Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3873, Seek A Path In A Hopeless Situation


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“Showing affection?” The Head Manager was flabbergasted, “With the temper of the Ruler of the Dawn Great General that I know of, he wouldn’t care about ordinary people at all. What’s special about this Worker that he won over Great General’s heart?”


Du Ru Feng laughed, “This disciple has no idea. Maybe Great General has its own interest in people.”


“Let’s go down and have a look!” Interested, the Head Manager waved his hand and led the group of people flying downwards.


Seeing this scene from below, Yang Kai almost cursed. However, what would come would come. He had no choice but to compose himself and cupped his fists from a distance to welcome the group of people, “Yang Kai greets Sirs!”


The Head Manager was not looking at him but fixed his eyes on the Ruler of the Dawn Great General on his head with a smile on his face. He did not need to care too much about a mere Worker. The only reason why he came down was because of the Ruler of the Dawn Great General.


Du Ru Feng, who followed behind him, announced, “Yang Kai, this is our Seven Wonders Land Head Manager, who is in charge of all kinds of affairs in Seven Wonders Land.” He gave Yang Kai a signal to assure him to relax during his introduction.


Yang Kai saluted again, “Greetings, Head Manager.” He secretly thought, [There’s no way for me to be relaxed. There is a fruit missing in this plot for no reason. It will be fine if it’s not found out, but how do I explain it if it is? Should I say it was stolen? Where is the evidence? If I can’t find the thief who stole the fruit, I would have to bear the responsibility for losing the Fire Spirit Fruit. I wonder if Du Ru Feng can protect me at that time…]


He wanted to send a Divine Sense transmission to Du Ru Feng to explain the situation, but this Head Manager was certainly an Open Heaven Realm Master. How could Yang Kai send a transmission in front of such a Master without him knowing?


Yang Kai kept a calm look on the outside, though he was distressed on the inside. Even when he noticed the group of people who came with the Head Manager were scattered around his orchard and started their inspections, he remained tranquil and steady.


At this point, he could only pray that those people would not check the number of Fire Spirit Fruits carefully. Only in this way could he avoid a disaster.


Inadvertently, Yang Kai saw Zhou Zheng smiling at him faintly, which seemed to imply something.


Before he had the time to solve the riddle though, the Head Manager in front of him questioned, “How did you make the Ruler of the Dawn Great General get so attached to you?”


Yang Kai answered humbly with his head down, “I have no idea either.”


“You have no idea?” The Head Manager raised his eyebrows.


Du Ru Feng interjected, “Yang Kai, just say what you know. Head Manager is just wondering. Don’t be so nervous.”


Yang Kai put on a long face, “I really don’t know. When I first came to the orchard a few months ago, Great General fell from the sky right in front of me. Perhaps Great General thought I had done something to him, so he became angry that it wanted to peck the fruits in my orchard. How could this Worker let that happen? As an orchard Worker, it is my duty to take care of the fruits, thus I fought with him out of anger.”


“You fought with him?” The Head Manager guffawed, “You’re quite bold.”


Yang Kai replied embarrassingly, “This Worker was still new at that time and did not know the identity of the Great General, so I dared to offend him. If it was now, I certainly wouldn’t have the courage to do so.”


Du Ru Feng nodded, “Just so Head Manager knows, this Worker has only been in Fire Spirit Land for less than half a year. He is really a newcomer, but he has already made a great contribution!”


“Oh?” The Head Manager was surprised, turning to look at Yang Kai solemnly without asking what contribution he had made. Only after a brief silence did he nod, “Go on.”


Yang Kai spread his hands, “That’s the entire story. Since then, as long as I have come to the orchard, Great General has been like this.”


“So it’s a friendship born from a fight!” The Head Manager smiled and nodded, “Interesting.”


It was Du Ru Feng’s first time hearing this story too, so he pointed at Yang Kai as he proceeded, “Little brat, you should be glad that you didn’t injure Great General at that time, otherwise, Venerable would not let you go.”


Yang Kai forced out a laugh and secretly recalled that Great General lost quite a number of feathers that time.


At this moment, those people who scattered around the plot previously came back to assemble one after another. One of them glanced at Yang Kai, then handed a jade slip-like item to the Head manager.


Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat, having a bad feeling.


The Head Manager took the jade slip, scanned it with Divine Sense, and then handed it to Du Ru Feng, “Look.”


Du Ru Feng took it curiously, looked at Yang Kai unintentionally, and wondered, [Is there something wrong with the orchard? Otherwise, why would Head Manager ask me to look at this? This is not within my authority after all.]


[But what can happen to this orchard?]


After careful examination, Du Ru Feng’s face turned slightly pale. He looked at Yang Kai coldly and asked, “Yang Kai, can you tell me why a Fire Spirit Fruit is missing from your orchard?”


“It’s really missing?” Yang Kai acted flabbergasted.


“You already know?” Du Ru Feng frowned.


Yang Kai explained, “Before the arrival of all Sirs, this Worker did a count of the Fire Spirit Fruits, and found that there was a difference from the record from before this Worker left last time. However, this Worker wasn’t very sure at that time. When this Worker was about to count them again, Sirs arrived.” He paused for a while before he continued, “Now it seems that there is no mistake in the previous counting and there is indeed a Fire Spirit Fruit missing.”


Du Ru Feng reprimanded in a deep voice, “As a Worker, you should take good care of everything in your plot of the orchard. Do you know what punishment you will be sentenced to for the loss of a Spirit Fruit?”


“This Worker doesn’t know!”


“Your cultivation could be crippled before you are expelled from Seven Wonders Land, or simply sentenced to death on the spot!”


Yang Kai was appalled, for he did not expect the punishment to be so severe and exclaimed, “Sir Du, this Worker is innocent. I counted the number of Spirit Fruits when I left a few days ago, and the number was correct. I haven’t had time to do anything yet today. The loss of the Spirit Fruit has nothing to do with me. Sir Du, please investigate this matter clearly.”


“How can it be none of your business?” Du Ru Feng’s face was solemn, “Since you are the Worker who takes care of this plot, everything here is related to you. The loss of a Spirit Fruit is the result of your negligence unless you have reported to the Manager here before.” Saying so, he turned to Zhou Zheng, “Zhou Zheng, did Yang Kai report anything to you?”


Zhou Zheng stepped forward, took out a jade slip, and examined it carefully. A moment later, he cupped his hand as he replied, “This subordinate has not found any such record!”


Du Ru Feng took a deep look at him, then turned back to Yang Kai, “What else do you have to say?”


“I object!” Yang Kai straightened his neck, “The loss of a Spirit Fruit is not the result of my poor care. It should have been stolen by someone, so it should be that person who is punished.”


Du Ru Feng immediately shouted with a dark face, “Be careful of your words! Who dares to steal Spirit Fruits in Seven Wonders Land?”


Yang Kai snorted, “If no one steals it, how could the fruit go missing for no reason?”


“Did you witness the crime?” The Head Manager, who had stayed quiet for a long time, suddenly asked in a deep voice. The loss of a Spirit Fruit was an easy case; whoever was supposed to take care of it would be punished. But now if someone dared to steal the Spirit Fruit, he must take action to set an example to the entire Seven Wonders Land, showing them the consequence of theft.


“I didn’t see it, but I have a suspect in mind!” Yang Kai shook his head, “Since Head Manager is an Open Heaven Realm Master, Sir definitely mastered some type of Soul Searching Technique. Just catch those people and interrogate them, and the truth will be revealed.”


The Head Manager grinned, “And if we gain nothing from this interrogation?”


Yang Kai answered, “Then this Worker will accept any punishment necessary.”


“You’ve thought this all out!” The Head Manager snorted lightly, “But who knows if you want to drag innocent people down with you? If we really want to start using Soul Searching Techniques, we should start with you!”


Yang Kai almost spat blood listening to him. He actually caused himself trouble by suggesting the wrong course of action. If a Soul Searching Technique was used on him, all his secrets would be revealed. Perhaps his Soul would be damaged and he might even lose his mind.


But now, he could not defend himself with words, and he did not have the strength to resist the Head Manager. For a person who was likely a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, the Head Manager could pinch him to death as easily as an ant. 


He had no way to escape or fight, so Yang Kai could only turn to look at Du Ru Feng.


Fortunately, Du Ru Feng did not disappoint him. He cupped his fists as he proceeded, “Head Manager, since this is the matter of Fire Spirit Land, Fire Spirit Land will take charge of it. I’ll take him back with me and give Head Manager a satisfactory explanation later.”


The Head Manager shook his head, “Ru Feng, since you’ve spoken, by all rights, I should just let this drop; however, this matter is not just about losing a single Spirit Fruit anymore, it now involves a possible theft. You should also know that the Spirit Fruits of each land are the foundation of our Seven Wonders Land, and there is no room for carelessness. Now that there are Workers who dare to lay their hands on the foundation of our Seven Wonders Land, it is not me who needs an explanation, but Heavenly Monarch, “


Du Ru Feng felt a chill down his spine. Since the Head Manager brought the Heavenly Monarch into this matter, he was not in the position to speak anymore. He looked at Yang Kai speechlessly and secretly thought, [Why did you have to involve stealing a Spirit Fruit in this? Now I can’t help you even if I want to!]


Yang Kai was also a little dumbstruck. He did not expect that he would actually suffer a loss from his own proposal. According to the words of the Head Manager, as long as it was not about stealing, it was not a big deal; after all, the Fire Spirit Fruits were things that could rot or spoil, and there would always be some shortages. However, it was a different case when it came to stealing.


“Capture him!”


At the command of the Head Manager, two people stepped out from the left and right, and walked towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai’s whole body tensed up and he secretly began circulating his strength, struggling between surrendering or fighting with his life on the line. 


At this time, a cock-a-doodle-doo was heard. The Ruler of the Dawn Great General on top of Yang Kai’s head flapped his wings and a bundle of golden light was spat out of his mouth.


Yang Kai habitually stretched out his hand. The golden light soon dispersed, but what appeared on his palm was not the usual Open Heaven Pills that he collected, but a longan-sized fruit pit.


[A fruit pit?] Yang Kai’s eyes shrank!


Du Ru Feng was also stunned for a moment, but quickly responded, “Wait a moment.”


The two Seven Wonders Land disciples who approached Yang Kai immediately stopped. Du Ru Feng hastily came over to Yang Kai, picked up the fruit spit in his hand, looked at it for a while, and laughed, “Head Manager, the thief seems to have confessed. The Worker of this place is clearly not responsible for the loss of the Spirit Fruit.”


Then he presented the fruit pit in his hand.




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