiang Yong. It was probably left by the Worker who took care of the fruit trees here before.


Old Fang also had his own hut. The reason why Yang Kai did not have one was because the area of his plot was too small to build one. Otherwise, he would have built one for himself.


After all, the Workers had to spend nearly a month in the orchard at a time. Although it was fine for them to live without a house, it was more comfortable to live in a shelter.


When Yang Kai pushed the door in, so much dust blew into his face he almost choked.


Yang Kai was speechless, wondering how long the bear had not entered the house as the dust inside was visibly thick. After some simple cleanup, Yang Kai brought out some furniture from his Space Ring and only then did the small house look half-decent.


Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Yang Kai took out the control token for this plot and held it in the palm of his hand.


Before Zhou Zheng left, he exchanged his token with Xiang Yong’s. The tokens of each territory were distinct, so Yang Kai needed to refine it before knowing the details of this plot


Yang Kai immediately refined the token, though he remained vigilant after what happened today. He felt that he had to be on guard at all times now so that Zhou Zheng could not find fault with him.


The token was specially made by Fire Spirit Land for the Workers, and because their owners frequently changed, the tokens were not difficult to refine.


Yang Kai took less than two hours to finish refining the token, and he then poured his Divine Sense into it to investigate. 


Yang Kai immediately clicked his tongue.


It seemed that Xiang Yong was quite valued. Although this plot was not excessively large, it was still 50% bigger than Old Fang’s, thus having 50% more fruit trees.


Yang Kai could not see the details of each fruit tree in the token, however, so he could only check them one by one to see if there were any problems that needed to be solved.


After leaving the house, Yang Kai wandered around his new plot and examined the fruit trees. Only then did he discover that Xiang Yong had not been doing a good job in taking care of the fruit trees. Xiang Yong had clearly made so many mistakes that Yang Kai had no idea how he managed to get such a large territory.


If this plot was given to Old Fang, he definitely would have taken much better care of the fruit trees than Xiang Yong.


Yang Kai had no choice but to take some time to fix these issues. After an entire day of hard work, Yang Kai was deeply missing his small plot of land. Fortunately, the number of fruits on the fruit trees was recorded correctly, without any discrepancies.




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