Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3887, Fortune And Misfortune


Translator: Silavin & Danny

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Yang Kai disappeared with a flicker. Duan Hai, who had been sitting calmly at the head of the hall, finally raised his brow and his eyes lit up, “Space Principles!”


While speaking, he stretched out his hand and grabbed at the Void.


Following his action, Yang Kai, who fled out of the hall hurriedly, immediately felt a great sense of crisis. When he looked back, he saw a gigantic hand overshadowing the sky behind, grabbing towards him with enormous power.


Yang Kai was taken aback and surged his Space Principles madly, teleporting over and over again. However, no matter how many times he tried, he could not escape the coverage of the giant hand. Moreover, he felt a powerful shackle lock firmly on himself.


The huge hand that covered the whole sky and blocked the sunlight caught hold of Yang Kai soon after. With a snort, Yang Kai’s vision rapidly changed, and when he recovered, he was already in a secret room.


Duan Hai, Du Ru Feng, and Yu Lian were all here. The two of them stood left and right behind Duan Hai, one looking indifferent, while the other seemed mirthful.


Yang Kai panicked. He looked around but he could not find a way to escape. He knew he was in deep trouble. He could not get rid of Duan Hai’s grip even by using his Instantaneous Movement. It could be seen that the gap between the Four-Order Open Heaven Realm and his cultivation was truly big.


“Junior Brother Yang, what are you running for? This Senior Brother didn’t say that he will eat you, just that he wanted to use your Wood Element.” Yu Lian grinned.


[If I don’t run, should I just wait to die?] Although he was not optimistic that he could escape from them, he still had to try it, “If Senior Brother wants my Wood Element, he could just ask for it and this Junior Brother will make his contribution. Why do you have to deceive me like this?”


Yu Lian chuckled, “Since Junior Brother is a sensible person, then don’t resist.”


Yang Kai questioned, “I’m curious, however. Can someone’s Yin, Yang, and Five Elements be forcibly seized?” He had asked Old Fang this question before, but Old Fang could not answer him. However, since he encountered this incident today, it meant that the power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements could indeed be stolen; otherwise, why would they spend so much effort on this?


“There is only one situation where a person’s Yin, Yang, and Five Elements can be forcibly seized.” Perhaps because Yu Lian was close to his dream of being promoted to an Open Heaven Realm Master, he was in a particularly good mood and did not hesitate to answer Yang Kai’s question.


“What kind of situation?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.


“When someone has only condensed a single Element, just like Junior Brother. If Junior Brother condensed two, we would be helpless.” Yu Lian explained with a smile, “However, Junior Brother’s Wood Element will also have its Order degraded by one or two after being forcibly seized. In any case, it doesn’t really matter. I heard that the Wood Element you condensed is at least Fifth-Order, and this Senior Brother only needs a Fourth-Order. So if I’m lucky, even if the Order is downgraded, it can still be used.”


“I see!” Yang Kai was enlightened.


Yu Lian continued, “Junior Brother, is there anything else you want to ask?”


Yang Kai asked with a darkened face, “What will happen to me if my Wood Element is seized?”


Yu Lian disclosed, “Are you wondering if you’ll die? Probably. You might live if you are lucky, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to cultivate again in the future.”


Yang Kai’s heart sank into the abyss after listening to this. Both of these options would be tragic for a cultivator. In fact, it was better to die if one could not cultivate.


No longer giving Yang Kai a chance to speak, Yu Lian turned around and cupped his fist at Duan Hai, “Venerable, please!”


Duan Hai nodded gently, raised his big hand, and swung fiercely.


Chains clattered noisily in the air and shuttled aggressively towards Yang Kai from all directions. Looking around, Yang Kai wanted to dodge the chains engraved with countless complex runes, but he was being immobilized and could not move an inch.


Followed by the clanging of metal, the seemingly immaterial chains penetrated through Yang Kai, causing him to scream in pain and immediately drench in sweat.


A powerful Array lit up below his feet and began to spin slowly.


The Array was already arranged here before they arrived, so it was clear they had been preparing for this day for quite some time, just waiting for the right moment to seize his Wood Element.


The chains were pulled taut, and Yang Kai’s trembling body was lifted into the air. Duan Hai and Yu Lian stepped into their respective positions in the Array, leaving Du Ru Feng alone guarding to the side


Yang Kai panicked. His situation was completely hopeless. He could not get out of trouble with his own strength, and the only thing he could count on was Old Xu.


However, Old Xu had not made a sound after he entered Seven Wonders Land for three months. Yang Kai had no idea where he was and what he was doing, so it was unrealistic to expect him to save him. Moreover, Yang Kai probably no longer had value to him despite Old Xu having complete control of his life. Even if Old Xu knew his situation, he may not care about him at all.


Sitting cross-legged in position, Yu Lian emptied his mind and calmed his breathing as the aura around his body fluctuated mysteriously.


On the other side, Duan Hai too, looked solemn, his hands constantly forming seals.


Yang Kai felt a strong power being transmitted from the clattering chains to him, shaking his Dao Seal, trying to extract his Wood Element.


Indescribable pain overwhelmed his body as Yang Kai clenched his teeth in endurance, the veins on his forehead bulging.


Suddenly, there was an unexpected change. A gigantic black centipede illusory phantom abruptly appeared behind Yang Kai, firmly wrapping him in its hundred feet. No matter what Duan Hai did, he was unable to extract the Wood Element out of Yang Kai.


“Soaring Black Centipede?” A hint of surprise flashed across Duan Hai’s eyes, pausing his hand seals and swiftly moving to Yang Kai’s side. He clasped Yang Kai’s neck and poured in a violent power to examine his Dao Seal before his face changed and he roared, “Boy, who implanted this Soaring Black Centipede in you!?”


Suffering from intense pain, Yang Kai kept gasping for air, his countenance as pale as a sheet, but a sneer on his face, “Your Father!”


He did not expect that the Soaring Black Centipede, which was supposed to restrain him, actually saved his life in this crisis. It was truly a mixed blessing. When he thought about it carefully though, it was not surprising at all. The Soaring Black Centipede was originally implanted to restrain his Dao Seal. On the other hand, Duan Hai set up an Array to try to seize the Wood Element which was condensed into his Dao Seal. These two processes obviously clashed with each other. At this moment, Yang Kai could not help thanking Old Xu. Although he did not know how long it could stall for, he felt hopeful for a moment.


Duan Hai looked back at Du Ru Feng, “Did you see anything else in his Dao Seal last time?”


Du Ru Feng was also a little confused. He was clueless about the Soaring Black Centipede, so he shook his head, “No!”


“Then it was implanted later…” Brilliant light flashed across Duan Hai’s eyes as he turned to stare at Yang Kai solemnly, “Boy, who did you meet when you went out?”


He truly had a sharp mind and saw through the truth at once.


But how could Yang Kai answer him? He just maintained a sneer. Duan Hai immediately applied force through his hand, causing Yang Kai to roar in pain, almost robbing him of his consciousness.


Duan Hai pressed on gloomily, “Do you think this King can’t do anything to you? It’s just a mere insect. This King will torture you slowly after this King destroys it.”


Saying so, he lifted his hand and palmed at the Dao Seal. Intense power slammed into Yang Kai’s body, shocking the Soaring Black Centipede that was wrapping around the Dao Seal.


With Duan Hai’s action, Yang Kai could obviously feel the uneasy mood of the centipede seal that was wrapping his Dao Seal. The initial binding strength was gradually relaxed, and it showed faint signs of being expelled.


A vague will suddenly extended from the Soaring Black Centipede, and like a drowning man clutching at a straw, Yang Kai immediately exclaimed with great joy, “Old Xu, save me!”


“Waste, you almost spoiled this King’s grand plan!” Although Old Xu was cursing Yang Kai in his mind, it was as sweet as Heavenly music to Yang Kai’s ears.


Duan Hai’s face changed wildly as he barked, “Who dares run wild here!?”


He obviously heard the voice just now. Since his will was connected to the Soaring Black Centipede, it was obviously from the seal’s owner who had been alarmed by Duan Hai’s previous actions.


[Is there a strong enemy hiding in Seven Wonders Land?] Duan Hai broke out into a cold sweat. Fortunately, he discovered this by coincidence today; otherwise, he had no idea what would happen when the enemy was fully prepared.


“Long time no see, Duan Hai. What? Do you not remember my voice?” Old Xu’s voice sounded cold.


Duan Hai’s expression changed several times as he blurted out, “Xu Huang! You’re not dead!?”


Old Xu laughed, “This King is blessed, how can he just die? You and those other traitors set me up and plotted to seize my Seven Wonders Land, but today this King will take back his capital together with interest!”


Duan Hai replied in a deep tone, “I didn’t know anything during that time!”


“Do you think this King will believe you? Today you will all die!”


When the word ‘die’ fell, a world-shaking movement came from the outside. Even if the secret room was covered by an isolation array, it shook violently, as if it were about to collapse. Then, a torrent of power suddenly emerged in the form of an unstoppable finger, flying towards Duan Hai.


Duan Hai’s face turned pale and he hurriedly retreated with a flicker. At the same time, he flipped his hands, completed a set of hand seals, and pushed his palm forward.


*Hong long long… *


A deafening blast sounded, and the world was turned upside down. The secret room exploded into pieces, and the Array collapsed.


Yang Kai, who was bound in mid-air, instantly felt like he was riding a small boat in the middle of a raging ocean, surrounded by boundless waves, at risk of being drowned at any time.


The aftershocks of the impact of the two Open Heaven Realm Masters spread out and caused massive destruction. Yang Kai’s body rolled and tumbled, his bones cracking noisily as blood spurted out of his mouth and nose while even his Soul became unstable.




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  1. Seems like a really similar set up to when YK helped that one dude who cultivated heaven devouring law of the blue feather sect. He was the sect master and then there was a coup, so he asked YK to help break him out of prison. Except that time, the old sect master (?) needed help breaking into the sect

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