Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3876, Wait For Good News


Translator: Silavin & Danny

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Xiang Yong sneered, “Manager Zhou doesn’t need to know how I found out, I just know.”


Zhou Zheng became sullen, “I was surprised by what happened yesterday. When Head Manager went to inspect his plot as I guided, and found out about the loss of a Spirit Fruit, I thought everything was settled, but who could have anticipated that Great General would come to that bastard’s rescue at the last moment.”


“Manager Zhou doesn’t need to tell me the details, I have already learned about it from others.”


Zhou Zheng was confused, “Since you already knew, why are you coming to me?”


“Naturally, I came here to ask Manager Zhou for an explanation!”


Zhou Zheng laughed, “Ask me for an explanation? What do you want me to say?” His face turned cold, “Why should this King give you an explanation?”


Xiang Yong snorted, “If it wasn’t for your instigation, how could I have done such a despicable thing? Now that the deed has been done, but the expected result did not happen, shouldn’t Sir Manager take some responsibility?”


Zhou Zheng’s face was so cold that it was practically frozen, “When did this King instigate you? I told you before that this was a serious matter that needed to be carefully considered before execution, and the consequences would be yours to bear. Now that something went wrong, is it this King’s fault?”


Xiang Yong cracked his neck, his posture turning vicious, “I don’t care, we are grasshoppers on a single rope now. If one suffers, all suffer.”


Zhou Zheng was so angry that he wanted to slap the bear in front of him to death, secretly regretting that he had fed such a bad idea to Xiang Yong a few days ago.


“What do you want?” Zhou Zheng asked in a cold voice. Xiang Yong was a fool, not worth Zhou Zheng’s attention, so it was quite hard for Zhou Zheng to hold his temper when someone like that was blackmailing him so blatantly.


Xiang Yong grinned meaningfully, “Sir Manager surely knows my intentions. As long as Sir Manager can satisfy me, I will also satisfy Sir Manager.”


Zhou Zheng narrowed his eyes, “Do you want to go back to your original site?”


“It doesn’t matter now, as long as you can transfer me near Xiao Dié.”


Zhou Zheng nodded lightly, “If that’s all you want, it’s not impossible. Go back and wait for my news. I’ll let you know when I’ve arranged it.”


Xiang Yong looked at him suspiciously, “Is Sir Manager trying to deceive me? Although I may appear uncultured, I’m not that easy to fool.”


Zhou Zheng was furious, “Why should I lie to you? Do I need to lie to you for something like this?”


“Then I’ll trust you one more time!” Xiang Yong nodded, “I’ll leave now, and wait for Sir Manager’s good news.”


“Wait!” Zhou Zheng raised his hand to stop him.


Xiang Yong turned around, “Is there something else Sir Manager needs?”


Zhou Zheng snarled through gritted teeth, “Where’s the fruit?”


“What fruit?” Xiang Yong was puzzled by what he said.


“What do you think?”


“Oh!” Xiang Yong suddenly understood, “You mean the stolen one…” He patted his stomach, “I’ve sacrificed it to the stomach, it actually tasted quite bad!”


“You…” Zhou Zheng looked at him, unable to come up with a retort, then shooed him away in disgust, “Leave, leave!”


After opening the barrier around the hall and sending Xiang Yong off, Zhou Zheng paced around for a while before sighing heavily. This plan was supposed to be perfect. In fact, if the Ruler of the Dawn Great General did not interfere at the last moment, Yang Kai would have been dead already; but now, Yang Kai was not only unscathed, Zhou Zheng was in deep trouble.


[Xiang Yong… He can no longer be kept alive. Since he dares to blackmail me once, he’ll dare to do it twice.] Zhou Zheng did not want to be blackmailed again; however, even if he was the Orchard Manager, he could not just kill a Worker at will. He had to wait for the right opportunity.




Shortly after, in Yang Kai’s plot, a sudden brilliance flashed and two figures appeared out of thin air. It was Yang Kai and Du Ru Feng.


Yang Kai looked over to see Du Ru Feng’s expression as tranquil as an ancient well; there was no way to know what the latter was thinking.


Yang Kai did not ask either. What he saw and heard today had completely confirmed his suspicions. With this incident, Zhou Zheng and Xiang Yong would probably end in disaster. It was not a guarantee that Yang Kai would be replacing Zhou Zheng once he was removed, but at least he would not need to always be on guard against troubles from his superiors.


Yang Kai was only trying his luck when he requested Du Ru Feng to promote him to be the Manager of the orchard and did not really expect him to agree. Yang Kai knew he did not have adequate qualifications to begin with, as it had only been a few months since he came to the orchard. Secondly, his cultivation was insufficient, so it would be difficult to command respect from the Workers.


If he could not be the Orchard Manager though, Du Ru Feng would definitely compensate him in other aspects, so there would be a lot of room for him to negotiate.


If this incident did not involve his own life, Yang Kai would not have been this ruthless. If Zhou Zheng just made things difficult for him, wanting to extract some benefits, Yang Kai would have endured it if he could, but Zhou Zheng actually went so far as to frame him by stealing a Spirit Fruit! If Yang Kai continued to bear with it, he would not know how or when he was going to die.


Yang Kai invited Du Ru Feng to take a seat, poured some tea, and waited quietly.


After a long time, Du Ru Feng smiled lightly, “You’re quite impressive. In less than half a year, there are already two people who want to kill you. How did you offend them?”


“I’m curious too!” Yang Kai looked puzzled, “In regards to Manager Zhou, it’s probably because I didn’t offer him a share when I was rewarded last time, so he held some grudges. But I can’t think of a reason why Xiang Yong would do this.”


Du Ru Feng took a sip of tea, “No matter what the reason is, since they dared to steal a Spirit Fruit, they will end up dying no matter how many lives they have.”


Yang Kai was slightly stunned. Old Fang was right, the lives of the Workers were really worthless here, and it could even be said that Seven Wonders Land did not treat the Workers as people at all.


“I also said before that the position of Orchard Manager needs to be appointed by Venerable in person, and I only have the right to make a recommendation. I will recommend you, as well as report the cause and effect of this matter. As for whether Venerable agrees in the end, it’s up to him.”


“Whether it works or not, I thank Sir Du for his kindness.” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


“Wait for good news,” Du Ru Feng patted Yang Kai’s shoulder and flew away.


The next few days were calm. Yang Kai walked around the orchard, and from time to time he would visit Dié You. Xiang Yong did not appear recently and according to Old Fang, Xiang Yong has been very well-behaved, sleeping most of his time away.


On the fifth day, while Yang Kai was catching worms with Dié You in her plot, he received a message and quickly took out the jade plate.


“Is it from Old Fang?” Dié You asked, recognizing the communicating artifact.


“En!” Yang Kai nodded, and sent his Divine Sense into the artifact. 


Suddenly, he turned to look at Dié You and declared, “Xiang Yong was captured!”


Dié You was flabbergasted, “Xiang Yong? What did he do?”


Yang Kai shook his head and said he did not know, mainly because he did not know what Du Ru Feng’s plan was.


Dié You frowned, “Although he is a little reckless, he’s still capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. Did Old Fang see him get captured?”


Yang Kai nodded in confirmation, “Some of the Seven Wonders Land disciples arrived to arrest him, and Old Fang saw it with his own eyes. It happened half a stick of incense ago.” 


Yang Kai then looked up in the direction of the tall summit. Since Xiang Yong had been captured, it meant that the same must have happened to Zhou Zheng too.


He wondered what Zhou Zheng was feeling at this moment. Was he surprised? Since he dared to frame Yang Kai with such a vicious plot, he should be mentally prepared for revenge.


In just one day, a rumour spread throughout Fire Spirit Land.


The Orchard Manager, Zhou Zheng, together with a Worker, Xiang Yong, stole a Fire Spirit Fruit. After careful investigation, it was confirmed that the two had committed a heinous crime and had been handed over to the Fire Spirit Land Punishment Hall, to serve as a warning to the others!


The Workers could not believe it, but it was news directly from the Seven Wonders Land disciples, so it was not up to them to question anything.


Everyone knew that Xiang Yong and Zhou Zheng were done for. No one had dared to steal a Fire Spirit Fruit in many years. The question was, as the Orchard Manager, why would Zhou Zheng steal a Fire Spirit Fruit? It served no other function other than to refine Open Heaven Pills. What could he do with a stolen fruit?


Even before this news could be digested, another situation began brewing.


Since Zhou Zheng was in trouble, the Orchard Manager position would be vacant, and someone would definitely take over. It was out of the question for the Workers, as only disciples from Seven Wonders Land could take the position of the Manager.


The position of Orchard Manager may sound very attractive as one would have a huge number of people under his command, but the position was actually a hard and thankless job. Any Seven Wonders Land disciple with a promising future would not be interested. Only those like Zhou Zheng, a Worker with no future prospects, would covet such a position.


Two days later, Du Ru Feng descended from the sky.


Yang Kai, who was busy, hurriedly stopped and greeted him, “Sir Du!”


Du Ru Feng smiled and waved, “Get up!”


Yang Kai observed his expression, slightly surprised “Sir, is there a happy event? You look practically radiant.”


Du Ru Feng chuckled, “There is, but it’s not for me, it’s for you!”


“Me?” Yang Kai’s expression changed, “Could it be that…” Of course, he was already mentally prepared to be rejected.


“Look at this.” As Du Ru Feng spoke as he stretched out his hand and a new set of clothes immediately appeared.


“Seven Coloured Robe…”


“Exactly!” Du Ru Feng unfolded the Seven Coloured Robe, “Try it on.”


“But Sir, aren’t only disciples of Seven Wonders Land allowed to wear this?”


“En, and you are now a disciple of Seven Wonders Land!” Du Ru Feng announced with a smile.


Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised, and cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Sir, for the promotion.” He respectfully took the Seven Coloured Robe in both hands and put it on himself without reservations.


Du Ru Feng nodded approvingly, “Not bad, the size is just right. When you’re free, go to the Personnel Hall to get your disciple token and a few more sets of clothes.”


“Yes, Sir!”




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  1. While he kind of deserves it, I also feel a bit sorry for Xiang Yong since he was tricked by Zhou Zheng (after all he made the relationship between Die You and YK -accidentally?- look different than it actually is)
    And while his love for Die You was a bit overbearing, he still didn’t use force (which is a lot better than many other people in that world)

    1. Being a tool in an attempted murder, stupidity is not an excuse. The dumbass was a bully and a stalker anyhow – he was set up well for disposal, nobody’s gonna miss his quarrons.

  2. This kind of reminds me of Blue Feather Sect, Yang Kai starting from the bottom. I a few hundred chapters, the venerable would only be good enough to be a subordinate to Yang Kai.

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