Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3896, An Inn


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None of them knew where Great Moon Province was, so they could only follow the guide. One month had passed, and the fox-shaped guide was still leading the way for them ahead, and it wasn’t certain when they would reach their destination.


Initially, they were still calm and collected, but as time passed, they began becoming fidgety, especially Ah Sun. She even doubted whether the guide given to her by her Senior was useful at all. Otherwise, why hadn’t they arrived at their destination even now?


One day, a Territory Gate that was hanging in the void suddenly appeared in front of them. The fox guide shot forward and stopped right in front of the gate, then it turned its head to look at them.


“It seems that we have to go through the Territory Gate.” Yang Kai muttered out loud. He was familiar with Territory Gates as he had moved past several of them when he and Duan Hai were heading to Seven Wonders Land. However, one had to be powerful enough to pass through a Territory Gate; otherwise, the person would fall into danger. Yang Kai wondered whether they would be able to do it. It would be terrible if they came out of the other side of the gate dead.


Apparently, Old Fang and the others shared the same concern as well, so they stopped in their tracks and stared forward with a frown.


Just then, the fox guide suddenly swirled around and turned into a mass of white light before engulfing everyone in it.


They traded glances and put on smiles, thinking that the Senior Ah Sun had come across was truly considerate. He must be aware that, given Ah Sun’s strength, she wasn’t able to pass through the Territory Gates, which was why he had given her a guide that could act as a protector.


Without the need for a discussion, all four of them dashed into the gate.


Following that, the world could be seen spinning around them, and as their vision refocused, they realised that they were already in a different Great Territory. The Starry Sky around them had changed and none of them knew how far they had travelled by just passing through the gate.


After that, the white light around them turned back into a fox, but at this moment, the fox no longer looked bright; instead, it appeared to be dim. It seemed that it had cost the fox quite some energy to shuttle through the gate.


Still, the fox led the way for them at the front while they followed behind, dashing forward at full speed.


Half a month later, the fox once again stopped in front of a Territory Gate. With a similar experience in the past, they already knew what to do. After they gathered together, the fox once again turned into a beam of white light and engulfed them.


Yang Kai took the initiative and led the others into the Territory Gate. However, they weren’t as fortunate as the previous time. After entering the gate, Yang Kai realised that a power that seemed able to tear them apart was pressing down on them from all directions as the white light around them became increasingly dim.


A shocked Yang Kai realised that they were in trouble. This fox was given by a Senior to lead Ah Sun to Great Moon Province, but that Senior probably never expected Ah Sun to be heading there with three others in tow. As a result, the fox guide had to use significantly more energy to pass through the Territory Gates.


Great Moon Province was just a Third-Class force, the lowest possible rank in the Outer Universe according to Old Fang’s knowledge. The strongest masters in such a force would only be Third-Order Open Heaven Realm. Apparently, the power of that Senior was limited as well, so there was no way the guide he had left behind was very strong. After passing through two Territory Gates, it was running out of energy.


“Don’t resist!” Yang Kai yelled and summoned the Six Fated Paths Bag before enveloping the others inside.


Apparently, they also noticed that something was wrong with the guide, so upon seeing what Yang Kai was doing, they immediately realised his intention and relaxed their guard. With a flash, the three of them were put inside the Fated Paths Bag.


After they were gone, the speed at which the white light around Yang Kai was diminishing had indeed slowed down, but it still turned dim after a moment. Yang Kai was extremely nervous as he wasn’t sure how he would end up without the guide’s protection. He could do nothing but pray that they would leave the gate soon.


In the chaotic time and space, a light could be seen up ahead. A highly motivated Yang Kai hurriedly manipulated Space Principles to drive himself forward. It felt like a short while, but also like an eternity had passed. Yang Kai soon realised that the view around him had changed as he dashed out of the gate.


Turning around, all he could see was Starry Sky. This Territory Gate was identical to the ones in the Demon Realm in the sense that they were unidirectional. Maybe there were bidirectional ones, but Yang Kai hadn’t come across any.


Then, he lowered his head and realised that the white light around him had disappeared, which rendered him speechless.


After Old Fang and the others were released from the Fated Paths Bag, Ah Sun asked, “Where’s the fox?”


Yang Kai shook his head.


Ah Sun’s expression changed as she quickly fished out the Faith Token given to her by her Senior, only to see that the palm-sized fox-shaped white jade appeared dim and full of cracks, as though it would break apart at any moment.


Obviously, the Faith Token could never be activated again.


“Ah Sun…” Yang Kai felt his head aching. “Maybe we’ve caused you some trouble.”


If Ah Sun was on her own, the guide should have had enough power to safely bring her to Great Moon Province; however, with three more people along for the ride, the guide had expended too much energy when passing through the Territory Gates. Before they even reached their destination, the guide was gone, which was pretty embarrassing.


Ah Sun fell into a dazed state as she hadn’t expected this to happen. There were two reasons why she had invited Yang Kai and the others to head to Great Moon Province with her. Firstly, she believed that they were kind-hearted people. The second reason was also the main reason. Just like what she had said, she wouldn’t dare to roam around the Outer Universe alone as she had only condensed her Dao Seal. If she came across any danger, she wouldn’t be able to protect herself.


With the fox in her hand, Ah Sun forced a smile and shook her head, “It has nothing to do with you all. I was the one who asked you to come with me.”


“What should we do now?” Dié You looked at Yang Kai and asked.


It took them a lot of effort to finally decide on a destination, but now, both the guide and the destination were gone.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai said, “The guide’s lead should be correct. Since it has brought us to this place, it means that Great Moon Province is in this direction. We just don’t know whether it is in this Great Territory. If it is, we’ll stand a chance to find it. If it’s not, it’ll be troublesome. We’d better ask around now.”


Old Fang put on a bitter smile. “How are you going to ask around? We’ve been roaming around for months, but we’ve never seen anyone else.”


“That’s because we didn’t look for other people. In any Great Territory, there must be great forces of different sizes. As long as we have the heart, we can find some people.”


“What if the great forces in this place are like Seven Wonders Land?”


“Consider us unlucky, then,” Yang Kai shrugged.


After he finished speaking though, Yang Kai caught a glimpse of a light flickering in the distance, which prompted him to turn his head. Realising that there was nothing over there, however, he frowned deeply. Just when he thought it was just an illusion, Dié You asked, “Did you see it?”


“You saw it too?” Yang Kai questioned.


Dié You nodded. “I saw something flickering in the distance.”


Old Fang craned his neck and looked in that direction, but he appeared puzzled, “I didn’t see anything. Were you mistaken?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “It might have been my imagination if I was the only one who saw it, but there’s no way two people would be mistaken at the same time. Something flickered over there.”


“Why didn’t I see anythi… Wait!” Old Fang suddenly exclaimed and pointed in that direction, “Look! Did you see that?”


He appeared as though he had discovered something strange, which shocked Yang Kai and the others as they looked in the direction he pointed. Initially, they couldn’t see anything, but when Yang Kai sharpened his vision and kept looking, his pupils suddenly contracted.


That was because he saw a building floating in the distant void.


After blinking a few times, Yang Kai could confirm that there was indeed a building over there. It was small with two flapping flags erected at the front of the door.


Upon seeing this, Dié You and Ah Sun appeared surprised as well.


“Is that a Small Universe?” Yang Kai frowned. When he came across Duan Hai in the past, the entrance to his Small Universe was a door in the void. Seeing this building now, he couldn’t help associating the two.


“I have no idea,” Old Fang replied and shook his head, “Why don’t we go over to have a look?”


Dié You and Ah Sun remained silent as they turned to look at Yang Kai, awaiting his decision.


Yang Kai looked around before bursting into laughter, “Well, we’ve finally come across other people, so it would be a shame if we don’t go over to have a look. However, we don’t know what’s going on over there, so we’d better observe it from a distance before making any decision.”


The three of them nodded at the same time, “Good.”


Upon making a decision, the group of four flew over and stopped in a spot that was far away from the building as they wouldn’t dare to go near. After concealing their auras, they started observing the building.


Soon, they were surprised because they could see people going in and coming out of the building. Even though there were not many people, the sight was pretty shocking in and of itself.


Some of them had companions while some of them were on their own. It wasn’t certain how powerful they were, but there was no way they were all Open Heaven Realm Masters. Some of them must be like Yang Kai and the others who had only condensed their Dao Seal as they were still trying to reach the Open Heaven Realm.


“Little Brother, look. There are characters on the flag,” Old Fang suddenly said.


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai realised that there were indeed words on the flags in front of the building. The character on the left flag was for ‘wine’, while the ones on the right flag read ‘First Inn’.


At that instant, Yang Kai’s expression turned stiff.


Dié You said, “Why does this place look like…”


“An inn?” Ah Sun widened her eyes.


“No way…” The corner of Old Fang’s mouth twitched.


“It’s possible.” Yang Kai fell into his thoughts. “Anything can happen in the Outer Universe. There are people going in and coming out of that building, and there are two flags in front of the door. What else is this place if it is not an inn?”


“Who would build an inn here?” Old Fang still couldn’t believe it. Could the owner earn any money by building an inn here? Was the owner expecting people passing by to stay for a meal and a rest?


“Well, we’ll only find out after we take a look.” Yang Kai clenched his teeth and turned to look at them.




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