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Martial Peak – Chapter 3893, Ruler Of The Dawn Seeks Its Family

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After sorting out the things in the three Space Rings, Yang Kai took out the Shadowless Veil, held it in his palm, and refined it silently. Because it belonged to Du Ru Feng, there was Du Ru Feng’s Soul Imprint on it, but since Du Ru Feng was dead now, the mark could be erased at will.


The journey was silent. After experiencing such a drastic change, the few of them lost interest in talking after narrowly escaping death. They all followed Great General silently, and let him guide them.


As time passed, they no longer knew how long they had flown. Yang Kai estimated that it was at least two to three months, yet Great General was still not stopping.


There was no great danger along the way. Occasionally, there would be some natural disasters like turbulence, but they managed to avoid such things in advance.


Finally, one day, a small black spot suddenly appeared at the end of their vision. At this moment, Yang Kai felt an obvious change in Great General’s mood. He became much more excited and his speed increased sharply.


It was too far away to see clearly what the black spot was, and it was not until a long time later that Yang Kai found it to be a huge Universe Fragment. He did not know which Universe World had shattered to leave this fragment, but despite its large size, it was completely desolate.


Great General led the group straight to the Universe Fragment.


A day later, the group of four landed on the Universe Fragment. At first sight, it was an endless desolate land without a single living soul there.


Great General flapped his wings and continued to lead the way, causing Old Fang to look around curiously and asked, “What did Great General lead us here for?”


“No idea.” Yang Kai shook his head, “Let’s just follow him and see.” 


Just the fact that Great General risked his life to take a blow from Du Ru Feng for him, Yang Kai would not sit idly by if Great General needed help.


Great General seemed to be familiar with this place as he went in a specific direction after arriving here and came to a barren mountain. In the middle of the mountain was a deep, dark cave that led to unknown depths. Wind whistled eerily at the entrance of the cave. Yang Kai scanned it with his Divine Sense, but he could not find the end of the cave, so it was certainly very deep.


Great General finally stopped when they arrived here and turned his head to Yang Kai and crowed.


Yang Kai nodded and looked back at Old Fang and the others, “I’ll go down with Great General and have a look. You all stay here and wait for me for a bit.” Although he believed that Great General would not harm him, it was better to be careful in this unknown place. If he went in alone, he would stand a chance to escape in case of danger, but it would be inconvenient to do so with Old Fang, Dié You, and Ah Sun.


Dié You hastily proposed, “We should all go down together.”


Yang Kai shook his head as he rejected, “Just wait for me.”


Saying so, he grabbed Great General and flashed into the cave. Old Fang and Dié You looked at each other helplessly, only able to wait for him outside.


The cave was unusually dry. The terrain was initially flat, but after a short distance, it suddenly turned down steeply, like it was leading to the underground. The more they went forward, the darker it became as no light could be seen. Fortunately, Yang Kai’s cultivation was not low, so the absence of light did not bother him.


After venturing into the cave for four hours, when Yang Kai wondered if they had come to the deepest place in the Universe Fragment, light began to pour into their surroundings.


They arrived at a surprisingly massive yet unremarkable underground cave, but after arriving here, Great General was obviously excited and jumped out of Yang Kai’s arms, flying around and crowing excitedly. The intriguing noises gave Yang Kai a vague sense of grief and longing.


Yang Kai frowned lightly as he did not understand why this place had caused such a great reaction from Great General.


However, before he could figure it out, he suddenly noticed an aura permeating from the depths of the cave.


[There’s something living down here?] Yang Kai did not realize it at all when he arrived. Frightened, he quickly concealed his aura and peered ahead.


He could not see anything, but Yang Kai clearly felt an aura coming to life, like a sleeping creature who was awakened by Great General’s call.


What sent shivers up Yang Kai’s spine was that the aura was overwhelmingly powerful. The sense of danger he felt was far more intense than the one he felt in Old Xu’s presence, which undoubtedly showed that the owner of the aura was stronger than Old Xu.


In the darkness, two points of light suddenly appeared.


Yang Kai’s blood froze, as if someone had used a binding technique on him. He was stiffened in place, staring at the two twinkling lights in terror.


These were no ordinary lights, but rather a pair of eyes, exceptionally huge eyes the size of houses.


Following the opening of these eyes, a layer of golden light slowly expanded in the dark cave. The golden light grew brighter and stronger, and soon filled the entire cave in shining gold radiance.


Yang Kai could not close his mouth for a long time as the shock in his heart was beyond measure.


If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed that such a giant golden rooster was before him. The golden rooster looked exactly like the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, but its size was many, many times greater.


The awakening aura, the dazzling golden light, and the eyes as large as a house all belonged to this giant golden rooster.


At this moment, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General had rushed to the strange beast and crowed endlessly. The strange beast’s originally fierce eyes slowly became gentle, showing a hint of kindness. It then lowered its head and nudged Great General tenderly.


Great General crowed even louder as he flew up on top of the head of the strange beast, and combed its feathers with his beak.


Seeing this, Yang Kai understood that the giant golden rooster in front of him was a close relative of the Ruler of the Dawn Great General. He just had no idea whether it was his father or mother, but he guessed that it was most likely to be his mother.


Great General was here to seek his family!


He had long thought that Great General was not an ordinary golden rooster, but rather an exotic beast with an ancient bloodline. At this moment, he realized his guess was correct.


However, if Great General had family, how did he end up being a pet for Duan Hai in Fire Spirit Land? Moreover, by the looks of his mother, it was obvious that her strength was astonishing. Without a doubt, Duan Hai was no match for her, so how did Duan Hai take away Great General?


[Did Duan Hai abduct him?] As Yang Kai thought about it, it seemed to be possible. Otherwise, why would Great General ignore Duan Hai’s life and death earlier? Instead, he followed him to escape from Seven Wonders Land.


Just as he was lost in thought, Yang Kai suddenly heard a voice call out to him, “Junior, you have an aura that I detest!”


Yang Kai was taken aback!


The voice sounded directly in his mind. It was a soft and gentle female voice, but the meaning of the words was quite the opposite. Looking up, he saw the giant golden chicken looking down at him, and he could see his own figure in her house-sized eyes.


Yang Kai gulped and looked around anxiously, but in the end, he fixed his eyes ahead and asked carefully, “Are you talking to me?”


Ruler of the Dawn’s mother narrowed her eyes lightly as a dangerous aura flashed across them, “What do you think?”


Yang Kai’s face twitched visibly as he quickly cupped his fists, “Junior Yang Kai greets Senior. May I know how I should address Senior?”


“I am Mie Meng!”


“So it is Senior Mie Meng. I’ve long heard your name!” Yang Kai cupped his fists again. He was unsure whether Mie Meng was her name or her Race as he had never heard of it before; however, the Outer Universe was full of strange things, so it was normal to see something he had never seen before. The only thing Yang Kai knew for sure was that he did not want to mess with the Ruler of the Dawn’s mother.


However, even though she mentioned that he had an aura she detested, Yang Kai was not too worried. Because he brought Ruler of the Dawn back, his mother probably would not do anything to him.


Mie Meng examined Yang Kai quietly, with a hint of scrutiny in her huge eyes while on top of her head, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General crowed for a while. Mie Meng listened to him attentively, and nodded slightly after a long time, “I understand.”


Then she looked down at Yang Kai and spoke, “My child said that it is all thanks to you he could leave that place and return to me.”


Yang Kai replied sonorously, “Great General and I became fast friends at first sight. Such a small favour is nothing worth mentioning.” After a pause, he continued, “Senior, how did Great General end up in Seven Wonders Land?”


Mie Meng answered, “He was captured and taken away. My child was young and insensible, not understanding the dangers of the world outside, leading to him accidentally getting lost when he went out to play.”


“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai nodded lightly. It was just as he thought. Since the Ruler of the Dawn had such a powerful mother, there was no way that he would end up in Seven Wonders Land as Duan Hai’s pet unless he was abducted somehow.


Perhaps, the Ruler of the Dawn Great General did not like Duan Hai either, so when Seven Wonders Land faced disaster, he did not care about the latter’s life or death at all but sought out Yang Kai instead.


At this time, Yang Kai received a communication from Old Fang. They were aware of the aura of Mie Meng from outside, and asked Yang Kai about his safety out of worry.


Yang Kai replied to him and asked them to stay outside, assuring them that he was safe.


Putting away the communication artifact, Yang Kai continued, “Senior, Ruler of the Dawn has returned to his home now, and Senior can finally reunite with your child. This Junior shall go now. I hope that we will meet again next time.”


To be honest, he truly wanted to receive some benefits from Mie Meng, for he had contributed more or less in bringing Ruler of the Dawn back; however, in the face of such a powerful existence, even if he knew that she would not harm him, he was still a little uncomfortable. It was better for him to leave as soon as possible. Although Mie Meng sounded gentle and reasonable, who knew what kind of temperament she really had. If he someone angered or offended her, he would not be able to leave here alive.


“There’s no hurry to leave!” Mie Meng sent a transmission hastily and declared, “I need you to do me a favour!”


Yang Kai was stunned, “May this Junior know what he can do for Senior?”


“Help me to leave this place!”


“Senior is trapped here?” Yang Kai was stunned. He did not notice it, but when he thought about it carefully, Mie Meng really did not move at all ever since his arrival. It seemed that she really was trapped. Still, Yang Kai could only reply hesitantly, “Junior may be strong in will, but he is lacking in strength to assist Senior.”



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