Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3901, Wei Que


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It was only then that Senior Brother Wei realised that Ah Sun was crying not because she was bullied, but because their homeland was gone. At that instant, his expression dimmed as he patted her head, “From now on, this Wei will be your family.”


Ah Sun buried her head in the man’s arms and started bawling.


Upon seeing that, Yang Kai could understand her sorrow. The Star Boundary was also in a perilous situation after Mo Sheng had raised chaos there. Now, only the World Tree could save the Star Boundary. What if he couldn’t find the World Tree? Would the Star Boundary also fall into oblivion just like what had happened to Ah Sun’s homeland?


How many people would lose their homes by then? With these thoughts in mind, it made Yang Kai even more determined to look for the World Tree to repair the Star Boundary.


After wailing for a bit, Ah Sun finally calmed herself down as she bashfully moved her head away from the man’s chest, her face completely reddened. Just now, she had lost her composure because she recalled the danger she had come across on her way here; therefore, she couldn’t control her emotions when she finally saw someone who also came from the same world. Now that she had calmed down, she felt utterly embarrassed.


Senior Brother Wei guffawed and patted her head, “Not bad. You’re still acting bashful in this kind of situation. It seems that you’ve been well protected.” He gazed at Yang Kai and nodded, “You’ve done a great job.”


When he approached them just now, Yang Kai was the first one to step forward and stand in front of their group. This young man took action to protect the others even before he was sure about the other party’s true strength, which went to show that he was a courageous and reliable man. This made Senior Brother Wei have a good impression of him.


“Many thanks for your compliment, Senior,” Yang Kai replied politely.


“Xiao Sun’er, why don’t you introduce your friends to me?” Senior Brother Wei looked down at her.

(Silavin: Xiao Sun’er – nickname for Ah Sun)


It was then that Ah Sun rubbed her eyes and after pulling herself together, she started introducing them to one another. Through her introduction, Yang Kai and the others found out that this burly man was called Wei Que. Upon learning his name, they saluted him again.


Wei Que passionately waved his hand, “There’s no need to be overly polite. Since all of you are Xiao Sun’er’s friends, you’re not outsiders. Follow me to a safe place now.”


“Many thanks, Senior,” Certainly, Yang Kai and the others wouldn’t object; after all, the reason they had come over to this place was to seek the Great Moon Province’s protection.


Then, Wei Que led all of them to the Great Moon Province’s ship. As he flew forward, he asked, “Xiao Sun’er, why did you come here? Didn’t I tell you to bring the Faith Token to Great Moon Province to look for me?” He was deathly curious. If it weren’t because he detected a signal from his Faith Token just now, he wouldn’t have believed that Ah Sun had come all the way here. After all, this place was far away from Great Moon Province.


“It’s a long story…” Ah Sun stuck out her tongue in embarrassment.


Wei Que replied with a smile, “Tell me about it slowly, then. There’s no rush.”


It was then Ah Sun told him what had happened after she escaped from her own Universe World. When Wei Que heard that she had been abducted to Seven Wonders Land and became a general worker there for half a year, his expression darkened. Nevertheless, his expression changed again when he learned that a major crisis had befallen Seven Wonders Land. Not only were many Venerable Protectors killed, but Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch had also been severely injured, “It’s no wonder I didn’t see anyone from Seven Wonders Land. It’s because something like that has happened to them…”


If it weren’t because of the calamity that had caused the top Masters in Seven Wonders Land to be killed or injured, they would’ve surely come over to witness the Sun’s fire dying out. Even though Seven Wonders Land wasn’t close, it wasn’t far from this place either.


“What happened next?” Wei Que asked.


Ah Sun glanced at Yang Kai briefly before explaining. Without mentioning the fact that Great General had sought out his Mother, she told Wei Que about what happened after they fled from Seven Wonders Land, how she activated the jade white fox and followed it towards Great Moon Province. However, after only passing through two Territory Gates, the fox stopped functioning.


An embarrassed Wei Que explained, “Well, the thing is, I didn’t expect you to bring so many friends with you, ahaha… So, when I created the fox… It’s because of this Wei that you’ve suffered a lot.”


Ah Sun shook her head, “Senior, please don’t say that. Without the fox, we wouldn’t have been able to come this far. Even though there have been some twists and turns along the way, Ah Sun has finally found you and is very happy with that.”


“En, you’re right. Whatever the case, we’ve met again in the Outer Universe. Please stay in Great Moon Province from now on. As long as this Wei is still alive, I’ll ensure your safety.”


“Thank you, Senior!” Ah Sun pressed her lips together and nodded, then she took a look at Yang Kai and the others.


Wei Que understood and quite followed up, “If your friends are interested, they can stay in Great Moon Province as well. This Wei holds an important position in the Province, so I can take in some people as I please.”


Old Fang and Dié You appeared elated upon hearing that, while Yang Kai quickly said, “Many thanks, Senior.”


Following that, a ship came into their sight. Wei Que directly led them to the deck, which was already filled with people. A woman in an imperial dress at the front looked smilingly at them.


Yang Kai and the others traded glances and put on helpless smiles. They had actually surveyed this ship from afar before, but they didn’t see Wei Que at that time so they moved on. Perhaps he was staying inside the ship, which was why they missed him. Fortunately, Wei Que took the initiative to look for them; otherwise, they would have had to ask around for directions.


“Senior Brother Wei, have you found her?” The woman in the imperial dress took a look at Yang Kai and the others, but she couldn’t be sure which one of them was Wei Que’s Junior.


Wei Que pulled Ah Sun towards himself and guffawed, “Come, come. Meet your Martial Aunt Tao.”


Ah Sun obediently saluted her, “Greetings, Martial Aunt Tao.”


The woman surnamed Tao examined Ah Sun and said with a smile, “Such a pretty little girl. What’s your name?”


“Ah Sun…” She hung her head low as she was bashful.


“En, a good name.” The woman nodded, “You must be exhausted. From now on, we’re your family, so if anyone dares to bully you in the future, just tell your Martial Aunt and I’ll stand up for you.”


“Many thanks, Martial Aunt Tao…” Ah Sun’s eyes turned moist again. She had been on her own for years, so now that there were people who actually cared about her, she felt as though she was in a dream, and everything appeared surreal.


“Silly girl…” Wei Que felt his head aching, “Why do you cry all the time?”


The woman surnamed Tao shot him a glare, “Don’t you know that women are made of water? So what if she cries?” She pulled Ah Sun into her embrace and patted her shoulders.


Wei Que scratched his head, “Is that so?” He decided not to keep pondering on what he didn’t understand as he placed his hands on his hips and swept a glance over the other disciples on the deck, “Listen up, brats. From now on, Xiao Sun’er is my Legacy Disciple as well as your Little Junior Sister. No one can bully her, understand? If anyone dares to bully her, I’ll skin him alive!”


A young man replied with a grin, “Martial Uncle Wei, Little Junior Sister is so adorable. Why would we bully her instead of taking care of her?”


All of them nodded repeatedly.


Wei Que snorted, “You’d better.”


The woman surnamed Tao said, “Senior Brother, is your cultivation technique suitable for Xiao Sun’er? I can’t imagine what a beautiful girl like her will turn out to be after getting taught by you for a few years.”


Wei Que batted his eyes and replied firmly, “What do you mean my cultivation technique might not be suitable for her? It’ll work as long as it can make her stronger.” He turned to look at the other disciples, “Don’t you agree?”


The young man from earlier and the other disciples responded, “Martial Uncle Wei is right.”


The woman surnamed Tao put on a smile, “It’s pointless for you to ask them. No one from Great Moon Province has the guts to go against you. Senior Brother, if you trust me, why don’t you let her follow me from now on? I’ll take her on as a Disciple and teach her everything I know.”


“You want to accept her to be your Disciple?” Wei Que gazed at his Junior Sister in shock.


The woman questioned, “What’s wrong? Are you unwilling to let her follow me?”


Wei Que laughed, “How can that be? But it’ll depend on whether Xiao Sun’er wants to follow you.” He shifted his attention to Ah Sun, “Xiao Sun’er, I’ll ask you a question now. Do you want to follow me or your Martial Aunt Tao?”


Ah Sun darted her gaze between Wei Que and the woman, then she hung her head low, “Senior can make the decision for me. I’m fine with anything.” She had just joined the Province, which was why she didn’t have any opinion of her own.


The woman then said, “It’s decided, then. I’ll take her on as my Disciple.” She directly made the decision for her.


Wei Que said, “What are you waiting for? Greet your Master now.” Then, he gently pushed Ah Sun forward.


The quick-witted Ah Sun hurriedly saluted her in an elegant manner, “Disciple Ah Sun greets Honoured Master!”


After receiving her salute, the woman helped hoist her with a smile, “We are currently away from home, so we’ll hold an official ceremony after we return to Great Moon Province. Your Master will give you this as a gift for first meeting.” Following that, she took out a jade hairpin from her bun and stuffed it into Ah Sun’s hands, “This is a defensive artifact. Properly refine it as it will be able to save your life at a critical moment.”


Wei Que’s expression changed slightly, “Why are you giving that to her? It’s too valuable. No, no, no. Take it back and give her something else.”


The woman smiled gently, “I’m giving it to my Disciple, what does your opinion matter?”


At those words, Wei Que was rendered speechless.


The other disciples clearly became envious because both top cultivators in their Great Moon Province group wanted to take Ah Sun on as a direct Disciple. After she was accepted by the woman surnamed Tao, she was given such a treasure as a gift. None of the disciples at the scene had been treated in such a way before.


Nevertheless, they were not in any place to be envious. Ah Sun and Wei Que came from the same homeland, while the woman surnamed Tao had been secretly in love with Wei Que for many years. However, Wei Que was an obtuse man, so he still wasn’t aware of it. They knew that this woman must have taken Ah Sun on as a Disciple because she wanted to take care of Wei Que’s Junior.


Besides the disciples from Great Moon Province, Old Fang and Dié You were also envious of her.


All of them had fled from Seven Wonders Land together as they went through countless difficulties to come all the way here, but in the blink of an eye, Ah Sun had many people to love and treasure her.


Despite their envy, they were also genuinely happy for what had happened to her. Even though they had only known each other for a few months, they knew that Ah Sun was a pure-hearted girl, which was why they took a liking to her.


After accepting a Disciple, the woman was apparently joyful and shifted her attention to Yang Kai and the others, “They are…”


Ah Sun hurriedly said, “Honoured Master, they’re my friends. It’s thanks to their help that Disciple was able to come all the way here.”




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