Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3890, No Way To Escape


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At that moment, Du Ru Feng’s eyes went cloudy as the light faded from them and his aura was on the verge of being extinguished.


Yang Kai looked at him coldly before stabbing his spear through Du Ru Feng’s skull, splitting it open and spilling its contents onto the ground.


With a lift of the spear tip, Yang Kai picked up Du Ru Feng’s Space Ring, but he did not have time to examine it. He staggered over to one side, where Great General was sprawled on the ground, his golden feathers dreadfully dimmed.


Yang Kai bent down, picked him up, and examined him with his Divine Sense, feeling relieved a moment later. Although Great General’s aura was weak, his life was not in danger.


To be honest, Yang Kai did not expect Great General would leave the orchard to find him and even save him at the critical moment, only further confusing him as he wondered why Great General favoured him so greatly.


However, it was not the right moment to ponder this now. Ever since he started clashing with Du Ru Feng, the rumbling in the sky had not ceased. It was obvious that Old Xu was using the Seven Wonders Land Grand Array against many Open Heaven Realm Masters. It was good to know that they were still occupied; otherwise, Yang Kai probably would have had a bad time.


Although he had no idea whether Old Xu could successfully complete his revenge or not, now was definitely the best time to escape from Seven Wonders Land.


Nevertheless, before that, Yang Kai still had to locate Old Fang and Dié You first. He hoped that they were safe. Earlier when Old Xu activated a devastating attack from the Grand Defense Array, it caused tremendous casualties in Seven Wonders Land, so Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering how the situation in the orchard was.


He held Great General in his arms, but just after flying for a short while, he saw two figures flying side by side from the distance. It was Old Fang and Dié You. Yang Kai was immediately relieved. They were fortunately not affected by the attack of the Grand Defense Array. Otherwise, they certainly would not be able to survive with their current strength.


At this moment, the entire Fire Spirit Land was in chaos. Countless figures flew everywhere like headless flies and no one knew what was going on.


As soon as they met each other, Old Fang asked with a cracked voice, “Little Brother, what happened to you?”


Dié You also covered her mouth with her hand, her beautiful eyes quivered, “Such severe injuries…”


“It’s complicated!” Yang Kai smiled wryly and shook his head, “Now is not the right time to explain. It’s important for us to leave this place now.”


“What the Hell had just happened?” Old Fang questioned. Everything happened too abruptly today. A massive Grand Array pattern appeared over the entire Fire Spirit Land all of a sudden and unleashed a massive indiscriminate attack. More than half of the orchard was destroyed, and more than sixty percent of the Workers were killed in an instant. Old Fang and Dié You hurriedly escaped when they saw the situation and fortunately survived.


“I’ll explain on the way!” Yang Kai did not have much time to talk as he tried his best to push his strength and fly upwards.


On the way, he briefly explained the situation to Old Fang and Dié You, and also made it clear that Old Xu was brought in by him before. Their eyes widened in shock as Yang Kai told them what happened, for they could not believe such a strange coincidence had occurred. However, in this way, it created a good opportunity to leave Seven Wonders Land. Now that the Seven Wonders Land Masters were busy dealing with Old Xu, probably no one would care about their lives.


Many others had the same ideas as them, all of them basically Workers. After all, they had been all but enslaved by Seven Wonders Land for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and everyone knew that there was no way out of here. Although danger lurked in every corner in the world outside, they still at least had a little hope as long as they dared to step out. As Workers in Seven Wonders Land, there was no chance for them to stand out, unless they were willing to give up and settle for achieving the First-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Numerous Workers were flying out in all directions now.


However, when Yang Kai got close to the Grand Array, only then did he realize that his thinking was too naïve. The coverage of the Seven Wonders Land Grand Array didn’t have a single flaw, so no one could escape through it. It made sense as he thought about it though. Since Old Xu usurped control of the Grand Array, how could he let the people of Seven Wonders Land stand a chance to escape?


The battle in the sky went on without restraint and would cause an impact to Fire Spirit Land from time to time, causing mass chaos.


Once in a while, glowing array patterns of various sizes would appear in the sky as the Grand Defense Array activated, resulting in another rain of attacks.


Yang Kai saw with his own eyes how some Workers failed to dodge these attacks and were killed on the spot.


Just when Yang Kai was secretly beginning to worry, he heard a shrill scream from high up above, followed by the propagation of a violent energy wave which swept over the whole world, causing the vast Fire Spirit Land to rumble loudly.


A moment later, a figure fell from the sky straight among where the many Workers gathered.


Old Fang’s face turned pale as he shouted, “He’s the Venerable Protector of Water Spirit Land!”


Dié You’s voice trembled, “Is he dead?”


Old Fang shook his head, indicating that he had no idea.


The Venerable Protector of Water Spirit Land fell straight to the ground in front of everyone’s eyes and remained motionless for a long time. The Workers kept looking at each other, but no one dared to go forward to examine him.


Right at that moment, a rainbow light from the sky slashed down directly on the Water Spirit Land Venerable Protector’s motionless body, splitting it in two.


There was no need for Old Fang to answer now as everyone knew that the Venerable Protector was dead.


Ignoring his severe injuries, Yang Kai rushed to the corpse of the Water Spirit Land Venerable Protector with a flicker, lifted his hand, took down his Space Ring, and stuffed it into his pocket. Then, he disappeared with another flicker.


When Old Fang and Dié You regained their senses, a transmission from Yang Kai reached their ears.


Only then did the other Workers react and begin looking around for Yang Kai. Unfortunately for them, their efforts were in vain. Taking advantage of his Instantaneous Movement, Yang Kai had long disappeared, sending the crowd into a fury!


The wealth of a Venerable Protector was unimaginably valuable to a Worker. If they had the guts to act earlier, they might have grabbed the Space Ring, but now it had already fallen into the hands of another.


Old Fang and Dié You quietly left the crowd and flew in the same direction. Soon, they left Fire Spirit Land, and rushed straight to the shopping district.


Although no one could leave the coverage of the Seven Wonders Land Grand Array, travel within Seven Wonders Land was unobstructed.


The two soon arrived at a corner of the shopping district where Old Fang checked the surroundings before whispering, “Yang Kai, Yang Kai!”


Yang Kai’s head peeped out from the back of a building and he waved, “Here, I’m here!”


Old Fang and Dié You hurriedly ran to his side, turned a corner, and saw Yang Kai leaning against the wall with blood all over his body. He was pale, gasping for breath, and holding the Ruler of the Dawn Great General in his arms.


Finding it frightening and amusing at the same time, Old Fang remarked, “Little Brother, you really value fortune over your life!”


If those Workers reacted a little faster just now, Yang Kai would have no way to escape at all. As the saying goes though, birds die of food just as men die for wealth, everyone would have slaughtered him without a second thought for the Venerable Protector’s Space Ring.


Yang Kai coughed lightly, “The poor have to take risks!”


Dié You reprimanded angrily, “You call yourself poor!?”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Let’s not talk about this first. No one has come to the shopping district for the time being, and the Grand Defense Array doesn’t cover this region, so I think we should be safe to hide here for now. I need some time to heal my wounds.”


Old Fang nodded solemnly, “You can heal at ease. Sister Dié You and I will stand guard for you.”


“Then I shall trouble you two.” Yang Kai accepted his favour. Given the situation now, it was pointless to think too much, and they could only take one step at a time. Everything now depended on the final result of the battle, which was either Old Xu successfully took revenge or Seven Wonders Land managed to defeat him. However, judging from the death of Water Spirit Land’s Venerable Protector just now, Seven Wonders Land was probably at a disadvantage.


Although Old Xu was alone, he may still be able to succeed with the aid of the Grand Defense Array.


Yang Kai did not really care what the outcome was. As long as Duan Hai died, it did not matter to him who ultimately won this battle, because if Duan Hai survived, he would have no way to live.


Grabbing a handful of healing Spirit Pills from his Space Ring and stuffing them into his mouth, Yang Kai also fed several to Great General. Then, he sat cross-legged to adjust his breathing.


Although his wounds were severe, they were not fatal. Yang Kai knew his body very well, and as long as the injuries were not too serious, he could recover sooner or later by relying on the shocking regenerative powers of his Dragon Vein and Wood Element.


The whole shopping district was quiet; after all, it was not the three rest days of the month, so it was naturally empty. After standing guard for a while, Old Fang seemed to suddenly think of something, “Sister Dié You, I’ll be right back. Please take care of Little Brother Yang.”


Dié You knew what Old Fang was up to so she replied with a smile, “Go and be safe.”


Old Fang grinned meaningfully and disappeared with a flicker.


The noise outside never ceased and it was obvious that the fight was still ongoing. Watching Yang Kai’s disordered breathing slowly begin to stabilize, Dié You was amazed. A normal person could not recover from such severe injuries without resting for at least ten days to half a month, but Yang Kai actually took less than half a day to begin showing improvement. Dié You was truly impressed by his vitality.


Old Fang soon returned, dejected. After Dié You asked, she learnt that there was nothing for him to loot in the shopping district.


Yang Kai was still healing while the fight outside persisted. The two of them had nowhere to go, so they gradually lost interest in talking.


After a long time, Yang Kai abruptly opened his eyes and muttered, “Someone is coming.”


Dié You and Old Fang were taken aback and quickly scanned their surroundings with their Divine Senses, and soon, they noticed someone. When they looked up, they saw a petite figure flying over. While flying, she kept checking around carefully, like a thief.


However, the person soon found Yang Kai and the others, and after hesitating for a moment, she flew straight towards them.


“Stop!” Old Fang roared.


Yang Kai raised his hand, “Relax, I know her.” 


He then looked up and laughed, “Why are you here?”


The visitor was Ah Sun, who was brought to Fire Spirit Land by Duan Hai along with Yang Kai. Lucky for her, she had no signs of injury at all. She had probably avoided the attacks of the Grand Defense Array by luck.


Ah Sun was pleasantly surprised and called out, “Senior Brother Yang, you’re here too!”


Yang Kai remarked, “Fire Spirit Land is too dangerous, so we came here to hide.”


Ah Sun nodding repeatedly, “I thought so too. It’s too chaotic out there. Many fellow brothers have been killed, and even a Venerable is dead.”




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