Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3874, Counterattack


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The Head Manager took it, examined it for a moment, then turned to look at Du Ru Feng with a chuckle, “You said that the Ruler of the Dawn Great General favours him, but from the looks of it, he was waiting for an opportunity to frame him and almost kill him! Fortunately, things didn’t go too far, and he was saved at the critical moment.”


Du Ru Feng laughed too, “So that’s how it is, and I was wondering why Great General would behave like this? It turns out that everything was planned for today.” He paused for a moment, “Now that the truth has been revealed, the missing Spirit Fruit was not stolen by a Worker, but was eaten by Great General on an impulse instead. What does Head Manager think about Yang Kai…”


The Head Manager waved his hand, and the two Seven Wonders Land disciples who came out immediately retreated.


After this incident, the Head Manager had no more interest in staying, “Let’s have a look elsewhere,” He turned around, and walked into the distance with his hands behind his back.


The group of people shouted in response and left together. Du Ru Feng glanced at Yang Kai before leaving, and sent him a transmission, “Take care of yourself!”


Yang Kai watched everyone leave, his eyes fixed on Zhou Zheng’s back. When Great General spat out the fruit pit, the look of surprise on Zhou Zheng’s face was apparent, so Yang Kai could not help frowning. [Who did this to me? Is this incident related to Zhou Zheng?]


After carefully analyzing the details of what happened, he was sure that the person who stole the fruit was keen on killing him, and he must have only stolen the fruit today.


He and Fang Tai were imprisoned in a cell in the shopping district before, so they arrived a little late and gave the thief a chance to commit the theft. It was not Fang Tai who did it, yet he was arrested by the patrolling team because of Fang Tai. Fang Tai seemed to have intentionally provoked him yesterday, and it was Zhou Zheng who bailed him and Fang Tai… 


His heart skipped a beat, and with a click, Yang Kai felt as if he had cleared the fog and saw the truth!


However… If the truth was what he thought it was, how did he make sure that the Head Manager would come to inspect his specific plot? Just because of the Ruler of the Dawn Great General? It was not impossible. The Head Manager would definitely be curious if he saw the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, and with a little push from that person, the Head Manager would have visited even if he did not have any initial intention to do so.


It was a pity that the Head Manager had the initiative to come down today; otherwise, Yang Kai would be able to verify whether his guess was correct.


Yang Kai was infuriated. He was almost struck by a fatal disaster, and if the Ruler of the Dawn Great General had not turned the tide at the last moment, he would not have been able to escape. Even Du Ru Feng might not be able to protect him. It could be seen that the Head Manager was not affected even when Du Ru Feng came forward to speak for him. Stealing among the Workers was serious. On the contrary, it was not a big deal if Great General had eaten a fruit or two.


Yang Kai realized he could not stay a Worker anymore… It had only been a few months, but he almost lost his life, and the days to come were still long.


Thinking of this, Yang Kai hurriedly picked up Great General who was lying on top of his head, held him in both of his hands, and examined him closely!


Yang Kai was indeed quite embarrassed when this chicken used his head as a coop, but he quickly let it go when he saw the potential of Great General as a God of Fortune. Never had he thought that he would save his life today! This fat chicken looked so lovable no matter how he looked at him now. Crushing him in his arms with all his strength, “It’s all because of you that I survived in this desperate situation!”


Great General’s feathers were ruffled in this sudden embrace, and he cock-a-doodle-dooed as he struggled with all his strength, but he still could not get out of Yang Kai’s grasp. Its squawking reverberated terribly in the air.


After a while, Yang Kai released him, sat down on the ground, and put him in front of him, cracking up.


Great General lost all his majesty at this moment, his feathers completely dishevelled. As soon as he was released from Yang Kai’s grasp, he charged at him with flapping wings, pecking endlessly at his assaulter.


Yang Kai raised his arms, “Okay, okay, just vent.”


After venting his anger for a while, Great General finally calmed down and started to comb his feathers with his beak in front of Yang Kai, tilting his head from time to time to glance at this Human, his eyes as arrogant as ever.


Elbow on knees, cheeks on hands, Yang Kai asked curiously, “How can you have a Fire Spirit Fruit pit? Did you eat some Fire Spirit Fruits before?”


Great General opened his mouth and spat out a ball of golden light. Yang Kai took it and found that there were several fruit pits.


“You’ve really eaten some!” Yang Kai was surprised, this explained why the Ruler of the Dawn Great General was able to save him at a critical moment today, “Why did you help me?”


In fact, Yang Kai had wanted to know why the Ruler of the Dawn Great General treated him differently for some time now. Normally, it was up to Great General’s mood at the time when it came to rewarding others with Open Heaven Pills for worms. Yang Kai was the only one who could exchange one worm for one pill, and was able to make a fortune out of this opportunity.


This was definitely not just because they talked with their fists before. Unfortunately, until today, the two of them had not had a proper conversation. If Great General could understand him, it meant that Great General had the ability to communicate with people, but was just too lazy to do so.


Since Yang Kai did not understand, he set the matter aside. Stretching out his arms to pick up Great General and place him on his head, Yang Kai spoke to him again, “Today, I owe you my life. If there’s any help you need in the future, just come to me, this Yang will never say no!”


It was uncertain if Great General had heard it clearly, but there was not much of a response.


Although the orchard was big, the Head Manager’s inspection was only a day’s work. Yang Kai waited until the next day before Du Ru Feng arrived again.


As soon as they met, Du Ru Feng started, “Yang Kai, I tried my best to help you yesterday; but unfortunately, there’s nothing much I could do about the crime of theft. Fortunately, Great General took the initiative to confess at the last moment, otherwise, things would be really unimaginable.”


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Sir Du is being too serious. This Yang remembers well how Sir Du cared for him.”


Du Ru Feng patted him on the shoulder, “It’s great that you understand. Good, what is it? Did you specifically invite me to come over to say something?” If it wasn’t for Yang Kai’s Divine Sense transmission yesterday, he would not be here today.


“There is something.” He reached out his hand and gestured, “Sir Du please!”


He sat Du Ru Feng down on the table beside him, and Yang Kai took out some tea and spring water, all of which were kept in the Space Ring for such occasions.


Du Ru Feng smiled, “If you have something to say, there’s no need to beat around the bush!”


Yang Kai pondered for a while, then began, “This Yang wants to ask, is the offer Sir Du proposed before still available?”


Du Ru Feng looked at him with interest, “What’s wrong? Why did you change your mind? Didn’t you reject this King not too long ago?”


Yang Kai laughed dryly, “The situation is different now. There was a reason that this Yang had reservations, but after what happened yesterday, I have discovered that many things are beyond a Worker’s control, and this Yang doesn’t like this feeling of not having control over his own destiny. Moreover, it’s only natural for people to aim for high places. Since Sir gave me the opportunity, this Yang should seize it.”


Still smiling, Du Ru Feng answered, “In Seven Wonders Land, the Workers occupy the majority of the population, but their status is the lowest. Some came to Seven Wonders Land and worked for three thousand years but still failed to succeed, while some people just needed a few years to rise up. It all depends on your capability, and you are a capable person, so this King wants to support you. Don’t worry, what this King offered before still stands.”


“Many thanks, Sir Du!” Yang Kai stood up and cupped his fists, but did not take his seat immediately after and continued, “This Yang would like to ask again, what would his status be after following Sir Du?”


“You’ll be promoted from the status of Worker to disciple of Seven Wonders Land.”


“What would I do then?”


“What do you want to do?” Du Ru Feng asked back.


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “Can this Yang have his choice of assignment?”


Du Ru Feng laughed, “As long as it is within my jurisdiction, and as long as it does not violate the rules of Seven Wonders Land, yes.”


Yang Kai drew a big circle with his hand, “This disciple wants to be the Orchard Manager!”


“Huh?” Du Ru Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, “You have a big appetite.”


“If Sir can’t fulfil this request, then just take it as this Yang being presumptuous.”


Du Ru Feng snorted, “Are you provoking this King?”


“I dare not!”


Du Ru Feng stared at him for a while, regretting that he had said such big words just now, and now he was placed in a position where he could not go back on his words. If he agreed to Yang Kai’s request, there was no guarantee that he could fulfil it as he was not the one to make such decisions; if he rejected Yang Kai though, it would be a big loss of face.


After weighing his options for a while, Du Ru Feng spoke again, “It’s a good thing that you want to be the Orchard Manager. As you said, people should always aim for higher heights, but the position of Manager belongs to someone else currently, Zhou Zheng. Although he is a little incompetent, he hasn’t made any big mistakes, and it’s unfair to revoke his position for no reason. How about…”


Before he could finish speaking, Yang Kai interrupted, “What if Manager Zhou made a mistake?”


Du Ru Feng frowned, “What mistake did Zhou Zheng make? No matter what mistake he made, no one can help him because everyone has to follow the rules.”


“If Manager Zhou is dismissed, could this Yang take over as the Orchard Manager?”


Du Ru Feng chuckled, “Is there some kind of grudge between you and Zhou Zheng? Why do you want to pull him down and replace him?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “This Yang will reveal the mystery to Sir after Sir answers his question.”


Du Ru Feng thought for a while with a serious look, then explained, “The position of Manager needs to be appointed by Venerable, and I only have the right to recommend someone to it!”


“Then, many thanks to Sir in advance!”


“Good, after going around in circles, what do you want to say? Hurry up and spit it out.” Du Ru Feng was getting a little impatient and his slight annoyance was apparent on his face.


“It’s about yesterday! That Spirit Fruit wasn’t taken by Great General, but was actually stolen by someone!”


Du Ru Feng paled and warned hastily, “Yang Kai, you can eat anything you want, but you can’t just blurt out words recklessly. Do you know that someone may die if you say this?”


Yang Kai looked down and nodded, “I didn’t know it before yesterday, but I do now.”


Du Ru Feng gently tapped the stone table with his fingers, “Tell me the details!”




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