Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3917, Desperate Escape


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“Stop chasing after me if you don’t want me to keep running,” Yang Kai yelled as he continued fleeing.


Yuan Xiao Man said, “Stop running, and we won’t keep chasing after you.” After she finished speaking, she hinted at Zhang Qi and Ji Tian Xing with her gaze. Seeing this, they nodded gently.


“Stop chasing after me, and I’ll stop running!”


Yuan Xiao Man sneered, “Little Brother, that’s too much to ask for, don’t you think? Since you refuse a toast, you must suffer a loss. Given your strength, you won’t be able to escape from us.”


Ji Tian Xiang then bellowed, “Brat, give the Golden Crow corpse to us now, and we’ll spare your life!”


“Good, good, good, I’ll give it to you!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, then he appeared hesitant, “But there are three of you here. Who should I give it to?”


“““Give it to me!””” Not surprisingly, all three of them shouted at the same time, then they traded glances as their gazes were filled with hostility. Every one of them was eager to slap the other two to death.


Yuan Xiao Man’s eyes darted about for a moment before she proposed, “Little Brother, if you give the Golden Crow carcass to me, I’ll let you join Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land. What do you think? Judging from your strength, it seems that you’ve just arrived in the Outer Universe. This is a place that is filled with danger, and you need a powerful background to survive. If you join Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land, I will ensure your safety.”


“You’ll let me join Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land?” Yang Kai sounded tempted.


Yuan Xiao Man replied with a smile, “I might look young, but I’m actually an Elder of my force, so I can definitely let you join. Moreover, there are many beautiful female disciples in my great force. If you’re interested in any one of them after you join, I can even act as a matchmaker for you.”


[Cheap slut!] Zhang Qi and Ji Tian Xing cursed in their hearts. In order to get the Golden Crow carcass, Yuan Xiao Man had even resorted to using this kind of trick, which was embarrassing for all the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


After giving it a thought though, they realised that it wasn’t so surprising. The Golden Crow’s corpse was extremely rare and if she could make this young man willingly hand it over, this kind of sacrifice was worth it.


“Are those female disciples as beautiful as you are? What if I’m more interested in you?”


Yuan Xiao Man’s expression turned cold as she secretly cursed at him for crossing the line, but she still replied smilingly, “That will depend on how capable you are. If Little Brother can make me fall in love with you, I don’t mind getting together with you.”


“Are you telling the truth?” Yang Kai sounded elated.


“Of course, I’m not lying.”


Seeing that they were still in the mood to flirt with one another in this situation, Zhang Qi sneered, “Brat, if you dare believe her, I can guarantee you won’t live to see the Sun rise tomorrow. Why don’t you join my Righteous Land? Although we don’t have many beautiful female disciples, I can give you my word that you will become a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.”


“Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master?” Yang Kai exclaimed.


Zhang Qi continued, “Cultivators like us should focus on cultivation, while all other matters come second. Personal strength is the key to everything. As long as you become powerful enough, you can have any woman you want.”


“Sir has a point.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.


An enraged Yuan Xiao Man turned her head to shoot Zhang Qi a glare, “Why are you interfering in my plan?”


Ignoring her, Zhang Qi snorted and continued persuading Yang Kai by saying, “Little Brother, give the corpse to me, and I can swear on my Dao Heart that I’m not lying to you!”


What he had said was pretty sincere. After one swore on their Dao Heart, they wouldn’t dare to go back on their word. That was because if they did that, their Dao Heart would be tarnished and it would affect their pursuit of the Grand Dao.


Yuan Xiao Man couldn’t believe that Zhang Qi was willing to go so far and even forgot to rebuke him.


Just then, Yang Kai’s voice was heard coming from afar, “I can feel your sincerity, and am very tempted; however, there are still three of you. I’d like to know what the last one can offer me.”


Ji Tian Xing grinned, “I’ll give you a chance to live. How about that?”


Yang Kai replied, “That’s very insincere. Don’t you even think about getting the corpse from me now. I’d rather throw it away than give it to you!”


Yuan Xiao Man hurriedly nodded, “En, en, don’t ever give it to him. He’s a ruthless fellow, so if you give the carcass to him, you’ll only end up in a horrible state.”


Zhang Qi said, “Brat, we’ve said all we should. Think it over and quickly make a decision.”


“Please slow down and give me some time to ponder. I can’t even think clearly because of the pressure,” Yang Kai replied.


Zhang Qi said grimly, “I don’t think you’re sincere at all. Stop playing these kinds of childish tricks. I’ll repeat what she said. Although the universe is wide, there’s no place for you to take shelter. Hand over the Golden Crow to us now!”


Yuan Xiao Man snorted, “No one likes an obstinate man!”


As they spoke, they never slowed down as they continuously shortened the gap with Yang Kai; however, they were enraged by the fact that whenever they were close enough to him to make a move, the young man would use his Space Principles to teleport away before they could disturb the space around him.


They couldn’t figure out how a mere Emperor Realm Junior who was so adept at fleeing had suddenly appeared in 3,000 Worlds. All the Open Heaven Realm Masters found it extremely difficult to capture him.


One day later, Old Hong also rejoined them and from afar, they could feel Madam Lan’s aura closing in on them.


Madam Lan had expended most of her strength during a battle against the Golden Crow, so she only started pursuing them after resting for a while. Despite the fact that she had lagged behind at the start though, her true strength ensured that she could eventually catch up to them.


Half a day later, all five Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters gathered together again as they charged forward across the Starry Sky.


Madam Lan gazed at the others with an awkward expression and asked, “Is that boy so adept at running away?”


Yuan Xiao Man said through clenched teeth, “I don’t even know where he’s from, but once I capture him, I’ll skin him alive and crush all his bones!”


Although the others didn’t say anything, their expressions suggested that they were fuming mad. That was because it would be a huge embarrassment for them if what happened on this day was made public.


Madam Lan said with a smile, “We’ll talk about it if you manage to capture him. I’ll see you soon.”


After she finished speaking, she suddenly dashed forward at an even greater speed, rapidly widening the gap between her and the other four. Seeing this, Yuan Xiao Man and the others felt unresigned, realising that the Golden Crow carcass would have nothing to do with them anymore. It couldn’t be helped though as they were weaker than Madam Lan, and even their speed was slower than hers. Regardless of how good Yang Kai was at running away, he could not possibly outpace a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Even the four other Mid-Ranks didn’t think they could achieve such a feat.


As expected, Yang Kai became flustered upon seeing Madam Lan closing in on him. The other Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were unable to deal with him after such a long time, but as soon as she arrived, Madam Lan immediately gave him immense pressure.


Given her incredible speed, it was just a matter of time before she would reach him even if he was a Master of the Dao of Space.


In the light of this reality, Yang Kai yelled, “Proprietress Boss, I stayed at your First Inn for four months and spent many Open Heaven Pills there. Is this how you treat all your guests?”


Madam Lan simply laughed, “Rest assured I just want the Golden Crow carcass and won’t do anything to you. Why don’t you stop running and pass the corpse to me? It will save both of us much trouble.”


Torn between fury and sorrow, Yang Kai protested, “As the First Inn Proprietress, do you also commit such atrocious crimes of oppressing the weak?”


Madam Lan replied, “This Queen does not represent First Inn now and is solely acting for her own sake.”


“Proprietress is truly insincere with her words! I’m warning you, don’t force me or you’ll regret it!”


Intrigued, Madam Lan curiously asked, “And just what can you do?”


“Just you wait!” Yang Kai said through clenched teeth as began fishing something out of his pocket.


The next instant, he raised his hand and hurled a bunch of small objects out in different directions. At the same time, he shouted, “There are ten Space Rings in total, one of them contains the Golden Crow’s corpse. It will belong to whoever gets it first and has nothing to do with me anymore!”


Madam Lan’s expression changed when she heard this and she secretly cursed at him for coming up with such a wicked and shameless scheme.


Yuan Xiao Man and the others frowned as well. Although they knew it was entirely likely that Yang Kai was just trying to divert their attention and that there was nothing in any of the ten Space Rings, they couldn’t just ignore the possibility either.


What if the corpse was really in one of the Space Rings? If they didn’t have a look, someone else would pick it up. Therefore, despite the fact that they were doubtful, all five of them still separated and shot in different directions.


Half a cup of tea later, all ten Space Rings had been collected, but after checking them, they realised that they were completely empty, without even a trace of the Golden Crow carcass.


Yuan Xiao Man gritted her teeth so hard they creaked before she roared, “I must kill that brat!” 


Despite knowing that it might be a pit, she still had to jump into it, which infuriated her. She secretly swore that once she captured Yang Kai, she would let him have a taste of the cruelest torture the universe had to offer.


“I’ve given you the corpse already, why are you still chasing after me!? Must you ruthlessly kill me too!?” Yang Kai bellowed as his voice was filled with fury.


“Brat, how dare you still try to divert our attention!” Zhang Qi snorted.


Yang Kai said, “Why don’t you check the rings in each other’s hands then? One of you must have hidden it and is now trying to frame me!”


Madam Lan was so exasperated that she started laughing, “This brat is trying to sow discord among us…”


Yuan Xiao Man scoffed, “There’s nothing in the two rings I’ve obtained.” She turned to look at the others, who also said the same thing.


“Well, we don’t know whether he’s speaking the truth or not,” Yuan Xiao Man said impassively.


Zhang Qi shot her a glare, “Has all the nutrition for your brain gone to your chest or something? It’s true what they say, a woman with a big chest is always brainless. Madam Lan just said that he was sowing discord between us. Why have you still fallen into his trap?”


Yuan Xiao Man refuted, “Why are you cursing me? I was just saying, and I didn’t fall into his trap. Are you anxious because you’re hiding something from us?”


“Fuck off!” Zhang Qi bellowed.


Madam Lan sighed before she said, “There’s an easy way to ascertain the truth.”


Then, she shouted at the one in front of her, “Yang Kai, do you have the guts to swear on your Dao Seal that the Golden Crow is inside one of the Space Rings you just threw out? If you dare to make such an oath, we’ll stop right now!”


Yang Kai yelled, “I’ve given the corpse to you, so you have no right to make me swear on anything! Is oppressing others the only law in the Outer Universe?”


Ji Tian Xing guffawed, “Law? In the Outer Universe, strength is the only law. Since you have no power, you can only be oppressed by others!”


Yang Kai said through gnashed teeth, “Many thanks for your lecture!”


Nothing else needed to be said as they continued chasing after him. The carcass was obviously still in his possession. It had to be said that he had pulled a skilful trick on them as although he couldn’t change the outcome in the end, he had stalled for more time for himself at the very least.




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  1. The three options I see are:
    1. Use another feather to intimidate them. But probably won’t work since they’ll guess he only has a limited amount of them
    2. Dragon transformation to intimidate. But Mie Meng said dragons have a lot of enemies, so that might backfire
    3. Hiding in first Inn. But then he’s only safe while he stays there and will likely die as soon as he leaves (probably even if he already refined/used the carcass)

  2. I see no options other than hiding in the Inn. Once he finds and refines the Fire cultivation material from the corpse (whether it’s its beast pearl, source like dragons have, spleen or left testicle) – he’ll probably sell the rest of it to Lady Lan for a chance to get away. Hell, he might find gainful employment with her or some sort of business relationship.

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