Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3868, Rejection


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“I’m a man who always returns favours. The Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame is of great importance to me. Now that I’ve profited, I’ll not forget your contribution.” Du Ru Feng looked at Yang Kai with a smile, “What do you think? Are you interested in joining me? I dare not promise anything else, but I still have the confidence to let you be promoted to the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm within three hundred years.”


“Third-Order Open Heaven Realm!” Yang Kai exclaimed.


It could be said that the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm was the greatest that Workers could hope for, but so far, none of them had achieved it. After all, there were too many materials they needed to condense of that Order, and each of them was extremely pricey. The Workers simply could not save enough Open Heaven Pills for them. Of course, Yang Kai’s goal was definitely higher than the Third Order, but he had to act like a Worker should at this moment.


Du Ru Feng nodded, “I know you were fortunate to have condensed a Wood Element above the Fourth Order, but you should know that this is just a moment of luck. If you don’t have other high Order materials, your achievement in the Open Heaven Realm will be limited even if you have a Wood Element above the Fourth Order now.”


“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded.


“It’s good that you understand. I was afraid that your expectations have become extravagantly high due to your excellent starting point, which might lead you to accomplish nothing in the end.”


“Many thanks to Sir for your kind reminder,” Yang Kai cupped his fists, “But after considering it, this Yang should work in the orchard for the time being.”


“Why?” Du Ru Feng was slightly stunned. He did not expect Yang Kai to reject his proposal; after all, it was an irresistible temptation for any Worker.


“First, this disciple only arrived in Fire Spirit Land three months ago. Although I made a contribution, I’ve already received more rewards than I deserve. If there was another huge reward, I’m afraid that if the other Workers learnt about it, they would accuse Sir of being unfair. At that time, they might get impetuous, and I’m afraid that the work in the orchard will be affected.”


“Who would dare?” Du Ru Feng sneered.


Yang Kai continued, “They dare not in public, but I can’t guarantee that they won’t do it secretly.”


Du Ru Feng pondered for a while, and nodded, “Go on.”


“Second, this disciple wants to train further in this orchard. When the time comes in the future, more experience will allow me to better serve Sir. By that time, no one will dare to say anything about it, and it will be more convenient for this Yang to assist Sir. But if I join Sir now, I would not be able to accomplish anything other than just being protected under Sir’s wings.”


Du Ru Feng looked at Yang Kai with a grin, “It’s rare that you are so thoughtful. In that case, follow your thoughts. When you’re ready, you can come to me at any time.”


“Many thanks to Sir for your kindness.”


After encouraging Yang Kai with a few words, Du Ru Feng continued to inspect the orchard. Looking at the direction of his departure, Yang Kai frowned. What happened today was extremely strange to him. Du Ru Feng’s interest in him was very suspicious; therefore, he refused the offer, not just because of his doubt, but also because of the Ruler of the Dawn Great General.


He had just found a way to make a fortune, earning thousands of Open Heaven Pills every month, so he had no reason to follow Du Ru Feng. If he really went over, his income would definitely be cut off. Du Ru Feng guaranteed him that he would be promoted to the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm within three hundred years, but the materials needed for the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm were only worth about 15,000 Open Heaven Pills. Since he could earn this amount in a few years, why did he need Du Ru Feng’s promise?


The next few days were notably calm, but Yang Kai could sense a heavy air in the orchard. Perhaps it was because of the upcoming arrival of the Head Manager, the Workers stayed on their own land obediently and took good care of the fruit trees, for they feared making any mistakes. Even Xiang Yong did not dare to leave his small plot recklessly. It was likely that Zhou Zheng had passed down some orders.


When the time came, the orchard barrier was activated, and everyone was forced out.


Yang Kai quickly rushed back to the Worker’s Room. Soon, Old Fang and Dié You arrived too, and they went straight to the shopping district without hesitation.


They were busy collecting worms from the other six Spirit Lands in the shopping district for the whole day. At night, just like the previous month, the three sat on the ground and split their shares in Yang Kai’s house.


However, the income this time was much greater than the last time. Previously, the agents of those Spirit Lands had doubts and dared not buy too many worms at one time, except for Yu Xue Ping who was bold from the beginning, while the others only brought about six hundred worms at most.


But after confirming the business was legitimate, they no longer hesitated.


This time, more than 12,000 worms were purchased from all over the six Spirit Lands. Including the worms they bought from Fire Spirit Land this month, there were about 15,000 worms in total.


After feeding Great General for a whole day, despite the stupid chicken’s bottomless stomach, he was probably so stuffed that he walked away unsteadily when he left Yang Kai’s room, as if he were drunk.


After deducting the expenses, the income of this month was nearly 10,000 Open Heaven Pills!


According to the previous agreement, Old Fang and Dié You each took ten percent, which was 1,000 pills, while the remaining 8,000 belonged to Yang Kai.


Old Fang’s eyes turned red; it was not due to jealousy though, but excitement. Recalling the past hundreds of years when he had to work so hard for his Open Heaven Pills and had to be exceptionally careful with his spending, then thinking about how he could earn so many with such little effort now, he could not help being emotional.


Yang Kai laughed and patted him on the shoulder, “Old Fang, why are you crying? This is just the beginning. The good days are still yet to come!”


Old Fang wiped the tears off the corners of his eyes, “Shitty brat, I cried because you did not come to Fire Spirit Land hundreds of years earlier! If you came earlier, this Old Master wouldn’t have had to work so hard only to refine the Second-Order materials. If this Old Master had condensed Fourth-Order materials, he could have been promoted straight to the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm! Unfortunately, since things have been set, I don’t have a chance to change it anymore.”


“I wasn’t even born several hundred years ago!” Yang Kai sneered, “You’re talking nonsense again. Fourth-Order materials in Fire Spirit Land are incredibly rare. Even if you saved enough Open Heaven Pills, you wouldn’t be able to buy them. You should be content to be able to condense Second-Order materials.”


Old Fang nodded, “True. I’m content, I’m content!” His original goal was the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm, and he worked so hard to save Open Heaven Pills just for this goal. What could he be uncontented about now?


Dié You smiled on the side, “According to our current income, we can buy a material every one or two years, but… we still can’t compare with Little Brother Yang Kai.”


“Who can compare with him?” Old Fang smiled wryly. Previously, Yang Kai received 5,000 Open Heaven Pills as a reward, and he thought it was already a massive number, but who knew Yang Kai would earn 8,000 more each month?


“How about I share another ten percent to both of you?” Yang Kai looked at them.


Dié You and Old Fang exchanged looks, and waved their hands together, “No, we should just stick back to our original agreement, which is ten percent. If necessary, we can just borrow Open Heaven Pills from you in the future.”


“Good!” Yang Kai nodded, and suddenly asked as he remembered something, “By the way, if a Worker buys materials and wants to condense and absorb them, what should they do about their plot in the orchard? You can’t take care of the fruit trees and absorb Open Heaven materials at the same time, right?”


Dié You explained, “You can apply for a retreat. They can’t make a horse run without feeding it, so Seven Wonders Land is still quite understanding when it comes to this matter.”


Old Fang nodded, “Yes, you can apply for a retreat as long as you need to absorb Open Heaven materials. Of course, it also depends on the arrangement of each Manager. You can’t have too many people in retreat at the same time, or there will be no one to take care of the orchard.”


Dié You continued, “Therefore, this matter still needs the Manager’s approval. Even if you apply, you may have to wait more than ten or twenty years or even longer to get your turn. I once applied for a retreat, and had to wait for fifty years!”


Yang Kai laughed, “If I apply, Zhou Zheng certainly will not approve.”


After chatting for a while, the three dispersed with Yang Kai and Old Fang heading to the shopping district again. They had earned a lot this time, so they were going to enjoy themselves before the shopping district closed.


Dié You did not want to go, so they did not force her; after all, drinking was really not entertainment that was suitable for women.


When Yang Kai came back from the shopping district, he went straight to Dié You’s house and knocked on the door. Dié You was a little surprised to see him, but still let him in, serving him a cup of tea as she asked curiously, “Did you forget something?”


“Nope.” Yang Kai smiled as he acted mysterious, “Just wanted to give you something. See if you like it.” He took something out of his Space Ring.


Dié You blushed, “You came all the way just to give me something? What is it?”


“See for yourself,” Yang Kai grinned, and did not tell her what it was.


Dié You glanced at him, then looked down and saw a delicate box in front of him. It was not the Cyan Wood Box that was used for catching worms, but another box that looked quite familiar. Suddenly, she realized what was in the box, and immediately looked up at Yang Kai, “Did you buy it?”


“You know what it is?” Yang Kai was surprised.


Dié You replied, “I’ve been here for a thousand years, and have made purchases there before. I recognize this box.” As she spoke, she opened the box, and a bundle filled with a rich Metal Element that kept transforming in shape was revealed before her eyes.


“Stainless Golden Dew!” Dié You sighed lightly, “It’s really this. Why did you buy it?”


Yang Kai beamed, “I told you before that I’d buy it for you!”


“That was just a joke! No, this is too expensive. Take it back!” Dié You shook her head. This Third-Order material was worth 16,000 Open Heaven Pills in the Open Heaven Temple. She could only take a look at it every time she went to the shopping district, but she did not really expect to be able to buy it one day, so she could not believe that it was placed in front of her now. She closed the box and pushed it back to Yang Kai as she spoke.


“Since I gave it to you, I won’t take it back.” Yang Kai pushed the box back at her again and continued with a solemn face, “I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t have sufficient financial resources. Since I have enough Open Heaven Pills now, I naturally have to fulfil what I promised you before. Moreover, when I first came to Fire Spirit Land, you helped me a lot. Take this as a gift of thanks from me.”


Dié You still insisted on rejecting it, but Yang Kai pressed on, “It’s useless for me to take it back. I can’t get a refund on it anyway”


“Keep it for yourself. You’ll definitely need it in the future.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m not aiming for the Third Order!”


Dié You was a little baffled…




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