Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3877, Make Another Contribution


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All of a sudden, Yang Kai became a disciple of Seven Wonders Land. Although the Seven Coloured Robe was not particularly stylish, it was a symbol of identity and status in Seven Wonders Land.


In order for a Worker to become a Seven Wonders Land disciple, breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm had always been the only way. That was why so many Workers had no choice but to condense First or Second-Order materials in order to achieve the First or Second-Order Open Heaven Realm, because the materials needed for the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm were way too unaffordable for Workers. If the Workers aimed too high, they might only waste their whole life away only to end up not being promoted to the Open Heaven Realm.


No matter how many First or Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters there were, Seven Wonders Land did not need to worry about them causing any disturbance. Removing their status as a Worker and giving them the position of a Common Disciple could not only make them feel a sense of belonging to Seven Wonders Land, but also strengthened the Sect.


Yang Kai naturally understood all this with a little thought.


Seeing him in a trance, Du Ru Feng laughed, “Are you already happy with just this? Good things are yet to come.”


Yang Kai asked curiously, “Is there something more?”


Du Ru Feng smiled faintly, “Have you forgotten about the request that you made? If you want to achieve it, you must at least become a disciple of Seven Wonders Land, so your clothes are only the most basic premise.”


Yang Kai was surprised, “Did Venerable agree?”


Du Ru Feng nodded, “Yes.”


Without waiting for Yang Kai to say anything, Du Ru Feng continued with a change of tone, “But Venerable has a condition!”


“What condition?” Yang Kai asked, seemingly quite eager when in fact, he became vigilant. He knew it was impossible for them to agree to his request so readily. The condition was probably a difficult task for him, but it did not matter, because he had at least achieved his expected goal.


“Venerable stated that you haven’t been here for very long and your cultivation is not high. Even though you have made a great contribution by exposing the criminals responsible for stealing a Spirit Fruit, it’s not enough to appoint you as the Orchard Manager. You know, quite a few are coveting this position and if you are appointed without a valid reason, I’m afraid it’s difficult to convince the public.”


“This Disciple understands,” Yang Kai nodded.


“Venerable wants you to make another contribution!” Du Ru Feng looked at him with a smile, “As long as you can make another great contribution, with Venerable’s backing, no one will be able to complain about your promotion.”


Yang Kai scratched his head, “Luck is required to make a contribution. This Disciple couldn’t easily make another contribution even if he wanted to. Or, are there any other Scarlet Clouds Golden Flames in Fire Spirit Land that need this Disciple to assist in collecting?”


Du Ru Feng chuckled, “It’s extremely hard for a Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame to be formed, so it’s unlikely to be seen another one even in thousands of years. It’s a blessing from the Heavens for us to get one last time, how can there be a second one so easily?” He continued with a lower voice and a solemn face, “There’s something you need to do now. As long as you complete this task, the credit will come naturally.”


Yang Kai suddenly understood, “Venerable has already made arrangements!” He immediately cupped his fist, “In that case, please give the order, Sir. This Disciple will start now and complete the mission as soon as possible.”


Du Ru Feng patted him on the shoulder, “When you put on this robe, you and I became fellow brothers, so don’t call me Sir anymore. What Venerable wants you to do this time is to hunt down a traitor.”


“A traitor!” Yang Kai’s face turned solemn.


“That’s right.” Du Ru Feng declared coldly, “This man committed a huge crime a few days ago but refused to repent. On the contrary, he escaped from Seven Wonders Land. His sin is unforgivable, so Venerable wants you to find him, kill him, and bring his head back!”


Yang Kai blinked and asked embarrassingly, “This Junior Brother knows he should obey Venerable’s order, but this Junior Brother has to ask… What cultivation does this traitor have?”


He did not want to run after the enemy recklessly. If it turned out that the traitor was an Open Heaven Realm Master? How could he complete the task then? By that time, Yang Kai was unsure who would be the one getting killed.


Du Ru Feng smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, his cultivation is equivalent to yours. Furthermore, he is wounded.”


Yang Kai nodded, “No problem then, but how can I find him? Senior Brother, the world outside is so vast that I can’t even distinguish my direction. This traitor could be hiding anywhere…”


“Someone will go with you. It’s just a formality this time really, so you only need to go tag along. You don’t really need to do much.”


[Can there be such a good thing?] Yang Kai was dumbstruck.


Outwardly, however, Yang Kai quickly reacted by cupping his fists, “Many thanks to Venerable and Senior Brother for the promotion!”


Du Ru Feng patted him on the shoulder, “Good, you should move now. Someone will pick you up when you get out of Fire Spirit Land.”


“Yes!” Yang Kai answered and soared into the sky.


After Yang Kai departed, Du Ru Feng immediately disappeared from his spot with a flicker.


A moment later, in the main palace of Fire Spirit Land, Du Ru Feng stood in front of a heavy gate and saluted respectfully.


The door opened a gap and Du Ru Feng stepped in, standing straight as a voice reached his ear, “Is it done?”


“Reporting to Venerable, it is done.”


“En.” The Venerable answered softly, “From your look, it seems that you have some questions.”


Du Ru Feng smiled wryly, “Nothing can be concealed from Sir Venerable. It’s true that this Disciple has some questions.”




“One of this Disciple’s questions is that given that Yang Kai is a newcomer and his cultivation is not high enough, is it really fine to promote him to a higher position?”


“Why not? It’s just a trivial Orchard Manager. Even if we promote him, how long can he stay in that position? At most, it will be for half a year.”


“Is Senior Brother Yu Lian coming out of the retreat soon?” Du Ru Feng got a clue from the statement.




“Then there should be no problem. It’s only half a year, so it’s really nothing.” Du Ru Feng nodded gently, “There’s something else that this Disciple doesn’t understand!”


“About the traitor?” Duan Hai chuckled.


“Yes, it’s about the traitor!” Du Ru Feng was puzzled, “The traitor entered Fire Spirit Land at the same time as Yang Kai, so his cultivation is not high. Although he made a mistake without knowing, it should not have been serious enough to lead to his death, so why did he try to flee? Furthermore, he actually succeeded in escaping!”


“Seven Wonders Land is covered by a Grand Array. If the Grand Array is not deactivated or opened, not even an Open Heaven Realm Master could come or go as they pleased. If it weren’t for the permission of this King, how could that traitor have escaped!?”


A sudden realisation dawned on Du Ru Feng. His guess was right. Otherwise, how could a mere Emperor Realm Master escape out of Seven Wonders Land while the Grand Array was functioning? After listening to Duan Hai’s words, he knew that he was right. It was the intention of the Venerable to allow the traitor to run. It could even be said that he was encouraged by someone to run away.


“Why?” This was the part that Du Ru Feng did not understand, “This Disciple can easily take care of trash like that, so why bother to let him out?”


“You don’t understand!” Duan Hai shook his head slowly, “You can’t kill him. This King found something when he brought that man back here. If we really let him die in the hands of Seven Wonders Land, it might cause trouble in the future.”


Du Ru Feng was taken aback. Seven Wonders Land was not weak. The Heavenly Monarch and the several Venerables were all Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, so a person who could cause them troubles should be at least a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, “Does it mean that he has a great backing??”




As soon as Yang Kai left the orchard, Great General flew down. Yang Kai was used to such habits. This chicken always perched on his head only when he was in the orchard, and he would act on his own at other times.


Yang Kai did not care about him and continued to walk. Soon, he left Fire Spirit Land.


Two figures were waiting at the exit of the Grand Array. They approached Yang Kai as soon as they saw him. The fatter man on the left side spoke, “Are you Junior Brother Yang Kai?”


“It is this Yang!” Yang Kai stepped forward and cupped his fist, “Greetings, two Senior Brothers. My apologies for having caused two Senior Brothers to wait.”


While speaking, Yang Kai checked out the pair and was secretly frightened. Initially, he did not believe Du Ru Feng stated that it was just a formality this time; after all, he had not encountered such a good thing since his debut. Now when he saw these two people, he understood that it was indeed just a formality for him, because these two were impressively Open Heaven Realm Masters!


Their auras were similar to that of Zhou Zheng, so they should only be First-Order, but even a First-Order was an Open Heaven Realm Master 


Although he did not know who he was going to kill, Du Ru Feng disclosed that his strength was almost the same as that of himself. In other words, the traitor was definitely not an Open Heaven Realm Master, or even a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master.


It seemed quite weird to Yang Kai that he had to go after an Emperor Realm Master with two Open Heaven Realm Masters.


When Yang Kai was checking them out, they were also examining Yang Kai. The fat man who spoke earlier pressed on, “So you are Junior Brother Yang. You really have a handsome and extraordinary look.”


The skinnier man on the right also nodded, “Junior Brother Yang has a majestic and prestigious demeanour. I can tell that you are a man who will go on to do great things.”


[What’s this situation?] Yang Kai was dumbfounded. The two guys bootlicked him so much that he felt extremely uncomfortable.


Since he came to Seven Wonders Land, Yang Kai was treated ordinarily among the Workers, and none of the Seven Wonders Land disciples in the shopping district had ever given him a second glance.


Nevertheless, these two Open Heaven Realm Masters here were actually flattering him openly… He could not get used to the current situation.


With a single thought, Yang Kai associated their behaviour with Du Ru Feng. He wondered what Du Ru Feng had told these two guys that they did not hesitate to praise him.


What else could Yang Kai say? He could only cup his fists with a smile, “Senior Brothers flatter me. Two Senior Brothers have vigorous auras and profound cultivation. This Junior Brother is far behind you two, and will need two Senior Brothers to take care of me this time, please.”


The pair exchanged looks and beamed lightly as they found that Yang Kai had a good attitude. The fat man immediately assured, “Don’t worry, Senior Brother Du informed us that even if we fall into danger this time, we can’t let Junior Brother get into an accident. We two brothers will absolutely protect Junior Brother Yang with our lives.”


“May this Junior Brother know how to address two Senior Brothers?” Yang Kai asked politely, silently confirming the reason why these two guys treated him with a good attitude. It turned out that Du Ru Feng had left them instructions before. They must have understood that Yang Kai was a very important person to Du Ru Feng and may stand out in Fire Spirit Land in the future. As such they hurriedly take this opportunity to make friends with him, and maybe they could follow him to make a success in the future.


They each reported their names. The fat one was Ma Liu and the thinner one was Jiang Sheng. After chatting a bit, the three departed together.




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  1. So. The chased one – probably the beast man. Would be too convenient if it was the old manager’s tool, who picked a fight with YK earlier – not enough drama by MoMo’s standards lately. Could be one of the girls or even naive kid, of course, but beast man seems like a natural dark horse with good potential for unexpected background through bloodline.
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