Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3871, Arrested


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“Stop looking at him, why do you need to care about that waste? This Senior Brother will take you to have fun.”


Yang Kai stopped, then turned around and went straight to Fang Tai. He looked right at him as he asked, “Brother Fang, did you take the wrong medicine today?”


Fang Tai answered, “This Fang is not ill. Why would he need to take medicine?”


“If you’re not, why did you talk nonsense and insult me for no reason?”


Fang Tai was extremely surprised, “When did I insult you? Oh… Do you mean the ‘waste’ that I mentioned? I wasn’t talking about you. I was actually referring to others, but if you admit it yourself, this Fang can’t help it.”


Yang Kai stared at him calmly; Fang Tai’s eyes were full of ridicule and mockery.


Yang Kai nodded, “It seems that Brother Fang is really ill.”


When Fang Tai was about to say something, a fist magnified rapidly in front of his eyes! Followed by a buzzing sound in his head, he was sent flying as if he had been hit by a strong force that sent him into a daze for a while.


Dumbstruck, the woman beside Fang Tai looked at Yang Kai who was still holding his fist up.


If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not believe that this kind-looking Senior Brother actually had such a hot temper, and would punch people without hesitation. Did he not know the consequences of doing this?


Less than three breaths after Yang Kai punched, the women in the lobby had run out of the building in the blink of an eye with their respective Movement Skills.


On the contrary, the several Seven Wonders Land disciples were watching with great interest. It had been quite some years since a Worker dared to start a fight. Today, they finally had a show to watch.


On the other side, Fang Tai got up slowly. He felt a sticky patch between his mouth and nose, and he realized it was blood when he wiped it. He raised his head and glared at Yang Kai, and growled in disbelief, “You dare hit me?”


He was bewildered. He did not expect Yang Kai to attack him all of a sudden; otherwise, with his ability, he would not have been hit so effortlessly. For a moment, humiliation and anger surged into his heart, and his aura started to heave too.


“If you dare to curse me, why wouldn’t I dare to punch you?” Yang Kai sneered.


“Good!” Fang Tai roared furiously, kicked away the tables and chairs blocking his way, and pounced at Yang Kai like a ferocious Ancient Beast. Two large fist shadows completely shaded Yang Kai.


Fang Tai was also a newcomer who had just arrived in the Outer Universe, so his strength was on par with Yang Kai’s, making it an even match.


To the side, the several Seven Wonders Land disciples in Seven Coloured Robes cheered loudly as they enjoyed the battle.


However, after about more than ten breaths of fighting, a troop of people rushed in from the outside. The Captain, who had his hands behind his back, glanced at the two of them and shouted angrily with narrowed eyes, “Stop!”


Yang Kai and Fang Tai totally ignored him and continued fighting.


“Are you two rebelling!?” The Captain was infuriated and waved his hand violently. The Seven Wonders Land disciples on both his sides threw out ropes made of unknown materials. The ropes wrapped around Yang Kai and Fang Tai like Spirit Snakes and tied them up like rice dumplings in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai tried to struggle a little, but he could not get rid of the bindings. On the contrary, the rope tightened even more, which made him feel uncomfortable.


“You two are certainly brave to be fighting in private. Don’t you not know the rules of Seven Wonders Land?”


After the two people were tied up, the Captain came to Yang Kai and Fang Tai, looking at the two of them with a cold look on his face.


“Senior Brother…” Fang Tai had finally calmed down. He was mad mainly because of getting beaten by Yang Kai previously, otherwise, he would never dare to be so presumptuous. He knew that they were in big trouble this time, and they might be doomed if it was not handled well, so he immediately begged for mercy, “Senior Brother, this Little Brother has only been here for a few months and is not familiar with the rules of Seven Wonders Land. Can Senior Brother please spare me on account that it is my first offence? This Little Brother will be truly grateful.”


“Hmph!” The Captain snorted coldly, “Rules are rules. Who cares if it’s your first offence or not? You’ll learn to be obedient next time after suffering a loss this time.”


Fang Tai became anxious, “Senior Brother, I’m innocent. This bastard hit me first and I had to fight back. If you don’t believe it, you can ask the few Senior Brothers over there. They can be my witnesses.”


The Captain looked at him coldly, “All I know is that you were fighting with this boy when this King entered! As for who was the initiator, this King doesn’t care to know. Take them both!”


When the words fell, he turned around and went out. Fang Tai and Yang Kai, who were tied up tight, were detained in the rear. Fang Tai tried to explain himself, but only received a scolding from a Seven Wonders Land disciple nearby. Seeing this situation, Yang Kai also gave up on defending himself.


On the second floor, Old Fang was as white as a sheet, muttering, “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over…”


He naturally heard the movement from downstairs clearly. When Yang Kai fought with Fang Tai, he hurriedly got dressed and rushed out, but he was still a little late and could only watch Yang Kai being taken away. There was nothing he could do to save him.


It was the Seven Wonders Land Patrol Team in the shopping district who took Yang Kai away, so Old Fang had no authority to speak to them as a Worker. After thinking about it, he realized that only Zhou Zheng could save Yang Kai at this moment. As the Manager of the orchard and also an Open Heaven Realm Master, if Zhou Zheng was willing to show up, he should be able to help.


Old Fang prepared for another massive haemorrhaging as he hurriedly rushed back to Fire Spirit Land, not even bothering to tidy up his clothes.


In a dark, humid, shabby jail, Yang Kai and Fang Tai sat in opposite corners of a single cell.


The cell was located deep underground in the shopping district and was built with low-quality wood. Yang Kai could break out of the prison if he wanted to in an instant.


But neither he nor Fang Tai had the courage. Seven Wonders Land disciples were guarding outside, and they would be dragged back even if they broke out.


Therefore, even if they were left unattended at the moment, and the shackles on them were removed, they only stared at each other while keeping their distance.


Yang Kai was a little speechless as he did not expect to get into such trouble just by accompanying Old Fang to the brothel.


Nevertheless, he felt a bit strange about what happened today. Although Fang Tai had drawn the line with him because he offended Zhou Zheng, it was odd for him to insult him for no reason. It was as if Fang Tai had provoked him on purpose.


But what were the benefits of doing this? He ended up being imprisoned here with him too, and Yang Kai had no idea what punishment they would face.


From what Old Fang had told him, the punishment of Seven Wonders Land for the Workers who made mistakes was quite harsh. Perhaps, he would be locked up for three to five years.


He would suffer a great loss if he was locked up for such a long time. Once he was locked up there, his business would come to a stop, and he would definitely lose a lot of Open Heaven Pills.


The more Yang Kai thought about this, the angrier he became at Fang Tai. He turned to Fang Tai coldly and saw that this guy was looking in a direction with a look full of expectation.


Yang Kai frowned slightly as he did not know what Fang Tai was expecting.


After an unknown time, suddenly, footsteps could be heard from the outside. Fang Tai, who was sitting cross-legged, immediately stood up, and Yang Kai also turned his attention outside.


A moment later, a man came to the cell and looked at the two of them with a darkened face.


“Sir Manager!” Fang Tai shouted excitedly.


“Manager Zhou!” Yang Kai cupped his fists lightly. Although he did not get along well with Zhou Zheng, since he was still the Orchard Manager, he had to show some courtesy to avoid being accused by him of anything.


“The two of you have really brought shame to our Fire Spirit Land Worker’s Room!” Zhou Zheng gritted his teeth as he pointed his finger at the two in the cell, looking dreadfully disappointed, “You two fought in the shopping district just for a woman. Good, very good!”


Fang Tai replied awkwardly, “It’s a misunderstanding, Manager. Yang Kai and I fought not because of a woman. It’s just that our hands got a little itchy and we wanted to exchange pointers with each other, but we did not expect to cause trouble.” While talking, he turned to Yang Kai and gave him eye signals, but Yang Kai turned his head away and pretended that he did not see it.


“You were caught red-handed by the Patrol Team. How dare you still claim everything is a misunderstanding!?” Zhou Zheng reprimanded furiously, “And the wound on your eye. Do you think I’m blind?”


Fang Tai stretched out his hand to cover his eye that was hit by Yang Kai, and kept quiet.


Zhou Zheng snorted, “Do you know what punishment will be given to Workers for fighting privately?”


Fang Tai asked nervously, “What punishment?”


“Anywhere from 3 to 100 years of confinement!” Zhou Zheng sneered, “Do you want 3 years or 100 years?”


Appalled, Fang Tai begged, “Manager Zhou, please save me!”


Zhou Zheng continued, “Fortunately for you, this Zhou happens to know the Captain of the Patrol Team who arrested you, so I can still help you. Since you two are newcomers and this is your first offence, this King has asked for face and gotten you released. If this happens again, however, you will be punished severely!”


[He got us out?] Yang Kai was bewildered, thinking he was going to be locked up for a few years at least. He had already been mentally prepared for such an eventuality.


Fang Tai was overjoyed and cupped his fists while bowing repeatedly, “Many thanks for your grace, Manager Zhou! This Fang will never forget your kindness today!”


Without responding to him, Zhou Zheng opened the cell and barked, “Get out now, what are you still doing in there?”


Fang Tai and Yang Kai took turns to walk out of the cell.


Zhou Zheng snorted coldly, “If it weren’t because of what is happening in the orchard today, this King wouldn’t have bothered whether you two live or die!”


Fang Tai questioned, “Is it because of the inspection of the Head Manager?” This was not a secret as all the Workers in the Worker’s Room had heard about it from different sources.


“Good, Head Manager should have arrived in the orchard by now. You two quickly return. If Head Manager inspects your territories, you two better behave appropriately; otherwise, no one can save you if something goes wrong.”


“Yes, yes, yes!” Fang Tai hurriedly nodded.


Only then did Yang Kai remember that the so-called Head Manager was coming to inspect the Fire Spirit Land orchard today. The reason the entire Fire Spirit Land was busy for the past few days was because of today.


However, it did not have much to do with him, so he did not worry too much. He just needed to do his own things well.




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