Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3885, Afteraction Report


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Yang Kai flew straight to the hall that he had gone to when he first arrived in Fire Spirit Land as he guessed that Du Ru Feng should be living there.


In fact, Du Ru Feng really lived there. From a distance, Yang Kai saw a familiar figure donned in white standing in front of the hall, waiting quietly. Who else could it be if it was not Du Ru Feng?


After landing, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Senior Brother, fortunately, I did not fail my mission. I have the traitor’s head here with me!” While talking, he took out Fang Tai’s head.


Du Ru Feng took a glance and confirmed that it was Fang Tai’s head. He tilted his head slightly, and a woman dressed as a maid behind him immediately went forward to collect the head. Du Ru Feng then stretched out his hand to hold Yang Kai’s shoulder and complimented, “Well done, Junior Brother.” 


Curious, however, Du Ru Feng looked behind him and asked, “Why are you alone? Where are Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng? Didn’t they go out with you? Why are they not here?”


Yang Kai immediately put on a depressed face and replied, “Senior Brother, you have no idea. Everything was going so well, but suddenly, on the way back, we met a strange beast, and two Senior Brothers… Two Senior Brothers tragically died. Junior Brothers was unable to avenge them, and almost could not make it back. It took a lot of effort for me just to find the way home.”


“A strange beast? What kind of beast was it?” Du Ru Feng frowned.


Yang Kai thought carefully and proceeded, “I’ve never seen it before, but I heard two Senior Brothers say it was a Wandering Space Beast!”


“What did it look like?” Du Ru Feng questioned again.


Yang Kai quickly described it. Fortunately, he thought of this earlier and inquired about it to Old Xu. Otherwise, he would not be able to answer this question, because he just came to the Outer Universe and did not have a chance to see a Wandering Space Beast yet.


After listening to Yang Kai’s description, the doubt in Du Ru Feng’s eyes gradually disappeared. Since Yang Kai was able to describe the beast so vividly, Du Ru Feng believed that he must have seen it with his own eyes, and patted him on his shoulder, “Wandering Space Beasts are strong, and can appear anywhere. It is really dangerous to bump into them in the Outer Universe. Junior Brother must be extremely lucky to escape from it.”


“But Senior Brother Ma and Senior Brother Jiang…” Yang Kai’s eyes turned red.


Du Ru Feng sighed, “That is their fate. Junior Brother, don’t be sad. You must be tired, go back and have a rest first.”


“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded. After getting into Old Xu’s mess, he was no longer interested in asking about a promotion to Orchard Manager. Now that he had brought Old Xu into Seven Wonders Land, who knew how long he could be a Manager here? Perhaps, Old Xu was going to take revenge in just a few days. Although Yang Kai was clueless about Old Xu’s strength and whether he could succeed, there was no way he could stay in Seven Wonders Land for long regardless of the result. It was better for him to find a way to get out of this place as soon as possible.


Du Ru Feng mentioned it himself despite Yang Kai’s silence, “It will be a new month in a few days. I’ll go to the orchard at that time and announce your promotion to Fire Spirit Land.”


“Many thanks, Senior Brother!” Yang Kai hurriedly put on a joyful look, “This Junior Brother will take his leave now.”


Du Ru Feng nodded.


Yang Kai turned around and left, but after just a few steps, Du Ru Feng laughed from behind, “Junior Brother, where are you going?”


[Does he want to kill me now?] Yang Kai looked back and carefully concealed the vigilance in his eyes, “Didn’t Senior Brother ask me to go back and rest for a few days?”


“Now that you are wearing a Seven Coloured Robe, you are considered a Seven Wonders Land disciple. You should go to the Personnel Hall to settle your affairs and register first.


Yang Kai patted his head, “I forgot.”


Du Ru Feng slanted his head to the side, “Xiao He, go with Junior Brother.”


“Yes!” The previous maid answered.


Under the guidance of the woman named Xiao He, Yang Kai reached the Personnel Hall. He went in to register and received several sets of new clothes with a cheerful face.


Xiao He then stated, “Sir Yang is truly lucky. Even after serving Sir Du for so many years, it is Xiao He’s first time seeing a Worker be promoted to a Common Disciple in only half a year.”


Yang Kai cupped his fists towards the direction of the previous hall before replying, “It is all thanks to Senior Brother Du.” He continued after a pause, “By the way, Sister Xiao He, where should I live now?”


Xiao He chuckled, “You can live wherever Manager Zhou used to live.”


“So it’s still the Worker’s Room!” Yang Kai snapped his fingers; however, Zhou Zheng’s residence must be different from that of an ordinary Worker’s hut. The place should be bigger and have a better environment, but since he had not been there yet, Yang Kai was not sure for the time being.


“Then Sir, please go back and have a rest. I must return to report on my task.” Xiao He bowed elegantly. Although she served Du Ru Feng, she was not a Seven Wonders Land disciple. Yang Kai guessed that she had been a Worker before, and Du Ru Feng kept her with him because of her beauty.


“Thank you, Sister Xiao.” As Yang Kai spoke, he slipped a few Open Heaven Pills to her.


Xiao He took the pills without refusing. She glanced at him with a smile, turned around, and soared into the sky, leaving Yang Kai to make his way to the Worker’s Room alone.


He arrived at the Worker’s Room shortly but the whole village was empty. All the Workers had gone to the orchard, so there was no one there.


Yang Kai did not return to his original residence, for there was not much for him to pack up there anyway, and instead went straight to the largest building.


This was where Zhou Zheng used to live, but it was his now. After checking both inside and outside of the building to make sure that there was no one around, Yang Kai secretly opened all the barriers, hid in a secret room, and released Old Xu.


“Not bad, little brat,” Old Xu was not surprised by the environment when he appeared. It seemed that even if he was held in the Six Fated Paths Bag, he was aware of Yang Kai’s recent activities. While speaking, he claimed the Six Fated Paths Bag back.


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Old Xu, I have completed your orders. There’s nothing I can do for you now, so I wish Old Xu good fortune and swift success.”


Old Xu chuckled, “Don’t worry. I’ll keep my promise that you will not be involved in the rest of the matter. Just stay alive.”


Yang Kai turned solemn, “This Junior is truly worried; after all, Old Xu is all alone. Although this Junior hasn’t been here for very long, I do know that there are a lot of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in Seven Wonders Land. How sure is Old Xu that he will succeed in taking revenge this time?”


“Hmph!” Old Xu glanced sideways at him, “Since this King dares to come, he is naturally well prepared.”


“Then I’m relieved.”


Old Xu quickly departed. Yang Kai sent him off and before he could close the door, he saw the Ruler of the Dawn Great General strutting proudly from the other end of the village, the golden light emitted by him as dazzling as ever.


Yang Kai was unsure if it was because the Great General could sense his aura, but it walked straight to him and eyed him appraisingly.


Yang Kai felt a little anxious, wondering if Great General had seen anything just now.


Great General obviously had the ability to understand Human speech, but because he was proud and aloof, he did not bother to communicate with others. After all, the Great General was still the Venerable’s pet so Yang Kai would be in great trouble if Great General reported to the Venerable.


But on second thought, since Great General already appeared in front of Yang Kai, he probably would not report him even if it saw something. Sometimes, Yang Kai had no idea whether this stupid chicken was truly stupid or not.


He let the Great General into the house and then ignored him as he paced back and forth inside with his hands folded behind his back, trying to come up with a way out of this mess for the future. Since Old Xu came to take revenge, Seven Wonders Land would definitely undergo a great upheaval. As such, it was the best time now for him to leave this place of trouble so as to avoid being involved.


However, Yang Kai did not have an excuse to leave. Without Du Ru Feng’s instructions or other legitimate reasons, he could not go out at all, and he really could not come up with anything.


By counting the days, Yang Kai estimated that there was still some time before the end of this month. This outdoor trip truly had delayed him a lot.


Yang Kai felt suffocated being alone in the house, so he decided to get some fresh air outside and flew towards the orchard. Without saying a word, Great General followed him and perched on his head as usual.


After entering the orchard, he went to meet Old Fang.


Old Fang’s face paled when he saw him and hurriedly pulled Yang Kai into his hut, “Damn brat, are you courting death? Where did you get the clothes? How dare you simply wear them? Quickly take them off!”


As he spoke, he tried to rip off Yang Kai’s robes.


Yang Kai raised his hand to stop him, “Why should I take them off? I’m a disciple of Seven Wonders Land now. What’s the problem with wearing this?”


Old Fang’s eyes were as wide as an ox’s now, “Have you lost your mind?” It was not that he did not believe Yang Kai, but rather that it was too hard to accept. Even if Yang Kai had made great contributions, how was it possible for him to be promoted to Seven Wonders Land disciple when he was only here for a short time?


“I’m too lazy to explain to you!” Yang Kai sat down, looking disgruntled.


Old Fang looked at him for a long time, and started again, “Are you really a Seven Wonders Land disciple now?”


“Nonsense, if I weren’t promoted, why would I dare to wear this coming from the outside? I would have been killed on the spot by those Seven Wonders Land disciples before reaching here.”


It made sense to Old Fang when he thought about it. The robe was not something that could be taken lightly, and Yang Kai would not be stupid enough to risk his life by wearing it. Furthermore, Yang Kai would not be able to get this robe if Seven Wonders Land did not distribute it to him.


[Did he really become a Seven Wonders Land disciple?]


Old Fang’s eyes were suddenly shining with admiration, “You’re great, Little Brother…” After that, he slapped his mouth and cupped his fists, “Sir Yang is a young rising star. You’re truly impressive. You have the admiration of this Old Master.”


Yang Kai looked up at him and could not help rolling his eyes, “On top of that, I will take over the position of Orchard Manager.”


“Manager!?” Old Fang’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets, “Are you being serious?”


Yang Kai knocked on the table, Old Fang received his signal and quickly poured him some tea. Yang Kai took a sip of the tea and proceeded softly, “After a few days, Senior Brother Du will announce the news. I’m here just to give you a heads-up so that you’re prepared for it.”


Old Fang was overwhelmingly exhilarated, “Little Brother, you’ve had great success. You should take care of your Big Brother in the future.”


Yang Kai let out a long sigh, not knowing what to say because Old Xu was a matter of secrecy. Therefore, he just nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to take care of you.”


Old Fang burst into tears of gratitude.


Yang Kai left Old Fang and went to meet Dié You. Like Old Fang, Dié You was flabbergasted and could not believe him. She kept trying to take off his clothes too, until Yang Kai had no choice but to flee, hoping that she would believe it after the announcement in a few days.




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