Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3869, Just Watch


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Looking at the entire Seven Wonders Land, the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm was not only the Workers’ limit, it could even be said to be the limit of the achievements of most Seven Wonders Land disciples.


Apart from disciples like Du Ru Feng, who were highly valued by the Venerables, who else could get materials above the Third Order? There were very few in the entire Seven Wonders Land who had the opportunity to achieve anything above the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Dié You was not a fool, and when Yang Kai said that he was not interested in Third-Order materials, she naturally understood what he meant. Back then, when she first came to Fire Spirit Land, she was just as ambitious. Unfortunately, the passing of the years had dampened her spirit, and she had long lost such drive.


Who knew if Yang Kai would accept a fate equal to hers after many years… 


“Where did you get so many Open Heaven Pills?” Dié You asked, then she suddenly remembered that Yang Kai earned 8,000 this month and received 5,000 as a reward, which added up to 13,000. Including his income from the last two months, it should be enough. Even if it was not enough, he could have borrowed some from Old Fang.


“Don’t worry about it.”  Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Could it be that Xiao Dié wants to achieve a higher Order like me and doesn’t find Third-Order material attractive anymore?”


“How is that possible? Old Fang said it before too, we have already set our foundation, and we have no chance to change it. It’s just that…”


Seeing that she was still a little hesitant, Yang Kai started, “Don’t think too much, it doesn’t mean anything else. It’s just what I promised before. Now that I’m capable, I will naturally keep my word. I didn’t expect to be able to buy it so soon either.”


Dié You sighed softly, “Fine, I will accept it, but I’ll take it as a loan from you. Now that I can earn a lot of Open Heaven Pills from you every month, this amount is not something I cannot afford.” After a pause, she continued solemnly, “Little Brother, thank you!”


Yang Kai laughed, “I didn’t even thank you when you helped me so much.”


Dié You replied, “How can it be the same? It didn’t cost me much when I helped you, but this thing is worth 16,000 Open Heaven Pills.”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “Many are willing to add flowers to one’s bouquet, but few will send you charcoal in a frigid winter. It has always been like this. And to me, the value of the few Open Heaven Pills you loaned me back then can’t be measured.”




At the same time, inside another house located in the Worker’s Room, two people sat opposite each other at a table fully plated with wine and dishes. One of them was serving the wine and dishes enthusiastically, the smile on his face never faltering for a moment, “Manager Zhou, try this, these are all specially bought by this Xiang from the shopping district.”


Zhou Zheng drank the wine and ate the food served to him for a time before he slowly put down his chopsticks, “I’m sure this table cost you a great deal.”


Xiang Yong replied hastily, “Not at all, not at all. As long as Manager Zhou is pleased.” All the while, he cursed silently how difficult it was to even invite him to a meal. When he came back from the orchard, he intentionally invited Zhou Zheng but was ignored. Only after persisting several times in a row did Zhou Zheng accept the invitation, but because he was not in a good mood, he did not want to go to the shopping district and insisted on dining here in the Worker’s Room.


What else could Xiang Yong do? He went to the shopping district and brought back a table of wine and dishes.


After three rounds of wine and tasting all the dishes, the atmosphere became livelier as they chatted, and Xiang Yong decided that now was the moment to strike, “Manager Zhou, is there something you can do about this Xiang’s matter?”


Zhou Zheng replied as he continued eating, “This Zhou is sorry, but this Zhou can’t do anything about it. Sir Du has spoken, and this Zhou had to find a place to switch with that fellow; otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to explain to Sir Du.”


Xiang Yong almost cursed out loud. [Sir Du did ask you to find a place for Yang Kai, but the orchard is so big, why pick my Heavenly Paradise!?] The displeasure was obvious on his face as he continued, “Since it was Sir Du who gave the order, it should be done, but Manager Zhou, can’t we change him to another place? I have taken care of that plot of land for so many years, and it is somewhat sentimental to me. I am reluctant to leave it.”


Zhou Zheng sneered in his heart, knowing that it was not the land that was sentimental to him, but Xiang Yong’s neighbour. Outwardly though, Zhou Zheng waved his hand, “Impossible, if it was a few days ago, it might have been possible, but today, it is impossible to move him.”


“Why?” Xiang Yong’s eyes widened, “That little brat can’t be so powerful that Manager Zhou can’t even move him!”


“Of course not.” Zhou Zheng smiled bitterly, “But that little brat made a massive contribution recently and is now heavily favoured by Sir Du. When Sir Du was inspecting the orchard a few days ago, he even went down to talk to him for a time. In other words, Sir Du already knows that he is in charge of that plot. If I moved him away casually, and Sir Du asked about it, how would I explain it to him?”


“Sir Du went down to talk to him on purpose?” Xiang Yong was stunned, unable to understand why Yang Kai had such good luck.


After a moment of silence, Xiang Yong poured some more wine and spoke in a low voice, “Manager Zhou, if we can’t move him, we can move others. This Xiang also doesn’t want that piece of land, couldn’t you find a way to transfer me to a land neighbouring it? It shouldn’t be difficult, right?”


“There must be a reason for a transfer of personnel. The others have done a good job, so why should I transfer them away?”


Xiang Yong was speechless, [Is this the first time you did this? Haven’t you done it before? As the Orchard Manager, mobilizing personnel is just a matter of one sentence, who can complain about it? It’s obvious that you don’t want to help Father here!] 


Looking at Zhou Zheng’s hateful face, Xiang Yong could not help but get angry.


However, Zhou Zheng just sneered, “You might as well worry about that person instead of worrying about your little piece of land. If the land is gone, it can be replaced, but if the person is gone, what can you exchange for it?”


“Who?” Xiang Yong was confused.


“Who do you think?” Zhou Zheng looked at him coldly.


Xiang Yong blinked, “Xiao Dié? What happened to Xiao Die?” Suddenly nervous, he stood up abruptly, looking ferocious again, “What happened to her?”


Zhou Zheng chuckled, “What could have happened to her? Not only has nothing happened to her, but she’s also still alive and well at this time.”


Xiang Yong frowned and stared at him, feeling that Zhou Zheng was implying something, and he was disgusted with his pretentious attitude. Recalling how he was rejected by Zhou Zheng’s excuses, he could not help but remarked coldly, “Manager Zhou, if you have anything to say, please say it directly. This Xiang is a rather straightforward person and can’t understand people who beat around the bush.”


Zhou Zheng patted him, looking heartbroken for him, “It’s because you are too naïve that you don’t even know that you’ve been deceived.”


“Who dares to deceive me!?” Xiang Yong was furious.


“Forget it, let’s not talk about this, come and drink!”


“Bullshit!” Xiang Yong yelled and flipped the table in front of him to the ground with a large stomp. He would have drenched Zhou Zheng with wine and dishes if the latter had not dodged in time.


“Xiang Yong, what are you doing!?” Zhou Zheng was furious. Although he knew that Xiang Yong was an uncultured brute, he did not expect him to be this crude.


Xiang Yong’s face was grim and rebellious, “Manager Zhou, when someone kindly invites you for a meal, isn’t it not right that you stir up so much trouble in their heart?”


“It’s not this King that made you upset, but someone else. Why are you mad at me?”


Xiang Yong cracked his neck, “I don’t care, Manager Zhou, you have to make it clear right now!”


Zhou Zheng sneered again, “Are you sure you want to know?”


Xiang Yong’s glare looked as though he could eat him alive. His answer was obvious.


Zhou Zheng gritted his teeth, “Good, good, good. Since you want to know, then I’ll let you know. I hope you won’t regret it.” He did not explain further, but just took out a token and surged his power into it. Holding the token up, and waving it in front of himself, Zhou Zheng proceeded, “Open your eyes and look clearly.”


When the words fell, a projection of a scene immediately appeared in the air between the pair. There was nothing unusual about the scene. It was just an ordinary house, one of many in the Worker’s Room. There were at least five hundred huts like this in the entire Worker’s Room.


Xiang Yong, however, recognized it at a glance, “Isn’t that Xiao Dié’s house?”


“You have good eyesight!” Zhou Zheng snorted coldly.


“What does Manager Zhou want me to see?” Xiang Yong wondered.


“Just watch and wait, you’ll know soon enough.” Zhou Zheng did not bother to talk nonsense with him.


Xiang Yong stared at him for a while, guessing that he would not be able to get any further answers, so he just stared carefully. Nothing abnormal happened, however, and it was rather boring.


After waiting for more than half an hour, the door of the hut in the projection suddenly opened.


Xiang Yong was startled, and watched expectantly.


But in the next moment, his anticipation turned into shock, and then turned into anger. The fury in his eyes burned as though he was a volcano about to erupt.


“Yang… Kai!!” Xiang Yong growled through gritted teeth, “Why is this little brat coming out of Xiao Dié’s hut at this hour!?”


In the projection, Yang Kai seemed to be in a good mood as he walked out of the house with a smile on his face, and Dié You, who followed behind him, had a blush on her beautiful face. Yang Kai did not look back, however, and just waved his hand at her.


Zhou Zheng watched indifferently, clicking his tongue, “A man and woman meeting up in the dead of night, what do you think this little brat was doing just now? Tsk tsk, he has only come to Fire Spirit Land for a few months, and was already favoured by both Sir Du and a beautiful woman. He is truly enviable.”


Xiang Yong’s face twitched, and the anger in his eyes instantly turned into endless murderous intent, “Damn him!”


He turned around with an axe in his hand, a murderous aura boiling violently as he walked towards the door, “I’ll kill him!”


Zhou Zheng barked coldly, “Workers are not allowed to fight in private. The assaulter will be imprisoned for up to a hundred years depending on the severity of the assault. Murderers will be killed without mercy. Do you want to be buried together with him?”


Xiang Yong halted. Although he was angry at the moment, he still had some sense left. He knew that what Zhou Zheng said was right. If he really killed Yang Kai, he would definitely follow after him, and no one could save him then.


After just three breaths of time, Xiang Yong roared, “Then I’ll beat him up first!”


Zhou Zheng replied, “Even for a minor assault, three years of confinement is inescapable. While you spend three years in prison, this little brat and your Sister Dié You will be free to do whatever they want.”


Xiang Yong turned his head sharply, glaring at Zhou Zheng.


Zhou Zheng sneered, “What are you looking at me for? It’s not me who messed with your woman!”




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