Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3918, Walking Right Into the Trap


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Half a day later, all five Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, who were hunting down Yang Kai, appeared pleasantly surprised.


Yuan Xiao Man said, “He finally stopped?”


Old Hong became energised, “He must have run out of strength!” After all, Yang Kai was only an Emperor Realm Junior who had just condensed his Dao Seal. He could be considered fairly powerful as he was able to run for such a long time with so many Mid-Rank cultivators chasing after him; however, under such immense pressure, there was no way he could go on running forever.


All of their eyes brightened as they hastened their pace. Madam Lan charged forward at a greater speed and soon shook off the others, causing them to feel frustrated.


Presently, Yang Kai was standing in the void in the distance as he gazed at the figures who were dashing towards him. After letting out a breath, he fished out some pills and stuffed them into his mouth while hurriedly adjusting his breathing.


“Smelly brat!” Madam Lan’s voice could be heard coming from afar, “Why don’t you join my First Inn after this incident?”


Yang Kai was incredibly adept at escaping since he was an expert in the Dao of Space, which was why she became interested in a talented youth like him. Furthermore, regardless of how she put it, she was going to snatch the Golden Crow carcass from him. Those from First Inn would rather make friends than foes, and although she was doing this for her own sake, she was still going to forcefully take a valuable treasure away from him. Therefore, letting him join First Inn could be seen as a form of compensation. More importantly, Yang Kai had offended so many top cultivators this time, so without anyone’s protection, he would never be able to gain a foothold in the Outer Universe. Perhaps his corpse would even be found floating in the void tomorrow.


Hence, she found it necessary to ensure his safety after snatching his prize.


Yang Kai chuckled, “Join First Inn? What can I do after joining First Inn? I can’t cook.”


Madam Lan replied with a smile, “Since you’re so good at running, you can become a waiter for us.”


An amused Yang Kai said, “Proprietress, many thanks for the generous offer, but this Junior must decline. That’s not where my ambition lies, so I’m sorry for disappointing you.”


Madam Lan furrowed her brows, “Do you understand that you’re in big trouble? Without someone’s protection, you won’t be able to survive.”


“Of course I understand!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, “However, I’m not used to letting anyone else decide my fate. So, Proprietress, we’ll meet again if there’s such a chance in the future. Farewell!”


After he finished speaking, he waved his hand at Madam Lan.


Madam Lan instinctively felt that something was off so she hurriedly exclaimed, “Wait!”


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t wait for her and in the next instant, he disappeared from the spot.


“Damn!” Madam Lan said through clenched teeth. She was so close to being able to make a move to seal off the space around Yang Kai, which would ensure that he wouldn’t be able to use his Instantaneous Movement again. However, she was still a short distance away from being able to do so. After Yang Kai used his Instantaneous Movement, the gap between them had widened significantly again, which would take her more effort to chase after him.


[What an ungrateful brat!] Madam Lan gritted her teeth. Following that, she released her Divine Sense in an attempt to locate Yang Kai, but the next moment, her expression changed drastically. That was because she couldn’t detect Yang Kai’s aura with her Divine Sense. The young man seemed to have vanished into thin air!


Her jaw dropped as her gaze filled with disbelief. Yang Kai had used Instantaneous Movement in front of her many times already, but there was a limit as to how far he could go, so she could always detect his aura and quickly locate him before continuing to pursue him. However, this time, he had completely disappeared.


[How did he do that? Can he really escape that far with his teleportation technique? If he was capable of doing that all along, he could have gotten rid of us a long time ago. Why did he wait until now to do so?]


While she was pondering on the issue, Old Hong and the others arrived, and after looking around, Old Hong asked, “Where is he?”


Madam Lan shook her head to mean that she had no idea.


Naturally, Old Hong and the others wouldn’t believe her; however, after releasing their Divine Senses, they were shocked to discover they couldn’t detect his aura anywhere. They were only in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm while even a Sixth-Order cultivator like Madam Lan couldn’t locate Yang Kai, so this result was obvious.


“Big Sister Lan, did you capture that brat?” Yuan Xiao Man sized her up with a gaze full of doubt.


Torn between laughter and tears, Madam Lan landed a knock on the young girl’s head, “How I wish I had captured him. Unfortunately, he’s not in my hands.”


Yuan Xiao Man covered her head with her hands, “You could just say he wasn’t with you. Why did you hit me?”


As they spoke, Old Hong suddenly performed a hand seal as an abstruse aura fluctuated around him. The others turned to look at him, only to see that there was a translucent red thread on his finger.


Yuan Xiao Man’s gaze brightened, “Soul Tracing Silk! When did you plant it?”


Old Hong snorted, “I did it as a precaution, but I never dreamed I would actually need it.” 


Previously, he had made a move against Yang Kai but due to the distance between them, he hadn’t managed to cause any real harm. Nevertheless, it was because of that move that Old Hong managed to plant a Soul Tracing Silk on Yang Kai’s aura.


Soul Tracing Silk wasn’t a very useful material, but it was an excellent tool to track people. As long as the target wasn’t too far away, the silk could point out their direction.


After Old Hong finished speaking, he activated the red thread, which then flew forward and showed them a direction.


They widened their eyes and turned around because the direction the silk pointed was where they were coming from earlier. In other words, Yang Kai had doubled back on them without their knowledge.


“Old Hong, are you mistaken? That doesn’t seem to be the right direction.” Yuan Xiao Man batted her eyes and gazed at him.


“Impossible!” Old Hong appeared embarrassed, “There’s no way the Soul Tracing Silk would make a mistake. Since it has pointed out a direction, it means that he must be moving in that direction.”


“But… we just came from there. If he’s really gone that way, how could we not be aware of it?”


It didn’t make sense. Given their powers, they should have detected him.


After giving it a thought, Madam Lan said, “That brat is skilled in Space Secret Techniques, but until now he only showed us a kind of instantaneous movement. I’m sure he still has other tricks up his sleeves. The Soul Tracing Silk from Old Hong is truly famous, so now that it has pointed out the direction for us, I’m sure there’s no mistake.”


“Shit!” Zhang Qi’s expression changed all of a sudden as he cursed.


“What’s wrong?” Yuan Xiao Man turned to look at him in shock.


Without looking at her, Zhang Qi stared fixedly at the other woman, “Madam Lan, I’m sure you know what’s in that direction.”


Madam Lan was startled for a moment before she realised what he meant and parted her lips, “First Inn! So, that’s what that brat is planning!”


An astounded Yuan Xiao Man said, “All this time he was planning to head to First Inn?”


Zhang Qi put on a bitter smile, “That seems to be the case. It’s no wonder that, over these past few days, he never seemed afraid or worried that he wouldn’t be able to escape from us. It’s because he already came up with such a plan.”


“That smelly brat is pretty interesting,” Madam Lan laughed heartily.


She could make a move on Yang Kai in the void, but if he really hid inside First Inn, given the inn’s reputation and guarantee to their customers, his safety would become First Inn’s responsibility. No one would dare to deal with him inside the inn, not even Madam Lan. Instead, she had to protect him lest he was killed by someone else. Nevertheless, the young man was too naive.


“Congratulations, Madam Lan.” Zhang Qi reluctantly cupped his fists at her.


Ji Tian Xing heaved a long sigh, knowing that the young man had made the wrong move. Not only was he walking right into a trap, but he had also made them lose any chance to snatch the Golden Crow carcass.


Yuan Xiao Man took Madam Lan’s arm and pitifully gazed at her, “Big Sister Lan, please bring me with you. I promise that I won’t compete with you. I just want to have a look.”


With a faint smile, Madam Lan extended a delicate finger and poked Yuan Xiao Man’s forehead as she said clearly, “In your dreams!”


A soft force suddenly exuded from her finger and pushed Yuan Xiao Man away. Seizing the chance, Madam Lan said, “I’ll take my leave now.”


A white light appeared from Madam Lan’s feet and soon engulfed her. After the white light diminished, she also disappeared from the spot.


“Universe Transference Law!” Yuan Xiao Man rubbed her forehead and returned to the others, “That boy is so foolish. Doesn’t he know about the Universe Transference Law? As long as Big Sister Lan is still in this Great Territory, she can use it to return to First Inn whenever she wants.”


“It seems like he just arrived in the Outer Universe, which is why he doesn’t know about the Universe Transference Law.” Zhang Qi sounded frustrated.


“What should we do?” Yuan Xiao Man turned to look at the others.


Without saying anything, Ji Tian Xing frowned and headed to First Inn.


Old Hong said, “Whatever the case, we can go over there to watch the show. Moreover, we each have a piece of Sun’s True Golds with us, so it’s not safe for us to move around. We’d better head to First Inn for now.”


Yuan Xiao Man nodded, “You’re right.”


After a short discussion, the four Mid-Rank Open Heaven Masters began flying back towards First Inn. This time, they were no longer in a hurry as Yang Kai had fallen into a trap. Given Madam Lan’s power, there was no way Yang Kai could escape from her.


They wondered what kind of expression Yang Kai would sport when he saw Madam Lan appear before him all of a sudden.




Somewhere in the void, Yang Kai’s figure abruptly appeared. There was a Space Beacon hovering beside him, and after grabbing the Space Beacon, he finally let out a breath of relief. Earlier, when he threw away the ten Space Rings to divert their attention, he also secretly left behind a Space Beacon.


By using this Space Beacon, he managed to leap across a vast distance to escape the detection of his pursuer’s Divine Senses.


At this moment, the auras that had been locked onto him had finally disappeared. Knowing that his plan had worked, he was finally at ease. Then, he looked around and made sure that no one else was around before identifying the direction and charging towards First Inn.


Just like what the other Mid-Rank cultivators had surmised, he had been planning to head to First Inn all along. He could only feel safe by hiding in that place; otherwise, there was nowhere else he could go with the Golden Crow carcass in his possession. It wouldn’t be safe for him wherever he went.


As for what he would do after arriving at First Inn, he would have to see how things went.


First Inn was a building that was hovering in the void. Presently, it was completely silent in the hall. Since the Sun Star’s fire went out, First Inn was no longer hustling with noises as all their customers had left. Although some of them had returned to the inn, they were merely the disciples from those great forces. No one present was an Open Heaven Realm Master, so they didn’t dare to go anywhere. At this moment, they were taking a rest in their own rooms, which was why the shop boy and accountant had nothing to do. One of them was taking a nap on a stool, while the other was asleep with his head on the front counter.




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  1. I mean, even without her having an insta cheat to go back to the Inn, I don’t think it was ever a smart plan. Who would ever know what she did in her own branch of the Inn? Much less to an Emperor baby like YK. Who would even care, lol.

    1. You’re talking like you don’t know how these financial Organizations work in Xianxia. Whether it be a Bank, Inn or Auction house, as long as they have branches spread all over, INTEGRITY is their motto. No one would ever break that within the institution, unless they’re courting death.

      That being said, he could threaten her with the golden feather.

    1. The “void” is a relative term. All the other worlds where worlds within worlds. It’s like having a bag within a bag within a bag. The final bag, this universe, doesn’t have anywhere to hide into and travel, only maybe temporarily vanish/merge with the material of the bag, but there’s no “outside”. At least, that’s what makes sense to me.

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