Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3903, Sun’s True Fire


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That wasn’t different from the experience Yang Kai had. Ah Da was indeed a mild-tempered guy, and just like a hungry ghost, knowing only how to eat.


Recalling Ah Da, Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking about the Star Boundary as well, wondering what it was like back home now. It had only been a year or so since he left, so the Star Boundary shouldn’t have gone through any drastic changes. Furthermore, Ah Da was keeping guard outside of the Star Boundary, so even if any powerful Master happened to pass by, they wouldn’t dare to go near. Therefore, the Star Boundary should be safe for now. The only thing he had to worry about was the Star Boundary suddenly collapsing, then Ah Da would surely eat it. Hence, Yang Kai had to find the World Tree as quickly as possible.


Yang Kai next read that the Dragon Clan was ranked second only to the Giant Spirit Gods.


He was amused as it seemed that wherever the Dragon Clan appeared, they would be famous. It was the same case in both the Star Boundary and the Outer Universe.


Information about Mie Meng was also recorded in the jade slip. The picture was similar to the beast he had met, and needless to say, she was highly ranked as well.


There was indeed a lot of information in the jade slip and Yang Kai was soon totally engrossed. Like a studious scholar, he didn’t seem tired of gaining knowledge.


A long time later, Yang Kai was shocked by a sudden jolt. Following that, a horrifying scorching power penetrated the Protective Array and swept across the entire ship. Then, terrifying creaking sounds were heard coming from the overburdened ship. 


Yang Kai was startled for a moment before he dashed out of his room.


When he reached the deck, he realised that everyone from Great Moon Province was already present. Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang were forming hand seals as though they were trying to reinforce the ship’s shields. Presently, the barrier around the ship seemed to be breaking, and even the ship was starting to smoulder as though a scorching power had swept across it.


“What’s going on?” Yang Kai turned to look at Meng Hong, who was just beside him.


A fervent-looking Meng Hong replied in a hushed voice, “The Sun’s fire is on the verge of dying out.”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and followed Meng Hong’s gaze, only to see that the crimson Sun Star was still burning like a gigantic fireball hanging in the void. However, its flame was extremely unstable as it expanded and contracted from time to time. Sometimes, pillars of flame could be seen spitting from it. Every time such a pillar erupted, a horrifying scorching power would sweep across the surrounding space.


It was the final radiance of the Sun Star.


Without the need for any explanation, Yang Kai immediately realised the crux of the matter. This series of eruptions would exhaust the last bit of energy the Sun Star was left with. After the flames went out, the Sun’s fire on the Star would completely die. Once that happened, it would become a free-for-all match between the great forces.


Just then, Tao Rong Fang exclaimed, “The shield won’t last any longer, Senior Brother Wei!”


Wei Que’s expression changed as he yelled, “Retreat!”


After he finished speaking, he formed a different set of hand seals, upon which the ship rapidly withdrew, moving some ten thousand kilometres in an instant. When they reached a location that was far away from the Sun Star, they finally felt the scorching power waning, and the ship stopped creaking.


Yang Kai looked around and realised that, besides Great Moon Province, the other great forces, which had gathered around the periphery of the Sun Star earlier, had reacted the same way by retreating. There were only a small number of people who managed to remain in their original positions.


The explosion of the Sun’s fire was unexpected, but fortunately, it diminished quickly. In just a quarter hour, the gigantic fireball lost its vigour as its flames contracted, and the scorching aura visibly weakened.


Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang traded glances, and without the need for any discussion, they drove the ship towards the Sun Star. At the same time, the other great forces, which had retreated just now, scrambled to get ahead of the others.


All of them knew that it was time to explore the Sun Star and seek out the Sun’s True Gold.


On the deck, Wei Que looked around and shouted, “Brats, don’t go anywhere on your own when you reach the Sun Star, and don’t stray too far from me and your Martial Aunt Tao. No one knows what danger awaits us on the Star. If you still want to live, you have to be careful. Got it?”


“Yes,” all of them replied at the same time.


Wei Que nodded and looked solemnly towards the front. Even though he and Tao Rong Fang, who were Open Heaven Realm Masters, were around when exploring the Sun Star, they couldn’t protect so many people if they fell into danger; however, it was worth it to take the risk to look for a treasure like Sun’s True Gold.


As they got closer, the pressure coming from the humongous Star intensified. Although the Sun’s fire had died out already, the scorching heat wouldn’t dissipate so quickly. The closer they approached, the hotter they felt. Moreover, lights could still be seen flashing all across the Star. They were the last radiance of the Sun’s fire.


Everyone on the ship looked attentively at the front as many of them had never seen such a splendid sight.


After flying for an hour or so, the ship finally landed on the Sun Star. When the ship stopped, everyone leapt off the artifact and took a deep breath. However, they immediately felt a burning sensation in their chests and stomachs while the pungent burning smell was all but intolerable. They were so shocked that they hurriedly held their breaths.


Wei Que used a different hand seal, causing the ship to shrink down and become a palm-sized item before it was stored away by him.


Yang Kai and Old Fang were standing among the crowd as they looked around, only to see that they were the only people in this area, causing them to wonder where the other great forces were.


It wasn’t surprising after thinking about it though. Many great forces had come to this place, but the Sun Star was enormous. The great forces had decided to land on different locations, which was why they wouldn’t immediately come into contact with one another. This also prevented them from getting into conflicts right away.


From time to time, magma would spurt out from the crimson ground, making the entire environment seem very dangerous.


Even though Tao Rong Fang was an Open Heaven Realm Master, she had apparently never participated in such an important mission before, so she didn’t know where to start and turned to Wei Que to ask, “Senior Brother, what should we do now?”


Wei Que stroked his beard and gave it a thought before replying, “Let’s walk around first. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to pick up a piece of Sun’s True Gold. If so, we can immediately go back.”


His plan wasn’t outrageous as he just needed a piece of Sun’s True Gold to complete his mission; after all, each piece of Sun’s True Gold was at least a Sixth-Order material. If they really obtained one, the best thing to do would be to return to their headquarters quickly. If they stayed any longer, they might invite trouble to themselves.


Since he had said so, Tao Rong Fang wouldn’t object. And so, they led the disciples to roam around aimlessly. Everyone on the Sun Star was trying their luck anyway, and no one was at an advantage. As they released their Divine Senses, they began scanning the surroundings.


Looking for something in this kind of environment was undoubtedly exhausting because they had to continuously use their strength to resist the heat.


After half a day, they still hadn’t discovered anything and the weakest person in the team started showing signs of lethargy. Seeing this, Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang told that disciple to leave and wait for them in the periphery of the Sun Star.


Even though the disciple was reluctant, he had no choice but to comply. Right after he left, Wei Que suddenly turned to look in a direction as though he had discovered something. Seeing that, Tao Rong Fang asked, “Senior Brother, what happened?”


“Something is coming!” Wei Que shouted. Upon hearing that, the others hurriedly circulated their strength and got ready for any potential trouble.


A moment later, they could really see something coming towards them. It was a beam of light that was rapidly flying over, but before the disciples could make out what it was, Wei Que exclaimed in surprise, “It’s a Fourth-Order Fire Element material!”


Then, he traded glances with Tao Rong Fang, and without uttering a word, they moved to approach the beam of light.


Yang Kai realised that the beam of light seemed to have some spirituality, and before Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang could close in, it suddenly moved in a different direction and disappeared into a pool of magma.


Wei Que guffawed, “How dare you try to flee!”


A ferocious Wei Que raced after the beam of light and dove into the magma. Before he disappeared though, he shouted to Tao Rong Fang, “Junior Sister, stay there!”


The disciples were still on the surface, so if both Open Heaven Realm Masters left to pursue the beam of light, no one could ensure their safety. Tao Rong Fang furrowed her brow, apparently worried about Wei Que’s safety, but she still obediently stayed behind.


Yang Kai and the others caught up just in time to see Wei Que plunging into the magma and Meng Huang asked, “Will Martial Uncle Wei be fine?”


Tao Rong Fang replied, “The magma won’t harm him, but all of you should be on guard.”




After they waited in the same spot for a bit, a figure suddenly shot out from another magma pool. Everyone turned to look at him and realised that it was none other than Wei Que.


There were countless magma pools on the surface of the Sun Star, most of them roiling and bubbling from time to time. Some of them even looked just like volcanos, erupting with flame. Now, it seemed that these magma pools were interconnected underground. Otherwise, it was impossible that Wei Que could enter one pool and come out from another.


However, at this moment, Wei Que appeared elated as he was holding a transparent container. A yellowish flame inside it was trying to shatter the container, but it could not break free from the restriction.


A joyful Tao Rong Fang walked over and said, “Senior Brother, did you manage to capture it?”


Wei Que nodded and replied, “It’s a Sun’s True Fire!”


Upon that realisation, Tao Rong Fang commented, “No wonder it’s a Fourth-Order material, it turned out to be a Sun’s True Fire!”


Wei Que grinned, “It’s not surprising that there’s Sun’s True Fire on this Sun Star. It seems that we all became short-sighted as all our attention was on the Sun’s True Gold.”


Everybody wanted to find the Sixth-Order Sun’s True Gold, completely forgetting that there were other precious materials to be found here, like Sun’s True Fire. Moreover, judging from the current situation, it seemed that there was a lot of Sun’s True Fire around the area; otherwise, Wei Que couldn’t have obtained one so easily.




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