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Martial Peak – Chapter 3866, Quite Exciting

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The next day, Yang Kai continued to patrol his plot, taking care of the fruit trees, but while he was deworming one of them, he heard a familiar voice not far away, “Yang Kai?”


Yang Kai looked up and saw a beautiful figure standing against the fiery red background, looking at him curiously from a short distance, her somewhat sleepy eyes full of puzzlement.


“Xiao Dié?” Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised, “Why are you here?”


Dié You rushed over, all the while peering around, “I was about to ask you the same. Why are you here? Isn’t this plot Xiang Yong’s?”


“It’s mine now.” Yang Kai chuckled, immediately understanding something, “Is your plot nearby?”


Dié You pointed to the side.


Yang Kai nodded, “No wonder it’s a Heavenly Paradise, I understand now!”


“What Heavenly Paradise?” Dié You was confused.


“It’s nothing.” Yang Kai shook his head and did not explain. He did not understand when Xiang Yong called this place his Heavenly Paradise yesterday. To others, this place may not be much different from any other plot, but to Xiang Yong, there was no better place in the orchard than here. No wonder he reacted so strongly when Zhou Zheng wanted to change his site yesterday.


Xiang Yong was nowhere to be seen when Zhou Zheng and Yang Kai arrived here together, so clearly he was pestering Dié You. How could Xiang Yong take care of such a large plot when he was spending most of his time and effort on Dié You?


The mystery of the dusty hut was also explained; he obviously had no time to go back to it.


Now it seemed that the person that Zhou Zheng used was not just a random choice, but was selected carefully. He must know how Xiang Yong felt about Dié You, and deliberately picked this plot for Yang Kai to take over. It would be strange if Xiang Yong did not hate him now.


“What did Xiang Yong do? Why did you take over this plot?” Dié You wondered.


Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “It’s a long story.”


“Take your time,” Dié You pursed her lips and giggled.


There was nothing to do, and since they were friends already, Yang Kai recounted what happened before. Hearing that Yang Kai actually found a Fourth-Order’s Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame, Dié You’s hand flew to her scarlet lips in shock, and Yang Kai, who made such a great contribution, not only won a generous reward from Du Ru Feng but was also transferred to this plot.


However, he offended Zhou Zheng, and now Xiang Yong too. It was a blessing and a curse at the same time.


“Your days have been quite exciting,” Dié You laughed sweetly as her eyes upturned into crescents.


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes at her, “Why do I feel like you’re taking pleasure in my misfortune?”


“No, no.” Dié You waved her hands quickly, “It’s true that I’ve never met a Worker who has caused such a big scene in just a few months, and this is not even inclusive of the matter regarding Great General.” As she spoke, Dié You took out a Jade Fire Silkworm and fed it to the stupid chicken, who pecked on it lazily but returned no reward.


“Do you think I want this?” Yang Kai was indignant; sometimes trouble would come looking for him even if he did not want it to.


“It doesn’t matter. According to what you said, you have made great achievements, so Sir Du is probably looking at you in a different light now and intends to promote you. So even if Zhou Zheng doesn’t like you, there’s nothing he can do. But of course, the premise is that you do not commit any huge mistakes.”


“If only it was that easy. Zhou Zheng is not so easy to deal with, you can see that from the matter regarding Xiang Yong.”


Dié You nodded softly, “He wants to murder with a borrowed knife… And Xiang Yong…” She looked like she was having a headache. It seemed like she was terribly harassed by the bear, “Don’t worry, if Xiang Yong comes asking for trouble, I’ll warn him.”


“Don’t, if you intervene when he comes to make trouble, the situation will only get worse.” Yang Kai stopped her hurriedly. He was already stopped once by the bear when he was seen going to the shopping district with Dié You. If Dié You showed up again, it would only give birth to more misunderstandings between him and Xiang Yong.


“You’re right.” Dié You frowned, “Then what should we do?”


“Nothing, just let it be.” Yang Kai shrugged, “By the way, how many Jade Fire Silkworms have you collected these days? Give them to me while we’re here.”


“Sure.” Dié You handed over the Jade Fire Silkworms she collected the past few days to Yang Kai, who then patted Ruler of the Dawn Great General on his head, “Time to eat!”


Even though he knew that Xiang Yong would not give up and would definitely come looking for trouble again, Yang Kai did not expect him to come so soon.


Not long after Dié You left, the big bear plummeted from the sky and landed in front of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai blinked at him, “Brother Xiang is here?”


Xiang Yong threatened with rage in his eyes, “Just you wait, I’ll be back to deal with you!”


After leaving that threat, he hurriedly walked towards Dié You’s plot. A moment later, Yang Kai heard a screech, followed by Xiang Yong howling in pain from the depths of the orchard.


After a while, Xiang Yong returned with a bruised nose and a swollen face. Although he looked terrible, his expression was full of contentment. He went straight to Yang Kai and stared at him condescendingly, “Little brat, you have any wine?”


Yang Kai turned his eyes away from him, for fear that he might burst out laughing if he continued to stare at Xiang Yong directly, and picked up an urn of wine and handed it over.


Xiang Yong slammed the seal on the mouth of the wine urn and gulped half of it down his throat, then nodded contentedly with a loud burp, “Little brat, you have the right attitude at least!”


Yang Kai asked while busying himself with work, “Doesn’t Brother Xiang need to take care of his plot? How are you so free to be here?”


Xiang Yong spat and complained, “Can that pea-sized place even be considered a plot? Father here can deal with it with just a glance. It’s so small that I don’t even want to care for it, so I left it all to that old guy next to me.”


Yang Kai turned to look at him, “Is that old guy surnamed Fang?”


“En, him!” Xiang Yong nodded, “He was very concerned about what happened to you, it seems that you two have a good relationship.”


Yang Kai suddenly realized that he forgot to report to Old Fang that he was safe. He had no time to go back after he was taken to this place by Zhou Zheng yesterday, so Old Fang was probably worried sick.


“What did you tell him?”


Xiang Yong sneered, “Why should I tell him anything?”


Yang Kai was speechless and immediately took out a communication artifact. After sending Old Fang a message, he immediately received a reply, asking him what happened. Old Fang was obviously waiting for news for the past two days.


Without going into detail, Yang Kai could only assure Old Fang not to worry, that everything was fine, and he would explain to him during their rest days.


After communicating with Old Fang, Yang Kai put away the artifact and turned to Xiang Yong, “Looks like she was quite ruthless.”


Xiang Yong was quite strong, so Dié You must have not held back to have beaten him up like this.


“I’m used to it, it’s no big deal.” Xiang Yong snorted.


Yang Kai could not help admiring it, “Brother Xiang is truly loyal.”


“What do you know?” Xiang Yong snorted, his mouth full of alcohol, “If it wasn’t for Xiao Dié, I would have been dead for a long time! My life is hers, what does it matter if she beats me up a few times?”


Yang Kai wondered, “Sister Dié You is Brother Xiang’s life-saver?”


Xiang Yong snorted, “I have nothing to say to you, why are you asking so much?”


“Just chatting, there’s nothing much to do anyway.” 


Xiang Yong frowned and pondered for a while. He seemed to think that what Yang Kai said was reasonable, and softened his tone a little, “Then tell me, why doesn’t Xiao Dié like me? What am I doing wrong?”


[How am I supposed to know? You should ask Dié You. Love is a matter of two people, what’s the use when only one person is involved?]


“Aren’t you being too intense?” Yang Kai asked.


“What’s too intense?” Xiang Yong stared.


“You’re pushing her too intensely!” Yang Kai explained, “Take a moment to think about this, how would you feel if a woman pestered you all day long and didn’t give you any space to even breathe?”


“Is she beautiful?”


“Does it matter?” This time it was Yang Kai’s turn to stare.


“Of course it does.” Xiang Yong snorted, “If she’s beautiful, I will make her my woman on the spot. If she’s ugly, I’ll give her three punches and two kicks… Eh? Little brat, are you saying I’m ugly? How am I, your Father, ugly!?”


Yang Kai replied sternly, “Brother Xiang is brave and heroic, an extraordinary man in every way. How can he be associated with the word ‘ugly’? Sister Dié You probably doesn’t know how to appreciate your handsomeness!” As he spoke, Yang Kai for some reason, felt his conscience hurt a little.


Xiang Yong narrowed his eyes, “Are you saying Xiao Dié has bad eyes?”


There was nothing else he could say, so Yang Kai just waved his hand, “Brother Xiang, please go, I have work to do!”


A palm slammed hard on Yang Kai’s shoulder and felt his knees bend from the large impact, “Don’t go, don’t go, let’s talk this out.” Xiang Yong ‘requested’.


“Talk what out?” Yang Kai turned to look at him.


“Tell me, how can I get Xiao Dié to follow me willingly? As long as you can help Father here this time, this Xiang will let go of everything in the past!”


[Damn it, how am I supposed to help you with this? It’s all up to you!] Yang Kai was really speechless.


By the looks of it though, Xiang Yong would not let this go until Yang Kai came up with a sensible plan. After racking his brain hard, he finally suggested, “Why don’t you try playing hard-to-get?”


Xiang Yong’s eyes lit up, looking around for a while before asking sneakily, “How do I play hard-to-get?”


Yang Kai lowered his voice too, “Brother Xiang has been following Sister Dié You constantly for a long time now, so she’s probably used to having you look for her every day. In that case, if you suddenly stop looking for her, wouldn’t she feel something is odd? Then she would start wondering what you’re busy with, or wondering if you got hurt. As long as she has thoughts like this, she will start to care about you. Men and women are the same, we always want what we cannot have. She wouldn’t know how to cherish Brother Xiang if you constantly offer yourself to her.”


Xiang Yong’s heart was moved when he heard this and his face flushed as he pictured the possible scene of a wonderful future. He licked his lips and asked again, “Is this way possible?”


“You won’t know if you don’t try. In any case, Brother Xiang has nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work, just think of another way.”


“I’ll do it!” Xiang Yong loudly palmed his fist, “Let’s do as you suggested, when should I start?”


“Let’s start now.”


“Good!” Xiang Yong strode in big steps, “Then I’ll go back first. If Dié You asks about me later, remember to let me know.”



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