Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3878, Hunting


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Seven Wonders Land was overlaid with a massive Grand Array, one that did not allow people to enter and exit without permission, but since it was under Duan Hai’s order, Yang Kai’s group was naturally well prepared.


They left Seven Wonders Land easily, but the void where it was located now was shrouded in fog. Yang Kai looked back and could only see a mass of fog so he asked worriedly, “Two Senior Brothers, we don’t know how long it will take us to run this errand, do you want to note down the way so we don’t get lost?”


Fatty Ma Liu guffawed, “You are not aware, Junior Brother, but in this vast Outer Universe, it is far too easy to become disoriented, so there is no point in remembering the way, but as long as there is a navigation chart to guide us, no matter how far away we travel, we can find our way back.”


Yang Kai had a sudden understanding. He vaguely recalled that Duan Hai mentioned something similar when he was brought to Seven Wonders Land, but he had never seen it with his own eyes and had no idea what such an object looked like.


Yang Kai guessed that it should be a treasure that showed directions.


“How do we track down the traitor?” Yang Kai asked again.


It was Jiang Sheng who replied this time, “Junior Brother Yang, don’t be impatient. We will find a way to track him. Junior Brother, you just need to follow us and kill him when we find him.”


“I understand, I’ll be counting on two Senior Brothers then.” Yang Kai cupped his fists and simply stopped worrying. Although he was curious about a lot of things, it would raise suspicion if he asked too many questions. Why bother when there was no need to worry? Now that he thought about it, this was his first time leaving Seven Wonders Land since his arrival a few months ago.


Seven Wonders Land was not a good place. Although he was fortunate to get great backing from Du Ru Feng and seemed to be appreciated, Yang Kai had a nagging feeling that there were other intentions involved.


This feeling was only reinforced when he recalled that everything happened after he assisted Du Ru Feng in collecting the Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame!


Yang Kai highly suspected that his Wood Element had been exposed. Although he was not sure, he needed to be cautious. If he had a chance this time, he may be able to escape from Seven Wonders Land.


It was a pity he did not expect Du Ru Feng would have given him such a task, and he was not given time to prepare for his escape; otherwise, he might have been able to bring Old Fang and Dié You along with him.


Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng were both Open Heaven Realm cultivators and sped through the void at incredible speed. It was all Yang Kai could do to barely keep up with them. Even so, these two were impressed by Yang Kai, for they thought he was just a little brat who was lucky enough to be appreciated by Du Ru Feng. Who knew that he actually had such skill?


After half a day, Ma Liu suddenly stopped, flicked his hand, and took out what looked like a sphere. Inside the sphere, a cloud of constantly shifting red mist drifted in a certain direction.


Ma Liu put the sphere away and sped in that direction.


When Yang Kai saw this, he knew that the artifact in the shape of a sphere was a tracker. Otherwise, in this vast Outer Universe, how could the traitor be found after escaping from Seven Wonders Land?


Yang Kai was secretly surprised. Since the traitor could be traced, could it be the same for him? He had no way of knowing if Duan Hai had secretly done something to them when he brought them back to Seven Wonders Land. After all, the gap between cultivation Realms was too great.


Duan Hai might just have done that! If this was really the case, Yang Kai had to figure out a way to escape Seven Wonders Land quickly before his intentions were exposed and he was tracked down.


Speeding through the void, Yang Kai took in his surroundings. The scenery was breathtaking, and the insignificance of his own being was somehow emphasized at this moment.


Time flew by. Yang Kai estimated that they have left Seven Wonders Land for at least ten days. As the three travelled, Ma Liu would take out the sphere from time to time and change directions accordingly.


And as time passed, the faces of Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng gradually became ugly.


Yang Kai had to ask even if he did not want to.


“Two Senior Brothers, is something wrong?”


Ma Liu answered, “Junior Brother Yang, don’t be impatient, there is nothing wrong. It’s just that we’re too far away from Seven Wonders Land, and there are all kinds of dangers in this vast world. Although both of us are Open Heaven Realm Masters, we’re just First-Order and we may not be able to protect you if we encounter danger.”


Jiang Sheng cursed, “I thought it would be easy to track down that guy, but we didn’t expect him to be so fast. Maybe he cultivated some sort of sacrificial Secret Technique.”


It was only then that Yang Kai realized that things had gone far beyond their plan, and the traitor had run too far.


Ma Liu continued, “We have to speed up. We won’t know how long we have to chase after him if we continue to let him run like this.”


Jiang Sheng nodded, “Junior Brother Yang, forgive us,” Right after, he and Ma Liu clutched Yang Kai on the left and right, and their speed increased a level. Suddenly, they were moving as swiftly as the wind.


After another three days, a look of joy suddenly appeared on Ma Liu’s face, “He stopped.”


“He should be stopping to rest!” Jiang Sheng raised his eyebrows, “How far?”


Ma Liu looked at the sphere in his hand again, “Another half a day’s journey!”


Jiang Sheng turned to Yang Kai, “Junior Brother Yang, get ready. When you meet the traitor, it will be your turn to take action. These two Senior Brothers will be on the sidelines for you.”


“Many thanks, Senior Brothers!” Yang Kai bowed.


Ma Liu chuckled, “It’s not a problem. We just hope that Junior Brother won’t forget about us two Senior Brothers when he prospers in the future.”


“I will never!” Yang Kai replied, closing his eyes to adjust his breathing, he secretly felt speechless. With Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng literally holding on to him, he had no chance to run even if he wanted to, unless he killed them. But they were Open Heaven Realm Masters, so even if Yang Kai initiated an attack with all he had, he might possibly kill one off while they were unguarded, but it was unrealistic to take down two… 


It seemed that there was no way to escape Seven Wonders Land for the time being; it was better for him to take one step at a time.


Half a day later, a Universe World’s aura suddenly appeared in front of them. Yang Kai opened his eyes and found that it was indeed a Universe World. From a distance, the blue world looked like a sky with clouds, a breathtaking sight to see.


Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng took him straight towards that world through the layers of clouds, and they were welcomed by a bright light. Yang Kai looked around curiously; after all, this was the first Universe World he had entered after leaving the Star Boundary. Naturally, he would want to see how other places were different from his home.


From the looks of it though, it did not seem to be much different, except for the slightly altered World Principles.


Also, this Universe World did not seem to be very strong, because when the group of three entered, there was no obstruction at all.


If there was a Great Emperor here, that would definitely not have been the case.


Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng let out a sigh of relief. Although they were Open Heaven Realm Masters, if there were Great Emperors guarding this Universe World, they would not want to create conflict. 


The three broke through the sky and landed on top of a certain mountain.


Ma Liu took a deep breath, his already fat body became even more bloated as he bellowed in a single large breath towards the bottom of the mountain, “Come out!”


The mountain collapsed, and waterfalls flowed against the current when the words resounded. Birds and beasts were killed or injured in an instant, and the land rolled violently as if Dragons were trying to escape from beneath the ground!


In the midst of the rumbling, a figure escaped out of the collapsing peak and looked up at the place where Yang Kai and the others were in horror.


Jiang Sheng sneered, “This bastard can run quite well. This King has been chasing him for so many days!”


At this moment, the traitor clearly saw the Seven Coloured Robes donned by Ma Liu and the others and the colour drained completely from his face before he turned to flee.


Jiang Sheng’s laugh was even colder now, “This King is here now, where do you think you can run to?” He spat, and an artifact in the shape of a sphere was summoned, instantly sealing off the local space. He scrambled left and right but failed to escape from the bounds of the artifact, causing the fear etched on his face to intensify.


“Junior Brother Yang, it’s up to you now.” Ma Liu turned to Yang Kai, “Don’t worry, he is injured now and absolutely no match for you. Besides, both of us will be here to back you up, so just execute him boldly!”


Yang Kai nodded, “Understood.”


He walked forward into the domain confined by Jiang Sheng and stopped to look at the traitor who betrayed Seven Wonders Land with a complicated expression.


The traitor was still trying to break through the barrier but could not find a way to leave at all, so he turned, and when their eyes met, he asked with some confusion, “Yang Kai, why are you here?”


Yang Kai sighed, “That’s what I wanted to ask.”


When Du Ru Feng asked him to hunt down a traitor, he did not ask for any details; after all, he did not know many people, but now he realized that he knew the traitor as he was in the same batch of people who came to Seven Wonders Land with him.


Fang Tai!


“It’s all because of you!” Fang Tai glared at Yang Kai, his eyes glowing a shade of deep scarlet as if he had met his nemesis, “If it wasn’t for you, how could this Fang be put in this position!?”


Yang Kai scoffed, “How is this my fault?” This was simply illogical.


Fang Tai gritted his teeth, “The Fire Spirit Fruit that Zhou Zheng and Xiang Yong conspired to steal was yours, right?”


“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded, suddenly realizing, “I understand now, you were involved in their plot.”


Fang Tai was furious, “I had no idea! All I knew was that Zhou Zheng asked me to delay you for a while. He is the Orchard Manager, so how could I refuse? I thought it was just a trivial matter, but who knew it would involve stealing Spirit Fruits!”


“You didn’t have to listen!” Yang Kai sneered, “Fate is always in your own hands.”


“Cheap words!” Fang Tai exclaimed, “The moment Zhou Zheng and Xiang Yong got into trouble, I knew I would be involved, so I ran, but I didn’t expect to be caught so quickly. What was even more unexpected is that you were the one coming after me!”


“What’s so strange about this? I’m the subject of the matter.”


Fang Tai was puzzled, “But you’re just a Worker… “


Yang Kai tugged at his collar and adjusted it… 


Fang Tai’s eyes widened, “Seven Coloured Robe! You’re actually wearing Seven Coloured Robes… Are you a disciple of Seven Wonders Land now?”




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