Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3906, Golden Crow Divine Palace


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Besides the fact that Yang Kai had escorted Ah Sun all the way to meet up with those from Great Moon Province, his mastery of the Dao of Space made Wei Que realise that he was a rare talent. Wei Que wanted to take him on as a Disciple, which was why he had been treating the young man like he was already a part of Great Moon Province. Now that Yang Kai had fallen into danger, Wei Que wouldn’t turn a blind eye to it even if Ah Sun didn’t plead with him. As long as he was able to do so, he would try to look for Yang Kai.


After Wei Que was done with the arrangements, he led the other disciples down into the magma again, only this time, they were looking for Yang Kai instead of Sun’s True Fire.


The fact that Yang Kai had gone missing suggested that there might be danger inside the magma that they were not aware of; therefore, all of them were careful and didn’t stay too far away from one another.


One hour later, they returned to the surface without having found Yang Kai.


Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang traded glances before she led her group down into the magma without saying a word.


After several attempts, four hours had passed. Presently, all the disciples were exhausted and pale-faced. Only the two Open Heaven Realm Masters were still alright. However, they still hadn’t found Yang Kai after such a long time, so it was pointless to keep searching.


Tao Rong Fang and Wei Que traded glances and shook their heads.


Seeing this, Dié You said in a shaking voice, “Seniors, are you not going to keep looking? Yang Kai is still down there.”


With a dejected expression, Wei Que turned to look at her and sighed, “Too long has passed. Given his strength, it’s impossible that he could’ve survived until now. I’m afraid that he’s already passed away.”


Dié You’s face, which was already drained of any colour, turned as pale as snow. She started trembling and almost couldn’t support herself. Even though she knew that Wei Que was right, it was still difficult for her to accept such an outcome.


Yang Kai was able to create countless miracles in Seven Wonders Land, flipping the situation over in the face of formidable enemies time and again. He had also given her a Third-Order Stainless Golden Dew and led her to escape her enslavement in Seven Wonders Land. Could he have really lost his life just like this?


Unable to accept the truth, she covered her mouth and started sobbing as her shoulders trembled.


On the other side, Ah Sun’s eyes turned bloodshot as she crashed into Tao Rong Fang’s embrace and started bawling.


Old Fang thumped his chest and said, “The Heavens must have been jealous of him! Little Brother, how could you lose your life at such a young age? The Heavens must be blind! Why couldn’t it have been me instead? Little Brother, come back! I’ll replace you!”


A sense of sorrow permeated the air, causing the other disciples to be crestfallen as well. The female disciples were especially affected by their emotions as tears streamed down their faces.


Wei Que raised his hand and patted Dié You’s shoulder, “Try to restrain your grief. We’ve done our best. Now, all we can do is hope that he somehow managed to survive.” 


Of course, Wei Que didn’t believe what he was saying, but that was the only way he could console her. He didn’t understand what kind of danger there was inside the magma that caused a person to go missing as even after a meticulous search, they couldn’t find any signs of danger.


Dié You brushed away her tears and said, “Senior, I’d like to keep looking for him. I don’t think he’d be killed so easily.”


“Nonsense!” Wei Que shot her a glare, “Don’t you understand your own condition? Take a rest for now.”




Wei Que cut her off by saying, “I don’t want to use force; however, if you insist on making a scene, I’ll have no choice but to knock you out.”


Tao Rong Fang took Dié You’s hand and said gently, “Rest now. We’ll talk about it later.”


Dié You pressed her lips together and nodded as her tears slid down her face.


Just then, an unexpected change occurred. A rumbling sound was heard coming from underground, and the entire Sun Star seemed to shake. Everyone was stunned as they turned around, only to see the magma boiling vigorously, a dangerous aura permeating all around.


Wei Que’s expression changed as he shouted, “Retreat!”


As he spoke, he wrapped everyone in his World Force and hoisted them up into the sky.


At the same time, columns of magma shot out of the pools as though countless Fire Dragons had been born.


After rising thirty kilometres above the surface, everyone looked down and turned pale. That was because countless cracks had appeared on the Sun Star as though it was going to explode at any moment. Gullies had been formed as the magma weltered in them, sweeping everything away.


The rumbling sounds were so loud that their eardrums hurt.


Then, a dazzling light could be seen coming from a certain direction, causing one of the disciples to unconsciously exclaim, “What is that?”


When the others turned their heads to look at the source of the light, their pupils contracted. In the distance, the gigantic illusory phantom of a palace could be seen hovering high up above, appearing both real and yet ethereal.


Even though it was just an illusory phantom, it was still awe-inspiring to the beholder. The ancient palace seemed to have passed through millions of years to arrive in the modern era. 


There was a palace on this Sun Star!


Wei Que exclaimed, “Golden Crow Divine Palace!”


It was rumoured that besides the Sun’s True Gold, there might even be a Golden Crow Divine Palace on this Sun Star, and the reason that the Sun’s fire was dying out was that the Golden Crow was dying.


However, in the end, this was just a rumour. Most people would believe that there was Sun’s True Gold to be found, but nine out of ten people wouldn’t believe that there was a Golden Crow Divine Palace here, while the remaining one person would be seriously doubtful.


Nonetheless, at this moment, a palace had really appeared on the Sun Star. What else could it be if it wasn’t a Golden Crow Divine Palace?


Tao Rong Fang widened her eyes, “The rumour was true?”


A myriad of expressions came over Wei Que as he had a feeling that things were rapidly growing beyond his expectations. If it was just the possibility of Sun’s True Gold, the great forces in the neighbouring Great Territories would be able to monopolize the benefits of this place. However, now that a legendary Golden Crow Divine Palace had appeared, word was sure to spread and real powerhouses were bound to come.


It was inevitable that the Thirty-Six Cave Heaven and Seventy-Two Paradises would hear of this and come to investigate. Once that happened, the Third Class great forces like Great Moon Province wouldn’t be able to reap any benefits while even the Second Class great forces with Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters would be forced to the sidelines.


Therefore, in order to get any benefits, they had to obtain them now before word spread.


After pondering the issue for a short time, Wei Que made a decision and called out, “Meng Hong!”


“Yes!” Meng Hong stepped forward.


“Leave with your Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters.”


Meng Hong was startled for a moment before he realised Wei Que’s intention, then he cupped his fists and bowed, “Yes. We’ll await Martial Uncle and Aunt at the periphery.”


Wei Que shook his head, “No. All of you must directly go to First Inn, then ask them to send a message to Sect Master. Have him and the other Elders come as quickly as possible.”


A serious-looking Meng Hong nodded, “Understood.”


After he was done with the arrangement, Wei Que turned to look at Tao Rong Fang, “Let’s go.”


Saying so, he turned into a beam of light and shot into the distance.


Tao Rong Fang said to Ah Sun, “Xiao Sun’er, leave with your Senior Brother Meng. Be careful.”


Ah Sun nodded, “You must be careful as well, Master.”


Without speaking any further, Tao Rong Fang raced after Wei Que.


After the Open Heaven Realm Masters departed, all the disciples lost a sense of security as they turned to Meng Hong, who said, “You all heard what Martial Uncle and Martial Aunt have said. Now that the Golden Crow Divine Palace has appeared, this place will descend into chaos soon. Follow me to First Inn now!”


Dié You said, “Senior Brother Meng, I want to stay here.”


Old Fang stepped forward, “Me too.”


Ah Sun said, “And me.”


“You…” Meng Hong shot a glare at the three of them as he tried to act as a proper Senior Brother, “Didn’t you hear what Martial Aunt and Martial Uncle said? Without their protection, we’ll be doomed if we come across any enemies!”


Dié You hung her head low and fell silent.


Old Fang said, “Senior Brother Meng, please don’t try to convince us. We’re not considered disciples of Great Moon Province yet, so I believe no one will find fault with us. We… I just want to keep looking for Little Brother Yang a bit longer. If he’s alive I must see him in person, if he has fallen, I must see his corpse.”


Ah Sun nodded in agreement.


Meng Hong’s face fell, “Must you insist?”


Old Fang cupped his fists, “Senior Brother Meng, please forgive us. If it weren’t for Little Brother Yang, we three would still be suffering in Seven Wonders Land as slaves. He saved our lives and gave us our freedom. Now that he has fallen into danger, we can’t just stand idly by.”


Meng Hong let out a sigh, his expression appearing conflicted as he said through clenched teeth, “Good.” Then, he pointed at one disciple, “Junior Brother Liu, go to First Inn now and ask them to send a message to our headquarters. Be extremely careful.”


The disciple surnamed Liu cupped his fists, “Yes.” Then, he shot into the sky.


Then, Meng Hong gazed at the other disciples, “Rest for an hour. We’ll continue searching for half a day more, but if we still haven’t found Junior Brother Yang by then, we will leave no matter what.”


An elated Old Fang said, “Many thanks, Senior Brother Meng.”


Dié You hurriedly thanked him as well. Even though she didn’t want to trouble them, she reckoned that it was better to have more people helping at this moment.


Meng Hong shook his head and heaved a sigh, “All of you, listen up. If anyone dares to tell Martial Uncle and Martial Aunt what has happened today, don’t call me Senior Brother again.” He had practically gone against Wei Que’s orders, which truly made him feel guilty and afraid.


The disciples quickly replied, “We will never speak of this.”


After that, they landed on the surface and found a place to adjust their breathing. Fortunately, the Sun Star stabilised after the turbulence just now; otherwise, they wouldn’t have even been able to find a place to land.




At the same time, Yang Kai was puzzledly looking around in a long hall that was very deep underground.


He had been racing after the Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire for quite some time, and after several failed attempts, he finally found a chance to use the Six Fated Paths Bag to capture it. Before he could celebrate, however, he felt an immense force pulling him down into a vortex. When he came to his senses, he realised that he was already in this place.


He couldn’t believe that there was such a place beneath the surface of the Sun Star.


The hall was wide and brightly lit, and obviously wasn’t naturally formed. The walls and the ground were smooth and covered with fiery red stones, while an extremely pure Fire Element Energy permeated the air.




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