Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3889, On The Verge Of Death


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


[Du Ru Feng survived!] A thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind. Since the Sky Seizing Net was Du Ru Feng’s artifact, it meant that Du Ru Feng was still alive.


Yang Kai rapidly plummeted from the sky, but the Sky Seizing Net was chasing after him like a maggot on rotting bones and he could not get rid of it.


The surrounding space was sealed, which made him unable to use Instantaneous Movement to escape. Watching the huge net above him, Yang Kai was notably anxious. He surged his power into the Azure Dragon Spear and thrust upward.


However, without being affected by the force, the Sky Seizing Net fell directly on Yang Kai and wrapped him up tightly. As the power of imprisonment transmitted from the huge net, Yang Kai could feel that his strength was restrained in an instant.


In mid-air, Du Ru Feng’s figure slowly emerged, a look of resentment and lingering fear on his face. If it was not because he was lucky during the activation of the Grand Defense Array, he probably would have followed in his fellow brothers’ footsteps.


Nevertheless, his condition did not look good at this moment. His face was pale, he was holding his chest with his hand, and the corners of his mouth were bloody. It seemed like the aftermath of the battle between Duan Hai and Old Xu had really wounded him.


“You’re not dead, how lucky are you!?” Du Ru Feng looked coldly at Yang Kai, who was bound by the Sky Seizing Net, and performed a hand seal, strengthening the binding power of the net.


Yang Kai grunted. Although the situation was unfavourable to him, he did not give in to Du Ru Feng and taunted back, “Aren’t you still alive too?”


Du Ru Feng snorted, “Shut up. This King will kill you now!” Yu Lian coveted Yang Kai’s Wood Element, but Du Ru Feng did not. Everyone’s condensed power was different and he had already condensed his Wood Element, so he was uninterested in Yang Kai’s life. Now that Seven Wonders Land had encountered a huge disaster, it was better to kill Yang Kai as soon as possible to avoid causing troubles later.


After that declaration, Du Ru Feng acted, lifting his hand as he summoned a long sword and bellowed, “Go!”


The long sword transformed into a sword light, shooting straight at Yang Kai.


In Yang Kai’s field of vision, the sword light was rapidly magnifying in front of him, and the aura of death closed in on his head. At the critical moment of life and death, Yang Kai’s heart became as tranquil as still water. A Dragon Roar resounded, his bones crackled noisily, and Dragon Scales quickly enveloped his rapidly expanding body.


During the Dragon Transformation, Yang Kai snapped his jaw at the oncoming sword light. Following a massive impact of power, Yang Kai felt that his teeth were threatening to crack, and his mouth was once again filled with blood.


Du Ru Feng was dumbstruck as his gaze followed the transformation of Yang Kai’s body size, never having imagined he had such an ability. A moment later, he exclaimed with a cracked voice, “You’re a Dragon?!”


The characteristics of Yang Kai’s body after the Dragon Transformation were too obvious, so how could Du Ru Feng not understand it?


In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had turned into a gigantic 2,000-metre-tall Half-Dragon; however, he was still unable to get escape the binding of the Sky Seizing Net. Similar to the Six Fated Paths Bag, it was extremely flexible. It expanded together with the growth of Yang Kai’s body size, and continued to bind him tightly.


However, Yang Kai sensed some obvious signs of instability in the Sky Seizing Net and was overjoyed. Despite its function being similar to the Six Fated Paths Bag, it was clearly not as strong.


Without hesitating, Yang Kai clenched the Azure Dragon Spear and swung it violently.


The light of the Sky Seizing Net flashed wildly for a moment, then rapidly faded.


“In your dreams!” Du Ru Feng yelled and performed a hand seal. The sword light that was bitten by Yang Kai suddenly flew back to Du Ru Feng and he slashed out at Yang Kai after catching it.


Yang Kai saw the incoming sword wave, but could not dodge. Even if he were not killed by it, he would definitely be severely wounded.


At the critical moment, a golden light swiftly flew from the distance and shielded Yang Kai. It was only a small ball of golden light, but when it appeared, it suddenly expanded and turned into a giant golden chicken several tens of meters tall.


“Great General!” Yang Kai was surprised. He never thought that this unreliable chicken would arrive to save him at this critical moment.


He did not bring Great General with him during this meeting with Du Ru Feng, but left him in the orchard. Beyond his expectation though, Great General somehow managed to come here.


The sword wave slashed down, and following a short wail, Great General was blown away. In mid-air, his body reverted back to its original size, and his golden feathers greatly dimmed.


Yang Kai was infuriated and his Dragon Aura erupted. He hurled the Azure Dragon Spear forward and shouted angrily, “Break!”


The spear flew out like a true Azure Dragon diving into the sea, and space was pierced through by its power.


Following a crash, the Sky Seizing Net that had been binding Yang Kai shattered, its power of confinement vanishing in an instant. However, the momentum of the Azure Dragon Spear was not weakened and shot straight towards Du Ru Feng.


Sensing the power of this spear, Du Ru Feng’s face changed drastically and he hurriedly tried to dodge. Nevertheless, Yang Kai did not give him a chance to breathe. Du Ru Feng was a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master, who was stronger than Yang Kai, and he also had the Shadowless Veil artifact. If Yang Kai allowed him to summon out the Shadowless Veil, he would never be able to find him again.


He stretched out his Dragon Claw and grabbed at Du Ru Feng while at the same time, he surged his Space Principles.


The surrounding space suddenly solidified, Du Ru Feng’s body was frozen, and in that brief moment, Yang Kai grasped Du Ru Feng tightly in his giant claw.


“Scram!” Du Ru Feng roared as power fluctuated all over his body. Even with his Dragon Transformation, Yang Kai felt that he was about to be repelled, so he inflated his chest, and breathed out furiously at Du Ru Feng.


Fire Dragon’s Flaming Breath!


Dragon Breath spewed out from his mouth, shrouding Du Ru Feng who let out an ear-piercing scream and struggled even more violently. Yang Kai suddenly felt a sharp pain in his hand and loosened the grip of his Dragon Claw involuntarily for a slight moment. Du Ru Feng quickly took the opportunity to escape.


Yang Kai fixed his gaze on Du Ru Feng and saw that he was in a great mess. He had already been hurt in the aftermath of the battle between Duan Hai and Old Xu and in addition to his Sky Seizing Net being destroyed and being attacked by Yang Kai, he was now completely covered in blisters and burns. He looked dreadfully miserable.


Their eyes met, and Yang Kai could clearly see the fear and uneasiness on his opponent’s face.


Unlike Yang Kai, who was used to fighting and killing with his life on the line, Du Ru Feng was born and cultivated in peace in Seven Wonders Land. Throughout his whole life, Du Ru Feng had not even left Seven Wonders Land many times, not to mention having the fight for his life. In the beginning, he was able to gain some advantage by relying on his own superior strength and artifacts. However, he was unable to handle it once he faced a slight setback.


Yang Kai had encountered many people like him, greenhouse flowers unable to weather the wind and rain.


Grinning, Yang Kai swung his arm, causing a surge of Space Principles which sent a massive Moon Blade towards Du Ru Feng.


Du Ru Feng’s face changed and he attempted to dodge the attack.


But Yang Kai now had complete control over the battlefield with his Space Principles. Following a slight flourish of the Azure Dragon Spear, he shouted in a low voice, “Shatter!”


When the words fell, space trembled and suddenly, innumerable Void Cracks filled the surrounding region, releasing an aura of chaos and nihility. Looking at the scene, Du Ru Feng’s face turned pale again.


“Du Ru Feng, this day next year will be your death anniversary!” With a loud roar, Yang Kai had already charged with his spear in hand, soon shrouding Du Ru Feng in a giant spear shadow that seemed to block out the entire sky.


Du Ru Feng felt constrained by the surrounding Void Cracks. He wanted to escape, but how could Yang Kai give him such an opportunity? His spear thrust had sealed off all chances of escaping.


In a moment of desperation, Du Ru Feng threw caution to the wind and went all out with Yang Kai.


That was exactly what Yang Kai had wanted though. Although Du Ru Feng was a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master and stronger than him, his combat experience was certainly lacking and his restorative abilities were no match for Yang Kai’s. In a close-quarters life-or-death struggle, Yang Kai was not afraid of Du Ru Feng.


The Sky Seizing Net was broken, so now all Yang Kai had to worry about was the Shadowless Veil. If Du Ru Feng summoned the Shadowless Veil to conceal himself, Yang Kai would undoubtedly fall into a disadvantage; therefore, Yang Kai made continuous attacks without caring about his consumption or injuries in order to tie Du Ru Feng down and make it impossible for him to summon his artifact.


Their figures interlocked and blood spurted everywhere as time slowly dragged on.


After fighting for some unknown amount of time, Yang Kai withdrew his spear and panted heavily. At this moment, he had returned to his original size because he could not maintain his Dragon Transformation anymore. There were wounds of various sizes all over his body, some so deep his bones were exposed, looking dreadfully miserable. He staggered and barely managed to stand upright with the support of the Azure Dragon Spear.


Du Ru Feng’s condition was no better, however, as his whole body was stained with red blood, his hair dishevelled like a fierce ghost, his eyes quivering violently as deep down, he was in a panic.


Wheezing, Du Ru Feng remarked, “Yang Kai, since such a big incident has happened to Seven Wonders Land, no one knows what the future will be. Why do you and I have to fight to the death here?”


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “The battle has already begun, what do you want to do now?”


Du Ru Feng proposed, “Why don’t we both withdraw? You can’t stay in Seven Wonders Land after what happened today anyway. You better run for your life as soon as possible before Venerable makes his move. Otherwise, when Venerable returns, I’m afraid you won’t be able to escape even if you want to.”


“Makes sense!” Yang Kai nodded gently and tilted his head, “So you want us both to take a step back?”


Du Ru Feng nodded repeatedly, “Good!”


Before he could finish speaking though, his face suddenly changed and he stabbed his sword forward.




The long sword seemed to have pierced something, and when he looked forward, he saw that Yang Kai had already appeared in front of him, and the long sword in his hand had penetrated directly through his chest.


“Bastard!” Du Ru Feng scolded furiously.


Yang Kai grinned, “You plotted to kill me, how could I possibly spare you!?”


Du Ru Feng immediately felt the heart-piercing pain in his chest and his face turned pale as he looked down to see that his chest was also pierced through by Yang Kai’s spear.


“Rup…ture!” Yang Kai spat out the word slowly as Space Principles churned.


For a moment, Du Ru Feng felt that something in his body had collapsed. In his field of vision, a huge hole was suddenly gouged out around where his body was penetrated by the spear.


He looked up slowly and stared at Yang Kai incredulously, his eyes full of longing for life.


Yang Kai unceremoniously kicked him, sending him flying away. When the long sword was pulled away from his chest, another gush of blood spilled out of his wound. The world around him started spinning and he almost fainted. Struggling to keep his consciousness, he walked over to Du Ru Feng step by step and looked down on him from above.




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