Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3891, Little Brat, You Spoiled My Good Deed


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“A Venerable is dead? Which one?” Although Dié You saw the Water Spirit Land Venerable die with her own eyes, there were seven Venerables in Seven Wonders Land, so she wondered which Venerable Ah Sun was referring to.


Ah Sun answered, “Our Fire Spirit Land Venerable.”


“Duan Hai?” Yang Kai was surprised, “Did you see it?”


Ah Sun nodded, “With my own eyes.”


Yang Kai clenched his fist and secretly celebrated. With Duan Hai’s death, Yang Kai’s secret was also buried with him. Even if Old Xu failed in his revenge and Seven Wonders Land managed to survive this disaster, no one would trouble him by then. However, if he could find an opportunity to leave here, Yang Kai did not want to stay any longer.


Two Venerables died back-to-back. One could imagine how fierce the fight was up there. Unfortunately, he was not strong enough now, otherwise he would want to watch the battle.


Old Fang and Dié You were not familiar with Ah Sun, but although Yang Kai was not too close with her either, he knew this little girl had a good heart. They got in touch several times when they first came to Seven Wonders Land, and Yang Kai had a good impression of her. It could be considered fate that they were brought together during this difficult time.


The battle continued, but it had not spread to the shopping district yet. As such, the four of them were safe hiding here.


As time passed, more people gathered in the shopping district. They were the Workers from various Spirit Lands, and also the Seven Wonders Land disciples donned in Seven Coloured Robes. Now that the Grand Array of the entire Seven Wonders Land was usurped, everyone probably had the idea that the other places were not safe at all, and only this shopping district which was a separate space added after the arrangement of the Grand Array was the last safe haven.


Yang Kai changed out of his Seven-Coloured Robe into his normal clothes to avoid raising attention.


The great battle persisted for more than ten days without stopping, and more and more people took shelter in the shopping district. Everyone was extremely worried, for they feared being involved in the disaster.


At a certain moment more than ten days later, a bright light suddenly lit up the dark shopping district. Everyone looked up and saw a hole had torn in the cloudy sky and light was now spilling down on them from the tear.


“The Grand Array is broken!” Someone shouted before many figures rushed towards the hole in the sky, disappearing into it.


Yang Kai and the others exchanged a glance and saw the delight on their faces. Without hesitating, the group of four people surged their power and soared into the sky together with the crowd.


The Grand Array covering Seven Wonders Land had finally broken. No one knew whether it was because Old Xu had spent too much power to activate the Grand Array these days, or whether Seven Wonders Land Masters used powerful means to disable it. Regardless, since the barrier was broken, no one could stop them from escaping.


After leaving Seven Wonders Land, Yang Kai did not know which way to go, so he just kept flying forward. Wherever it was, the farther away from Seven Wonders Land, the better.


Dié You, Old Fang, and Ah Sun followed him without saying a word. They had no place to go either, so anywhere was the same to them. After the initial excitement of escaping, Dié You and Old Fang could not help feeling lost. Ever since they jumped out of their own Universe Worlds, they had been taken into Seven Wonders Land, where they had not left even after so many years. They had fortunately escaped from Seven Wonders Land now, but where could they go in the future? Especially when they had not been promoted to the Open Heaven Realm, so their strength was insufficient to survive in this vast world.


The four of them flew for several days straight. Along the way, it was an endless void without any reference points, so they had no idea where they were at the moment.


Suddenly, Yang Kai felt a sense of apprehension in his heart, and when he looked back, he was frightened and his face turned pale as he shouted, “Run!”


Old Fang and the others were puzzled, so they looked back too. At a glance, their faces changed drastically. A streak of light in the rear was rushing towards their side, and by the looks of the brightness and speed at which it travelled, their pursuer was obviously an Open Heaven Realm Master. They were unsure which Order this Open Heaven Realm Master was, but no matter which Order they were, this person was not someone they could compete with now.


They changed directions several times, but the light continued chasing after them persistently. No matter how they changed directions, the light did not deviate, and the distance between them was getting closer and closer instead.


The group was anxious when suddenly, they heard Yang Kai scream and saw him suddenly stop.


Dié You was taken aback and shouted, “What’s wrong? Quickly run!”


Yang Kai smiled wryly, “I can’t run!”


Earlier, he had no clue who was chasing behind them, but he knew now. It was Old Xu. Yang Kai had the Soaring Black Centipede in his body, and his Dao Seal was clenched by the centipede seal just now. It was obviously Old Xu’s warning to him. If he continued to run, he would lose his life.


Yang Kai could not figure out how Old Xu found him after running so far, but he guessed that it was most probably due to the Soaring Black Centipede. Since it was a kind of Exotic Ancient Insect raised by Old Xu, there should be some kind of connection between the two. As such, it was not surprising that he could track him with it.


[Why is Old Xu here? Shouldn’t he be fighting with those Venerables and the Heavenly Monarch back in Seven Wonders Land? Since he came here at this time, does it mean he lost?]


Yang Kai was resentful, but he could only stand in place and wait, looking at Old Fang and the others as he declared, “You guys go.”


It was a blessing, not a curse, and if it was a curse, it could not be avoided.


Old Fang hurriedly replied, “Take care!”


When the words fell, he continued to speed forward, but Dié You did not move. Yang Kai turned to look at her only to see her smile, “If he really wants to harm us, we won’t be able to escape. Since that’s the case, we might as well take a chance and fight alongside you.”


Her speech was not convincing at all as there was always a glimmer of hope if she ran away; otherwise, she could only hand over her life to Old Xu.


Unsure whether Ah Sun was too kind or foolish, she continued, “I’ll stay with you…”


Yang Kai was speechless.


On the other hand, Old Fang, who had not run far, turned around and flew back, standing beside Yang Kai as he snorted and retorted angrily, “I’m dead now because of all of you.”


Yang Kai could not help but laugh.


During their conversation, Old Xu had already flown to them. Yang Kai sighed and cupped his fists, but when he was about to greet him, he saw Old Xu raise his hand. The Six Fated Paths Bag was summoned, enveloping them from above, and in the next moment, their vision turned dark and they were stuffed into the bag.


Old Fang exclaimed, “What happened?” He was taken in before he could see clearly what the enemy looked like, and he was totally clueless about the mystery of Six Fated Paths Bag.


Ah Sun complained, “It’s so crowded here. What is this place?”


Dié You panicked, “Who… Who touched me… Whose hand is this…”


Yang Kai coughed lightly, “Sorry, it wasn’t on purpose. Don’t move around, everyone. This place is like this. Just bear with it.”


The bag immediately became quiet as no one dared to move.


Suddenly, there was a loud squeaking noise, followed by a foul stench.


Ah Sun retched, “Who… Who farted!?”


Old Fang quickly clarified, “It wasn’t this Old Master!”


Dié You also clarified, “Well it wasn’t me…”


“Little Brother Yang, you…”


Yang Kai was immediately enraged and lashed out, “It wasn’t me, it was this stupid chicken!” Yang Kai would have crushed Great General if it were not for the small space. The stench lasted for a long time in this enclosed space, forcing everyone to hold their breath.


After an unknown period of time, a slit of light suddenly appeared above them and following a flash, Yang Kai instantly emerged in an empty cave. 


There was a chaotic aura of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements coming from nearby, and when he looked over, he saw Old Xu sitting in a corner, clearly not in good condition.


As for Old Xu, he was simply staring back at Yang Kai indifferently.


Yang Kai hurriedly cupped his hand, “Old Xu!”


By the looks of it, Old Xu did not look like he was hurt, but it was impossible not to be wounded after so many days of fighting. Moreover, Yang Kai believed that his revenge plan probably had failed, otherwise, he would not be here. If it succeeded, he should have taken over Seven Wonders Land.


Yang Kai wondered how Old Xu was feeling now as his revenge plan failed after putting so much effort into it. He was probably upset, so Yang Kai had to be careful with his words.


Old Xu stared at him steadily, various complicated feelings flashing through his eyes before he finally started, “Little brat, you spoiled my good deed!”


Yang Kai looked confused, “Old Xu, why did you say so? I’ve never leaked any information about you to Seven Wonders Land.”


Old Xu sighed, “Although you didn’t leak anything, the Soaring Black Centipede has been exposed. Duan Hai could have followed that clue to track down this King within a few days, so this King was forced to act earlier!”


“This…” Yang Kai had nothing to say, “This Junior didn’t know things would turn out like this.”


It could be said that it was a coincidence. Duan Hai and Yu Lian arranged an array and tried to seize his Wood Element. As a result, the Soaring Black Centipede’s seal was triggered. Old Xu sensed it, and he had no choice but to act earlier. By the looks of Old Xu’s current state and according to his words, the result of his early action was a failure… 


“If I had just three more months to prepare, things would not have ended like this.” Old Xu snorted coldly.


Yang Kai gulped and looked ahead warily, “What does Old Xu want to do now? Kill me?”


“If killing you could change the result, why would this King have let you live until now? In the end, this Old Master’s thousands of years of plotting have all ended in failure, falling short at the last moment!”


Hearing this, Yang Kai was relieved that his life was not in danger; however, falling into the Old Xu’s hands now was just like jumping out of the wok into the fire and he began wondering how he would be tortured in the future.


Yang Kai felt dreadfully aggrieved. If he knew it would be like this, he would have stayed back in Seven Wonders Land. Although his future prospect would be unpromising, he was still an Orchard Manager with a large number of people under him. Now that Seven Wonders Land suffered a great tragedy, it would definitely be short of manpower, so if he had stayed, he might have had better opportunities.


Old Xu snorted coldly again, “Although this King’s plan failed, those dogs did not get off any better. More than half of the Venerables died and Seven Wonders Land suffered serious losses. They won’t be able to recover without hundreds of years of effort.”


“Then it’s not for nothing.” Yang Kai congratulated insincerely, and comforted, “This time, Seven Wonders Land’s strength has been greatly damaged. Old Xu just needs to spend some time recovering before launching another assault. At that time, Old Xu will be able to stage a comeback and obtain his revenge.”




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