Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3881, More Unfortunate Than Fortunate


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


In the pitch-black darkness, an unknown amount of time passed as the trio were squished inside the sack. Suddenly, a slit of light broke open above them, but it rapidly closed after a moment before any of them could react to it.


Yang Kai wondered, “What does this mean?”


Ma Liu answered, “I don’t know. Junior Brother, does anything feel off?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “No!”


“Where’s Brother Jiang?” Ma Liu asked again, but he did not get any response. After calling several times, a realization dawned on him, “Brother Jiang is gone.”


Yang Kai was also surprised and quickly felt around only to find that Jiang Sheng had indeed disappeared. Thinking about the incident just now, Jiang Sheng had probably been taken out by their abductor.


Ma Liu was a little flustered, “Why did he take Brother Jiang?”


“Don’t worry, Senior Brother. Since Senior didn’t kill us earlier, he likely has plans for us. We’ll know more when Senior Brother Jiang comes back.” Although Yang Kai said so, he could not help worrying whether Jiang Sheng would come back alive. From the declaration of the middle-aged man earlier, it was not difficult to infer that he had grievances against Seven Wonders Land. Now that the three of them had fallen into his hands, they were totally under his control, and had no way to escape or fight back.


Ma Liu obviously understood this and felt quite pessimistic despite Yang Kai trying to cheer him up. He secretly regretted taking this job. Initially, he thought it was a good opportunity for him, but now he had gotten into this danger and was not sure if he could survive it.


The space in the sack was not as crowded without Jiang Sheng, and after grumbling for a while, Ma Liu quieted down. Yang Kai tried searching for any flaws in the artifact sack with his Divine Sense, but unfortunately, he found nothing.


After several days, the slit of light cut through the darkness again, the situation was exactly the same as the previous one. The mouth of the sack was swiftly closed right after it opened, so quick that Yang Kai could not react to it at all.


When the darkness settled in again, Yang Kai obviously felt Ma Liu, who had been squeezed together with him in the sack, had vanished. He knew that Ma Liu had been taken out too, leaving only him in the sack space.


Given that Jiang Sheng was not returned, Yang Kai believed that he was more unfortunate than fortunate. Now even Ma Liu had been taken away, and it was unlikely that he could come back. Yang Kai grew anxious at this moment.


He had been quietly searching for the flaws in the artifact these days but unfortunately, he found nothing. The artifact was obviously unusual for it had its own internal space that could accommodate living creatures; however, the size of the space inside was a little strange. It appeared to be able to resize itself. It could fit snugly around one person, but it could also fit three people. However, it felt crowded no matter how many people were thrown into the sack, as if there was a soft barrier surrounding the space.


Before, Jiang Sheng and Ma Liu tried to break the confinement of this sack artifact, but they failed. Since the two Open Heaven Realm Masters had no way to overcome it, Yang Kai believed that he could not break free even if he used his full strength.


He just did not know if the space of this sack had a limit and whether it could be broken.


Anyway, he did not really have a choice in his current situation. He could only try to stuff the sack till it burst and hope for the best. However, it was not too late for him to come up with another idea even if it did not burst. Regardless, it was better than being trapped here waiting to die.


At this point, Yang Kai no longer hesitated and took a deep breath before bellowing, “Dragon Transformation!”


A loud Dragon roar sounded. Golden light radiated brightly in the dark space, and a glimpse of a golden Dragon head flashed and disappeared into Yang Kai’s body. Followed by the cracking of his bones, Yang Kai’s body swiftly expanded.


100 metres, 300 metres, 500 metres, 1,000 metres… 


The surrounding soft barrier tightly bound Yang Kai’s massive body, like invisible ropes. Yang Kai was about to spurt blood as he felt extremely uncomfortable, like his whole body was about to be crushed.


However, he endured all kinds of discomfort and continued to expand his body.


*Kacha…* Every one of his bones crackled noisily. Hot air sprayed out of Yang Kai’s nostrils, and the vitality in his chest surged, filling his throat with a bloody taste.


When he expanded to his limit, which was 2,000 meters, the sack artifact showed no signs of bursting. Yang Kai immediately knew that his attempt had failed.


He was unwilling to give up though and reached out his hand to summon the Azure Dragon Spear. With the fluctuation of the Space Principles, he thrust out his spear with a massive black spot forming at its tip.




Violent energy swirled and the crushing force could not be dispersed inside the confined space. It turned into an attack that covered the entire space, which ultimately rebounded on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai already had a hard time enduring the suffocation of the surrounding force, so with the additional disintegrating rebound force, he could not hold it any longer and spurted a mouthful of blood. As if he was a deflated balloon, his huge body rapidly shrunk as his aura dwindled.


He secretly thought to himself while gritting his teeth, [This really doesn’t work. I don’t know what the Hell this sack is. There’s no way for me to get out. I’m too weak. Only if I was an Open Heaven Realm Master would I have a chance to force my way out.]


Nevertheless, it was extremely difficult to be promoted to the Open Heaven Realm. First of all, one had to condense the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements in order to split Heaven and Earth apart inside one’s own body. Yang Kai was lucky to have started off with an excellent beginning when he refined the Immortal Tree to condense his Wood Element.


But having a good start did not mean he could achieve a higher Order Open Heaven Realm. If he wished to achieve his goal, he had to obtain high-Order materials.


However, high-Order materials were not that easy to find or obtain. Yang Kai had no idea when he could break through to the Open Heaven Realm, let alone when he could find the World Tree to repair the damaged Star Boundary.


After having all kinds of absurd thoughts for a while, his disordered aura gradually calmed down. Since he could not get out of trouble himself, he could only observe the situation and react to whatever came his way. Yang Kai secretly prayed that Jiang Sheng and Ma Liu were safe as he sat cross-legged and adjusted his breathing.


A few days later, when the slit of light broke open above him for the third time, Yang Kai was not surprised anymore. An irresistible force caught him, and when he regained his senses, he was no longer in the narrow space, but appeared in the previous cave.


In front of him stood the middle-aged man who, at this moment, had a face as black as the bottom of a pot. Yang Kai had no idea what incident had upset this man for him to be so visibly upset.


A strange smell filled the air, which Yang Kai could not identify precisely, but he did notice a trace of blood odour mixed in with it. Yang Kai looked around with a frown, and his gaze suddenly stopped at a corner of the cave.


Two dead bodies laid over there, one fat and one thin, both were wearing Seven Coloured Robes. Although Yang Kai could not see their faces clearly due to the angle, he could recognize that these two people were Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng, who were dragged out before him. He did not know what happened to them earlier, as although the bodies were intact, they had long lost their vitality.


Yang Kai’s heart sank. Although he had long speculated that his two Senior Brothers would not end well, he could not help grieving when he saw it with his own eyes.


“Little brat, what’s your name?” The man suddenly asked.


Yang Kai did not want to speak, but he had no choice but to introduce himself. He actually had done it before, but this man probably did not take it to heart.


The man sneered, “You are much bolder than that fat man. I hope you’re luckier too.”


Yang Kai sighed, “Senior, with your strength, it’s a simple matter to kill us. Why bother torturing my two Senior Brothers?” During this short while, he noticed that Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng should have suffered inhuman torture before they died. The blood flowing out of their seven facial orifices were probably the source of the bloody stench in the cave.


The man snorted coldly, “This King doesn’t care about torturing them, but this King has a plan that required their cooperation. Too bad, they failed to live up to this King’s expectations.”


Yang Kai raised his eyes, “May I know what plan Senior has that needs me to cooperate with my life?”


The man looked at him strangely, “Do you want to try?”


“Can I refuse?” Yang Kai looked back at him seriously.


The man shook his head, “No, you can’t.”


“Then that’s enough. Since I can’t refuse, I can only cooperate, but before that, please explain to me how I should cooperate with Senior. I guess Senior doesn’t want me to follow the footsteps of my two Senior Brothers, right? If so, you won’t find any Seven Wonders Land disciples anytime soon.”


The man nodded lightly, “You’re right. Little brat, you’re quite interesting. This King didn’t expect there to be people like you in Seven Wonders Land.”


Yang Kai took a deep breath, “Actually, I don’t really belong to Seven Wonders Land. I barely arrived in Seven Wonders Land half a year ago.”


The man sneered, “Do you think this King will believe you?”


Yang Kai shrugged, “This is the fact, whether Senior believes it or not won’t change the truth. In any case, please tell me about your plans. If I can, I will try my best to cooperate; after all, I don’t want to die.”


“It’s not up to you to decide whether you can live with just words. It depends on whether you have the ability to survive what comes next.” As he remarked this, the middle-aged man took out his hand and turned it over. A delicate wooden box suddenly appeared on his hand that had an obvious aura of a living thing inside of it.


Without hesitation, the man opened the box directly and handed it to Yang Kai, “Swallow it!”


Yang Kai looked at him suspiciously, accepted the box and looked down. Chills ran up his spine as he saw a black centipede with the length of a thumb lying inside quietly. Although he had no clue what it was, anyone could see that it was not a good thing, and he could not imagine what would happen to him if he swallowed it.


At this moment, Yang Kai already knew how Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng died. It was clear that they were tortured to death from swallowing the centipede.


Yang Kai gulped his saliva with difficulty, and looked up at the man, “Senior, what do you mean?”


The man explained, “Swallow it. If you survive, your life will be controlled by this King. This King will need you to do something at that time. But if you die, no more words are needed.”




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  1. This is one of the things yang kai could easily overcome but only if the writer doesn’t pretend to forget the insect enslavement bracelet exists

    1. It is debatable whether the insect enslavement bracelet would work for this insect. The insect emperor was pseudo great emperor at best, and his artifact is just emperor grade. This insect is probably above emperor rank. Also saying the author forgot about the bracelet is a little misleading, I think he purposefully chose to not bring it up much. Yang kai already has different things to cultivate, and I’m guessing the author didn’t want to add insect enslavement on top of all that. The dao of insects would be a huge rabbit hole, one that would have absolutely nothing to do with any other thing he cultivates. This is probably why even after refining the bracelet and learning about the 108 exotic insects, he only occasionally used the soul devouring insects, and none of the other types of insects. I mean think about it, he would have to manage alot of different types of Insects, feed them, help them grow stronger and evolve to keep up with higher realms, catch new species when he ascends to higher realms etc. At that point this wouldn’t be a cultivation novel anymore, but a pokemon spinoff where all the pokemon are bug type. I don’t think that’s the type of story the author wants to write, and it’s definitely not the type of story I want to read, even if these insects were powerful and useful. It seems the author was on the fence about it for a while when he first made Yang kai refine the insect enslavement bracelet, but given how he doesn’t bring it up too much I would guess he has decided not to make Yang kai go down that path, which I appreciate. As long as he just uses his soul devouring insects every once in a while, that’s more than enough, and even if he never uses them ever again I wouldn’t care.

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