Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3892, Huge Windfall


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“Heh heh… Stage a comeback…” Old Xu laughed for no reason, “This King is afraid he won’t have such an opportunity.”


Yang Kai asked curiously, “What does Old Xu mean?”


“This King is dying!”


Yang Kai was taken aback, “How?” 


Even though Yang Kai knew that he must have been injured, he could not see any injuries on Old Xu’s body, certainly not one that would be fatal.


Old Xu did not explain anything more to him, but tossed something to him.


Yang Kai caught it and saw that it was a jade ring. 


“What is this?” He wondered.


“It’s Seven Wonders Land’s main array token!” Old Xu answered faintly, “With this token, you will have the opportunity to control the Grand Array of Seven Wonders Land!”


Yang Kai’s heart jumped. Although he had not refined it yet, he could sense a mysterious fluctuation from the jade ring in his hand. Old Xu was not lying. This may truly be the main array token of Seven Wonders Land. It was probably the reason that Old Xu was able to usurp the Seven Wonders Land Grand Array in the first place.


“It’s yours now. Whether you dump it or keep it, it’s up to you.”


[How could it be so simple…] Yang Kai was in doubt. From his past experience dealing with Old Xu, he learnt that this guy was not a good man and wondered, [Are all people so kind when they are about to die?]


Old Xu explained, “This King has no strength left to take revenge, but if you can grow stronger in the future, you will stand a chance to seize Seven Wonders Land with this jade ring. You may rest assured that if Seven Wonders Land wants to change their Grand Defence Array, it cannot be done in a short time. This jade ring will still be useful within a thousand years, but this King can’t guarantee anything after that.”


Hearing his explanation, Yang Kai was relieved of his doubts. Old Xu just wanted him to avenge him. With this main array token in hand, when Yang Kai was strong enough, he certainly would covet Seven Wonders Land as it was a big piece of prosperous land.


Because of this, Old Xu did not vent his anger on him, otherwise, he would have been killed. Killing Yang Kai now could only ease his anger for a moment, but if Old Xu let him live, he might still have a chance for revenge.


As soon as he thought about this, Yang Kai quickly put away the jade ring and cupped his fists solemnly, “Rest assured, Old Xu. I will break through to the Open Heaven Realm within a thousand years and when that time comes, I will return to Seven Wonders Land.” No matter what, he had to act like what Old Xu wanted in front of him. As for whether he would help Old Xu to take revenge in the future, it depended on his mood and the benefits at that time. Although Yang Kai did not have a favourable impression of Seven Wonders Land, he did not want to waste too much time there either; after all, his hatred was not enough to launch a massacre.


Old Xu was noncommittal, probably aware of Yang Kai’s thoughts, but he did not have much time left now, and there was nothing he could do about Yang Kai so he just nodded lightly and closed his eyes.


As his eyes closed, the aura of his body rapidly weakened, and his vitality dissipated in the blink of an eye. At the same time, the chaotic Yin, Yang, and Five Elements aura coming from him became even more unstable.


Yang Kai asked anxiously, “Old Xu, can you take back the Soaring Black Centipede?”


Old Xu did not respond.


A moment later, an eruption of World Force occurred. It seemed Old Xu’s Small Universe completely collapsed and with that, the cave they were in exploded. Yang Kai found himself floating in the void and not far away he saw Old Xu, sitting cross-legged, but without any vitality.


Yang Kai stretched out his hand to check his breathing and confirmed that Old Xu had indeed passed away. 


Yang Kai immediately felt distressed. Given that the Soaring Black Centipede on his Dao Seal was raised by Old Xu, he wondered if Old Xu’s death would have any impact on it.


Only after standing in place for a long time and not seeing any response from the seal did Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief.


However, Yang Kai felt insecure to have such a thing on his Dao Seal. Previously, Old Xu was still there to constrain it, but now that Old Xu was gone, Yang Kai probably would not know how he died if the Soaring Black Centipede suddenly went berserk and crushed his Dao Seal one day.


Yang Kai even suspected that Old Xu might have given some instructions to the Soaring Black Centipede before he died. He was worried that if he did not avenge him in Seven Wonders Land in the future, something would be triggered in the Soaring Black Centipede.


This was very likely to have happened, otherwise, what would Old Xu keep his life for?


However, now that Old Xu was dead, worrying was pointless. He could only try to break through to the Open Heaven Realm as soon as possible and get rid of it himself. Yang Kai reached out his hand next and took Old Xu’s Space Ring. After sorting through the ring, he did not find the Six Fated Paths Bag so he searched Old Xu’s body again, finding the bag in the latter’s sleeve.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had slightly refined the Six Fated Paths Bag before, so although he could not use it against his enemies, he had no problem opening and closing it at least.


Forming a hand seal, Yang Kai opened the Six Fated Paths Bag and Old Fang, Dié You, and Ah Sun appeared together with Great General.


As soon as Old Fang emerged, he cupped his fists, “Greetings, Senior!”


Yang Kai informed, “He’s dead!”


“Dead… Dead?” Old Fang looked up in surprise and examined Old Xu carefully, and found that he had really lost all vitality, so he could not help wondering, “How did he die?”


Yang Kai answered, “Probably because his injuries were too severe.”


Dié You asked, “Is he the one who attacked Seven Wonders Land earlier?”


Yang Kai nodded, “En, that’s him.”


Old Fang let out a long breath, “It’s good that he’s dead!” It would be stressful to have such a Master watching them. If he got into a bad mood and decided to vent on them, they would not be able to survive.


They did not expect to encounter such an incident during their escape. Fortunately, Old Xu succumbed to his injuries before he could harm them. Yang Kai kept Old Xu’s body in his Small Sealed World and secretly ordered Mu Zhu and Mu Lu to bury him properly. He did not know whether Old Xu had left a card up his sleeve, so Yang Kai decided to keep his body just in case.


“Let’s go.” After handling this matter, Yang Kai beckoned to the others.


Naturally, everyone had no opinion, but Great General just stood still. Previously, Great General blocked Du Ru Feng’s furious blow for Yang Kai and was seriously injured. He had been healing his wound and only woke up a short time ago. However, he did not follow Yang Kai and instead kept crowing at him.


Yang Kai was puzzled, so he looked around.


Seeing Yang Kai halt, Great General flew behind him and pushed him towards a certain direction with his fat body.


Old Fang remarked curiously, “Little Brother, it seems like he wants you to go somewhere!”


Yang Kai noticed it too and reached out to grab Great General before asking, “Where are you taking me?”


The Great General crowed twice and turned to look in a certain direction.


Yang Kai looked towards that direction, but he saw nothing.


Pondering for a moment, he continued, “Great General might have found something, so I’ll go with him and check it out. What do you all want to do?”


Dié You and the others exchanged looks before Old Fang answered, “We don’t know where to go anyway, so let’s go together. We can at least look after each other that way.”


“Let’s go together,” Dié You also nodded.


Ah Sun had no objections either.


Therefore, Yang Kai put Great General on top of his head and asked him to lead the way before the four of them continued to fly through the vast Outer Universe.


During the long journey, Yang Kai quietly counted the harvest of these past few days.


Although his life was in danger ever since he was summoned by Du Ru Feng, he also had a huge windfall! He obtained Du Ru Feng’s Space Ring, then the Space Ring of the Water Spirit Land Venerable Protector, and finally Old Xu’s Space Ring.


Without mentioning anything else, the Six Fated Paths Bag itself was an amazing artifact! Up to now, Yang Kai has never seen an artifact that could store living creatures other than his Small Sealed World and the World Beads that he refined personally. The Six Fated Paths Bag was the first one!


Entering the Outer Universe, if Yang Kai could not enhance his strength, he could only rely on external sources of power like artifacts for the time being. Although the artifacts he obtained in the Star Boundary were not bad, they weren’t sufficient when considering the Outer Universe. Whether it was the Mountains and Rivers Bell or the Soul Splitting Saber, even though they could be used to deal with other Emperor Realm cultivators without a problem, they would be useless against Open Heaven Realm Masters.


With the Six Fated Paths Bag he obtained, however, Yang Kai could make up for his shortcomings slightly. As such, he had to finish refining it as soon as possible so he could make use of its other miraculous effects if he encountered a strong enemy later.


Examining the Space Rings one by one, Yang Kai realized that he had truly gained a lot. There were as many as 300,000 Open Heaven Pills alone. About 10,000 were from Du Ru Feng’s Space Ring while the rest were from the Space Ring of the Water Spirit Land Venerable Protector.


Yang Kai was ecstatic! A month ago, he had to work hard to collect worms to feed Great General in order to earn a few thousand pills each month. But now he gained more than 300,000 Open Heaven Pills at once. His hands suddenly felt heavy.


However, after some pondering, he realized this was nothing much. A Third-Order material alone cost at least 15,000 Open Heaven Pills, so these 300,000 or so pills were only enough to buy a couple Fourth-Order materials, while they weren’t sufficient for a single Fifth-Order material.


In addition to the pills, however, Yang Kai had retrieved the Fourth-Order Scarlet Clouds Golden Flame that was collected by Du Ru Feng previously. This material was valuable and as long as he could find a suitable channel, he could exchange it for more than 100,000 Open Heaven Realm pills easily.


Nevertheless, what pleasantly surprised Yang Kai the most was the Shadowless Veil that was found in Du Ru Feng’s Space Ring.


Yang Kai had experienced the fantastic ability of this artifact which could turn one invisible and undetectable even to nearby eyes. Moreover, Du Ru Feng also mentioned that the Shadowless Veil was given to him by Duan Hai, and that any Third-Order and below Open Heaven Realm Masters would have no way to see through its concealment. Even if it was a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, one could miss it if they were not careful.


Compared to the Six Fated Paths Bag, this Shadowless Veil was a more suitable artifact for him at the moment.


Due to his low strength, Yang Kai had no way to resist strong enemies, so perhaps the Shadowless Veil could save his life in times of crisis.


In comparison, Old Xu’s Space Ring was actually quite empty. Other than a strange wooden sword, there were only a few personal miscellaneous items. It was not surprising though once Yang Kai thought about it. Old Xu had been focusing on taking revenge all these years, and probably did not have extra time and effort to do other things.


However, there was one thing Yang Kai was curious about. According to his own understanding, Seven Wonders Land should have belonged to Old Xu before, but it was seized from him later for some reason. He wondered what reason caused Old Xu to fail to protect his own territory.


No one could answer him, unfortunately. Old Xu was dead, so who else could he ask?




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