Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3902, Information


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“Since they’re your friends, they’re not outsiders.” The woman surnamed Tao nodded at Yang Kai and the others with a smile.


Yang Kai and the others hurriedly saluted her, “Greetings, Senior.”


Wei Que said, “All of them have suffered a lot. Just like Xiao Sun’er, they have nowhere else to go, and there’s no one in this Outer Universe that they can rely on. I’ve promised them that if they’re interested, they can stay in Great Moon Province. Junior Sister, what do you think?”


“Of course they can. Senior Brother, you have the final say.” The woman nodded her head, “I believe our leader will not reject newcomers like them.”


“It’s decided then.” Wei Que chuckled and shifted his attention to Yang Kai and the others, “All of you must be exhausted now. Take some time to rest.”


Then, he turned around and gazed at a young man who had been grinning from the start, “Brat, bring them to their rooms now.”


“Yes!” The young man agreed to it and beckoned to them, “Please come with me.”


Without any objection, they quickly followed him.


Then, they moved across the deck and entered the cabin. As they walked down the stairs, the young man took the initiative to speak to them as he said, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Meng Hong. What are your names?”


After Yang Kai and the others revealed their names, all of them could be considered friends now as they called him ‘Senior Brother Meng’.


Meng Hong said, “The one who brought you here is one of the Elders of our Great Moon Province. I’m sure you know his name by now. The other one is Elder Tao, Tao Rong Fang.” He turned his head and playfully gazed at them, “I’ll share a secret with you. Elder Tao seems to be in love with Elder Wei, but unfortunately, he’s an insensitive man, so he’s not aware of it.”


Women were always interested in other people’s love affairs, so Dié You became energised as she asked in shock, “Does Elder Wei knows nothing at all?”


Meng Hong heaved a sigh, “That’s right. We all are wondering what his brain is made of. Everyone else in Great Moon Province is fully aware of it, but he’s still oblivious. Sometimes, we really have the urge to pry his head open to see what’s inside.”


What he had just said was pretty amusing, so Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother Meng, aren’t you worried that Elder Wei will find fault with you if he hears what you’re saying?”


“He won’t.” Meng Hong waved his hand casually, “Even though Elder Wei looks like a great bear, he’s a kind-hearted man and he treats us very well. He has never scolded or beaten us. Of the five Elders of Great Moon Province, he’s the most popular one among the disciples. A lot of Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters even want to marry him.”


“Elder Wei is indeed a kind-hearted man.” Yang Kai nodded. Although it hadn’t been long since they came into contact with one another, it was enough for Yang Kai to see through Wei Que’s temperament and nature. He had a good impression of this old man.


Meng Hong said with a smile, “In fact, the other Elders and our leader are good-natured people as well. Anyway, all of us in Great Moon Province are friendly. You might join us one day, so you’ll find out about it on your own.”


Soon, they arrived at their destination. After Meng Hong assigned some rooms for them, he turned around and left.


Even though the rooms were not spacious, each of them had their own room. After looking around, Yang Kai sat down on the bed with his legs crossed and started adjusting his breathing.


He had successfully brought Ah Sun to this place and met up with those from Great Moon Province; however, he wasn’t certain what he should do next. These people he had just met had left a good impression on him, which suggested that the other people from this great force should be just as friendly. If he joined them, he would have a terrific environment for cultivation.


However, he didn’t come to the Outer Universe to cultivate as he had something else to do. If he really joined Great Moon Province, he would also have to assume some responsibilities related to this great force, and that would make it difficult for him to move freely in the future.


Furthermore, Great Moon Province wasn’t considered powerful in the Outer Universe, so the resources they could provide would surely be limited as well. Yang Kai’s starting point was excellent, and he had a lofty goal, so he wouldn’t want to be restrained in any way.


As he felt his head aching, he decided to get to his feet and shuffled towards the deck.


For this event, many people from Great Moon Province had come out. Besides the two Elders, a couple dozen top disciples had tagged along as well. However, presently, there was no one on the deck.


Standing on the edge of the deck, Yang Kai held the railing and looked at the Sun Star in the distance. Perhaps it was because the Sun’s fire was dying down, so the entire Star appeared to be crimson, like a piece of molten steel. The scorching power continuously radiated from the Star, and even though there was a Protective Array around the ship, Yang Kai could still feel the heat.


“Junior Brother Yang!” Someone called out from behind at that moment.


Yang Kai turned around and cupped his fists, “Senior Brother Meng.”


Meng Hong approached him and gazed at the Sun Star in the distance, then he grinned, “It’s magnificent, right? Just like you, I’ve never seen anything like it before. When I go back and tell my Junior Brothers about it, I’m sure they’ll be envious of me.”


Yang Kai burst into laughter as though he could already imagine that scene, then he said, “Senior Brother Meng, I’ve heard that the Sun Star might contain Sun’s True Gold. Is that true?”


With a solemn expression, Meng Hong replied, “I don’t think it’s an unfounded rumour. Since everyone says so, it might be true.”


“I’ve also heard that even the lowest rank Sun’s True Gold is a Sixth-Order Fire Element material.”


“I’m not sure about that as I’ve never seen Sun’s True Gold before, but if such a thing really exists, there’s no way it’s of a low Order.” He turned to look at Yang Kai in shock, “Junior Brother, are you interested in the Sun’s True Gold as well?”


“Are you not interested?” Yang Kai questioned.


“Of course I am! If I can get a piece of Sun’s True Gold, I’ll be filthy rich. However, many people have arrived at this place, so even if such a thing exists, we might not be able to get our hands on it. We’ll have to be extremely lucky to get ahead of so many people.”


“En. By the way, Senior Brother Meng, I’ve just entered the Outer Universe, so I know nothing about the affairs or the great forces in this place. Do you mind enlightening me?”


Meng Hong burst into laughter, “There are eighty to a hundred great forces gathered here, and many of them share the name ‘Province’. I don’t even know all of them, so how am I going to tell you about it?”


“Well…” Yang Kai was lost for words as he hadn’t expected this kind of answer. After giving it a thought though, he realised that it wasn’t so surprising. Unlike the Star Boundary where there were only a small number of truly great forces, the Outer Universe was extremely expansive. Without substantial experience and excellent memory, one wouldn’t even know about all these forces, much less remember their details.


Of course, the Thirty-Six Cave Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises were the exception. All one hundred and eight of these top forces were extremely famous, so it was difficult not to know about them.


“Wait a moment…” Meng Hong suddenly recalled something and searched his Space Ring, soon fishing out a jade slip, “A lot of information about the Outer Universe is recorded in this jade slip, including the classification of the great forces as well as some other things. Read it when you’re free. You’ll gain something out of it.”


An elated Yang Kai hurriedly said, “Many thanks, Senior Brother Meng.”


Even though the jade slip wasn’t too valuable, the information it contained was what Yang Kai needed most right now.


“There’s no need to thank me. Take a rest now. When the Sun’s fire finally dies out, we’ll be busy. By then, we won’t have any time to rest.” Meng Hong clapped his shoulder and shuffled into the cabin.


Not long after Meng Hong left, Yang Kai also left the deck and returned to his room. Then, he took out the jade slip and went through the information in it. There was all sorts of information contained in the jade slip, but they were still classified in an orderly manner. The author must be an experienced person who had been to many Great Territories before recording everything he knew.


There were a few major chapters in the jade slip. The first one was about the great forces in the 3,000 Worlds. Naturally, the Thirty-Six Cave Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises were the first to be introduced.


Yang Kai came across the name Myriad Demons Heaven. It wasn’t certain whether Mo Sheng was from Myriad Demons Heaven, but Yang Kai reckoned that he should be careful if he bumped into people from that place in the future.


What surprised him was that the Dragon Altar of the Dragon Clan was listed as one of the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens.


That revelation made him stunned for a long time; however, after giving it a thought, he understood that given the Dragon Clan’s power, it wasn’t surprising that their base was one of the Cave-Heavens.


After reading the slip for a bit, Yang Kai realised that just like what Old Fang had said, the great forces in the Outer Universe could be classified into three classes. The Cave-Heavens and Paradises were considered First Class as all of them were powerful great forces that had many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters assuming command. The Second Class ones were great forces like Seven Wonders Land that were led by Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Third Class forces were like Great Moon Province and led by Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Certainly, they could be classified further, but that was the overall hierarchy.


Besides the introduction to the great forces, identifying symbols and standards of each great force was recorded as well. After searching for a bit, Yang Kai finally found the symbol he was looking for, and the great force associated with it was called Perpetual Province.


Recalling the symbol on the ship he had come across on his way to the Sun Star, he immediately realised that the young man was from Perpetual Province. Just like Great Moon Province, Perpetual Province was also a Third Class force with no Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Yang Kai felt glad that the young man came from a Third-Class force; otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten off so easily.


He reckoned that he should stop pretending to be someone he was not in the future; otherwise, he might find himself to be in a perilous situation.


After the chapter regarding the great forces, it was followed by an introduction to beasts. Most beasts in the Outer Universe were similar to those in the Star Boundary, but some of them were starkly different. In any case, those that could roam through the void were all extremely powerful.


The strongest ones were the Giant Spirit Gods, of course.


Yang Kai didn’t understand why Giant Spirit Gods were classified as beasts as Ah Da looked just like a giant Human and had no beast-like features.


However, he could understand why they were considered the strongest. Yang Kai had seen Low-Rank and Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters making a move before, and even though he hadn’t witnessed how powerful a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters possessed, he reckoned that Ah Da could still defeat them.


According to the jade slip, Giant Spirit Gods ate dead Universe Worlds as they roamed around the Starry Sky. They were normally mild-tempered and would avoid conflict with other people. As long as they were not offended, they were essentially harmless.




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