Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3880, Sudden Change


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Yang Kai picked up the Space Ring from Fang Tai’s hand with his spear, and then handed it to Jiang Sheng as he remarked, “I don’t know if there’s anything good in it. Since two Senior Brothers have been escorting me, I shall thank you for your hard work and effort.”


“You are too generous.” Even though Jiang Sheng said so, he did not hesitate, and quickly took the Space Ring with a grin, “Many thanks, Junior Brother.” He secretly praised Yang Kai for respecting them in his heart, and understood why he was appreciated by Junior Brother Du. He told himself that he really had to learn from him, and he might be able to succeed from then on. He winked at Ma Liu and put away the Space Ring without checking what was inside, for they would share whatever they got equally anyway.


“The job’s done. Let’s go back now.” Ma Liu proposed, and the other two naturally had no objection. Although Yang Kai wanted to stay and enjoy the customs of this new Universe World, he was really not in the mood at the moment.


The three rapidly rose into the sky.


However, before flying too far, the sky above them suddenly darkened.


Ma Liu looked up and muttered, “What is it?”


When he finished his sentence, he suddenly disappeared in the blink of an eye, as if he had not been there before.


Both Yang Kai and Jiang Sheng were appalled. They stopped simultaneously, leaned against each other’s backs without saying anything, and monitored the surroundings with their respective Divine Senses. Jiang Sheng kept calling for Ma Liu’s name, but there was no response.


A moment later, Jiang Sheng whispered, “Junior Brother Yang, did you see anything just now?”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “Nothing.”


Jiang Sheng’s heart sank when he heard him. Nothing was worse than not knowing what was happening. It was extremely strange that they were totally unaware of what caused the sudden disappearance of Ma Liu even when it happened right before their eyes.


“Run!” Jiang Sheng no longer hesitated and rushed up to the sky with great speed after calling out to Yang Kai. Yang Kai also did not delay and immediately followed after him.


The next moment, there was another darkness above their heads.


Yang Kai hurriedly looked up and saw something shrouding them from above. At the same time, Jiang Sheng shouted, “Split up!”


Before Yang Kai could react, Jiang Sheng already ran far away from him; however, the darkness ignored Yang Kai and chased after Jiang Sheng. Followed by a flash, Jiang Sheng disappeared just like Ma Liu.


A chill ran down Yang Kai’s spine and he felt goosebumps all over his body. Because of what happened just now, he saw the outline of a dark shadow.


It was like an enlarged cloth sack… 


The cloth sack slipped down and Jiang Sheng was taken away. He believed the same happened to Ma Liu.


Two Open Heaven Realm Masters were stuffed into this strange sack like they were helpless chickens. Yang Kai could imagine how powerful this artifact was, and understood that he probably could not escape it either. However, what frightened him more was the owner of the artifact!


Until now, he still could not see who was behind this!


Standing in the void, Yang Kai looked around, and cupped his fists, “May I know who Senior is? Seven Wonders Land Yang Kai hopes to offer proper greetings!”


There was no reply, and another darkness appeared above him.


Yang Kai, who was already prepared for it, immediately surged his Space Principles in an attempt to escape. Nevertheless, there was an invisible shackle that immobilized him, leaving him nowhere to hide.


Soon, his vision turned dark, and he felt like he had entered a tight space.


Before Yang Kai could adapt to it, he felt like someone was squeezing him nearby. Not only that, he could sense movements of punching and kicking, and a violent fist thrust towards him.


Yang Kai raised his hand to block it and shouted, “Two Senior Brothers, please stop!”


The bustling movement stopped for a moment, and the two exclaimed in unison, “Yang Kai?”


After shouting, they exclaimed again.


“Ma Liu?”


“Jiang Sheng?”


Ma Liu was enlightened, “Oh, so you were all brought in too. I thought someone was ambushing me.”


Jiang Sheng replied, “I wonder who did this, and what this place is?”


Yang Kai responded, “I didn’t see anyone, but this should be the inner space of some kind of artifact. When Senior Brother Jiang was captured just now, I caught a glimpse that it was a cloth sack-shaped artifact.”


Ma Liu questioned in a deep voice, “Cloth sack-shaped artifact? Old Jiang, do you know what it is?”


“I’ve never heard of something like that.” Jiang Sheng shook his head slowly and continued solemnly, “But since we were captured without us even spotting our captor, they should be a Senior Expert at the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm at least.”


“A Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master…” Yang Kai was shocked, “Why did he bring us here? “


Ma Liu did not know whether to cry or laugh, “I don’t know, but this Universe World might be his territory, and we have disturbed him when we killed the traitor just now.”


“Could it be an enemy of our Seven Wonders Land?” Yang Kai guessed, “I just introduced myself, but he didn’t care at all.”


Jiang Sheng gulped, “Stop talking, Junior Brother. You are scaring me now. It better not be an enemy of our Seven Wonders Land, otherwise, none of us will survive. I hope it’s just like what Old Ma said and we disturbed someone and he just wants to punish us slightly.”


Ma Liu suddenly shouted, “Senior, Senior, we were unaware of your presence and inadvertently offended you earlier. Please forgive us!”


Jiang Sheng also hurriedly pressed on, “Yes, Senior. Please forgive us, and let us go first. We are willing to talk to settle this problem. This Junior apologizes for the inconvenience caused.”


The two started to beg for mercy without knowing whether the person could hear them or not, which made Yang Kai feel speechless.


Nothing happened after shouting for a long time though, so they eventually stopped.


Ma Liu sighed, “I knew it wasn’t a good idea to leave so far. This is bad.”


Yang Kai asked, “Does our Seven Wonders Land have enemies?”


“Not that I know of.” Jiang Sheng shook his head, “But both of us only joined Seven Wonders Land a thousand years ago. Maybe there are enemies, but since this Senior only captured us and did not kill us immediately, I guess he probably wouldn’t harm us.”


Ma Liu nodded repeatedly, “Old Jiang is right. If he were really our enemy, I’m afraid he would have killed us by now.”


With some self-consolation, they were not so flustered anymore.


After staying in the narrow and cramped space for a time, a glimmer of light shone in, as if a skylight had been opened above them.


Without hesitation, the three trapped men used their Movement Skills to rush to the slit of light at the same time, escaping their prison and appearing in a cave.


Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng obviously were connected in mind, and as soon as they broke free, they immediately watched out for each other as they scanned the surroundings. Yang Kai also stayed focused and calm, scanning around with his Divine Sense.


Soon, their eyes were fixed not far from the front. There stood a thin, short, gloomy, middle-aged man. The man donned simple and plain clothes that looked as if they had faded with numerous washes. His hair was tied in a simple bun and he held a wooden sword in one hand and a bag in the other.


The bag was the cloth sack that Yang Kai had seen before, but it was only the size of a palm at the moment and was soon taken back into the man’s sleeve.


Needless to say, it was this guy who secretly abducted the three of them earlier.


It was good to be able to see him now, because not knowing who was behind their capture was the scariest thing. Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng exchanged looks, and the former cupped his fists and greeted, “Junior Ma Liu of Seven Wonders Land greets Senior. May I know Senior’s honoured name?”


It was somewhat pathetic to act so servile, but since this man was far stronger than them, they could only inquire about his name politely and be careful when dealing with him, lest they offend him.


“Hmph!” With just a light snort from the man, a great power descended from the sky. Yang Kai felt like a whole world was collapsing on his head for a moment as his bones creaked and his chest was squeezed so tightly that he almost coughed up blood. It was only because of his strong will that he did not fall to the ground.


On the contrary, the situation of Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng was better than his since they had a higher cultivation, but their faces turned ugly too, looking dreadfully uncomfortable.


For the first time, Yang Kai witnessed the great difference between different Orders of the Open Heaven Realm from a close distance. Although they were all Open Heaven Realm Masters, Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng were only First Order, while the man was at least Fourth Order, so the latter was able to make Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng suffer with just a snort. If they really had to fight, Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng would definitely not be a match for this middle-aged man. In fact, he could probably kill them effortlessly.


“Are you all from Seven Wonders Land?” The man glanced at the three of them, and gradually withdrew his pressure, which relieved Yang Kai and the others from the stress.


Ma Liu cupped his fists with a terrified face, “Reporting to Senior, the three of us are indeed Seven Wonders Land disciples.”


“Very good!” The man nodded, “I was still worried that I couldn’t find any Seven Wonders Land people, but now, you’ve brought yourselves to me.”


Their faces changed drastically as soon as they heard this. This man’s words did not sound good as they made it obvious this guy had a grudge against Seven Wonders Land. As expected, anything that could go wrong would go wrong. While the three people were still wondering whether this man was an enemy of Seven Wonders Land, their worry became true.


Ma Liu hurriedly explained, “Senior, we are just Common Disciples of Seven Wonders Land. If you really have any grudges against Seven Wonders Land, just Find Heavenly Monarch. We have nothing to do with it.”


“As long as you put on that robe, you have something to do with it!” The man sneered.


Yang Kai almost vomited blood after hearing the statement. Unlike Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng, he had only put on this robe about ten days ago. How unfortunate was it for him?


“As for your Venerables and Heavenly Monarch, this King will eventually look for them, but now is not the time!” After the man declared, he reached out his hand and threw the cloth sack at them again.


Without having time to react, Yang Kai’s vision instantly turned black. Needless to say, he was put back into the bag again.


Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng obviously understood that the situation was bad, so after a brief exchange, they decided to take action and try to break the artifact from the inside to see if they could escape.


However, they soon realized this was a bad idea. The unbridled energy clashed in every direction, putting all three of them in a mess with Yang Kai almost becoming injured.


Without any viable solution, Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng could only stop and started begging from inside the sack. However, whether the man was ignoring them or simply could not hear them, there was no response at all.




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