Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3913, Feigning Death


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One hour later, the light barrier on the platform had become extremely thin, as though it would collapse at any moment. At this point, the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters no longer appeared united as they were all looking around warily. It was as if everyone at the scene was their competitor. Some of them had even readied themselves to make a move at any moment.


“Focus! We just need one last strike!” Madam Lan shouted at the most critical moment as she formed a different hand seal. With the pentagonal formation operating, all the Open Heaven Realm Masters collectively launched an attack on the translucent light barrier from five different directions.


Following a loud boom, cracking sounds were heard as countless fissures appeared on the light barrier.


“It’s broken!” Old Hong appeared elated as a glow radiated from his eyes.


Following the cracking sounds, the barrier began falling apart. Everyone laid their eyes on the different Sun’s True Golds, and Yang Kai was eager to get his hands on them as well; however, it was too late for him to make a move even if he was an Open Heaven Realm Master, not to mention that he hadn’t even broken through to that realm yet. In order to conceal himself, he didn’t dare to approach the others, so he was the farthest away from the platform right now.


Just then, he frowned and looked up at the Golden Crow corpse on the platform. That was because he seemed to have caught a glimpse of the Golden Crow moving its eyes.


He thought he was mistaken, but after staring a bit longer, Yang Kai realised that there was a tinge of mockery behind the Golden Crow’s gaze.


The beast hadn’t died yet!


Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically as he moved backwards without thinking, hurriedly sending a Divine Sense transmission to Wei Que at the same time.


Right then, the light barrier on the platform completely shattered. Dozens of Open Heaven Realm Masters charged forward from all directions as they extended their hands towards their targets.


Wei Que was well prepared as well, but just as he was about to make his move, he heard Yang Kai’s desperate cry in his mind and after an abrupt change in expression, he grabbed Tao Rong Fang’s arm and withdrew as quickly as he could.


A shocked Tao Rong Fang called out in surprise and confusion, “Senior Brother?”


She didn’t understand why Wei Que would choose to run away at this important moment; after all, if he wanted to leave, he could have done so earlier. Now that the barrier had been broken, it was the best chance to snatch the Sun’s True Golds. Leaving at this point would mean that their previous effort would all go to waste.


Wei Que didn’t have the time to explain anything to her; after all, he had only heard what Yang Kai had said. He decided to leave because he would rather believe what he had heard, even if he couldn’t be sure whether Yang Kai had told the truth. As he was retreating though, he took a glance up at the Golden Crow and in the next instant, he felt a fierce chill shoot up his spine.


That was because he realised that the Golden Crow had moved its eyes. The beast really wasn’t dead yet!


“Leave now!” Wei Que bellowed as he brought Tao Rong Fang to the exit.


On the platform, Yuan Xiao Man and the others all reached for the same Sun’s True Gold, the one Madam Lan had been secretly glancing at earlier. On the other hand, Madam Lan pounced at another piece.


Seeing that, Yuan Xiao Man and the others almost coughed up blood, realising that they had been fooled by Madam Lan. The fact that she kept glancing at that particular Sun’s True Gold made them think that it was the best one, which was why they wanted to get their hands on it; however, they hadn’t expected that she had actually pulled a trick on them.


Now that the barrier had been broken, the quality of the Sun’s True Golds was laid bare. After taking a look at Madam Lan’s target, they realised that it was indeed a Seventh-Order one while the one they were fighting for was only at the Sixth-Order.


All of them responded quickly by changing their targets. However, they didn’t even think about snatching the Sun’s True Gold from Madam Lan. She was already the strongest among them, and she had used a trick to divert their attention, so by now, the Seventh-Order Sun’s True Gold was safely in her possession.


“Scram!” The aura around Old Hong weltered as he pushed the Low-Rank cultivators away. Soon, he reached a Sun’s True Gold and stuffed it into his own Space Ring without ascertaining its Order.


On the other hand, Yuan Xiao Man made use of her incredible speed and obtained one piece with ease.


Murderous intent swirled around Zhang Qi as he held an Open Heaven Realm Master’s corpse in his hand. After taking that person’s Sun’s True Gold as well as his Space Ring, he nonchalantly hurled the corpse away.


Ji Tian Xing had found his target as well. When a Low-Rank cultivator, who had grabbed a Sun’s True Gold saw Ji Tian Xing pouncing on him, he secretly cursed and clenched his teeth, then he hurled the treasure at Ji Tian Xing, “Take it!”


Ji Tian Xing caught the treasure and stopped in his tracks. After examining it, he realised that it was just a Sixth-Order Sun’s True Gold, which made him furrow his brows.


However, Madam Lan had given her word on behalf of First Inn that the Mid-Rank cultivators would only take one piece of Sun’s True Gold respectively, and they wouldn’t snatch the remaining three pieces. Although he was unwilling, he didn’t dare to interfere in the competition again; otherwise, Madam Lan would be forced to make a move against him.


Barely three breaths after the barrier was broken, five Sun’s True Golds had been obtained by the stronger cultivators, while the remaining three pieces were tossed between the Low-Rank cultivators as no one could safely keep the treasures. Once someone obtained it, countless attacks would be targeted at them. In the blink of an eye, a few cultivators had been killed. The competition in the hall was horrible.


“Big Sister Lan, you tricked us!” Yuan Xiao Man stood close to Madam Lan as she stomped her foot and pouted.


Madam Lan put on a smile, but just as she was about to say something, she suddenly turned to look at the Golden Crow ‘corpse’, and the next instant, the colour drained from her alluring face.


The beast’s wings were fluttering lightly as its gaze was filled with mockery. The Golden Crow, which was supposed to be dead, moved its eyes and came back to life. In an instant, its immense pressure engulfed the entire hall and sealed off the space.


Yang Kai, who was retreating, crashed into a layer of invisible force and was sent flying backwards. Upon feeling the horrifying pressure, an extremely bitter taste appeared in his mouth.


As soon as he realised that there was something wrong with the Golden Crow, he started running away; however, in order not to expose himself, he didn’t dare to make any noise, so his speed was quite slow. Nevertheless, at this moment, the Golden Crow had sealed off the entire hall, so he could no longer flee even if he used Instantaneous Movement.


Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang were unable to leave as well. Upon Yang Kai’s warning, they managed to withdraw quickly from the chaotic competition; however, they were now in the same situation as Yang Kai.


“I-It’s not dead yet?” Old Hong’s originally pinkish face turned as pale as snow in an instant.


Ji Tian Xing, Zhang Qi, and Yuan Xiao Man also wore looks of horror. Even though they were Mid-Rank Open Heaven cultivators, they could do nothing but shudder under the Golden Crow’s pressure. Even the Mid-Rank cultivators were rooted to the spot, let alone the Low-Rank ones.


As the Golden Crow’s pressure permeated, the hall which was hustling with noise a moment ago instantly fell silent. The Low-Rank cultivators were unable to move, nor were they able use their strength smoothly as though a few worlds were pressing down on them.


The Low-Rank cultivators on the platform widened their eyes in horror as the Golden Crow lightly raised its claw and slashed at them. After their vision darkened, they were no longer able to feel anything.


It was rumoured that a Golden Crow was able to kill Open Heaven Realm Masters like they were ants, but it wasn’t until this moment that these people realized how accurate that rumour was. With just one claw, all the Low-Rank cultivators before it were ground into paste without even being able to resist. Although they were only in the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm, they were still considered fairly powerful.


After casually killing a few people, the Golden Crow swept a glance over the others with its golden eyes. Its stare made everyone feel like their Soul had left their body. Even Yang Kai, who had been hiding under the Shadowless Veil, felt cold all over his body as the aura of death was on him.


The Golden Crow raised its wings and stirred up a fierce Astral Wind, which caused everyone to stagger backwards. The Low-Rank cultivators closest to the beast started bleeding as their flesh separated from their bones. At the same time, the glow on the Golden Crow’s body became brighter as a scorching aura spread out.


Following a great screech, the light exploded and illuminated the entire hall, blinding everyone within. The Golden Crow seemed to have turned into a miniature Sun as its Golden Crow’s True Fire, which was able to burn down everything in existence, swept out across the hall.


[It’s over!] 


That was the thought everyone had at that instant. They had experienced the power of the Golden Crow’s True Fire before, so the Low-Rank cultivators knew they were completely powerless to resist. As soon as they came into contact with the fire, they would be reduced to ashes. Now that the Golden Crow had fully unleashed its True Fire, none of them would be able to parry it. Furthermore, there was nowhere they could hide as this was a wide area indiscriminate attack.


The dazzling light only lasted for a moment before it dissipated, taking the terrifying energy fluctuations with it.


The astounded crowd turned around, only to see an artifact that looked like an umbrella hovering before the platform. There were intricate patterns on the light green umbrella as it gently twirled, an abstruse power exuding from it.


It was this umbrella that had blocked the Golden Crow’s dazzling light, shielding everyone from its horrifying power.


Presently, Madam Lan was trembling in mid-air as she rapidly formed a set of hand seals. It wasn’t until this moment that her true power was exposed to them.


“Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm!” Old Hong exclaimed.


The Sixth Order was already the upper limit of the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm, just one step away from the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. There were only a small number of High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in existence.


Although they had always known that Madam Lan was formidable, it wasn’t until this moment that they realised that she was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


The umbrella that had shrouded the platform and saved everyone’s lives was undoubtedly summoned by Madam Lan. Only she could possess such a powerful artifact capable of blocking the Golden Crow’s attack.


Upon escaping from death’s door, everyone was elated and scrambled towards the exits in an attempt to leave the hall. Old Hong and the others were doing the same.


Seeing this, Yang Kai clenched his teeth as he cursed these people for their foolishness. Right now they should be joining forces to deal with the Golden Crow instead of fleeing.


He would have fled if he could instead of staying in this place until now, but as expected, the entire hall was completely sealed off, so none of them could leave.


“I can’t hold on any longer!” Madam Lan clenched her teeth and yelled, appearing to be struggling desperately.




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