Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3870, Why Are You Here?


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“Then do you want me to do nothing!?” Xiang Yong shouted angrily, his face contorting into all kinds of ferocious and scary expressions constantly; he was obviously struggling inside.


Seeing this, Zhou Zheng advised, “Xiang Yong, you have to be especially calm at this time; otherwise, your impulse may spoil everything.”


“It’s easy for you to say, and your advice is not helping at all!” Xiang Yong replied in a deep voice, “Manager Zhou, just pretend you don’t know anything today. I’ll kill him now!”


“If you want him to die, you don’t have to do it with your own hands!” Zhou Zheng sneered.


Xiang Yong, who was about to leave, immediately stopped and turned to Zhou Zheng.


Zhou Zheng’s face changed, “I always talk nonsense when I drink. Don’t take it seriously. It’s late at night. I should go back and have a rest.” After stating this, he wanted to rush out of the door.


Xiang Yong stopped Zhou Zheng with a swing of his axe, and his burly body stood blocking the entrance, looking down at Zhou Zheng.


Zhou Zheng was not scared but still narrowed his eyes slightly, “Xiang Yong, are you going to fight this King? This King is a little drunk after all that wine, but it seems that you are even more out of your mind.”


Xiang Yong answered in a deep voice, “Sir Manager is an Open Heaven Realm Master, and I know that I’m no match for you. If we really initiate a fight, I would only end up being humiliated; however, the matter of Xiao Dié is exceptionally important to me. If Manager has a good plan, please tell me directly. I will be very grateful.”


“What if I don’t?” Zhou Zheng stared at him coldly.


Xiang Yong snickered, “Although Sir Manager is an Open Heaven Realm Master, you’re just First-Order. I will fight to my death and probably be able to tear off a big chunk of your flesh!”


“You’re crazy!” Zhou Zheng was infuriated.


Xiang Yong rubbed his own chin with a ferocious look, “Please teach me, Sir Manager!”


Zhou Zheng was staring at him in the eyes quietly and saw only determination and viciousness in his eyes.


After a long time, Zhou Zheng started, “Xiang Yong, why do you have to be like this? Since Dié You doesn’t like you, why do you still not let go?”


“This is my own business. Sir Manager doesn’t need to care about it!”


Zhou Zheng sighed, “It’s actually not up to me to have a say about this matter, but for the sake of your infatuation, this King can give you some advice. However…”


Xiang Yong assured, “Don’t worry, Sir Manager. It has nothing to do with you. No matter what happens in the end, this Xiang will bear all the consequences!”


“Very good!” Zhou Zheng nodded, “If so, come closer!”


Xiang Yong hurriedly leaned in, and Zhou Zheng whispered to him in detail for a while. The expression on Xiang Yong’s face changed endlessly during the conversation, and he secretly sighed that Zhou Zheng was truly a cruel and merciless person. If the plan really worked, Yang Kai would die without doubt, and he could obtain victory without staining his own hands!


A moment later, Zhou Zheng informed in a deep voice, “This matter involves many pieces. If it is exposed, your end will not be pleasant, so you should think it over carefully.”


Xiang Yong snickered, “It’s a good idea, Sir Manager. If I don’t do it, I’ll waste your idea.”


“What does it have to do with me?” Zhou Zheng was appalled.


Xiang Yong quickly slapped his mouth, “Yes, yes, yes. It has nothing to do with Sir Manager. It was all my own idea. Come and drink.”


There was no point in continuing drinking when the drinks and food were flipped all over the floor of course, so Zhou Zheng flicked his sleeve and declared, “It’s already late. This King is going back to have a rest.”


Xiang Yong continued, “Then I’ll rely on Manager Zhou for the future affair.”


Zhou Zheng staggered, wondering whether it was a good idea to share this plan with Xiang Yong. However, it was too late to regret. By the look of Xiang Yong, he would definitely carry out the plan, so Zhou Zheng could only secretly pray that it would succeed in making Yang Kai have no way to recover.


Life in the Worker’s Room was uninteresting. After Yang Kai came back from Dié You’s house, he meditated and rested. The next day, he took Old Fang to the shopping district again, mainly to explore new places.


Although he knew about the general situation in the shopping district, there were still some quaint things selling in the stalls, which were brought out by the Workers from their own Universe Worlds.


In order to buy the Third-Order Stainless Golden Dew for Dié You, Yang Kai had spent his entire fortune and even owed Old Fang a few Open Heaven Pills. However, he was not worried, for he could earn a large amount of Open Heaven Pills next month anyway.


All the eating and drinking in the shopping district were Old Fang’s treat. Old Fang naturally would not be calculative with him and he even mysteriously brought Yang Kai to a special place this time.


The place was extremely well hidden and looked insignificant on the outside, but one would only know it was a different world inside when he entered. The people who came here were not only the Workers but also some Seven Wonders Land disciples. Many Seven Wonders Land disciples donned in Seven Coloured Robes were busy with their hands wrapped around beautiful women, having the time of their lives.


Yang Kai was so shocked that he tugged Old Fang’s arm, “Is there such a place in the shopping district?”


Old Fang sneered, “What’s so strange about this? Since ancient times, this industry can be seen everywhere.”


“Who are the… women?” Yang Kai looked around.


Old Fang sighed, “They are all Workers from various Spirit Lands. Everyone is working for a living. I didn’t have the capability last time, but since I have it now, I will try to help them as much as I can.”


Yang Kai looked at him strangely. This was the first time he heard someone making this activity sound so noble. Frowning, he asked, “The Workers should have no spare money, right?”


Old Fang answered, “That’s why most of the customers here are disciples of Seven Wonders Land. It’s quite rare for a Worker to have fun here. Although this place is not specially opened for Seven Wonders Land disciples, the business is mainly dependent on them.”


Just as Old Fang mentioned, most of the customers Yang Kai saw here were Seven Wonders Land disciples with Seven Coloured Robes. As for the Workers, there were only a few including the two of them.


“Stop talking nonsense and find a girl to take care of you.” Old Fang pushed him, and pointed to a group of more than ten women, “Just take one you like upstairs directly.”


After that, he swiftly went upstairs and knocked on the door of a room as if he was familiar with this place. A moment later, the door opened, and a jade white hand extended out of the room to pull Old Fang in.


Yang Kai’s jaw dropped at the scene. He stood there and scratched his head. Looking aside, more than ten women over there were looking at him curiously, but no one wanted to serve him.


This place was mainly maintained by the Seven Wonders Land disciples, and it was only open for three days a month. These women also understood that if they wanted to make money, serving those who wore Seven Coloured Robes was the better choice. Most of the Workers like Yang Kai were ignored by them unless they took the initiative to talk to them.


[It’s good that nobody cares!]


Yang Kai went straight to a table on the side, then ordered a table of wine and dishes from the server before enjoying himself.


Although this was a brothel, the environment here was clean, similar to a high-end teahouse.


If it were not to wait for Old Fang, Yang Kai would have left long ago.


It was a long wait though, and Yang Kai had to order another round of wine and dishes. Finally, a girl could not stand it anymore and approached him, “Senior Brother, are you waiting for your companion?”


Yang Kai nodded.


The girl smiled, “Then you shouldn’t wait anymore. I heard from the Senior Sisters over there that your companion will always stay overnight every time he comes.”


Yang Kai almost cursed. He thanked her with a darkened face, and settled the bill for the wine and food. Just as he was about to leave though, the girl suddenly reached out and grabbed his sleeve.


Yang Kai turned to look at her, and seeing her flushed cheeks, he asked, “What happened, Junior Sister?”


The woman lowered her head, “Senior Brother, are you only here to drink?”


Yang Kai was not a fool and certainly understood what she meant. After checking her out, he found that this woman was beautiful and did not look loose in any sense of the term, so he laughed and commented, “I came here to accompany my friend. I’ve never been to a place like this before.”


The woman replied with a soft voice, “There’s always a first for everything. Senior Brother, do you want to… Do you want to try?”


As she spoke, she almost buried her head into her chest, her face turning redder by the breath.


Yang Kai was a little speechless and wondered if the woman in front of him was shy due to her own nature or if she was still new.


While he was still thinking, the woman pressed on, “Senior Brother, let this Junior Sister tell you… It’s… It’s also my first time.”


Yang Kai frowned as he asked, “Junior Sister, why are you here?”


The woman kept silent; however, Yang Kai had been here for several months, so he naturally knew how hard the life of a Worker was. Their salary was just three Open Heaven Pills a year, and if they wanted to buy Second-Order materials, it would cost at least 1,500 Open Heaven Pills. If they wanted to be promoted to the Open Heaven Realm, they had to find an alternative method of making money.


Yang Kai sighed secretly and agreed with Old Fang. If it were not for living, who would be willing to work in a place like this?


Just then, a burly man suddenly walked in. He swept his eyes across the place and stopped on Yang Kai. Surprised, he approached.


Aware of the movement, Yang Kai turned his head and was astonished, “Brother Fang?”


“Why are you here?” Fang Tai looked at Yang Kai curiously, “Are you in the wrong place?”


“What does Brother Fang want to say?” Yang Kai frowned slightly.


“Nothing.” Fang Tai shook his head slowly. He probably did not want to talk to him much. He looked around, then saw the woman next to Yang Kai, and smiled as he advised, “Junior Sister, you have to know how to choose the right people. Some people might not be able to pay you after you serve them. It’s not worth working for nothing.”


The woman forced a smile, “Senior Brother must be joking.”


Fang Tai continued, “I’m not. The one you’re holding onto is a newcomer. He’s only been here for a few months and hasn’t even gotten his salary. How can he give you any reward?”


The woman looked at Yang Kai strangely as he certainly did not look like a newcomer when he splurged on wine and food.


“This Fang is different, however. I will definitely satisfy Junior Sister.” After saying so, he reached out and grabbed the woman’s arm. The woman could not avoid it, and was caught at once. She quickly turned to Yang Kai with a pleading face. Comparatively, she was more willing to serve Yang Kai; otherwise, she would not have taken the initiative to talk with him.


To her disappointment though, Yang Kai just glanced at her and commented, “Then I won’t interrupt Brother Fang’s business. Goodbye.”


“Hmph!” Fang Tai snorted coldly.


Yang Kai strode towards the exit, but he could clearly feel a pair of eyes staring at him from behind.




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