Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3910, Has She Noticed?


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Yang Kai had obtained a lot of good stuff on this day. Although he had no idea how he ended up in such a place, he managed to get a lot of Sun’s True Fires and Fire Jades. However, both ends of the hallway had been sealed, which made him unable to leave this place. That was why he felt helpless.


With nothing else to do, he decided that he would take all these Fire Jade tiles before probing around the place again. If he still couldn’t find an exit at that point, he would have no choice but to use Instantaneous Movement to leave.


After two hours, he had finally stored all the Fire Jades in the hallway. Just when he was ready to start looking around again, his expression changed and he turned to look in a particular direction. That was because he could faintly hear some noises coming from there.


Upon listening carefully, Yang Kai confirmed that there were indeed noises from the other side. Furthermore, if he wasn’t mistaken, it seemed that someone was trying to attack the bronze door that had blocked the hallway.


[There’s someone on the other side of the door?] A shocked Yang Kai hurriedly rushed towards that place.


If there was someone on the other side, it meant that the hallway wasn’t a dead end. However, he wasn’t certain where the entrance or the exit was.


Upon reaching the door, he tried to examine the situation and soon his expression changed. That was because the person on the other side appeared powerful. At the very least, they must be a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Just then, a faint sound was heard, and upon closer inspection, Yang Kai realised that there was a small crack on the door now.


The bronze door, which he was unable to move one bit no matter how he tried, was now breaking apart. Right after the thought flashed across his mind, a loud boom was heard as the gigantic bronze door exploded and fell apart. The broken pieces were scattered everywhere, and Yang Kai was almost hurt by one of the flying fragments.


Instinctively, he manipulated Space Principles in an attempt to flee from this place; however, after giving it a thought, he suppressed his urge to leave. Swiftly, he summoned the Shadowless Veil he had obtained from Du Ru Feng and shrouded himself in it. In the next instant, his figure disappeared from the spot. At the same time, he held his breath and concealed his aura.


If he left this place at this point, it would be difficult for him to come back again. He was reluctant to leave before he at least saw the Sun’s True Gold. Nevertheless, he was too weak now, so he didn’t have the right to go against the Open Heaven Realm Masters. The only thing he could rely on was the Shadowless Veil.


Du Ru Feng had said that this thing was given to him by Duan Hai and that all cultivators below the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm would never be able to discover it. As for Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, they might neglect it if they didn’t look carefully.


Yang Kai prayed in his heart that Du Ru Feng had not inflated the worth of this artifact. If he was exposed in this place, he would have a hard time explaining himself. By then, he could only flee.


After concealing himself, Yang Kai hid behind a broken piece of the door, partially obscuring himself.


Right after he was done with all that, he heard someone speaking cheerfully, “Big Sister Lan is too awesome!”


Following that, he heard a very familiar voice, “You won’t get anything from flattering me!”


The voice of the first person was pleasant to the ears, while the voice of the second person was sweet and entrancing, two very different feelings. Yang Kai frowned as his expression turned awkward because the second voice sounded like that of the First Inn Proprietress.


Yang Kai had stayed in First Inn for four months, and he would meet up with Dié You and the others in the dining hall every three days, so he had seen the Proprietress a few times. Even though they were not close to one another, they did chat once or twice.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that it wasn’t so surprising for her to come to this place because First Inn was close to the Sun Star. The great forces from neighbouring Great Territories had come over to have a look, so with First Inn being in this Great Territory, there was no way the Proprietress would take no action.


“It’s not flattery, Big Sister Lan. You’re really awesome. I truly admire you,” the woman with a pleasant voice said before calling out to the others, “Do you guys agree with me?”


“Yes! Yes! Yes!” The others replied and flattered the Proprietress.


[So many people!] A stunned Yang Kai decided to be extra careful.


“Enough talk. Let’s keep moving,” the person Yang Kai suspected to be the Proprietress said before her curvy figure shuffled into the hallway.


Yang Kai took a peek and realised that just like what he had speculated, one of the women was the Proprietress from First Inn.


The Proprietress stopped in her tracks and looked around for a bit before she suddenly stared fixedly in a particular direction as her eyes widened. It was as though she had just seen something inconceivable, and even her luscious lips parted slightly.


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he secretly cursed Du Ru Feng for lying to him. Du Ru Feng had said that cultivators below the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm had no hope of noticing this Shadowless Veil, while Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters would neglect it if they didn’t look carefully.


Now, it seemed that he was just spouting nonsense. Presently, the Proprietress was staring right at Yang Kai, so it was apparent that she had noticed him.


An embarrassed Yang Kai felt guilty as if he had done something wrong. It was too late for him to flee now, so he forced a smile at the Proprietress and secretly cupped his fists in an attempt to plead with her to let him off.


Just then, a pretty young girl dashed into the hallway and asked doubtfully, “What’s wrong, Big Sister Lan? Did you discover something?” 


The Proprietress looked away and shook her head, “No. There’s nothing here. Let’s keep moving forward.”


“En,” The young girl didn’t suspect anything as she followed the Proprietress.


Following the two ladies, a group of people streamed into the hallway. Yang Kai didn’t dare to move a muscle because these people were all Open Heaven Realm Masters. Some of them even passed within arm’s length of where he stood.


Fortunately, he was hiding behind a broken piece of the bronze door, so as long as no one took that cover away, they would not bump into him. Naturally, these people scanned their surroundings upon entering the place and soon Yang Kai realised that many people had even swept a glance over him, but failed to notice his presence. After they were all gone, he heaved a sigh of relief.


Now, it seemed that he had wrongly blamed Du Ru Feng as the Shadowless Veil was truly useful. So many Open Heaven Realm Masters had passed by, but no one had noticed him.


Now, he was wondering what the Proprietress’ expression earlier suggested. Had she discovered him? He couldn’t really tell anymore.


Whatever the case, since she didn’t expose him on the spot, he now owed her a favour. If he was exposed in that kind of situation, he would definitely suffer miserably.


Just now, there were about forty or fifty people who had entered the hallway. Yang Kai had even seen Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang, but the disciples of Great Moon Province were missing.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that this wasn’t so surprising. With so many Open Heaven Realm Masters around, the disciples of Great Moon Province would only become a burden if they had accompanied Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang, so the two Elders must have told them to retreat.


Yang Kai had chased after the Sun’s True Fire, and then he was sucked into this place by a vortex, so how did these people get here? Where exactly was this?


Yang Kai gazed at the broken door and then shifted his attention in the direction those people had left. After pondering on it for a moment, he secretly followed them.


A while later, he saw the same group of people from afar. Obviously, they were blocked by the bronze door at the other end of the tunnel.


Booming sounds were heard as a violent force swept across the hallway. Apparently, the Proprietress was trying to break down the door.


Yang Kai was shocked by the fallout of her attacks. He had always known that the Proprietress was powerful, but it seemed that she was actually stronger than he had expected. There was no way she was only in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. She must be a Fifth-Order.


So far, the only Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master Yang Kai had come across was Old Xu; however, Old Xu was killed after a failed attempt to get his revenge in Seven Wonders Land, so Yang Kai had never seen a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master take action before.


Now, he could experience it in person, and within one hour, cracking sounds could be heard again. Yuan Xiao Man shouted, “Keep going, Big Sister Lan! The door will fall apart soon!”


An irked Proprietress bellowed, “If you have the time to shout, why don’t you lend me a hand?”


Yuan Xiao Man giggled, “I’m too weak, so I’d better not embarrass myself in front of Big Sister Lan.” Then, she turned to look at the dozens of Open Heaven Realm Masters in the hallway and snorted, “Why are all of you only looking on from the side? Even if you’re not lending a hand, can’t you cheer for Big Sister Lan? Come on, shout with me! Big Sister Lan is the most powerful in the universe!”


All of them were dumbfounded upon hearing such shamelessness. These Open Heaven Realm Masters were all leaders in their respective great forces, making them famous at least in the surrounding Great Territories. If they really shouted in such a way as they were told, they would be too embarrassed to face anyone in the future.


“Are you cheering for her or not? Scram if you don’t want to!” Yuan Xiao Man shot them a glare.


They wouldn’t dare to rebuke her, so whether they were willing or not, they had to play along. At that instant, everyone in the hallway began cheering for the Proprietress.


An exasperated Madam Lan stomped her foot and snapped, “Shut up! What is this nonsense about!?”


She was so incensed that she had the urge to slap the young girl’s face red.


After they were spared from further embarrassment, the crowd quickly kept their mouths shut.


Worried that Yuan Xiao Man would make a scene again, Madam Lan decided to fully use her power as she landed several palms on the door. Following the booming sounds, the bronze door broke apart.


Ignoring Yuan Xiao Man, she dashed on ahead, but she became rooted to the spot when she saw what was in front of her. Yuan Xiao Man, who was following her closely, crashed into her back. Covering her forehead, she complained, “Big Sister Lan, why did you stop all of a sudden?” Noticing Madam Lan’s expression though, she followed her gaze and froze on the spot as well. Her lips parted, and she couldn’t say anything for a long time.


After all the other Open Heaven Realm Masters rushed into this place, they became fixed on the spot as though someone had used a binding technique on them. No words could describe how flabbergasted they were.


Noticing the anomaly, Yang Kai also darted over, and when he saw what was in front of him, his pupils contracted.


In front of everyone’s eyes, a ten-metre-tall all-black three-legged exotic bird was standing on a platform inside a scarlet light barrier. Despite the fact that it had spread its wings, it remained unmoving; however, an imposing pressure continuously radiated from its body. All of them at the scene, regardless of their cultivation, couldn’t help but realise how weak they were when they stood before this beast.




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  1. There are alot of divine spirits in this novel, and quite a few of them aren’t based on real life mythology. I thought the golden crow was one of the ones he made up, but looks like it is from a myth. This black 3 legged crow should be yatagarasu. Yatagarasu was said to be the incarnation of the sun, so I should have noticed sooner, but regardless, this is cool. I like the divine spirits that are based off of myths way more than the ones that were made up by the author. They feel way grander and awe inspiring.

  2. Let me guess, a situation will arise where only people below OH Realm can get close. Or only people who can manipulate space. In short, Yang Kai still be the ultimate winner

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