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Martial Peak – Chapter 3884, Six Fated Paths Bag

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There was nothing much in Fang Tai’s Space Ring. Other than some special local products brought out from his Universe World, there were only about ten Open Heaven Pills, which was completely insignificant to Yang Kai.


The only thing he cared about was a Jade Token. It was the size of a palm, crystal clear, and had no other colour. Something like a small fish swam around inside like a living creature.


This was what Fang Tai showed to Duan Hai before. It was a Faith Token given to him by his Senior from Black River World. Yang Kai had no idea what the function of this Faith Token was. He initially wanted to throw it away, but after thinking about it for a while, he decided to keep it with him, but he did not dare to put it into his Space Ring, so he just threw it into the Sealed World Bead.


With the Sealed World Bead being its own independent world, Yang Kai believed that the Great Expert of Black River World would not be able to trace the Faith Token.


He turned to look around. The mountains and plains were all quiet so he swept his Divine Sense around him and found no trace of Old Xu, wondering where he went. However, he did not think about escaping. Since Old Xu dared to leave him here, he obviously was not afraid of him running away.


Yang Kai sat cross-legged and began examining himself. He soon saw the centipede seal wrapping around his Dao Seal. The seal was like a living creature. Yang Kai tried to surge his power, and felt no obstruction. He tried to exert a little more force on the centipede seal, but beyond his expectation, the centipede seal immediately fastened itself onto his Dao Seal, and Yang Kai felt that he was going to be crushed to pieces in an instant. He was drenched in sweat from the terror, and immediately stopped his action.


However, in this way, he confirmed that he could not remove the centipede seal with his current strength. Given that Old Xu should be at least a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he definitely would not use a simple thing to subdue him that could be dispelled easily. Yang Kai could only curse him secretly as he began healing himself.


Yang Kai consumed a lot of strength when the centipede entered his body, and although he was no longer in life-threatening danger, he was still extremely feeble.


Three days later, Yang Kai, who was meditating, suddenly noticed something different. When he opened his eyes, he saw Old Xu standing in front of him, looking at him quietly.


Yang Kai hurriedly got up, “Old Xu!”


Old Xu nodded and remarked faintly, “Seems you’re well-behaved. With your current strength, if you had forcefully tried to break the shackles of Soaring Black Centipede, I’m afraid you would’ve died already.”


Cold sweat beaded on Yang Kai’s forehead; he was a bit embarrassed to admit that he had tried, but only stopped because he was too powerless to overcome it. As such, he changed the topic, “Old Xu, what can this Junior do for you?” 


After being subdued that day, Yang Kai did not have the chance to ask Old Xu about what kind of plans he had for him before the latter disappeared. All Yang Kai knew was that Old Xu had a feud with Seven Wonders Land and must be looking for revenge.


“This King wants you to take him into Seven Wonders Land.”


Yang Kai smiled wryly, “Old Xu, even this Junior doesn’t know how to go back now. How can I take you into Seven Wonders Land?” It was not really that Seven Wonders Land could not be found, for Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng had a type of beacon that pointed towards Seven Wonders Land. 


Furthermore, even if Yang Kai did not know the direction, Old Xu must know the location of Seven Wonders Land. But what worried Yang Kai was how he should explain the death of Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng when he returned alone?


As if he knew what Yang Kai was thinking, Old Xu assured faintly, “Don’t worry. After you go back, just say that you met a Wandering Space Beast, and those two were accidentally eaten.”


Yang Kai was speechless, wondering how it was possible for him to pull off such a simple excuse. He would definitely suffer if Seven Wonders Land found out he was lying, and it was obvious that Old Xu did not care about his safety.


“But Old Xu, how can this Junior bring you into Seven Wonders Land?” Yang Kai questioned unwillingly, “Seven Wonders Land is surrounded by a powerful Grand Array. It shouldn’t be a problem for this Junior to go back alone, but if I appear with another person, I’m afraid I won’t be able to pass inspection and we will be exposed.”


Old Xu casually threw something at Yang Kai. Yang Kai caught it, looked down, and found that it was the cloth sack that captured him, Ma Liu, and Jiang Sheng previously.


“This Six Fated Paths Bag is quite the mysterious artifact, one this King only obtained by luck. If you bring this back with this King hiding inside of it, we can pass through the Grand Arrays of Seven Wonders Land safely.”


Yang Kai gulped. He had experienced the power of the Six Fated Paths Bag before. It was certainly not an ordinary artifact, because even the two First-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng, had no way to get out of it. But now, Old Xu actually passed the Six Fated Paths Bag to him, and wanted to be put into the bag.


Yang Kai’s heart could not help beating rapidly.


Old Xu sneered, “Since this King dares to deliver you this artifact, I am certainly not afraid of you using it against me. If you don’t believe me, you can try.”


Yang Kai hurriedly explained, “I dare not. Old Xu misunderstands me. I just felt that the power of this artifact is incredible and was a little excited when I first came into contact with it. This Junior would not dare have an ill intent towards Old Xu.”


“You better.” Old Xu said indifferently, “I’ll pass you a Soul Secret Technique later. You just need to circulate it slightly and you will be able to control this bag in cooperation with this King.”


“Yes!” Yang Kai replied respectfully, “With the help of this artifact, there must be no problem entering Seven Wonders Land. But Old Xu, what about after getting into Seven Wonders Land? What should this Junior do?”


“What can you do with your current strength?” Old Xu sneered at him disdainfully, “As long as you take this King into Seven Wonders Land, your task is complete. You don’t need to do anything else. This King will deal with it!”


Yang Kai was relieved, but at the same time, secretly terrified. Listening to Old Xu’s words, it seemed that as long as he could get into Seven Wonders Land, he had the confidence to obtain his revenge. There were a lot of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Seven Wonders Land. Apart from the Seven Wonders Land Heavenly Monarch who was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, the seven Venerable Protectors were all Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Besides them, there must be other Third-Order or Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. How could Old Xu still have such great confidence in facing countless powerful enemies alone? Yang Kai could not help wondering what Order of Open Heaven Realm Old Xu was. Could he be a Sixth-Order? Or possibly even higher…?


Only people with such strength would not put the entire Seven Wonders Land in their eyes. It seemed that Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng were wrong about their previous speculation regarding Old Xu’s strength. He was definitely an Open Heaven Realm Master that was higher than Fourth-Order.


After worrying for so long, it turned out that Old Xu just wanted Yang Kai to smuggle him into Seven Wonders Land. Yang Kai was speechless, but after thinking about it carefully, this matter really required a trustworthy person to work with; otherwise, a snitch could easily ruin Old Xu’s great plan in Seven Wonders Land. Therefore, the Soaring Black Centipede was obviously a part of the plan to prevent this.


At this point, Yang Kai did not have the ability to resist, for his life was totally in Old Xu’s hands. He had no choice but to agree with him with a nod.


After that, Old Xu really passed a Soul Secret Technique to him, and personally assisted him in refining the Six Fated Paths Bag. It took only half a day for Yang Kai to master opening and closing this artifact.


However, that was all he could do. He could not use the Six Fated Paths Bag against an enemy at all.


“All right, let’s go.” Old Xu was obviously well prepared, and he only needed a carrier. After that, without waiting for Yang Kai’s reaction, he grabbed him and soared into the sky. In mid-air, he drew the wooden sword he was carrying and had it transform into a massive sword light before charging swiftly in a certain direction.


There were no references around Yang Kai, so he could not tell how fast their speed was; however, Yang Kai felt that Old Xu was much faster than Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng.


After travelling for three days, the sword light suddenly stopped and Old Xu instructed, “Little brat, you have to travel the rest of the way yourself. With your strength, you probably need another three days to return to Seven Wonders Land. When you enter Seven Wonders Land, you can find a remote place to release this King.” After ordering, he continued faintly, “Don’t try to play any tricks, otherwise, you will suffer the consequences.”


“Don’t worry, Old Xu. I’ll take you into Seven Wonders Land safely and secretly.”


Yang Kai formed a seal with his hands and opened the Six Fated Paths Bag, which Old Xu dove into himself. After that, Yang Kai closed the mouth of the bag, stuffed it into his pocket, and continued to move forward.


Just as Old Xu remarked, Yang Kai saw Seven Wonders Land in the distance after three days. Without delay, he flew straight ahead. During the journey, Yang Kai had already made himself look miserable. His clothes were messy, and he also ruthlessly palmed himself several times until he spurted blood and weakened his aura.


After another half day, he finally reached the border of Seven Wonders Land. It was Yang Kai’s first time returning to Seven Wonders Land from the outside, so he had no idea how to get in. He shouted loudly, but there was no response from the inside, probably because they could not hear him. He stood in place and scratched his head for a long time before he came up with an idea. He took out his disciple token from his Space Ring, sent his energy into it, and then thrust it directly into the fog in front of him.


It turned out that this was the right method as, soon after the token disappeared, the fog in front of him split to both sides, revealing a path forward. Yang Kai flashed in and soon, he came to the huge gate. In front of the gate, two disciples donned in Seven Coloured Robes stood guard on either side, each holding swords, looking majestic. 


Seeing Yang Kai, they revealed a suspicious look, “Junior Brother, which Spirit Land disciple are you? Why haven’t I seen you before?”


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Reporting to Senior Brother, I am from Fire Spirit Land and was just promoted from a Worker to a Common Disciple, so it’s natural for two Senior Brothers to not have seen me before.”


The two men exchanged looks, and one of them stated, “Wait a moment.”


As he spoke, he took out a round bead, which seemed to be a communication artifact.


A moment later, the man looked up at Yang Kai, and nodded gently, “Are you Junior Brother Yang Kai?”




Only then did the man step aside, and return Yang Kai his disciple token, “Go in, Senior Brother Du asked you to see him immediately.”


“Many thanks, Senior Brother!” Yang Kai took the token and passed through the gate. His vision blurred for a moment before he appeared in Seven Wonders Land. He lightly sensed around himself and found that the Six Fated Paths Bag was still in his pocket. Seeing how nothing happened, he finally felt relieved.


However, it was not the proper moment to release Old Xu, so Yang Kai could only delay the matter. He identified the direction and moved towards Fire Spirit Land, preparing himself to see Du Ru Feng first.


Yang Kai clenched his teeth with hatred while thinking about this. Although he knew that Duan Hai must be the one who made the call to use him as a scapegoat, he was still disgusted by all the fake kindnesses and favour that Du Ru Feng had shown to him.



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