Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3867, Favour


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Seeing that Xiang Yong had left, Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. He did not expect this guy to be so easy to fool.


However, after only two days, Xiang Yong returned again. Yang Kai’s head instantly started aching at the sight of him, but he had no way to hide, so he greeted him, “Brother Xiang is here again?”


Xiang Yong rushed over, looked around, then leaned over to whisper, “How is it? How is it?”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was confused.


“Did Xiao Dié ask about me? Did she miss me? Did she cry and try to look for me?”


“Ah…” Yang Kai saw a face full of expectation and did not want to hurt him by telling him the truth, so he could only lie, “I’m not sure. I haven’t met Sister Dié You these two days. I’ve just come here and am busy taking care of the fruit trees.”


“Waste!” Xiang Yong snarled as he glanced sideways at Yang Kai, “Why don’t you inquire about it? Why do I need such an incompetent person like you?”


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched and he did not know what to say.


Xiang Yong shoved both arms, “I’ll ask myself.”


He went past Yang Kai straight to Dié You’s plot, and after a short while, the familiar screech and painful howl of Xiang Yong echoed through the air.


A moment later, Xiang Yong came back limping with bruises on his face. Yang Kai was shocked, because this time, his nose and mouth were bloody.


When he came in front of Yang Kai, Xiang Yong retorted angrily, “What kind of shit idea did you give me? It didn’t work at all! Xiao Dié hit me even harder!”


Yang Kai sighed, “Brother Xiang, I have something to say, but I’m not sure if I should!”


“Just say it!” Xiang Yong snorted coldly and wiped the blood under his nose with his hand.


“There are plenty of other fish in the sea…”


Xiang Yong guffawed, “Although there are many women in the world, Father here has identified Xiao Dié as the love of my life! Except for Xiao Dié, even if the most beautiful woman in the world stands in front of me, I won’t steal a glance. I have decided since she saved my life back then, she is destined to be my woman! Whoever dares to touch her, I will tear his flesh apart and drink his blood!”


Hearing this, Yang Kai was genuinely impressed. He did not expect Xiang Yong to be so infatuated. It was just that his method of picking up women was a little too annoying, while he was also quite dumb.


But then again, even though Xiang Yong was a little hateful, without a doubt he was sweet to Dié You, otherwise, he would not endure getting beaten like this every time.


“Are you planning to lay your hand on Xiao Dié?” Xiang Yong suddenly turned his head and glared at Yang Kai fiercely, with his eyes full of murderous light, as if he would kill Yang Kai on the spot if he dared to say yes.


“I’ve only known Sister Dié You for about two months. I don’t deserve such a Heavenly beauty like Sister Dié You.”


“It’s best you think so!” Xiang Yong snorted, “If you dare to touch her, I will tear you to pieces!”


“I wouldn’t dare!”


“I’ll give you a task!” Xiang Yong put on a grim face and ordered regardless of whether Yang Kai was willing or not, “Look after Xiao Dié for me. If anyone dares to pester her, tell me immediately and I’ll deal with him. Do you hear me?”


Yang Kai nodded silently.


Only then did Xiang Yong look satisfied. He reached out to touch the wound on his face, hissed as he winced in pain, and walked back.


After taking a few steps, he suddenly turned around and shouted, “Oh, one more thing, remember what you said last time.”


Yang Kai was puzzled, “What did I say?”


Xiang Yong continued, “You said last time that the income of this land and your previous land belongs to me. Your tiny plot is not really profitable, but mine can earn me twenty Open Heaven Pills every year. Remember to give it to me later.”


[Twenty?] Yang Kai could not help glaring at him. This was obviously nonsense. Although the area of this plot was not small, given that Xiang Yong was not focused on taking care of the fruit trees and devoted all his time to wooing Dié You, how much extra income could he get except above the normal salary of a Worker every year?


Twenty pills were absolutely impossible. It was obviously blackmail.


Earlier, Yang Kai still had some admiration for Xiang Yong’s unwavering infatuation, but now it seemed that this hateful man indeed had a hateful side.


Yang Kai did not bother to negotiate with him though because twenty pills were really nothing to him with his current wealth.


Right after the departure of Xiang Yong, Dié You appeared, “Sorry, Little Brother Yang Kai. I’ve caused you trouble.” Dié You apologized.


“It’s not because of you.” Yang Kai waved his hand. Zhou Zheng was the cause of this situation. If he had to blame someone, Zhou Zheng was the one.


He turned around and asked curiously, “Xiang Yong mentioned that you saved his life before?”


Dié You smiled wryly, “That’s a big exaggeration. When he first came to Fire Spirit Land as a Worker, he made some mistakes and was punished nearly to death. I only fed him a healing pill while he was able to survive thanks to his own good foundation, so it doesn’t have much to do with me. He has been like this since then. If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have meddled in his business.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Xiao Dié has always been kind it seems.”


“Actually, he isn’t a bad person, it’s just his character that is a little overbearing.” Dié You sighed, “And he’s quite stubborn.”


Yang Kai smiled, “Xiao Dié, have you ever considered him?”


Dié You shot a glare at him, “Don’t tease your Elder Sister!” 


After saying so, she was too lazy to talk to Yang Kai anymore and turned back to her plot.


Since that day, Xiang Yong would come over almost every day, and he would get beaten as usual, but he actually seemed to be enjoying it. Yang Kai also gradually got used to it.


Sometimes, after being beaten, Xiang Yong would leave directly, but sometimes he would stay and talk to Yang Kai, just to find out if anyone harassed Dié You when he was away.


On a certain day, when Yang Kai was taking care of the fruit trees, he heard a sky-piercing sound, followed by someone falling nearby.


He thought it was Xiang Yong again, so he did not bother to turn around and continued to take care of the fruit trees; however, out of his expectation, the visitor did not mean to leave, so Yang Kai looked back curiously. At first glance, he immediately turned around in shock and cupped his fist, “Greetings, Sir Du!”


The visitor this time was not Xiang Yong, but Du Ru Feng.


Du Ru Feng did not act as cold and proud as before, but smiled instead, “I thought I saw you from above, so I came down to have a look.”


“Was Sir looking for me?” Yang Kai asked.


“I’m not looking for you specifically. I just came to inspect the orchard today. Head Manager will be coming to inspect things in a few days, so I have to perform a check in advance to avoid any mistakes.” Du Ru Feng explained.


Yang Kai looked enlightened. He had been here for several months, and he knew almost all the information about Seven Wonders Land that he should know now. There were seven orchards, and each orchard had a Manager like Zhou Zheng, who oversaw the day-to-day operations of the orchards of each Spirit Land respectively. Above them, there was a Head Manager who was directly in charge of all the orchards and reported only to the Heavenly Monarch. His status was no worse than that of the Venerable Protectors.


“Then Sir should really check carefully,” Yang Kai answered casually. Since he was not close to Du Ru Feng and only assisted him in collecting the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame last time, Yang Kai had no idea why the latter purposely came to talk to him.


“Is this the new place that you’ve been assigned?” When Du Ru Feng questioned, he glanced towards the Ruler of the Dawn Great General unintentionally. During their last meeting, he thought that Yang Kai had offended the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, and Great General was punishing him. However, he did not expect the Venerable to tell him that this was the way Great General showed his affection.


Now that he observed carefully, he realized that it was true. Great General just laid there with his eyes closed, taking its nap carefreely. Du Ru Feng found it funny and interesting, wondering which part of Yang Kai had gained the interest of the Great General.


“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded, “After last time, Manager Zhou brought me here and appointed me to this plot. He also mentioned that it was on Sir Du’s order.”


Du Ru Feng nodded, “En, it was my order. You should be rewarded for your good work. It seems that Zhou Zheng has done his job well and found you a suitable place.”


Yang Kai replied, “The 5,000 Open Heaven Pills were already a generous gift. Yet, Sir still gave me such a good piece of land. This Worker is truly grateful.”


Du Ru Feng waved his hand, “Anyone who contributes should be rewarded. You deserve it.”


[But I don’t want it!] Because of this, Yang Kai was involved in the matter of Xiang Yong, and he had offended the fool for nothing. However, after a few words of probing, Yang Kai was sure that the original reward was indeed 5,000 Open Heaven Pills. Zhou Zheng had not meddled with the reward.


“So,” Du Ru Feng suddenly looked at Yang Kai, “Are you interested in following and working for me?”


Yang Kai was stunned, “What does Sir mean?”


Du Ru Feng folded his hands behind his back, “If you follow me, you will no longer be a Worker, but a disciple of Seven Wonders Land.”


Yang Kai could not help widening his eyes. He was dumbstruck, as if a pie had fallen from the sky and landed in his lap.


The Workers in Fire Spirit Land had the lowest status and had to do the most work every day. Therefore, getting rid of this status was every Worker’s dream. However, they could only achieve their wish by being promoted to the Open Heaven Realm. As such, the Workers had been working hard for countless years to store up Open Heaven Pills, using them to buy appropriate materials in the shopping district. Yang Kai would never expect that such good news would happen to him.


With Du Ru Feng’s status in Fire Spirit Land, since he proposed it himself, it was definitely not a lie. In other words, as long as Yang Kai agreed, he could instantly get rid of his status as a Worker and become a disciple of Seven Wonders Land.


This was absolutely advantageous to his plan of getting the Open Heaven Pill recipe.


[But… This is strange! Although I made great contributions last time, I already received 5,000 Open Heaven Pills and a bigger piece of land as rewards. What’s the purpose of Du Ru Feng sending such a big gift again?]


[Could it be that my Wood Element is being eyed by someone?] Yang Kai secretly became alert.


As if he noticed his hesitation, Du Ru Feng pressed on with a smile, “This is not the order of Venerable, but my personal proposal. The Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame that we collected last time has been awarded to me by Venerable, and it’s the exact Fourth-Order material that I will need within ten years. With this Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame, I am a big step closer to the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Do you now understand the importance of that Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame to me?” 


He paused for a while before he continued, “But you may rest assured. Although this is not the idea of Venerable, since I dared to mention this, I am sure that I can persuade Venerable to remove your identity as a Worker.”




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