Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3894, A Favour


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One must be stronger than Mie Meng to be able to trap her, and Yang Kai doubted that he could help her from the shackles imposed by such a being.


Mie Meng replied, “You can, as long as you are willing to.”


Since she said so, Yang Kai did not think that he could refuse her anymore. He was suddenly a little dispirited, and questioned with a frown, “What does Senior want me to do?”


Mie Meng did not answer, but the golden light on her body suddenly flickered endlessly. As the golden light twinkled, Yang Kai clearly saw many chain-like objects wrapping around Mie Meng’s giant body and sensed a familiar aura.


“A Dragon Clan Secret Technique?” Yang Kai’s brow rose in astonishment.


It had never occurred to him that the reason for Mie Meng to be trapped here was because of a Dragon Clan Secret Technique. Only a Dragon would be able to use Dragon Clan Secret Techniques.


When Yang Kai thought about this, he asked excitedly, “Has Senior met someone from the Dragon Clan?”


Mie Meng snorted coldly, “If not, how would this Queen be trapped in here?”


Although it was a little funny to hear a golden chicken claiming to be ‘this Queen’, Yang Kai was not in the mood to care about it at the moment and asked, “When and where did Senior meet that Dragon?” He queried eagerly.


He also possessed a Dragon Vein, so if he could find another Dragon in this Outer Universe, it would mean that he had found a backer, and would not have to travel around like a headless fly like now. Maybe he could use the power of the Dragon Clan to find the World Tree, making life a lot more convenient for him.


“I encountered him by chance in this vast Starry Sky and ended up in a conflict. I don’t know where that stupid Dragon is now, but none of you Dragon Clan are anything good!” Mie Meng snorted coldly.


Cold sweat beaded over Yang Kai’s face as he was scolded by Mie Meng for no reason. But in this way, he understood what Mie Meng wanted him to do. The Dragon Clan Secret Technique could only be executed or lifted by a Dragon. If Mie Meng wanted to get out of trouble here, he might really be able to help her.


However, there was only one thing that made Yang Kai curious.


“How does Senior know I’m a Dragon?” Yang Kai was pretty sure that he did not reveal any flaws about himself.


Mie Meng replied in a cold voice, “Your Dragon Clan aura is not detectable by ordinary people, but how can this Queen not be aware of it? This is also the reason why my child brought you here.”


A sudden realization dawned on Yang Kai. This explained why the Ruler of the Dawn Great General favoured him so much. He treated him differently compared to the others when they were in Fire Spirit Land, and even blocked Du Ru Feng’s blow for him later. Great General even went through all the trouble to bring him here. It turned out that he was aware of the Dragon Vein in Yang Kai’s body, and knew that he could help his mother.


Mie Meng stated again, “But you don’t seem to be a Pureblood Dragon. Whether you can help me or not will depend on the purity of your bloodline.”


Yang Kai frowned, “What does this Junior need to do?”


“I need your Dragon Blood!”


Yang Kai asked, “And what can this Junior receive in return?”


“What do you want?” A hint of ridicule flashed across Mie Meng’s eyes.


“It depends on what Senior can offer,” Although he got along with the Great General well, he was not close to Mie Meng. He probably would have to pay a great cost to help her this time, so he needed to secure some benefits in return.


Mie Meng looked at him solemnly for a while before she suddenly extended her beak out towards him.


Yang Kai was shocked and instinctively attempted to dodge. Unexpectedly, her movements were so quick that he did not even have the time to react before it was all over. At the same time, Yang Kai sensed something had left his body, as if he had gotten rid of a layer of shackles.


There was a strange noise and Yang Kai turned to look up. A struggling, pitch-black centipede with a hundred limbs was clamped firmly between Mie Meng’s beaks, emitting strange shrieks.


“Soaring Black Centipede!” Yang Kai widened his eyes and quickly examined himself, confirming that the centipede seal that originally existed on his Dao Seal had disappeared. He looked at the centipede in Mie Meng’s beak again and knew that she had removed Old Xu’s technique.


Overjoyed, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Senior!” 


Although Old Xu was dead, it was still disturbing to have such a thing curled up around his Dao Seal. Yang Kai had planned to get rid of it when he broke through to the Open Heaven Realm, but who knew that the Soaring Black Centipede would be easily removed through an unexpected encounter?


Mie Meng’s effortless move had made Yang Kai deeply aware of her strength. He could not help imagining how powerful the Dragon who trapped Mie Meng with this Dragon Clan Secret Technique was!


Mie Meng lifted her neck, and swallowed the Soaring Black Centipede with a single gulp before asking lightly, “Is this enough?”


“Enough, more than enough!” Yang Kai could not stop nodding. Mie Meng’s move was a great help to him, and he should repay her kindness. Therefore, without hesitation, he asked, “Please tell me what you want me to do.”


“I only need your Dragon Blood. The more, the better. I will deal with the rest. But before that, I have to see if your Dragon Blood is pure enough. If it is not pure enough, it won’t help even if I drain all your blood.”


Without delay, Yang Kai gently cut his fingertip and squeezed out a drop of blood. He then enclosed the droplet with his power and pushed it to Mie Meng.


Mie Meng gulped the blood and her eyes which were originally slightly narrowed suddenly widened. She looked at Yang Kai in shock for a moment before a hint of amazement flashed across her eyes.


“Does this Junior’s blood meet the requirements?” Yang Kai questioned.


“We can try!” Mie Meng nodded.


“So… what next?” Yang Kai looked at her.


Mie Meng instructed, “Apply your Dragon Blood on my chains, then leave the rest to me.” Saying so, the chains on her body reappeared.


Yang Kai examined the situation for a moment before he secretly rolled his eyes. Mie Meng’s body was massive, and there were several rounds of chains binding her. It would take a lot of blood if he wanted to coat all the chains.


However, since Yang Kai has received her favour, he would not back out now. He immediately took a deep breath and bellowed, “Dragon Transformation!”


Following a series of crackles, Yang Kai’s body quickly grew into a 2,000 metres tall Half-Dragon, making him no smaller than Mie Meng. Vigorous Dragon Aura radiated from his body from the tip of his horns to the end of his tail.


The hint of amazement in Mie Meng’s eyes intensified!


Yang Kai strode over to Mie Meng and cut open his palm roughly with his claw. Blood spurted as he grabbed a chain and smeared it with his Golden Dragon Blood.


As if being stimulated by the Dragon Blood, a faint Dragon Roar echoed from within the chain, its light flickering unsteadily.


Yang Kai ignored it, grasped another chain and repeated the process.


It was good to have powerful restorative abilities, but right now they made things a little awkward. The wound on his palm soon showed signs of healing, so Yang Kai had no choice but to cut himself over and over again while continuously draining his Dragon Blood.


More and more chains were soon covered with his Golden Blood, causing them to flicker even more intensely.


Excitement was revealed in Mie Meng’s eyes. She initially just wanted to give it a try, but it turned out that she might really stand a chance to escape the bindings which held her here all these years. How could she not be excited?


After half a stick worth of incense, the chains on Mie Meng were all covered with Yang Kai’s Dragon Blood. Even if Yang Kai had high vitality, it would take him a while to recover after such expenditure.


“It’s enough!” Mie Meng suddenly opened her mouth and shouted.


Yang Kai was relieved as he could no longer maintain the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique. His body rapidly shrunk, and soon turned back to his original appearance.


“Take my child out of here first,” Mie Meng turned to Yang Kai and ordered.


The Ruler of the Dawn Great General flapped his wings and flew towards Yang Kai, who caught him and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear before soaring upwards without delay.


The spear smashed everything wherever it passed, forcibly opening a path to the surface.


Yang Kai broke out of the ground in a rumble a short while later. Not far away, Old Fang and the others heard the noise and turned to look, but before they could ask for an answer, Yang Kai bellowed, “Run!”


Old Fang and the others were stunned but did not dare to question him as they immediately followed him into the sky.


After flying a long distance away, Yang Kai finally stopped and looked back at the still-silent Universe Fragment.


“What happened?” Dié You questioned.


“Great General’s mother is here. She is currently trying to break free of a binding technique which had her trapped,” Yang Kai said briefly, not having time for a detailed explanation.


“Great General’s mother?” Old Fang was bewildered as he stared at the silly chicken that was held in Yang Kai’s arms.


As soon as his voice fell, however, a loud noise came up from the distance. When he turned to look, his face paled.


The enormous Universe Fragment was trembling endlessly at the moment and a violent energy burst out from inside. Even standing so far away, they could clearly feel the overwhelming aura which made them feel as small as ants.


Old Fang was terrified, “Did Great General’s Mother do this?” Judging from Great General’s appearance, Old Fang had not thought highly of his mother; however, by the looks of it now, he realized Great General’s mother was extraordinarily powerful!


Before Yang Kai had time to respond, a loud boom resounded, and a violent power erupted. The Universe Fragment exploded into debris that scattered in all directions.


Among the scattered fragments, a dazzling golden light appeared.


When all the dust settled, a giant golden chicken was revealed in front of everyone’s eyes. She lifted her head and chest, looking around majestically, glowing as radiantly as a rising sun, her terrifying aura causing the world around them to tremble.


*Gudong…* Old Fang gulped hard as his teeth chattered, “Great General… Is she your mother?”


Great General ignored him.


In the distance, as soon as Mie Meng broke free, she spread her wings and looked up at her audience. Her sharp crow was ear-piercing and the invisible sound wave swept out endlessly, turned into a rampaging force that forced them all backwards.


Only after a long celebration did Mie Meng withdraw her wings and stop crowing. She then began striding towards them step by step.


Old Fang’s face turned pale, he whispered to Yang Kai, “How should I address her?”


“She calls herself Mie Meng!” Yang Kai replied.


Enlightened, Old Fang immediately cupped his fist before she reached them, and shouted, “Junior Fang Bi Qi greets Senior Mie Meng!”




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    1. I don’t think GG even noticed YK’s dragon blood until they fought, whereupon he decided it’s worth a try to befriend him for the sake of today’s gamble.

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