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Martial Peak – Chapter 3879, Killing Fang Tai

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In an instant, Fang Tai’s eyes turned red from jealousy. He, too, had been in Seven Wonders Land for several months. Naturally, he knew the difficulty of getting promoted from a Worker to a Common Disciple, but since Yang Kai was wearing a Seven Coloured Robe, it was clear that he had gotten rid of the Worker status and became a disciple of Seven Wonders Land.


[How did this happen?]


The last time he saw Yang Kai was only a few days ago. At that time, he had Zhou Zheng’s protection while Yang Kai was the target of Zhou Zheng’s anger. Fang Tai thought that he could be safe by relying on Zhou Zheng, but he did not expect to be implicated in this debacle and end up running for his life.


“Brother Fang, this Yang has been ordered to take your life now. Since we know each other, I don’t want to make things too complicated. Why don’t you kill yourself to avoid suffering!?”


“End my own life?” Fang Tai’s face changed drastically, “This Fang just made an unintentional mistake! For that, I deserve death?”


Yang Kai remarked faintly, “It’s an order from the higher-ups, I have no choice either.”


Fang Tai looked around and saw that Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng were both eyeing him. He knew that he probably could not escape this disaster under the watch of the two Open Heaven Realm Masters here and for a moment, he became depressed, his face turning pale as he sent out a Divine Sense transmission, “Brother Yang, you and I have entered Seven Wonders Land together and even had an alliance before. Now, this Fang is in trouble, please show kindness and let me go. This Fang will surely repay this favour in the future.”


Yang Kai stared faintly at him and asked, “Did Brother Fang really take that alliance seriously?”


Fang Tai’s face turned ugly, knowing that he had done something wrong in the past. He isolated and forced Yang Kai out when he saw him get on Zhou Zheng’s bad side, but the tide had turned after just two months and now he became the one who had to beg for mercy. Still, Fang Tai pleaded, “Brother Yang, this Fang was wrong last time. Please be merciful and forgive me. It’s all because of this Fang’s foolishness in trusting the wrong person…”


Yang Kai raised his hand and stopped him, “It’s useless for you to say this now. Senior Brother Du ordered the other two Senior Brothers here to come with me. They certainly are not here just to lead the way for me. Even if I let you go, they will not. Furthermore… Why should I let you go?”


If it was just their disagreements from before, Yang Kai might not have been so forceful here; after all, everyone had their own free will to seek blessings and avoid disaster. Yang Kai offended Zhou Zheng, while Fang Tai depended on the backing of Zhou Zheng to succeed, so it was natural for him to stay away from Yang Kai. In order to survive and thrive, Fang Tai made the correct choice. They just had different ways of living and could not work together.


But Yang Kai could not forgive Fang Tai for cooperating with Zhou Zheng and Xiang Yong to frame him. Even though Fang Tai was ignorant of the full plot, if they really succeeded, Yang Kai would be dead now.


An unintentional mistake was still a great enmity.


Moreover, as he mentioned, since Du Ru Feng ordered Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng to accompany him, Yang Kai also had his hands tied. Even if he did not do it, Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng would definitely not let Fang Tai go.


Reaching out his hand, a Dragon Roar sounded as the Azure Dragon Spear appeared in Yang Kai’s grip, “Fang Tai, suffer death!”


Yang Kai’s aura quickly rose to the limit as he already appeared in front of Fang Tai when he uttered the last word, the spear in his hand thrusting forward.


Fang Tai was taken aback, not having expected Yang Kai to make such a decisive move without giving him any time to react at all. Even though he was on guard, Fang Tai only managed to raise his arm and hurriedly summon a round shield before the spear reached him.


A loud metallic clang erupted and cracks ran all over the round shield as soon as it appeared, its radiance quickly fading.


After just a breath of time, the round shield exploded, revealing Fang Tai’s terrified face.


Not far away, Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng looked at each other and saw the amazement in each other’s eyes. Although such a blow could be wielded at will with their current strength, they were sure that they could not achieve a similar level of power when they were at Yang Kai’s current cultivation. In other words, at the Emperor Realm, Yang Kai’s heritage was already much more powerful than theirs. In the future, when Yang Kai reached the Open Heaven Realm, even if he was the same First Order as them, they would probably be no match for him.


The Azure Dragon Spear penetrated the shattered round shield and through Fang Tai’s shoulder. Blood spurted, and Fang Tai’s face turned as pale as a sheet of paper.


Yang Kai’s face was emotionless. When he retracted the spear, he kicked right into Fang Tai’s stomach, sending him flying like a rag sack until he collided with the barrier of Jiang Sheng’s artifact, spewing blood from his mouth.


Fang Tai looked dreadfully frightened while Yang Kai seemed slightly surprised.


This was actually the first time that he had a real fight after leaping out of the Star Boundary and entering the 3,000 Worlds. Although his opponent was not an Open Heaven Realm Master, he felt that Fang Tai was not as strong as he expected him to be… 


But Yang Kai figured it had something to do with Fang Tai’s wounds and the latter being on the run for so many days. Yang Kai had no idea how Fang Tai was injured, but it was probably because he had fought with someone when he escaped Seven Wonders Land.


Regardless, there was nothing to think about. With a flicker, Yang Kai rushed forward, and the shadow of the Azure Dragon Spear streaked beneath the sky to envelope Fang Tai.


Fang Tai was not too weak, and he kept releasing all kinds of artifacts one after another, especially defensive artifacts, which made Yang Kai wonder how he obtained so many and how insecure he was to have prepared them all.


However, under Yang Kai’s continuous and rampageous attacks, Fang Tai was put in a passive position with no chance to strike back. Fang Tai was shocked, as if he did not expect that even though they had the same cultivation, he was no match for Yang Kai at all.


When his last defensive artifact was shattered, Fang Tai covered his chest as he was torn by grief.


“Yang Kai, do you really insist on forcing me to death?”


Yang Kai said nothing, his spear pointing at Fang Tai, his face full of murderous intent.


Fang Tai gritted his teeth, “You forced me! Even if this Fang’s end is miserable, you won’t feel any better!” After stating so, he performed a hand seal with one hand, and his initially weak aura suddenly surged. At the same time, a mysterious aura permeated out of his body.


Yang Kai turned solemn. Just as he was wondering why this aura felt a little familiar, Fang Tai had already opened his mouth and spat out an ancient seal. Although the seal looked insignificant, it contained a terrifying power.


“Dao Seal!” Yang Kai’s face changed drastically. Now he understood why it felt familiar to him, because he had done this before. Back then in the Star Boundary, Yang Kai was forced to release his own Dao Seal to kill Can Ye. He truly did not expect that his first enemy in this Outer Universe would deal with him in the same way.


Yang Kai was aware of how powerful one’s Dao Seal could be. Watching the ancient seal rushing towards him in a stream of light, Yang Kai immediately withdrew. At the same time, he pulled back his arm and hurled the Azure Dragon Spear forward violently.


The two streams of light clashed mid-air. The deafening blast shook the world, sending terrifying waves in every direction while even the barrier of Jiang Sheng’s artifact rippled violently.


At this time, Ma Liu had rushed over and shielded Yang Kai with his fat body like a city wall, blocking the storm in front of him. He kept slamming his palms forward to offset the horrifying aftershocks.


After more than ten breaths of time, the dust finally settled.


Yang Kai, who was hiding behind Ma Liu, peeked out and saw Fang Tai’s burly body had completely shrivelled up. His aura was so weak that he was barely even alive.


Fang Tai was not as lucky as Yang Kai, nor as powerful as Yang Kai. His Dao Seal, which was the condensation of the cultivation of his entire being, was released and completely destroyed after colliding with the Azure Dragon Spear. Followed by the destruction of his Dao Seal, his strength dissipated too.


Although he was not dead yet, he would not live long.


Yang Kai was secretly frightened and vowed not to summon his Dao Seal unless he had no choice. It was just too dangerous.


“Junior Brother Yang, are you alright?” Ma Liu asked with concern.


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Senior Brother, for your protection. Junior Brother is fine.”


“Think nothing of it. Junior Brother must remember that battle in the Outer Universe is no longer the same as your previous experiences. The most important thing to guard against is this kind of desperate move. If you are not careful, you may suffer a loss.” Ma Liu advised kindly.


Yang Kai nodded sincerely, “I’ll remember.”


Ma Liu continued, “Good. Go and take down that guy’s head, then we can return to complete our mission. This journey is too far. If we don’t hurry back, Senior Brother will definitely worry.”


Yang Kai nodded, then slowly walked towards Fang Tai. He stretched out his hand in the air, and the Azure Dragon Spear immediately flew back into his hand.


Fang Tai was gasping for breath on the other side. Yang Kai approached and looked down at him. Fang Tai’s eyes had become cloudy, as if he had aged thousands of years in an instant. There was not much vitality left in his body.


It was uncertain if Fang Tai could see clearly, but his lips moved to whisper, “You won’t live well after you kill me!”


With a flick of his wrist, Yang Kai’s spear swept out and Fang Tai’s head soared up, though there was not much blood.


Jiang Sheng flew in at the right moment and wrapped the head with a black cloth that was prepared beforehand before putting it directly into his Space Ring, “It’s done!” He grinned.


The order they got was to help Yang Kai in claiming the head of the traitor Fang Tai. Now that everything was settled, they could naturally return home. Moreover, not only did they make friends with Yang Kai this time, but they also would receive rewards from Du Ru Feng later.


He turned to look at Yang Kai, to find that he was slightly distracted. He could not help patting him on the shoulder, “Junior Brother, do you rarely kill? You better get used to it if you want to survive. It’s either kill or be killed. We still have Seven Wonders Land as our shelter, but if you wander outside, your life will always be at risk, and you may be killed one day.”


Since when did Yang Kai rarely kill? Countless lives had been ended by his hands throughout his path of cultivation. The reason he was absent-minded was that something felt off after killing Fang Tai, but he could not put a finger on it.


He did not bother to clarify anything, but just nodded, “Senior Brother is right.”


Looking at the headless corpse in front of him, Yang Kai could not help recalling that they were brought into Seven Wonders Land together by Duan Hai just a few months ago, but in the end, they were forced to kill each other. Life was truly unpredictable.



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  1. If Fang Tai has some sort of huge background it makes no sense that he would not try to use that as leverage when he was pleading with YK before. I guess plot needed an ominous threat without any information for YK.

    1. As usual. He’s got metric f’tonn of defensive artifacts and special background, but he didn’t tell anyone whether to save his life or freedom, because how else do you set him up for squashing and then “avenge” him.

    2. Could be that Fang Tai doesn’t know how powerful his backer is, either because the backer didn’t tell him when he gave him the faith token or because the backer wasn’t powerful (or in a powerful force) back then. And the backer probably still isn’t from a paradise or cave heaven, since Seven Wonder Land/fire venerable would likely have just let Fang Tai go if he had such a powerful backer since they hadn’t offended him yet (except keeping him in the universe of the venerable for a few years)

    3. He doesn’t really have a huge background. Back when they were all being brought here, he revealed that he knew an open heaven realm master and that that guy gave him a token, but he didn’t know what force that guy was from. Back then this guy was being mind controlled, so he shouldn’t have lied. Since he doesn’t even know the name of the force, what exactly is he supposed to use to threaten Yang kai. The token itself? But yang kai is just like this guy, he is also new to the outer universe. If this guy didn’t know what force the token was from, how would Yang kai know.

      I’m more interested in why Yang kai found his aura familiar to be honest.

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