Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3898, Costly Accommodation


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After taking a few steps forward, the shop boy turned around, “By the way, we not only sell but also buy information. If you have any useful information in the future, you can sell it to any First Inn location. You can also sell some rare treasures to us. We have always been fair when doing business.”


After the shop boy left, the others stared at the jade slip in Yang Kai’s hand. Ah Sun asked, “What has happened in this place? Why did he say we might be able to meet people from Great Moon Province by waiting here?”


Yang Kai shook his head and infused his Divine Sense into the jade slip. A moment later, he arched his brow and appeared shocked. Gazing at the others, he passed the jade slip to them, “Have a look.”


After all of them took turns to see what was in the jade slip, they all appeared astounded and fell silent.


“A Sun Star is dying?” Dié You fell into her thoughts, “So, the glint of light we saw some time ago was the final radiance of the Sun Star?”


Yang Kai nodded, “I think so.”


When they left the Territory Gate some time ago, he and Dié You caught a glimpse of a bright light that flashed across their eyes, but the duration was short. At that time, they didn’t understand what had happened. Now, upon reading the content in the jade slip, they came to the realization that it was the final radiance of a Sun Star before its death.


The imminent death of a Sun Star was a major event in any place. If it was as simple as that, it wouldn’t have attracted so many great forces to come over though. The crux of the matter was that a Sun Star contained something called Sun’s True Gold. Usually, even an Open Heaven Realm Master wasn’t able to approach, much less dive into a Sun Star as the heat was simply too horrifying. However, a dying Sun Star was a different case. Given a chance, anyone could venture inside and have a look.


Even the lowest quality Sun’s True Gold was a Sixth-Order material. Moreover, it was one of the purest Fire Elements in existence. More importantly, on rare occasions, a Golden Crow Divine Palace could exist inside a Sun Star, and the reason behind a Sun Star’s imminent demise was that its Golden Crow was dying.


As the saying goes, men die for wealth just as birds die for food. If there was nothing to be gained in this place, no one would have come.


Be it the possible existence of Sun’s True Gold or the unlikely existence of the Golden Crow Divine Palace, it could attract great forces of different sizes from all the nearby Great Territories, which was why there were so many guests in this First Inn. Otherwise, no one would have stayed over and had their meals here in the void.


“Sun’s True Gold…” A glow radiated from Old Fang’s eyes, “If we can get just one piece of it, we’ll never have to worry about money again for the rest of our lives.”


According to the jade slip, Sun’s True Gold was at least a Sixth-Order material, making it worth at least 15 million Open Heaven Pills. Furthermore, it was so rare that if it was really sold, the seller could expect to get several million more pills on top of that.


Dié You pressed her lips together, “Even if we’re lucky enough to get our hands on such an item, we won’t live long enough to enjoy it.”


The great forces from the neighbouring Great Territories had gathered in this place as they stared fixedly at the dying Sun Star. It wasn’t hard to imagine that once the Sun’s fires really died down, countless people would go over to explore the Star. Given their strength, even if they were lucky enough to find a piece of Sun’s True Gold, they wouldn’t be able to leave with it alive.


When Old Fang heard what Dié You said, his expression dimmed as he thumped himself with a fist, “Damn it!”


“No one can tell whose side fortune will favour. We might stand a chance.” Yang Kai put on a smile, “In any case, we have to stay here and see if we’ll come across anyone from Great Moon Province.”


To the side, Ah Sun nodded repeatedly.


Compared to passing through two Territory Gates to head to Great Moon Province’s headquarters, waiting here was an easier option. If they were lucky enough, they might meet some people from Great Moon Province, and Ah Sun could reunite with them.


“So… we’ll try our luck, then?” Old Fang looked inquisitively at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai bowed his head, “That’s all we can do now.”


After the discussion, they finally relaxed and enjoyed the meal while chatting. It had to be said that the chefs in First Inn were truly skillful as the dishes were delectable. The group of four quickly finished everything that was served.


Then, the same shop boy passed them the bill. Upon seeing that the meal cost two hundred Open Heaven Pills, Yang Kai felt his hand shaking. Even though he had obtained several hundred thousand Open Heaven Pills previously, they would not last long if they continued to splurge like this.


After calming his nerves, Yang Kai asked the shop boy when the Sun Star was expected to perish. The shop boy had no idea unfortunately as the current situation had lasted for over three years, and may still take a few months to years before they would see any apparent results. After all, the death of a Sun Star was a gradual process.


The group of four had no other choice but to stay here. The accommodations were extremely expensive as well though. One room would cost five hundred Open Heaven Pills per night, and there was no negotiation on that price. The benefit of staying here was that they would provide free meals, and whether or not they ate, the price wouldn’t change.


Initially, they thought that they would just get one room for the four of them. They didn’t need to sleep anyway and just wanted to stay here because they were trying to come across anyone from Great Moon Province. Secondly, they wanted to observe the Sun Star. Given a chance, Yang Kai wouldn’t mind exploring it.


However, the shop boy wouldn’t agree to it. He told Yang Kai that one room could accommodate two people at most. They had to get another room if there were more than two people.


They had to obey First Inn’s rules since they were on their territory. Left with no choice, they booked two rooms. One room was for Old Fang and Yang Kai, while the other room was for Dié You and Ah Sun. They had to spend a thousand pills every day for a place to stay. Ah Sun had no idea what that number meant, but Old Fang and Dié You were heartbroken as they persuaded Yang Kai to just stay outside.


However, Yang Kai refused because all of them were too weak. By staying in this inn, they didn’t have to worry about their safety at the very least. If they stayed outside, they wouldn’t know what would happen to them. A lot of people came and went from the inn, so they might come across some wicked people if they lingered outside.


After they got the room cards from the counter, the shop boy hospitably led them to the inner court. Before the shop boy left, Yang Kai told him to take note of any news about Great Moon Province and immediately inform him if anyone from that great force came to this place.


The shop boy nodded.


The rooms were beside one another, so they could assist each other if anything happened. Then, they agreed to meet every three days and exchange information they had gathered. Yang Kai and Old Fang looked around and realised that the room was small with only a single bed, table, and chair. There was barely enough space for two people, and it really would be too cramped for four people to stay together.


Old Fang said, “Little Brother, you sleep on the bed while I take the floor.” Yang Kai had paid for everything, so Old Fang didn’t dare to request to sleep on the bed, nor would he want to do so.


Yang Kai didn’t turn him down as he directly sat down on the bed with his legs crossed. Then, he fished out the Shadowless Veil and started refining it.


The incident regarding the Sun Star was too complicated, as the major great forces would be gathering in this place. If Yang Kai wanted to participate in the upcoming exploration, he would need to become stronger. In that case, the Shadowless Veil was of utmost importance. When they were on the road previously, Yang Kai had been trying to refine it. However, this item seemed to be of high grade, making it difficult to refine, which was why he still hadn’t fully finished already. Certainly, he had to seize the chance to refine it as it might save his life at a critical moment.


In the blink of an eye, three days had passed and it was time for their first meet-up. After leaving the rooms, Yang Kai and the others met with one another in the dining hall as they chatted and exchanged some information.


In truth, there was nothing new to share. The people from Great Moon Province hadn’t arrived, and the Sun Star was still in a half-dead state as it shot out a dazzling light from time to time. No one knew when the Sun’s fire would truly die.


After they were done with their meal, they decided to leave the hall. They didn’t have to pay for the meal anyway as it was included in their accommodation fees.


And so, the group of four went on to stay in the inn for the next three months, thus making them some of the longest staying customers in the inn. With 1,000 pills a day as the fee, Yang Kai had to pay 30,000 pills for a month, 90,000 pills for three months. In other words, his wallet had shrunk by almost a third already.


They would still meet up every three days; however, they had been staying here for three months now and still hadn’t got any information they wanted, which made them feel dejected.


On the other hand, Yang Kai had familiarised himself with the shop boy and the accountant, securing a slight discount if he needed any information. Furthermore, he had discovered that there was an elusive lady boss in the inn. It had been three months since he started living here, but he had only met her three times. She was a charming woman who always kept a smile on her face. Every time she emerged from the rear court, she would greet every customer and ask how they were doing, so it was apparent that she was an adept host.


There were many kinds of customers. Some would drool over her beauty and flirt with her, but she would never become incensed. Instead, she could have a good laugh with them.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had once seen a man attempt to molest her. In the end, he was thrown out of the inn, and even those from his great force were chased away. They were barred from entering the inn again, and not just this location, but all First Inns in the Outer Universe had blacklisted them.


It was because of this incident that Yang Kai managed to speculate about this woman’s true power. She was a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Master at the very least, but he wasn’t certain which Order she was in.


After giving it a thought, he came to the realisation that no matter how powerful First Inn’s backers were, a top Master needed to be stationed at each branch in order to deter miscreants and thugs.


Even though he hadn’t gotten any useful information for the past three months, Yang Kai had actually gained something. He had fully refined the Shadowless Veil, so he decided to move on to the Six Fated Paths Bag.


However, the Six Fated Paths Bag that he had obtained from Old Xu was clearly of a higher grade than the Shadowless Veil, which meant that it was even more difficult to refine. Fortunately, in the past, Old Xu had taught him how to refine it because he wanted Yang Kai’s help to smuggle him into Seven Wonders Land. Furthermore, Old Xu had assisted Yang Kai with the initial refinement, so Yang Kai managed to make quick progress with it. He reckoned that he wouldn’t take long to fully refine it.




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  1. Well, I’d guess they don’t need to stay at the inn anymore if YK has a bag that can hide them and a veil that can also hide them. I really want to know how his spatial abilities will work

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  3. The prices for trivial things are always so out of whack in this novel. Hundreds of pills for food that no one in this world needs and has no benefit for them. And I am wondering how many OH pills one needs to refine to improve their order. The prices make it seem like one pill is extremely worthless, so seems like they have to refine hundreds of pills per day for thousands of years to make any progress, lol.

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