Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3899, Time To Go Out


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It had been four months since they started staying in First Inn. One day, Old Fang, who was meditating on the ground, suddenly heard Yang Kai calling out to him, so he opened his eyes; however, before he could ask anything, he saw a shadow engulfing him.


A shocked Old Fang tried to dodge, but the shadow seemed able to seal off the space around him, which made him feel he was unable to flee. While he was in a dazed state, his vision darkened as he plunged into a pitch-black space.


After blinking, he came to the realization that he had been put inside the strange bag by Yang Kai. Recalling what Yang Kai had been doing recently, he hurriedly asked, “Little Brother, have you successfully refined it?”


Yang Kai replied, “I can use it with some effort now.”


On the bed, Yang Kai was holding the Six Fated Paths Bag as he furrowed his brow. In the past, he could only open and close the bag, which meant that he couldn’t activate the artifact’s power. After some refining, he could finally use it to fend off his enemies.


To him, this item felt just like his Sealed World Bead. Both of them could be used to suck people in, but depending on the enemy’s power, the energy needed to do so varied.


The only difference was that Yang Kai was the ruler of the Sealed World Bead, so after he put someone inside it, he could do whatever he wanted to them. Fated Paths Bag was no match for the Sealed World Bead in this regard. Nevertheless, the bag wasn’t only useful for keeping people. He could also activate some seals and killing arrays within it.


He experimented on Old Fang by putting him inside the bag, but he didn’t intend to use any seals, so he soon released him.


Old Fang stared at the bag in Yang Kai’s hand with an envious gaze, “It’s such a treasure.” He had lived for a long time, but he had never seen such an artifact before.


Without replying to him, Yang Kai got to his feet and said, “Let’s go out to have a look around.”


After they left the inner court and entered the hall, Yang Kai was startled. The hall, which was usually hustling and bustling, was extremely quiet now while all the tables were empty. Raising his head, Yang Kai realised that the accountant was still loudly fiddling with his golden abacus behind the counter, and the shop boy was taking a nap on a stool in the corner.


“What’s going on?” Old Fang looked around as he appeared puzzled.


An astounded Yang Kai walked up to the shop boy and patted him, “Wake up.”


The shop boy shuddered and raised his head, only to see that it was Yang Kai who patted him, “It’s you.” After he finished speaking, he lethargically lay down again.


After a few months, they had become familiarised with one another. The shop boy was no longer as hospitable as before, and he spoke in a more nonchalant manner.


“Where are all the others? Why are they missing?” Yang Kai asked.


The shop boy turned over and pointed at the door, “They’ve gone out.”


Yang Kai’s chest tightened when he heard that, “Has anything happened to the Sun Star?” The reason so many people had been staying at the inn was that they were waiting for the Sun Star to die. Now that everyone had gone out, it was apparent that something had happened.


The shop boy replied, “En. It seems that the Sun’s fire is about to die out. All of them have gone over to try their luck.” All of a sudden, he sat up and stared at Yang Kai, “By the way, the people from Great Moon Province have arrived as well. They’re over at the Sun Star now.”


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai gazed at Old Fang and said, “Call Dié You and Ah Sun.”


“There’s no need for that.” Dié You’s voice could be heard coming from behind. Yang Kai turned his head, only to see Dié You and Ah Sun stepping out of the inner court, “We’ve heard everything. What should we do now?”


Yang Kai turned to Ah Sun, “We’ll look for those from Great Moon Province first, then go from there.”


The Sun’s fire was dying out, so the time to explore the Sun Star had come; however, the four of them were too weak to participate on their own. If they could be protected by those from Great Moon Province though, they might stand a chance.


All of them agreed and set off on their journey.


The shop boy got to his feet and yelled, “Do you want me to keep the rooms for you?”


“Fuck off! I’ll never stay at this bandits’ inn again!” Yang Kai shouted as he didn’t even turn his head. He had spent over 100,000 pills just to stay in this inn for four months. If he hadn’t obtained a great fortune from some dead cultivators previously, he couldn’t have afforded to stay here. Whatever the outcome of their journey to the Sun Star, he would never come back to this inn again. He would even circumvent the inn if he had to return to this place!


The shop boy pointed at Yang Kai and roared, “Brat, I dare you to call our noble establishment a bandits’ inn to Proprietress! She’ll definitely skin you alive!”


However, Yang Kai was already nowhere in sight as he had fled from the scene.


After flying forward for a few days, they still hadn’t reached their destination surprisingly. They had come across some powerful people who were heading in the same direction, which frightened them, but nevertheless, this way, they could confirm that they were moving in the right direction.


A few days later, a dazzling light suddenly expanded in front of them and illuminated almost half of the Starry Sky. At the same time, a scorching power spread around like a ripple. Despite being far away still, Yang Kai could acutely sense how pure this power was. He became elated as he knew that the Sun Star might really contain Sun’s True Gold.


There were three reasons why he wanted to insert himself into this matter. Firstly, he wanted to join in the fun and have a look at the heritage of the different great forces in the Outer Universe. Secondly, he wanted to bring Ah Sun to reunite with those from Great Moon Province. The third reason was also the main reason. Now, he had condensed his Wood Element, and Wood sustained Fire, so he had to condense his Fire Element next. However, because of the high starting point of his Wood Element, he had to look for High-Rank Open Heaven materials; otherwise, it would be considered a waste. Nevertheless, it wasn’t easy to find such materials. There was no doubt that Sun’s True Gold could meet Yang Kai’s requirements. Despite the word ‘Gold’ in its name, it was a Fire Element material instead of a Metal Element one.


Yang Kai had set a new goal for himself, and that was to directly break through to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm at the very least. Only by achieving that could he make use of Open Heaven Pills to help him ascend to the Eighth Order or even the peak Ninth Order. Even the lowest grade Sun’s True Gold was a Sixth-Order material. If he was lucky, he might be able to find a Seventh-Order one. If not for the possible benefits, Yang Kai really wouldn’t have the guts to butt in on this affair when so many great forces taking part in it.


While they were flying forward, the group of four suddenly felt an immense pressure coming from behind. They became shocked as they turned their heads, only to see a giant ship coming at them at full speed.


The ship was apparently an extraordinary flight-type artifact with incredible speed. When they saw the ship, it was still in the distance, but in the blink of an eye, the gap between them had shortened by half. When they came to their senses, the ship was already right in front of them.


The ship didn’t slow down at all, as though the people it inside were not aware of their existence, and soon, it would collide with the four of them.


Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically as he shouted, “Scatter!”


All of them were fairly powerful as they had condensed their own Dao Seals; however, if they were struck by such a ship, they would certainly end up in a miserable state.


Even before Yang Kai finished shouting, all four of them separated to both sides, and the next instant, the ship flew past them and moved further into the distance. When they gathered together again, Old Fang said with a dark expression, “Which great force was that? This is outrageous! Can’t they see there are four of us here? Are they blind!?”


Dié You put on a helpless smile, “Alright, alright. At least all of us are fine. I guess they just have no regard for us at all.”


“How could they oppress us in such a way?” Old Fang was incensed.


Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “If we don’t want to let anyone oppress us, we have to grow stronger…” As he spoke, he suddenly knitted his brows because the gigantic ship had returned as it was coming towards them again.


Old Fang turned pale in an instant as he stammered, “W-What are they trying to do? Did they hear what I just said?”


Yang Kai said grimly, “If they intend to harm us, flee immediately.” Even though he had no idea why this ship had returned, he reckoned that they were up to no good. If they got into a conflict, the four of them were certainly no match for the other party, so their best option was to try to flee.


Upon hearing this, everyone nodded in a solemn manner.


Just then, the ship stopped in front of them. A tall and thin man emerged on the deck as he looked down at Yang Kai and the others in an aloof manner. The man looked like he was in his late twenties, and his arms were wrapped around two alluring ladies whose outfits were on the skimpy side as a large amount of their fair skin was exposed. Their eyes were attractive, and even the smell of their breaths was pleasant. Snuggling up to the man from both sides, they followed his gaze and looked down with a smile.


Seeing this, Dié You and Ah Sun started blushing.


The young man only shot a brief look at Yang Kai before shifting his attention to Ah Sun and Dié You as he said with a smile, “Ladies, are you going to the Sun Star?”


His smile appeared sincere, and paired with his outstanding appearance, he gave off a clean-cut feeling; however, judging from the fact that he was hugging two women in his arms, Dié You knew that he was a licentious fellow. The reason he had even returned must be that he was drooling over their beauty.


She wasn’t willing to speak to him, but refusing to reply to him might infuriate this man as they were on the weaker side, so she had no choice but to bow her head and curtly reply, “Yes.”


The young man said, “What a coincidence. This Young Master is heading to that place as well. Why don’t you two come with me? My flight-type artifact is pretty quick, much better than if you keep flying on your own.”


Dié You forced a smile, “There’s no need for that. I have some companions with me already, so we’re going there together.”


It was then the young man took a look at Yang Kai and Old Fang, upon which he put on a smile, “In that case, all of you can come onboard together. I don’t mind having two more people.”


“Well…” Dié You was at a loss for words as she regretted not rejecting him right away, which caused her to fall into a dilemma. Even though she had no idea what great force this man was from, she knew that they couldn’t afford to offend him, but if they boarded his ship, their lives would be his to control.


Just as she was worrying over how to turn him down, Yang Kai stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Many thanks for your generous offer, Sir, but we’ve just met so I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to bother you.” 


Then, Yang Kai turned to look at his companions and declared, “Let’s go.”


The young man kept a smile on his face as he stared at Yang Kai and asked faintly, “Where do you think you’re going without this Young Master’s permission?”


Yang Kai frowned and stared back at him, “What do you want, then?”


The young man sighed, “There are always fools in this world who don’t appreciate other people’s kindness. Normally, people like that don’t live long.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai sneered, “I don’t know which great force you belong to, but we, the disciples of Great Moon Province, are not so easily bullied!”




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    1. Knowing nothing about the lay of the land and politics of major forces, unless he gleaned something from clues unmentioned – it’s not cleverness, it’s recklessness bordering on stupidity. This punk could be from Great Moon himself, he could be from a force stronger than Great Moon or he could be from a force on par with them, which means rivals. I see no outcome which will not blow up in YK’s face.

      1. If he is from Great Moon Province, then he can show them the faith token or Ah Sun can tell them about her senior from great moon province.
        If he is from a stronger force, then he won’t be intimidated by it, but he also wouldn’t be if YK hadn’t said that, so it doesn’t change that.
        And if they are Rivals, it depends on how important YK and his companions say they are. If they were descendants of Great Moon Province’s elder or so, then offending them just to pick um some women would be dumb (since rivals=similar strength=mutual destruction in a war)

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