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Martial Peak – Chapter 3872, Fears Become Reality

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Soon after, the trio arrived outside. At this moment, the whole shopping district was quiet. The three-day rest period had passed, and the Workers had all returned to their respective orchards, so it made sense that the shopping district was empty. There were not even Seven Wonders Land disciples guarding the jail. It seemed that they were the only ones in the place.


“It’s getting late. Manager Zhou, I’ll leave first.” After a salute, Yang Kai soared into the sky and went straight towards Fire Spirit Land.


“He simply has no respect. He didn’t even thank Sir Manager for rescuing him.” Fang Tai looked at Yang Kai’s departure direction and snorted coldly.


“Why would I need his gratitude?” Zhou Zheng chuckled. He already got what he wanted, for Old Fang had spent a lot of Open Heaven Pills to ask for his help. For the sake of those Open Heaven Pills, he did not bother to care about Yang Kai at all. He then turned solemn as he whispered, “You did a good job this time.”


Fang Tai replied, “This Fang’s success is all thanks to Sir Manager, so this Fang will definitely fulfil Manager’s orders.”


“En, good.” Zhou Zheng nodded and was notably satisfied with Fang Tai’s attitude.


Fang Tai frowned, “But there’s something this Fang doesn’t understand…”


“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t!” Zhou Zheng seemed to know what Fang Tai was wondering, and immediately interrupted, “Remember, this was just a coincidence!”


“Understood,” Fang Tai bowed his head.


“Hurry back to the orchard. There might be a good show later! Furthermore, the Head Manager is here. As an Orchard Manager, I must be there to accompany him.” After stating so, Zhou Zheng soared into the sky.


Fang Tai was puzzled and did not understand what kind of good show there could be. He vaguely felt that it had something to do with yesterday’s events, but since Zhou Zheng warned him, he could not ask further questions.


When they set off, Yang Kai had already arrived at Fire Spirit Land. As he passed by the village where the Worker’s Room was located, he suddenly saw a golden light from the corner of his eye. He looked down and saw the Ruler of the Dawn Great General in front of his house pecking incessantly at the door, as if he was shouting for him to come out.


“Great General!” Yang Kai shouted.


As soon as he heard his voice, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General turned sideways to look, then turned into an ordinary-sized rooster, flapped his wings, and flew up and down unsteadily towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai laughed, “Great General, you should lose some weight.” Not sure if it was an illusion, Yang Kai felt that this silly chicken was fatter than when he first saw him.


He reached out his hand to welcome Great General over, placing him atop his head.


Great General wiggled his butt, found the most comfortable position as usual, and pecked Yang Kai twice with its beak.


Yang Kai explained, “Something came up. I didn’t mean to be late on purpose. Stop pecking me.”


Only then did the Ruler of the Dawn Great General relent.


Shortly after, the pair, one Human and one chicken, arrived at the orchard. Yang Kai landed in his territory to find Dié You waiting there anxiously.


Noticing his arrival, Dié You turned and was immediately relieved, “Are you okay? I heard from Old Fang that you fought with someone and got caught by the patrol.”


“Old Fang really has a big mouth!” Yang Kai was annoyed. It was not a glorious achievement after all, and he did not think Old Fang had to spread the news everywhere.


“I asked him. How are you? Did the patrol do anything to you?” Dié You asked with concern.


“Nothing. If something really happened, how could I be standing here unscathed?” Yang Kai beamed.


Dié You nodded, “True. Did Manager Zhou bail you out?”


“How did you know?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded.


Dié You disclosed, “Old Fang sent a huge gift to Manager Zhou…”


A sudden realisation dawned on Yang Kai, “No wonder!” 


He was still wondering why Zhou Zheng had been so kind earlier. It was understandable that he went to save Fang Tai as they had some kind of cordial relationship, but Yang Kai could not understand why he saved him too. It turned out that Old Fang had helped him.


“How many did Old Fang have to offer?” Yang Kai questioned.


Dié You answered, “I don’t know, but I don’t think it was a small number; otherwise, it would have been impossible for there to be no punishment for Workers who were caught at the scene of a private fight. In any case, it’s all fine as long as you’re okay.”


“That’s true.” Yang Kai nodded.


“When you’re free, inform Old Fang that you’re safe. He probably doesn’t know you’ve come out.” Dié You looked around and continued, “Also, today is the day the Head Manager is coming to inspect the orchard. You have to be careful. Don’t act lazy.”


“I know. You should also hurry back. Before I came, I heard Zhou Zheng mention that the Head Manager should have already arrived at the orchard. If he found out that you didn’t stay in your own territory and came here, you would be in trouble.”


“Then I’ll head back first,” Dié You promptly returned to her plot.


After she left, Yang Kai took out his communication artifact and assured Old Fang that he was safe. Old Fang quickly replied to his message and asked him for details, so Yang Kai told him everything.


Old Fang warned him not to be so impulsive anymore. 


When Yang Kai asked how much he had given to Zhou Zheng, the old guy immediately ended the conversation. Obviously, he did not want to disclose it, which further confirmed Yang Kai’s guess that Old Fang probably spent quite a lot this time. Otherwise, how could Zhou Zheng be kind enough to get him out of jail?


Yang Kai cursed Zhou Zheng silently for being greedy and swore that he would make him pay back everything and more if he ever had the opportunity. After that, he turned around and started busying himself in the orchard.


The orchard inspection of the Head Manager was a big deal, which could be seen from Du Ru Feng’s previous attitude. As such, Yang Kai dared not be careless.


Probably because of what happened yesterday, Yang Kai felt uneasy, and he had a feeling that something bad was about to happen, which made him more vigilant.


An hour later, Yang Kai stood in the orchard with his token in his hand, his face dark.


A Spirit Fruit was missing from his plot!


The number of Fire Spirit Fruits in each plot was recorded in each Worker’s token and they needed to report to the Orchard Manager if any fruits went rotten or spoiled. However, generally, the Fire Spirit Fruits would have no problems, let alone one of them disappearing for no reason.


But right now, this was exactly what happened in Yang Kai’s plot.


The number of Fire Spirit Fruits was one less than the number recorded in the token! Yang Kai double and triple-checked, confirming there was one fewer than there should be.


[How could there be one missing?] Before leaving last month, Yang Kai deliberately counted all the fruits, and the number was right at that time. But now, after just a few days, the number did not match anymore.


He swept his Divine Sense across and searched carefully among the fruit trees. A moment later, Yang Kai finally found a clue. He went straight to a Fire Spirit Fruit Tree and stared at a certain spot.


There should have been a Fire Spirit Fruit there, but there was no fruit present, only traces of a stem from which a Spirit Fruit was freshly plucked.


Even if Yang Kai had never harvested a Fire Spirit Fruit before, he knew that the fruit here was picked less than two hours ago!


[Did someone steal my fruit while I was away?] Yang Kai flew into a rage, wondering which fool was so bold enough to do such a reckless thing? Stealing a Spirit Fruit indeed could put him in danger, but if the truth were exposed, the culprit would suffer terribly.


[Who the Hell is doing something that would harm me and not benefit himself? Or rather, who holds such a deep grudge against me?]


Yang Kai did not know many people in the entire Fire Spirit Land, and those who had a grudge against him were only Zhou Zheng and Fang Tai who he had a fight with yesterday.


[Fang Tai did not have the chance, because when I was heading over here, he hadn’t even moved yet. Then, is it Zhou Zheng?]


[It shouldn’t be him! Zhou Zheng was bailing Fang Tai and me out of the shopping district jail during that time, so he did not have any time to do such a thing.]


[It was neither Zhou Zheng nor Fang Tai, but who else holds a grudge against me?] Yang Kai could not think of anyone else until the figure of the big bear Xiang Yong suddenly flashed across his mind. 


Thinking about it, Yang Kai felt that it was possibly Xiang Yong.


[But there’s no resentment between us, why would he want to harm me?]


[Maybe I could ask Dié You. When I arrived, Dié You was in my plot, so she might have seen something.]


Just as he was about to leave though, he suddenly heard a rustle approaching from a distance and looked up, his expression stiffening.


A group of people was flying through the air at a moderate speed. The person leading the group looked like a dignified and calm 40 some year-old man and at first glance, it was obvious he was someone of high rank. On his left side, Du Ru Feng was just half a step behind and was talking to him with a smile on his face. However, the man just kept his hands folded behind his back and looked around from time to time, nodding occasionally with a cool expression.


Behind Du Ru Feng was Zhou Zheng, but by the looks of his position in the crowd, he did not seem to even have the right to speak.


Even if he had not seen him before, Yang Kai immediately recognized that the middle-aged man should be the Head Manager of the entire Seven Wonders Land.


Yang Kai’s neck instinctively shrunk. He would not be frightened if his plot was in order, but now he was worried about the missing fruit from his territory. He secretly prayed that these people would quickly leave and not pay attention to his side.


Nevertheless, his worst fears became reality. While he was praying for them to leave, Yang Kai heard the Head Manager remark, “Em… Isn’t that Duan Hai’s Ruler of the Dawn Great General? Why did it come here?”


Yang Kai almost spat blood! He only remembered to pray, but forgot that Great General was still perched on top of his head. The golden shining body of Great General was like a lighthouse in the dark. It was impossible to not draw attention. If he had known, Yang Kai would not have brought Great General with him today and should have just left him back in the Worker’s Room.


Du Ru Feng answered, “Head Manager is right. That’s Venerable’s Ruler of the Dawn Great General.”


The Head Manager chuckled, “How did that Worker offend the Ruler of the Dawn Great General that he would punish him like this?”


Du Ru Feng explained, “Head Manager, you have misunderstood. That Worker did not offend the Ruler of the Dawn Great General and is not being punished by him. I thought that was the case too at first, but later I was told by Venerable that this is how Great General shows his affection.”



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