Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3916, Snatch and Flee


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Although Yang Kai had no idea what exactly the Golden Crow corpse could be used for, it didn’t stop him from snatching it first. It was the reward he obtained after sacrificing a feather from Mie Meng, so there was no way he wouldn’t take it away with him.


When he brought Ruler of the Dawn Great General to look for his family in the past, Mie Meng had given him three golden tail feathers. Since he was still weak, the three golden tail feathers were extremely valuable as they could be said to be his safety charms. If it weren’t because he was left with no other choice, he wouldn’t have used one here.


However, when faced with the Golden Crow’s attack, he had to use it no matter what; otherwise, he would have lost his life.


As Yang Kai moved, Space Principles around him undulated. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that after the Golden Crow died, the space around the hall had also been unsealed, which allowed him to use Instantaneous Movement.


There was no time for him to identify a direction, so he simply ran first.


Forget about poking the hornet’s nest, Yang Kai had practically smashed and stomped on it. The Open Heaven Realm Masters in the hall widened their eyes in disbelief, then they became shocked and incensed. They had paid a hefty price to deal with the Golden Crow, and even some Low-Rank cultivators had sacrificed their lives during the battle. Now that the Golden Crow was finally killed, a little brat suddenly appeared and took their trophy away.


It wouldn’t have mattered if that person was powerful enough, as the weak had no rights before the strong, but the crux of the problem now was that this boy wasn’t even an Open Heaven Realm Master! How dare he have the guts to snatch food from the tiger’s mouth?


Old Hong and the others were especially enraged. Although each of the Mid-Rank cultivators had respectively obtained one Sun’s True Gold, nobody minded having more good stuff. More importantly, the corpse of a fully grown Golden Crow was undoubtedly more valuable than a piece of Sun’s True Golds.


“How dare he!” Old Hong bellowed as his Divine Sense swept out like a tidal wave and immediately locked onto Yang Kai’s location. As his chubby figure moved, he disappeared from the spot to chase after the young man.


Without saying a word, Zhang Qi and Ji Tian Xing used their own Secret Techniques and disappeared from the hall.


Yuan Xiao Meng turned to look at Madam Lan and asked, “Big Sister Lan, are you not going to pursue him?” Without waiting for Madam Lan’s reply, she shot into the air and broke through the ceiling, forming a path that led to the outside world. Seeing that, the Low-Rank cultivators quickly followed her.


Back inside the hall, Madam Lan sported an awkward expression as she wiped away the blood at the corner of her lips.


In fact, she did know who the young man was. He had stayed in First Inn for four months now, so he could be considered a valued customer. She even recalled that his name was Yang Kai. She had no idea how he snuck into the Golden Crow Divine Palace and hid inside the outer hallway. At that time, she didn’t expose him because she thought that he was just a reckless youth who was trying to secretly obtain some treasures by taking advantage of an artifact that could conceal himself. Given her strength as a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, she had seen through his concealment at a glance. They were not close to one another, so she didn’t intend to butt in on his affairs. Another reason she didn’t expose him was that this was how First Inn did business. Given the choice between being on good terms or offending, they would always choose the former.


However, she had never expected this young man would end up looting the biggest treasure in the hall.


The Golden Crow corpse was even more precious than the Seventh-Order Sun’s True Gold that she had obtained. With that said, she also found this whole situation dreadfully interesting. Just where did a mere Emperor Realm youth get the guts to pull such a stunt in front of so many Open Heaven Realm Masters? Wasn’t he worried that the corpse would become a hot potato for him?


“I wonder if you’ll be able to keep both the treasure and your life!” Madam Lan let out a breath before looking up. Yuan Xiao Man had already opened up a tunnel in the ceiling to the outside world, so she didn’t hesitate to take advantage of it as she shot into the sky.


At this moment, Yang Kai was fleeing like his backside was on fire, pushing his Space Principles madly. A group of Open Heaven Realm Masters were racing after him like a long snake, with Old Hong and the other Mid-Rank Masters at its head.


Seeing how infuriated they were, anyone who had no idea what was going on would have thought that Yang Kai had dug up and defaced their ancestral tombs.


It was the first time Yang Kai had been hunted down by so many Open Heaven Realm Masters, which consisted of people from numerous great forces in the neighbouring Great Territories. He was also getting a taste of how difficult it was to deal with numerous Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Although he made use of Space Principles to flee from the hall, Yang Kai soon realised that a few auras had locked onto him from afar. Without even needing to think about it, he was certain that it was the Mid-Rank Masters who were tracking him.


After a few Instantaneous Movements, Yang Kai managed to widen the gap with his pursuers a little, but he still couldn’t shake them off.


Furthermore, Old Hong and the others soon realised that Yang Kai was a Master of the Dao of Space, so they hastened their pace, quickly shortening the gap between them. Yang Kai was significantly weaker than them, so how could he outpace these Open Heaven Realm Masters?


Fortunately, his Space Secret Techniques were unparalleled when it came to escaping and fleeing; otherwise, he would’ve been captured already.


At the back of the chase group, Wei Que and Tao Rong Fang from Great Moon Province sported awkward expressions as they communicated with each other via Divine Sense.


“Senior Brother, if I’m not mistaken, that’s Yang Kai, right?” Until this moment, Tao Rong Fang still couldn’t believe what she had seen in the hall. How did Yang Kai appear there?


Wei Que slightly nodded his head, “That’s him.”


“Why did he…”


“I don’t know why either, but he’s in big trouble now.” A solemn Wei Que heaved a sigh, “He’s so foolish. Since he had a way to conceal himself, he should have just remained hidden until the end. Why did he expose himself? He … He even…” Wei Que sighed again.


In that situation, even he wouldn’t have dared to snatch the Golden Crow’s corpse, not to mention that Yang Kai wasn’t even an Open Heaven Realm Master yet. By grasping such a hot potato, he was basically courting death. Now, it was such a magnificent sight that dozens of Open Heaven Realm Masters were chasing after him. Even though Yang Kai was a Master of Space Principles, there was no way he could escape.


“That’s a shame. He was a good boy. It was thanks to him that Ah Sun was able to meet up with us,” Tao Rong Fang sighed.


“He also saved our lives,” Wei Que said.


A puzzled Tao Rong Fang asked, “When did he save our lives?”


“When the Golden Crow originally revived after feigning death, you were curious why I suddenly dragged you away, right? It was because that boy sent me a warning that the Golden Crow might still be alive at the last moment. Looking back, if it weren’t because of his timely warning, the consequence would have been dreadful.”


Recalling the situation from earlier, Wei Que couldn’t help but shudder. When the Golden Crow’s True Fire exploded, half of the Open Heaven Realm Masters were killed in an instant. If he and Tao Rong Fang hadn’t retreated much further than the rest, Wei Que wasn’t certain they would have survived.


A shocked Tao Rong Fang asked, “He was already there at that time?”


Wei Que smiled helplessly, “I have no idea how he snuck into the hall or how he concealed himself until then. I guess he made use of an artifact. However, in that situation, only he was able to see the whole picture. Even Madam Lan and the other Mid-Ranks were completely attracted by the Sun’s True Gold, so no one had noticed that there was something wrong with the Golden Crow until it was too late.”


Tao Rong Fang seemed to be reeling from the shock and hurriedly declared, “In that case, we truly owed him a great favour. Senior Brother, he saved our lives, so now that he is in trouble, we can’t just stand idly by.”


A frustrated Wei Que replied, “Of course we can’t stand idly by, but I don’t even know how we can help him. In any case, we have to reach him quickly. That brat is so good at running away. I have the urge to break his legs.”


Tao Rong Fang burst into laughter, “It’d be wonderful if he could keep fleeing like this. At least he won’t be captured this way. However, I’m worried he won’t have enough stamina.”


They were still charging forward while chatting, but the gap between the Mid-Rank and Low-Rank cultivators was still widening. Fortunately, the place was brightly lit from the remnant glow of the Sun Star, so they were not worried about losing them.


Just then, a roar that seemed able to shake the universe was clearly heard coming from afar, “Brat, if you still want to live, stop right now! Otherwise, once this Old Master captures you, I’ll let you have a taste of the cruellest torture in the world, making you beg for death!”


If it weren’t because he was left with no choice, Old Hong wouldn’t have resorted to threatening an Emperor Realm youth in such a way, because doing so was a great shame to his identity and status. However, this young man was truly adept at fleeing, and he had managed to seize the chance to widen the gap between them again. If the gap between them was shorter, Old Hong could have disturbed the space around him so that the young man could no longer use his teleportation technique, allowing Old Hong to reach him with ease. However, given the distance between them now, it would be useless for Old Hong to make a move as the young man could still smoothly teleport away.


As he spoke, Old Hong appeared infuriated.


Yang Kai, who was fleeing at full speed, naturally ignored him. He would have to be insane to stop at this point. Honestly speaking, Yang Kai was regretting his reckless actions right now. He had watched the good show for a long time, but none of the eight Sun’s True Golds went to him. In the end, he had even been forced to use one of Mie Meng’s precious golden tail feathers. Thinking that he couldn’t suffer such a big loss, Yang Kai rashly snatched the Golden Crow carcass.


Since he had already done the deed though, there was no way he could return the corpse to them now. Several Mid-Rank cultivators were chasing after him right now, so who could he even return the corpse to? No matter who managed to obtain the prize, the rest of the Mid-Rank cultivators wouldn’t let him off.


Since he would be targeted regardless, Yang Kai decided to just keep the corpse; after all, fortune favours the bold!


Seeing that Yang Kai outright ignored him, Old Hong became even more incensed as he bellowed, “Boy, you court death!”


After he finished speaking, his chubby body suddenly expanded and turned into a several-dozen-metres-tall figure. Then, he extended his hand in an attempt to capture Yang Kai.


Feeling a horrifying pressure from behind, Yang Kai turned his head, only to see a gigantic hand engulfing him. Fortunately, the distance between them was still too wide and the giant hand missed its target. Yang Kai’s neck shrank as he suppressed his urge to curse, drenched in cold sweat from nervousness.


After using such a Secret Technique, Old Hong, who was already injured from the battle with the Golden Crow, seemed to have expended too much energy and started coughing violently, his speed dropping noticeably as a result.


When Yuan Xiao Man whizzed past him, she said, “You should stop pretending to be tough when you’re already so old. Why did you even try to reach him from so far away?”


Seeing as she easily surpassed him, Old Hong felt a fury rising within him.


“Little Brother, can you wait for me? You’re running too quickly,” Yuan Xiao Man said in a sweet voice as she flew forward, causing Zhang Qi and Ji Tian Xing to furrow their brows.


“Little Brother, stop running. Where do you think you can go? Although the universe is wide, there’s no shelter for you. If they capture you, you’ll end up in a terrible state.”


Zhang Qi and Ji Tian Xing turned to look at Yuan Xiao Man with a sneer. It wasn’t like Yang Kai would be treated well if she managed to catch him!




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