Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3907, Stumbling Block


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Yang Kai was stunned as the Fire Element in this place was much purer than that of Fire Spirit Land in Seven Wonders Land. If one could condense a First-Order Fire Element by cultivating in Fire Spirit Land, he could condense a Third-Order Element easily in this place.


Without the need for any Fire Element materials, one could achieve the Third Order by just absorbing the ambient Fire Element in this place, which was simply inconceivable. If the other great forces found out about it, they would scramble to occupy this place. Everyone would be tempted to own such a cultivation paradise.


[But… where is this place? Why does it exist beneath the surface of the Sun Star?] Yang Kai decided to push these questions to the back of his mind for now. Looking to both sides, he realised that he couldn’t see the end of the hallway with a glance.


Then, he tried to use his Space Principles and realised that he could do so smoothly, which meant that the space around here hadn’t been sealed off. Upon that realization, Yang Kai set his mind at ease. As long as the local space wasn’t sealed, he wouldn’t be trapped in this place as he could leave at any moment.


Following that, he randomly picked a direction and moved forward. After walking for a few thousand metres, Yang Kai reached the end of the hallway and was faced with a bronze door that looked extremely heavy.


He attempted to push the door with all his strength, but was shocked to discover that he was unable to even make it budge. Even though his cultivation was considered weak compared to others in the Outer Universe, Yang Kai possessed immense physical strength because he had a Dragon Vein. The bronze door didn’t look special at all, but it remained unmoving as it was pushed by Yang Kai, which went to show that it was no ordinary door.


Yang Kai didn’t dare to take extreme measures, so after pondering on it for a moment, he returned to the original spot he appeared and walked in the opposite direction.


After a long time, he reached the end again and was rendered speechless as just like what had happened earlier, he was blocked by another bronze door. If it weren’t because he was certain that he had gotten the direction right, he would have thought that he was stuck in a loop.


The tunnel was basically blocked on both ends. It seemed that if he wanted to leave this place, he had to open one of the bronze doors, making him wonder what was behind both of them.


At this moment, he was stuck in a dilemma. After giving it a thought, he decided to fish out the Six Fated Paths Bag and looked at the thing inside.


There was a flame inside that was trying to break free from the bag as though it had a spirituality; nevertheless, the bag was even able to keep an Open Heaven Realm Master, so how could a mere Sun’s True Fire struggle free?


It was indeed a Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire. Compared to the three fires that were captured by the disciples from Great Moon Province, the one in his possession obviously possessed a purer and denser Fire Element. Gazing at the Sun’s True Fire, Yang Kai no longer felt dejected. He had stayed in First Inn for four months and spent more than 100,000 Open Heaven Pills. Now, a Fifth-Order material in his bag was worth 1,500,000 pills at least, which more than made up for his losses.


He couldn’t keep the fire in the Six Fated Paths Bag as he needed to use the bag to deal with his enemies, so Yang Kai decided to transfer it to the Small Sealed World and suppressed it somewhere.


After he completed this, Yang Kai looked up at the bronze door with a determined gaze. He was forced to leap out into the Outer Universe for two reasons. Firstly, he wanted to experience a higher Martial Dao, and secondly, he had to look for the World Tree. Both of these endeavours would require a lot of money to accomplish.


Even though he had gained something from his trip to the Sun Star, it was nothing compared to his expected future expenses; therefore, he had to obtain as many benefits as possible this time as he wouldn’t know if he would come across such a chance again.


Invaluable treasures might be hidden just behind this bronze door.


Thinking so, he extended his hand and summoned out the Azure Dragon Spear. Channelling his strength into the spear, Yang Kai thrust it out, causing a thunderous impact that seemed to shake the world itself.


Meanwhile, an ancient palace stood on the Sun Star’s surface. Countless figures came from all directions and landed in front of the palace, appearing quite dazzled by it.


“Golden Crow Divine Palace!”


“It’s really a Golden Crow Divine Palace!”


All of the Open Heaven Realm Masters exclaimed in amazement as their faces flushed. Even though they were Open Heaven Realm Masters, they had never expected that a Golden Crow Divine Palace truly existed on this Sun Star. The rumours were not unfounded after all!


Since the palace really existed, it meant that another rumour wasn’t unfounded as well. The Sun Star was on the brink of destruction because the Golden Crow which lived here was dying!


At the thought of the possibility that the powerful Golden Crow corpse was inside this palace, these Open Heaven Realm Masters became extremely fervent. The Golden Crow was one of the ancient beasts, said to be just as powerful as the Dragons and Phoenixes. Besides the fact that the Golden Crow had undoubtedly amassed countless treasures in its lifetime, even its corpse was invaluable.


Now, the palace was right in front of everyone’s eyes, and the treasures within it seemed to be beckoning to them. No one could resist the temptation.


The Open Heaven Realm Masters who arrived at this place first couldn’t contain their excitement anymore as they attempted to dash inside. Upon seeing that, other people began scrambling to enter the palace.


The main door of the palace was firmly closed, and although there were no signs of any seals on it, it managed to block everyone outside. Just when these Open Heaven Realm Masters attempted to break the door down, two odd-looking three-legged bird sculptures, which stood on either side of the door, suddenly exuded very dangerous auras. Their eyes nimbly darted around, and following a cracking sound, their heads turned around and targeted the people in front of the door. Then, they opened their mouths and shot out two threads of fire.


The threads of fire were so thin that they appeared negligible while not feeling hot at all. However, as soon as the threads of fire appeared, holes could immediately be seen in the chests and stomachs of a number of Open Heaven Realm Masters who had gathered outside the palace. No blood could be seen streaming out of the holes, but all their organs could be seen squirming inside.


The incident was so unexpected that no one had yet to come to their senses. The next instant though, shrieks were heard as the stunned Open Heaven Realm Masters quickly withdrew.


After a series of cracking sounds, the two three-legged birds seemed to have come to life as they flapped their wings and took to the air. Their murderous intent seemed to have filled the sky as a glow radiated from their black figures. They looked like two miniature suns.


When Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang arrived at this place, they saw the other Open Heaven Realm Masters battling against the Golden Crow statues, which astounded them.


“Brother Zi Ye?” Wei Que caught a glimpse of a figure who had sat down with his legs crossed in a nearby spot. Then, he flew over and landed on the ground. When he saw the horrible wounds on the man’s chest and stomach, his face turned pale as he asked, “Brother Zi Ye, what happened?”


Upon opening his eyes, Zi Ye looked up and put on a bitter smile, “Brother Wei…”


“Brother Zi Ye, your wounds…”


The smile on Zi Ye’s face became even more bitter, “I was not careful enough…” He coughed as blood foam started streaming out of his mouth. The blood foam was scorching hot, as though it was boiling, and steam was continuously forming from it. At the same time, Zi Ye’s skin became reddened like a crab that had been cooked.


“Beware the… Golden Crow’s True Fire!” Zi Ye exclaimed before collapsing to the ground. Boiling blood could be seen streaming out of his seven orifices.


“Brother Zi Ye! Brother Zi Ye!” A shocked Wei Que called out to him, but he could no longer receive a reply.


“He’s… dead?” Tao Rong Fang, who landed on the ground after Wei Que, turned ashen.


Wei Que extended his hand to check Zi Ye’s pulse, soon causing his expression to change. That was because he realised that all the meridians in Zi Ye’s body had been burned down. There was also a scorching power within his body that was charging around violently. Without the protection of the body’s own power, the scorching power turned Zi Ye’s flesh into blood as it flowed out from his seven orifices and the wounds on his chest and stomach.


Wei Que felt a crawling sensation on his scalp, and his entire figure turned cold.


He was fully aware of Zi Ye’s strength as, just like him, Zi Ye was a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. This kind of power wasn’t among the top in the Outer Universe, but it wasn’t weak either. However, Zi Ye was killed and ended up in such a miserable state, which went to show that it wasn’t easy to barge into the palace.


Looking up, Wei Que realised that the Open Heaven Realm Masters and the two Golden Crow statues were locked in an intense battle outside the main entrance. He was absolutely certain that they were just statues as they didn’t have any life aura; however, he wasn’t sure what the statues were made of as they were practically impenetrable. The statues might also contain a bit of the Golden Crow’s spirituality; otherwise, they couldn’t have been so powerful.


“Senior Brother, what should we do?” Tao Rong Fang asked.


Wei Que replied, “Just watch.”


The statues were not very agile, so Wei Que reckoned that as long as he was careful enough, he wouldn’t be harmed. Nevertheless, he was wary of the Golden Crow’s True Fire. Moreover, with so many people battling against the statues, he didn’t think they were needed anyway.


The people who had arrived at a later time shared the same thought. They were looking from afar as they didn’t have the intention of helping out.


Upon seeing this, the Open Heaven Realm Masters who were fighting with the statues cursed in their hearts. Nevertheless, they were unable to get rid of the statues, so they had no choice but to clench their teeth and keep fighting.


Presently, only Open Heaven Realm Masters had the guts to come to this place while those below the Open Heaven Realm were nowhere in sight. Just like Wei Que, these top cultivators had told their disciples to wait at the periphery of the Sun Star or return to First Inn so that they wouldn’t be restrained when fighting for the treasures.


After a long and intense battle, two more people were wounded by the Golden Crow’s True Fire and fled in embarrassment. However, the Golden Crow’s True Fire was indeed overbearing. Even though they were not badly injured by the initial impact, boiling blood could be seen streaming out of their mouths within a few breaths at most. If they couldn’t resolve the power of the True Fire, they would end up like Zi Ye.


At that instant, these top cultivators lamented in their hearts. They had arrived at this place first, but they were unfortunately confronted by the statues. If they knew this would be the outcome, they would have come at a later time.


With that said, their effort wasn’t unrewarded. After a long battle, the statues had become less agile, and the True Fire that was shot out of their mouths had been weakened as well. Also, their eyes had become sluggish.


Seeing that, they realised that the spirituality within the statues was running out. Regardless of how powerful they were, they were just statues. With so many Open Heaven Realm Masters joining forces, they would eventually destroy the statues.




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