Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3882, Barely Survive


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“Senior, is this just to control me?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.




“Why all the hassle? Senior just needs to implant his Soul Imprint in my Knowledge Sea and it naturally will have the same effect.”


The man sneered, “It would work if you hadn’t condensed your Dao Seal, but since you have one Dao Seal, as long as your Dao Seal is not destroyed, you can naturally find a way to escape this King’s control.”


Yang Kai was stunned. This was the first time he heard this. Back in the Star Boundary, it was much easier to control a person. As long as he was strong enough and implanted a Soul Imprint in their Knowledge Sea, he could naturally control them. How could this proven method not work in the Outer Universe?


When Yang Kai thought about it carefully though, he suddenly realized that during the process of condensing his Dao Seal, all his Qi and Spiritual Energy had been amalgamated into his Dao Seal. In other words, for people like him, their Dao Seal was their foundation. If one wanted to completely control such a person, it must be done through their Dao Seal as it was not safe to do so through their Soul alone.


However, looking at the fate of Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng, Yang Kai was truly frightened. Who knew if he would go to Hell to reunite with his two Senior Brothers after swallowing the centipede? However, even the two Open Heaven Realm Masters could not resist it, so how could he?


Yang Kai wanted to say something to stall for time, but the middle-aged man gave him no chance at all. He grabbed his jaw, forced his mouth open, picked up the centipede with his other hand, and stuffed it directly into Yang Kai’s mouth. With a slight lift of his hand, the centipede was forced down Yang Kai’s throat with a gulp, and Yang Kai did not even have a chance to resist. Only then did he realize how huge the gap was between them.


A scorching feeling slid down Yang Kai’s throat into his stomach. Stumbling a few steps backwards, Yang Kai reached out his hand to pound his chest and purge the centipede from his throat, but he failed to do so. He could feel that the centipede, which was motionless in the box, became active after entering his body. It turned into a bundle of pure energy that crashed chaotically everywhere inside him. An unspeakable pain immediately overwhelmed Yang Kai, causing him to scream uncontrollably as his eyes widened like copper bells.


The man backed away and watched coldly from the side, not a single drop of emotion on his face. He did not mean to help at all, as if he was leaving Yang Kai’s fate to his own hand.


Inside the cave, Yang Kai screamed in pain endlessly. He had never experienced such unbearable torture in his life as his body kept interchanging between hot and cold. He would feel like he was on fire one moment, only to have his body temperature suddenly plummet in the next, releasing cold air while he shivered violently.


During the tormenting fluctuation between hot and cold, Yang Kai’s vitality weakened at a visible rate.


The man showed a hint of gloom in his eyes. Although he had long expected this outcome, he still felt disappointed to see Yang Kai’s poor performance. However, it was understandable; after all, the previous two First-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivators did not make it and were tortured to death. How could a little brat who had just condensed his Dao Seal do any better?


However, if he could not find a suitable pawn, he could not proceed to the next part of his plan. He had no idea when he could find another Seven Wonders Land disciple again.


After half a stick worth of incense, Yang Kai started suffocating. Blood flowed out of his seven orifices, exactly like the dead Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng, and his vitality was so weak that his Soul could be extinguished at any time.


The man sighed and turned around to walk out of the cave. He looked into the distance, the flames of vengeance burning in his eyes.


After a long while, the man walked back into the cave again and went straight to Yang Kai. He looked down and watched Yang Kai curled up and enclosed in a thick layer of ice, even his brow and hair had turned snow-white.


After examining him, the man could not help revealing a look of surprise, because he found that the young man who was frozen in front of him was not dead yet. Although his vitality was barely there, he was still holding on, which truly shocked him. In theory, after such a long time, it was impossible for this young man to still be alive even if he had ten lives, but it turned out that he really had not died yet.


Feeling strange about it, the man checked carefully, and soon, his eyes were attracted by the blood flowing out of Yang Kai’s seven orifices. The blood was golden and the man clearly felt a surging vitality in it.


He scraped up a drop of the golden blood with his finger, and put it under his nose to sniff it slightly before his expression suddenly changed, “Dragon Blood!”


When he turned to Yang Kai again, the way the man looked at him had suddenly changed. He did not expect that there was a Dragon among the Seven Wonders Land disciples, or that he would be so lucky to catch him.


However, in this way, it could explain why the boy could survive despite his low cultivation and insufficient strength. It was not surprising that the vitality of those with a Dragon Vein has always been strong. They could persist through major injuries for much longer.


The man struggled. Several times, the man wanted to kill Yang Kai to avoid trouble in the future, but he could not do it when he recalled his purpose. It was not easy to capture Seven Wonders Land disciples. For some special reason, he did not dare to get too close to Seven Wonders Land, and had been hiding in this Universe World for so many years. After all those years of waiting, he finally got to capture Ma Liu and the others, but the two Open Heaven disciples were not competent enough and died under the poison of the Soaring Black Centipede’s influence. However, this little brat in front of him may become a useful pawn.


Of course, it would be unfortunate if he could not withstand the torment until the end.


After debating back and forth in his mind for some time, the man made up his mind and continued to observe the situation.


Time passed slowly as Yang Kai laid on the ground in a coma, his near-death condition not recovering while his weak vitality never died out, allowing him to survive under the severe torture.


The man had been quietly paying attention, but when Yang Kai survived for three days, he could not help feeling shocked again. And when he sensed that Yang Kai was still alive five days later, he was pleasantly surprised.


As he recalled, the previous two First-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivators only lasted two and a half days at most.


Seven days later, Yang Kai’s weak vitality suddenly began to recover, and all kinds of abnormal reactions after swallowing the Soaring Black Centipede began to subside.


Slowly, his vitality became more and more vigorous, as if a spark had ignited an entire prairie. At one moment, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes with lingering fear on his face, gasping for breath.


With his current strength, even though he was in a coma for seven days, Yang Kai still had a trace of mental clarity. He might not know the situation during his coma, but he was aware of everything when he woke up.


He secretly felt lucky to have barely survived this time.


He had no idea what the strange centipede was that he had swallowed. Its violent toxicity rapidly consumed his own vitality. If his vitality was not strong enough, he would definitely have succumbed to death. One of the reasons that he was able to survive was because of the Dragon Vein in his body, which made his vitality much stronger than that of ordinary cultivators. The reason was the work of the Wood Element.


Yang Kai condensed his Wood Element from the essence of the Immortal Tree, and although he lost the ability to resurrect as a result, it greatly enriched his vitality. That was why he was able to sustain the last bit of vitality and stayed alive.


At this moment, Yang Kai clearly felt a centipede-like seal on his Dao Seal. The seal was extremely strange, looking like a living creature wrapped around his Dao Seal. It did not really hinder him in any way, but Yang Kai believed that as long as the man did something, he could destroy his Dao Seal, sending him to the next world.


He laughed wryly in his heart. Now that his life was really controlled by the man, he had no way to resist him but could only obey his orders.


“Good! Very good!” The man revealed a look of pleasant surprise when he saw Yang Kai open his eyes. He reached out his hand to help Yang Kai up, and patted him on the shoulder gently as he grinned, “Little brat, you really didn’t disappoint this King.”


It sounded like he had high expectations from Yang Kai before.


Although Yang Kai was sober, he was too weak to answer because he had been tortured for so long. Furthermore, knowing that his life was not his own to control anymore in the future, Yang Kai was not in the mood to talk, so he simply nodded.


The middle-aged man did not mind it, and simply laughed, “Little brat, serve this King with all your heart, and after this King has obtained his revenge, he will certainly set you free. By that time, if you’re willing to, you can follow this King and have the whole world at your command. Isn’t it better than being a Seven Wonders Land disciple?”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes in his heart. Although he did not know what resentment this guy had with Seven Wonders Land, if he wanted to use him for revenge, Yang Kai definitely would be put in danger, and be involved in the calamity. What good would come of that? Nevertheless, he dared not to reveal his thoughts and simply cupped his fists, “This Junior doesn’t have such lofty dreams. I just hope Senior will keep his word, fulfil his promise, and set me free in the future.”


The man snorted coldly, “Of course this King will keep his word. What? Are you reluctant to let go of your status as a disciple of Seven Wonders Land?”


Yang Kai coughed a few times and answered weakly, “Of course not, Senior. This Junior only entered Seven Wonders Land recently, so I don’t really care about my disciple status.”


The man looked at Yang Kai suspiciously, but the latter did not seem to be lying; therefore, he simply nodded, “I see. It seems that Seven Wonders Land didn’t treat you as one of their own either.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Senior, what do you mean?”


The man sneered, “If they treated you as one of their own, why would they harm you!?”


“Harm me?” Yang Kai was puzzled, “If you have something to say, say it clearly. This Junior doesn’t understand what you’re talking about.”


The man replied, “Who was the guy you killed before?”


Yang Kai did not know why this middle-aged man brought up Fang Tai again, but he just answered honestly, “A Worker in Seven Wonders Land, named Fang Tai. He escaped from Seven Wonders Land and this Junior brat was ordered to hunt him down.”


“What about these two?” The man pointed his finger at the bodies of Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng.


“These two Senior Brothers were ordered to protect me.”


The man chuckled strangely, “Protect you? I don’t think so. I’m afraid they’re here to monitor you.”




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