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Martial Peak – Chapter 3905, Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire

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“Let’s find out what Order this thing is,” Wei Que stared at Tao Rong Fang and asked.


Tao Rong Fang fished out the Sun’s True Fire from her Space Ring and examined it for a while before she replied, “It’s the same as the previous one. A Fourth-Order material.”


Wei Que chuckled, “Not bad.”


It had only been half a day since they arrived at this place, but they had managed to obtain two Fourth-Order Fire Element materials. More importantly, they were both Sun’s True Fires, so it could be said that it was a fruitful day for them. If they could collect a few more such materials, they could go to Star City and trade them for materials of other Elements. Then, they could pick out a disciple with outstanding aptitude and attempt have them break through to the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


By then, Great Moon Province would also grow in importance.


As though he could already envision a bright future for all of them, a glow could be seen radiating from Wei Que’s eyes. Then, he said seriously, “I understand now. There’s nothing worth scavenging on the Sun Star’s surface because all the good things are hidden underground. Junior Sister Tao, I think we have to separate the disciples into two groups, and we’ll lead each group respectively. One group will stay on the surface, and the other group will go underground. What do you think?”


Tao Rong Fang was more than willing to give everything to Wei Que, so she wouldn’t object to his suggestion. After a nod, she replied, “We’ll do it as Senior Brother says.”


After the discussion, Wei Que directly separated the disciples into two groups. One group would follow him, and the other group would follow Tao Rong Fang.


Since there were benefits to be gained, the disciples had become energised as they meticulously searched around.


There might be danger lurking in the magma which was why the two groups took turns diving below. As Open Heaven Realm Masters, Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang were certainly not afraid of the heat; however, the disciples they brought with them were not strong enough, and the durations they could withstand the heat varied. As long as they knew where their limits were though, their lives wouldn’t be at risk.


Then, Wei Que told everyone to prioritise their own safety and if they discovered anything, they had to inform Tao Rong Fang or him immediately. All of them nodded in agreement.


Nevertheless, for the next few days, they didn’t get anything more. Despite the fact that they had searched around carefully, they couldn’t find any more Sun’s True Fire. It had to be said that they were truly lucky on the first day.


During this period of time, they had come across people from other great forces, all of whom seemed to share the same thought as them as they were all looking for the hidden treasures beneath the magma.


They didn’t get into conflicts during the encounters, so everything was peaceful so far. Right now, everyone’s focus was on the Sun’s True Fire and the possibly existent Sun’s True Gold, so no one was willing to fight at this point.


A few days later, those from Great Moon Province finally found something.


They found one more Sun’s True Fire that was hidden in the magma. Tao Rong Fang and the disciples, who were staying above ground, spent a lot of effort but eventually captured it.


As time passed, only a small number of places were left unsearched. Even though the Sun Star was enormous, many great forces had arrived this time as all of them searched around on the Sun Star. In just a few days, they had visited most of the places on the Star, and the areas that were still unsearched were shrinking.


Wei Que was slightly anxious because he thought that his mission would only be completed by collecting seven Sun’s True Fires. That was because only by having seven fires could they go to a Star City and trade them for enough materials so that they could nurture a Fourth-Order Heaven Realm Master.


With only three fires now, it was far from enough. After all, it wasn’t every day that they could collect Fourth-Order Open Heaven materials. Wei Que had cultivated for a long time, but this was the first time he had encountered such an opportunity.


On this day, half of the disciples led by Wei Que dove into the magma to look for more treasures. Yang Kai was a part of them.


It was a unique experience to move through magma. Not only was the magma extremely viscous, but it was also extraordinarily hot, forcing everyone to continuously use their strength to protect themselves. Moreover, in this kind of special environment, Divine Sense wasn’t able to extend very far, so the area they were able to scan was limited.


Therefore, before one reached the Open Heaven Realm, they couldn’t stay for a long time inside the magma. They could only last an hour at most. After that, they had to leave the magma and have someone else replace them. That was how they had been working with one another these past few days.


Inside the magma, Yang Kai moved around slowly as he scanned the surroundings with his Divine Sense, but he didn’t discover anything. Honestly, he wasn’t interested in the Sun’s True Fire; however, since he was a part of Wei Que’s group, he had to play along with them. It would be wonderful if he could find anything, but if not, he wouldn’t mind.


Soon, Yang Kai realised that his time was up. Just when he was ready to ascend to the surface though, he suddenly detected something and turned his head to look in a particular direction. He could see nothing else but red magma, but he had clearly detected something with his Divine Sense.


[Did I really find something?] At that instant, Yang Kai couldn’t contain his laughter. Since he had discovered it, he naturally wouldn’t let it go. Without any hesitation, he shot forward, and before he even reached that place, he activated his Space Principles to seal off the surrounding region. At the same time, he summoned his Six Fated Paths Bag and covered the fire wisp in it.


To the average Emperor Realm Masters like Meng Hong and the other disciples, it would be all but impossible to capture a Sun’s True Fire on their own, unless they had a useful artifact. For example, the Sky Seizing Net that belonged to Du Ru Feng. However, those from Great Moon Province obviously didn’t have such powerful artifacts, so every time they found a Sun’s True Fire, they would force it to the surface and let the other group capture it.


However, Yang Kai possessed the Six Fated Paths Bag, so it wasn’t necessary for him to do that. The bag was even able to suck in and trap an Open Heaven Realm Master, let alone a Sun’s True Fire. Even though Yang Kai wasn’t powerful enough to fully activate its power, the artifact was not to be underestimated.


Initially, he thought that he could capture the fire with ease, but as soon as he summoned the Six Fated Paths Bag, he felt an immense force coming from in front of him and his Space Principles couldn’t confine it at all. The Sun’s True Fire, which was hidden in the magma, suddenly radiated a glow and shot downwards.


“Fifth-Order material!” Yang Kai arched his brow. He couldn’t detect it when the fire was hidden in the magma; however, as soon as it moved, he realised that it was special. The fire was different from the three they had collected previously as its Fire Attribute Energy was purer and thicker, making it apparent it was above the Fourth Order.


A Fifth-Order material was worth over a million Open Heaven Pills!


Although Yang Kai wasn’t interested in Fourth-Order materials, he was keen on getting a Fifth-Order one. Seeing that the fire was moving downwards, he didn’t hesitate as he raced after it. As he extended his hand, Space Principles surged even more violently.


The fire became frozen for a moment, then it struggled out of the Space Principles’ restriction and kept moving downwards.


Yang Kai was incensed at the fact that he had failed in his attempt twice, so he relentlessly raced after it.


Anyone else would have attempted to chase the fire out of the magma first as if they went any deeper and expended too much energy, they wouldn’t be able to go up again. They might even lose their lives in the magma. However, Yang Kai wasn’t worried about this because he had Six Fated Paths Bag and his Sealed World Bead. If he really exhausted himself, he could hide inside the bag or the bead to restore his strength before making a move again.


Soon, Yang Kai wasn’t even certain how deep he had dived into the magma.


At that moment, some figures shot out of the magma and landed on the surface. All of them had turned pale, so it was apparent that they didn’t have much energy left. Wei Que was the last one to emerge from the magma, prompting Tao Rong Fang to ask, “Have you not obtained anything?”


Wei Que shook his head as he felt dejected, “It seems that the truth is different from what I’ve expected.”


After the first fruitful day, he thought that the underground was filled with Sun’s True Fires; however, after a few days of searching, they had only managed to find one more material. It was then he realised that he was too optimistic. Even on a Sun Star, Sun’s True Fire was not abundant.


Tao Rong Fang nodded, “Senior Brother, please have a rest. We’ll look for a new place before searching around again.”


Wei Que nodded his head, “That’s the only thing we can do.”


All of a sudden, Ah Sun looked around and asked, “Where’s Senior Brother Yang?” She realised that Yang Kai wasn’t among the people who had just come out of the magma.


Upon hearing her question, the others finally realised that Yang Kai was missing. Wei Que frowned and gazed at the disciples who had followed him just now and questioned, “Have any of you seen Yang Kai?”


A female disciple said, “Martial Uncle, I did rub shoulders with Junior Brother Yang just now.”


Wei Que asked, “How long ago was it?”


After giving it a thought, the female disciple replied, “About a quarter-hour ago.”


Wei Que nodded and said, “It hasn’t been that long then, we can…” He wanted to say that they could wait a little longer, as Yang Kai might come out from the magma soon. 


Nevertheless, when he saw how worried Ah Sun and Dié You were, he said, “All of you, wait here. I’ll go look for him now.”


After he finished speaking, he plunged into the magma.


Old Fang and Dié You traded glances and saw the worry behind each other’s gazes. Old Fag even said, “I’ll try to contact him.”


Then, he fished out an artifact that he normally used to contact Yang Kai and infused his Divine Sense into it. After waiting for some time though, he didn’t get any reply. Dié You also gave it a try, but the result was the same.


A moment later, Wei Que returned from the magma with a dark expression.


Dié You hurriedly asked, “Senior, have you found him?” In fact, it was a pointless question. If Wei Que had really found Yang Kai, he would have brought him up. Now that he was alone, it suggested that Yang Kai had fallen into danger.


Seeing that Wei Que shook his head, Dié You turned pale.


A flustered Old Fang said, “Why is he missing? He was with all of you.”


Ah Sun was on the brink of tearing up and she shook Tao Rong Fang’s arms, “Master, Senior Brother Yang is a kind-hearted person. Please save him.”


Tao Rong Fang clapped the back of her hand and consoled her by saying, “Don’t worry. Your Martial Uncle and I are around, so we won’t let anything happen to Yang Kai.” Then, she gazed at Wei Que and communicated with him using her Divine Sense.


Wei Que nodded his head and said, “Brats, Yang Kai has gone missing, so he might have come across some kind of danger. I need you to go down with me again and search for him.”


“Yes, Martial Uncle!” They all agreed.


Wei Que said solemnly, “There might be danger inside the magma that we’re not aware of, so you mustn’t stray too far away. I want you to stay close to your fellow Brothers and Sisters so that you can contact one another at any moment. If you realise that something is off, call out to me immediately.”



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